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Hynt Beauty isn’t a well known brand yet which is one of the reasons I enjoy testing their products and writing about them. I discovered HYNT from the blog Byrdie. They are madly in love with Hynt’s Concealer and recommend it all the time. Of course that meant I had to buy it too. This is the most heavy duty concealer I’ve ever used. If you want something that will take care of discoloration this is the product to try. When I purchased this it came in a tube like below but Duet Concealer is so thick that it wouldn’t budge from the tube. The concealer itself is lightweight but it just hated being penned up inside that tube.

Hynt Duet Perfecting Concealer
Hynt Duet Perfecting Concealer

They’ve repackaged Duet Perfecting Concealer which means that Hynt listens to its customers. While people often complain about jar packaging, I’d much rather get to use the product I buy than mourn the loss of enjoying such a good concealer.

Hynt Duet Concealer in new packaging
Hynt Duet Concealer in new packaging
Hynt Duet Concealer in fair
Hynt Duet Concealer in fair

This is available in 6 shades (fair, light, medium, tan, dark, deep) to fit all skintones.

HYNT Skin Prep Serum
HYNT Skin Prep Serum

After Lisa and I had the pleasure of reviewing Hynt’s eyeshadows and lipgloss I was very pleased when Hynt Beauty reached out and offered their SKIN PREP SERUM Bioactive Marine Complex ($44). This is such a powerful piece of skincare that is helpful to perfect your skin using natural ingredients. The goal of this Serum is to help resurface, firm and rewind your skin. I think Hynt can tell you better why they use seaweed as their number one ingredient better than I can.

Hynt Skin Prep Serum Seaweed information
Hynt Skin Prep Serum Seaweed information

Here are more amazing ingredients:

  • ORGANIC GRAPEFRUIT SEED : Balances the pH of the skin and speeds up digestion of proteins that helps cleanse skin by removing old skin cell layers.
  • ORGANIC ROSEMARY LEAF : Increases the skin’s elasticity while phytonutrients help protect skin cells from free radicals and the sun. A natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • ORGANIC CLARY SAGE OIL : Warms and regulates the natural rhythm of the skin. A natural antimicrobial.
  • ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL : Calms and soothes inflamed skin and acts as a natural disinfectant. Known to be one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne.
  • ORGANIC TEA TREE LEAF OIL : Distilled from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree, its antimicrobial properties are effective in combatting acne.

Hynt Skin Prep Serum Bioactive Marine Complex is so good for my skin that I use it in spite of the fragrance. It is a very herbal fragrance to my uninitiated nose and I think it’s the lavender oil that I notice most. It lingers on me for at least an hour but as the day progresses I find that I don’t notice it.

Hynt Velluto loose powder foundation
Hynt Velluto loose powder foundation

Hynt snuck in another item in the package when they sent me the Skin Serum sample, their all natural face powder foundation VELLUTO PURE POWDER FOUNDATION in Light Beige. Even though I don’t use a powder foundation often I was definitely interested in this enough to see why they were so proud of the foundation. Being the “adventuress” that I am, I’ve used this both with and without the Hynt Skin Prep Serum.

Hynt Velluto loose powder foundation
Hynt Velluto loose powder foundation

This loose powder foundation contains nothing that is noted to irritate skin like talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, and Titanium Dioxide. I don’t get a mask like finish from this and it hasn’t irritated my skin or made it itchy at all like some loose foundations I’d previously tried. The look was natural and lasted the entire day. Applying the Skin Prep Serum first gave it a much more natural look too so that it didn’t look as flat as I expected.

Hynt Velluto Foundation in Light Beige
Hynt Velluto Foundation in Light Beige
Hynt Velluto Foundation in Light Beige
Hynt Velluto Foundation in Light Beige

I can wear Light Beige but I think Ivory would be a better match for me. This foundation is available in 7 shades so it should be easy to get a great match.

