Eyeing perfection with Mally: Cancellation Conditioning Concealer and Ultimate Performance Ink Liner

What are the bare minimum products you need for beautiful eyes? A great concealer and a great eyeliner. With those two items, you can achieve a polished, sophisticated look that will take you from day to evening. Mally Beauty has some great options to consider.


Cancellation Conditioning Concealer

The Cancellation Conditioning Concealer ($35) is moisturizing, water-resistant, and has SPF 25. The ingredients include Vitamin E and glycerin, which makes for a nice, smooth texture.


cancelling out those dark circles

I find that this concealer is awesome for my oily skin – it is moisturizing but not overly so, which means I don’t have a major ‘settling into fine lines’ problem.



I love the packaging – hooray Mally!! I wish all of my jar products were in a hygienic tube like this one.


swatch in Light

This concealer has great pigmentation and the slight yellow tone helps to cover blue under eye circles. This also works great on red areas and blemishes.  I find it’s essential to PAT this on – swipe it and it doesn’t cover and conceal nearly as well.  Don’t use a brush, use your finger. Your body heat helps blend this in beautifully. You can also use this on your eyelid as a primer and to even out your skin tone.


Ultimate Performance Ink Liner

To complete a minimalistic but super chic look, you need some awesome eyeliner. Definitely check out the Ultimate Performance Ink Liner ($26).  This is available EXCLUSIVELY on QVC.com.


Ergonomics rule!

The Ultimate Performance Ink Liner has a really cool, definitely unique ergonomic shape that makes eyelining with precision easy. It’s actually like holding a pencil.  And the liner goes on like a fine tip marker.


love the tip, great for thin or thick lines

It’s pretty much goof-proof. The tip is stiff but has a thin point, so it’s easy to get an even line and to build it up to be thicker if you want. The ergonomics of the container are super cool – even my shaky, pre-coffee hands can line my eyes with ease.



Be sure to put the cap on tightly to avoid the tip drying out. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend putting this in a makeup bag – keep the top on tight in a drawer and you will be very happy with this.

If you are a minimalist, you need a great concealer and a great eyeliner to get a basic but polished look. Take a look at Mally Beauty for some fabulous options!  – Lisa

Mally FOD

Nothing but my Mally Cancellation Conditioning Concealer and Ultimate Performance Ink Liner


Cancellation Conditioning Concealer ingredients


Ultimate Performance Ink Liner ingredients

*pr samples


  1. That liner looks like the new(ish) curved NYX liquid liner!

  2. I am a minimalist, well I do try but it never works! I am always looking for new concealers though and eyeliners!

  3. I’ve been looking for a good liquid eyeliner. This one looks great!!