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Leave it to StriVectin to not only come out with a new terrific haircare line but to add in a product I’ve never used before even after having color treated hair for dozens of years. I received the opportunity to try out StriVectinHAIR Color Care Starter Trio and was eager to have the experience. Now that I’m using it, I’m thrilled.

StriVectin HAIR Color Care Starter Trio

StriVectin HAIR Color Care Starter Trio

This travel size set is the perfect way to know if StriVectin HAIR is for you. There’s a 2 fl oz bottle of Color Care Shampoo, a 2 fl oz bottle of Color Care Conditioner, and the product that makes this even more special – a 1 oz tube of Color Care Vibrancy Booster. The Color Care Trio has lasted me for several weeks and I’m not finished with the 3 products.

StriVectin Color Care Trio

StriVectin Color Care Trio

I haven’t enjoyed washing my hair this much in months. I love how my hair looks and feels after using this. Why do you want this? I’m sure it’s for the same reasons I do. If you color treat your hair you want to use products that are very gentle yet effective. Products that help you retain color and keep it from fading. What makes StriVectin different is that it’s formulated with “NIA-114™ and Chromalast Protein Complex™ to offer UV protection, lock in color, and reduce damage due to coloring treatments. ”

While the shampoo and conditioner are excellent and I feel like they do their job perfectly, it’s the Color Care Instant Vibrancy Booster that has made me excited about StrivectinHAIR. As a matter of fact it’s sitting in my Beauty Brands cart waiting for me to order it.

StriVection HAIR Color Care Instant Vibrancy Booster

StriVection HAIR Color Care Instant Vibrancy Booster

Color Care Instant Vibrancy Booster has a texture that’s between a serum and a conditioner, it’s slightly thicker than a hair serum would be while at the same time it’s thin enough to massage it into your hair easily. Wash, condition, and then vibrancy boost. The way to use the booster is to massage it onto your scalp and then work your way down. Leave it in for 2-3 minutes. It’s recommended to use this 2 to 3 times a week which works great for my personal timing. The Instant Vibrancy Booster targets signs of damage but it also helps strengthen your hair for improved conditioning and luster. When I use it I feel that my hair is shinier than ever.

The products have a luscious smell. I had to stick my nose into the bottles to figure out what it was since it’s not overwhelming. I notice a melon fragrance to them. I can smell it on my hair when I move my head and it makes me smile. Some scented products keep me up at night but these soothe me.

StriVectin HAIR

StriVectin HAIR

StriVectin explain all the benefits on their box to show why these contribute to ageless hair. You hair will be strong, radiant, full, hydrated, nourished, smooth, soft, bodified, vibrant, and manageable. I’m going to have to agree with all 10 points. I love running my fingers through my StriVection HAIR head!

StriVectin HAIR Color Care products

StriVectin HAIR Color Care products

This set is one of 3 that StriVectin has and they also have a full line of their products. If you need extra volume try the Max Volume Starter Trio, the secret product in that collection is the Max Volume Bodifying Radiance Serum. If you feel you need to restore and revitalize damaged hair then the Ultimate Restore Starter Trio is the answer to your needs. That too has a special product, the Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask. Each trio is $30 or $32 while individual products cost between $10 and $45. Almost every product can be bought in the travel size too if there’s just one you want to test out. That alone is unique.

Beauty Brands carries the StriVectin Hair line along with other online retailers. StriVectin has come so far from their beginning and the direction they are going in with their hair line is making me so happy. Color Care products are just what the (hair) doctor ordered for me.  — Marcia

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  1. These sound like fabulous hair care products. I hope they are also available here where I live because after your review I just have to try these!

  2. Glad you love it as much as I do. I washed my hair on Sunday night with the products and I tried out a new leave-in oil, Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Restore & Repair Oil and my hair as smooth as silk. Love them!

  3. The next time I do color my hair, I’m going to try this out for my hair care!

  4. I am trying mine out right now! I don’t have this set, but so far, I’m liking it.

  5. I am so happy to hear that you are loving this line! I am too! Their products are first rate, and their new haircare range is absolutely fantastic!

  6. I have been hearing great things about StiVectin’s hair care line. The conditioners in particular sound like must-haves.

  7. I love, love StriVectin skin care and I have the hair care waiting in the wings for me to test. I hope that I love the hair care as much as I do the skin care. 😀

  8. I’m testing the Volume line right now so I have high hopes!

  9. This sounds like a great line!

  10. I had no idea that they make hair products. I don’t color my hair but my mom does and she loves melon fragrances.

  11. I’ve been using this exact set and have been happy with it! Great review!

  12. I love my StriVectin products, and am excited about their new haircare line! Sounds divine.

  13. ooooooo that is a fabulous idea

  14. Good to know you liked these. I have ’em, waiting to be tested out

  15. I think it is such a cool thing that StriVectin sells these babies… I’m gonna check them all out.

  16. I definitely want to try this range so this set would be perfect!

  17. I’m so excited about StriVectin Hair Care! Writing about my experience soon 🙂

  18. I’m dying to try this 😀

  19. This sounds like it is working really well for you! I am currently testing the Ultimate Restore line

  20. Strivectin for hair? Gosh, and it works well. well, of course it does. It’s Strivectin!!


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