Our Skin Caring Ingredients:

  • WHITE KAOLIN CLAY : Purifies pores, vitalizes skin with essential nutrients and phytonutrients, and boosts skin’s cellular renewal and blood circulation.
  • ORGANIC LIME OIL : Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of aging while treating congested skin with its cleansing properties. Rehydrates while helping to reduce acne and oily skin.
  • ORGANIC VANILLA EXTRACT : Purifies the skin by eliminating bacteria and reduces the appearance of sun spots while increases skin’s firmness. Also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • ORGANIC GERANIUM OIL : Promotes cellular metabolism and regeneration of new cells while acting as a powerful natural solution to heal and fade scars and other unwanted marks. Its astringent properties can help clear acne.
  • ORGANIC PATCHOULI OIL : Soothes inflammation and dryness, prevents infections and boosts the elasticity and tightness of skin.

The best deal for the cosmetic products that I’ve shared with you is their Discovery Kit. This kit contains their Velluto foundation along with more goodies for $49 which is one heck of a deal. Inside you’ll receive two shades of the Velluto Foundation, the Duet Perfecting Concealer, 1 FINALE Finishing Powder (Deluxe sample size), 1 LUMIERE Radiance Boosting Powder (Deluxe sample size), 1 Vegan Mini Flat Top Brush.

Hynt Beauty Discovery Kit
Hynt Beauty Discovery Kit

There are a lot of things that impress me about Hynt Beauty. Their website pages are filled with the information you want to know before purchasing. Every question I had about the brand was answered on their site. Next Hynt Beauty is a vegan brand (except for their mascara) as well as cruelty free. Their mission is to have the highest standards in ingredient purity, safety and efficacy. Isn’t that what you want to use?  — Marcia

*serum and foundation provided for consideration, concealer was personally purchased


  1. Aprilmckay | 5th Feb 16

    I would love to try HYTN beauty products!’ Nice review, I enjoy reading it, I would try out the concealer and the prep serum! I gotta get my hands on these to try on myself. 🙂

  2. Wendy L. | 5th Feb 16

    Thanks for the review and informing me about this product line!

  3. Sandy P | 5th Feb 16

    Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for the info on Hynt. I was thrilled to be able to order a sample size of two colors in the concealer. Only $6 and no shipping charge either. Will let you know what I think.

  4. Yesenia Salgado | 5th Feb 16

    Never heard of Hynt Beauty before! But they sure do look like good products i wanna try out someday! TY for the review! 🙂

  5. Shilpa Shetty | 8th Feb 16

    Super excited for Hynt Velluto loose powder foundation.. ingredient list seems to be great…

  6. Nikki | 8th Feb 16

    I’d never heard of them before. Great, informative review! Their packaging is nice and sleek, too.

  7. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th Feb 16

    The concealer and serum sounds especially lovely! Thank you for the introduction to this new-to-me brand!

  8. Melissa | 8th Feb 16

    I need a new concealer to help the bruise like circles under my eyes!

  9. Emily Draher | 8th Feb 16

    These all sound so nice…packed with such quality ingredients! The Discovery Kit is such a great deal that I’ll have to look into it 🙂

  10. Kristi V BeginNails | 8th Feb 16

    Loving the blending property these powders have. What a great kit!!

  11. Color Me So Crazy | 8th Feb 16

    I love all of the great ingredients in these products. They probably feel fabulous!

  12. Stacie | 9th Feb 16

    Great post! I haven’t heard about this brand before, but that powder foundation does look pretty nice.

  13. Renu | 9th Feb 16

    Thank you for bringing this on my radar. I’m looking for an industrial strength concealer since I’m getting back to public life after mid-Feb. I’m over the fuss about jar packaging as well! It’s easier to get every drop out of a jar than a tube and anyway we’re not going to let a good product languish in a jar long enough to get mould.

  14. Stephanie | 9th Feb 16

    OHHH I need to check this out for sure!

  15. christina | 9th Feb 16

    Indeed I have never heard of Hynt, but I do love their packaging and the loose powder foundation!! Looks great! I love that they changed the packaging!

  16. Krystal E | 9th Feb 16

    I really need a good foundation so I’m definitely going to their website now to check it out!

  17. Nichole C | 9th Feb 16

    This is quite interesting. I haven’t worn powder foundation in years and years, but I remember liking it.

  18. Ann @ Mani On The Move | 9th Feb 16

    Oh that foudation looks like something I would use

  19. Katie Garvin | 12th Feb 16

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds fantastic! Such a cute name, too 🙂

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