Has Mally H3 Concealer met the mark when it comes to concealing?

Mally H3 Concealer
Mally H3 Concealer

The Beauty Info Zone team had fallen madly in love with Mally Beauty Dark Circle Corrector. We gushed about it and were thrilled to own it. Then when we went to purchase it again, it was gone!! Disappointment doesn’t even cover how we felt. But Mally Beauty is back to the rescue with their H3 CONCEALER so they’ve made it up to us. And to their customers. When we were sent this new concealer we were eager to see if it lived up to our old favorite.

Mally H3 Concealer is available in 5 shades (Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Rich). Available at Ulta and QVC (limited shades) it’s considered to be a hydrating and brightening concealer. Let’s see how this stacks up in our book.


Mally H3 Concealer in Fair
Mally H3 Concealer in Fair

Mally has redeemed herself. I was really missing the Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter and savoring what little I had left. When I received this new creamy concealer I wasn’t sure if it could the original off its pedestal but it stands right up there with it.

Mally H3 Concealer in Fair
Mally H3 Concealer in Fair

In the tube the concealer appears very light and a good match for my fair cool toned skin. If you are uber pale this might not be quite light enough for you but for most of the fair maidens in the land this will work.

Mally H3 Concealer in Fair
Mally H3 Concealer in Fair

When first applied it has a yellow cast but have no fear since it blends so seamlessly into skin that the yellow just tends to brighten your undereye area. I’m currently applying it with the wand, smoothing it in with a Beauty Junkees mini kabuki brush, and then melding it onto my skin with the warmth of my finger.

Mally H3 Concealer in Fair
Mally H3 Concealer in Fair

Besides my undereye area I often have to conceal around my nose and that area worries me since product can disappear into my pores there. I use just the lightest touch of H3 Concealer with my finger and it looks natural, removing the redness that can appear.

Overall I think that Mally saved the day. When looking up where to purchase this I found a great deal on QVC which I’ll be taking advantage of – Mally Correct, Conceal & Brighten 3 piece collection. The collection contains this H3 Concealer, Dark Circle Corrector, and Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer. Now I can safely finish the remains of my Dark Circle Corrector and have a new one and a backup of this great concealer.


Mally H3 Concealer in Medium
Mally H3 Concealer in Medium

I think I actually cried when Marcia told me my favorite Dark Circle Corrector was no longer available!! I have extremely dark undereye circles and it takes industrial strength concealer to mask them…or something with a miracle inside, like the Dark Circle Corrector, which did so without looking heavy or cakey. So I was hoping for something similar but certainly doubted I would be finding the exact same rainbow inside this tube.

Mally H3 Concealer in Medium
Mally H3 Concealer in Medium

In the tube the concealer appears pretty yellow…I thought it would be too warm for my neutral skin. However, it’s actually quite forgiving and will work for most medium skin tones.

Mally H3 Concealer in Medium
Mally H3 Concealer in Medium

I dot this on from the bottom of my nose to the outside of each eye, then underneath my nose where I tend to have red capillaries. Then I use my beloved Artis Oval 6 Brush to smooth the concealer out and it blends in perfectly, making dark circles disappear and causing eye bags to go packing. As Marcia mentioned, the yellow tint works to brighten the undereye area which is always a plus.

Mally H3 Concealer in Medium
Mally H3 Concealer in Medium

If you were a huge fan of the Mally Dark Circle Corrector, you can come out of mourning…the H3 Concealer is definitely here to save the day and save you from dark circles!  We think the best place to find it right now is at QVC and the best deal is the Mally Correct, Conceal & Brighten 3 Piece Collection.  Happy Sunday and happy shopping!!

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  1. Judy | 8th May 17

    I have heard about this brand but have never had the opportunity to try.

  2. Lola Seicento | 8th May 17

    These concealers sound perfect for under eye circles. I was concerned that your swatch would be too yellow for my skin tone– so thank you for letting me know that it a non-issue!

  3. Never Say Die Beauty | 8th May 17

    I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far from Mally. Right now, I’m drowning in concealers – I think I have about 30, but I would definitely consider it when I catch up

  4. The Beauty of Life | 8th May 17

    Looks like a great concealer! I’ve always loved Mally.

  5. Erika | 8th May 17

    This may have to go on the list to try. I’ll do ANYTHING to correct and conceal my dark circles.

  6. Miranda | Slashed Beauty | 8th May 17

    I’ll have to pick this up at Ulta! This looks like it would work for me because I have yellow undertones.

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 8th May 17

    This is going right on my wishlist pronto!

  8. Stacie Hamilton | 9th May 17

    I will check this out at Ulta. I think Mally has some great products and more people need to know about this line.

  9. Mai | 9th May 17

    I will have to try this out the next time I’m at ULTA; my dark undereye circles aren’t too bad but it’s always nice to have something to hide them anyway

  10. Polarbelle | 9th May 17

    You are the first person who ever told me about Mally Beauty. I made my first purchase and have never looked back. Mally is an outstanding and affordable brand. I never would have known if it hadn’t been for you, Marcia.

  11. Bailey | 9th May 17

    Ooh, this sounds like a pretty great concealer. I always say I have enough, but I’m always looking for the ‘perfect’ formula.

  12. Norah | 9th May 17

    I am a huge Mally fan, these sound great.

  13. Babi | 9th May 17

    This one may actually work well with my skin tone!

  14. Aleya Bamdad | 11th May 17

    That H3 sounds like it may be the one for me. It’s so upsetting when they discontinue a product that you love so Lisa I’m happy that you found this one.

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