Paul & Joe helps make lips two times better with these pencils

It seems no one ever writes about lipliners yet we probably all use them, even if it’s not daily. My makeup artist friends don’t go without lipliner in their daily lives and they always apply it to their clients. If they only applied it to customers then I’d say it’s a sales tactic, but when I see them apply it to themselves all the time I know it’s because they know the necessity of it being part of a perfect lip.

Paul & Joe Lipliner Duo 1
Paul & Joe Lipliner Duo 1

PAUL & JOE has created a line of Lipliner Duos in 5 combinations and they gave me the opportunity to test one.  I have Lipliner Duo 1, Cinnamon Raisin. The colors are described as cinnamon beige and warm brown. In addition to this there’s Persian Peach (nectarine and perky, peachy pink), Grapevine (sepia brown and burgundy), Frappe (pink and vivid orange) and Japanese Maple (two sexy reds). There are good pictures of all at beautyhabit where they are sold ($25).

Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin Lipliner Duo
Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin Lipliner Duo
Paul & Joe Lipliner point
Paul & Joe Lipliner point
Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin Lipliner Duo
Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin Lipliner Duo

This exceptionally smooth lipliner applies without skipping and lasts well. I tend to use the lighter shade more since I wear lighter lipsticks. I use this one of two ways – line my lips before filling in with lipstick OR cover my entire lip with the liner, apply my lipstick, and then go over my lipline again for further definition. You can also mix the two shades by layering them to create a custom lip color with clear gloss over it.

Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin lipliner duo swatches
Paul & Joe Cinnamon Raisin lipliner duo swatches

Paul & Joe also makes another type of lipliner duo which I don’t have but sound interesting. Those have a matte and a pearl side.

Paul & Joe Lip Concealer Duo in Fair
Paul & Joe Lip Concealer Duo in Fair

Paul & Joe also created another duo which is their LIP CONCEALER DUO ($20) Right now it’s available only in #1 Fair.

P&J Lip Concealer Duo
P&J Lip Concealer Duo

These apply just like a lipliner except that you use the shades to conceal the color of your own lips. With this you can conceal any imperfections in your lips plus you can even contour your lips with them. Contouring is hot hot hot these days so why not try to contour your lips too? I find this helpful when my lips change the color of a lip product and make it darker than I like due to my skin chemistry. Line my lips with this Paul & Joe Concealer Duo and I’ve neutralized my lips so that I can apply without change.

Paul & Joe Lip Concealer Duo swatches
Paul & Joe Lip Concealer Duo swatches

One side (top) has more of a peachy tone while the other side (bottom) is more pink/neutral. Pick the one that works best with your lips. I have friends that put a real concealer on their lips to blank out the color but that moves so it doesn’t work for me. The texture of this lip pencil works better to conceal and it lasts so that you can reapply lip color without a problem.

paul and joe both liners

If you want to have perfect lips, the way a makeup artist would do them for you, then Paul & Joe is waiting for you. — Marcia

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  1. Anastasia | 27th Feb 15

    I am mesmerized by P&J packaging, they sure know how to make us buy their goodies!

  2. [email protected] | 27th Feb 15

    I wrote about lipliners earlier this week, lol! I am in love with P&J’s packaging. I wish I could buy ’em all

  3. Erika | 27th Feb 15

    Their packaging is just so adorable. I want #allofthethings I’m starting to use lip liners more and they are a benefit to me. I’m not happy about it… But I’m using them.

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 27th Feb 15

    I should use lipliner but I don’t. I wish I did a better job applying it!

  5. Nidia - Lit From Within | 27th Feb 15

    The concealer lip liner sounds good, but I rarely wear lipliner. I have a clear one I like, but usually I forget to use them!

  6. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 27th Feb 15

    liners are so necessary and these look like great ones! I used to always skip liner and now that I make a point to use them I can tell the difference when I skip. It’s not a good difference. lol

  7. beautyin | 27th Feb 15

    @Brooke, I find a big difference when I use a lipliner. I’m usually in a hurry when I’m leaving so I’ve started applying lipliner in my bathroom and then lipstick just before I’m ready to leave the house. I get a much more defined lip that way.

  8. beautyin | 27th Feb 15

    @Nidia, I’ve never used a clear lipliner.

    @Cindy, I forget too often but when I love a color I’m more likely to remember. I’m sure I’ll use the light side of this one up way before the darker side.

  9. beautyin | 27th Feb 15

    Erika I agree about their packaging. They know how to do it right. But happily the products I’ve used are great too.

  10. beautyin | 27th Feb 15

    @Allison, I loaughed when I read your post about lipliners since I had this set to go before I read yours. I guess that at least two of us are lining lately

  11. beautyin | 27th Feb 15

    Anastasia, best packaging! They always bring interest to their products with their innovative designs.

  12. Renu | 27th Feb 15

    I should use lip liners regularly… I only use them with lippies that bleed. The lip concealer duo is a great idea to combat pigmented lips.

  13. Phyrra | 28th Feb 15

    This looks so nice!

  14. Honeygirlk | 28th Feb 15

    I have not heard of this brand before, but I’m a lover of lip liners 🙂

  15. Miki | 28th Feb 15

    Ooooh these look really great!!

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