Dark circles begone with Teamine Eye Complex and Concealer

Teamine Eye Complex and Concealer

Teamine Eye Complex and Concealer

This aging stuff has got to stop. It can be a little depressing to see a new line in your face. Unless you partake in plastic surgery you need to take care of your skin and help slow down the signs of aging. The newest weapon in my arsenal comes courtesy of Revision Skincare and their Teamine Eye Complex and Teamine Concealer.

These are two separate items that work in tandem. Each work well alone but combined they are superpowers sort of like Batman and Robin. The eye complex is Batman and the concealer is Robin.

Teamine Eye Complex

Teamine Eye Complex

Teamine Eye Complex aka Batman

Teamine Eye Complex aka Batman

Batman, aka Teamine Eye Complex, is the work horse in this duo. It’s the more potent product and the one I’d pick if I could only have one. Revision Skincare realizes that there are many causes for dark circles so they’ve worked to address this problem in a variety of ways. Their goal is to visibly diminish dark under eye circles, smooth the appearance of fine lines under and around your eyes and to firm and brighten. That’s a lot to ask of one cream but then again this is Batman we are talking about.

Teamine Eye Complex

Teamine Eye Complex

Teamine Eye Complex contains natural minerals, mica, silica and titanium dioxide, to help immediately brighten the skin and diffuse light to minimize the look of fine lines. It’s a wonderful daytime eye cream. I always mix a little bit of eye cream with the concealer or corrector I’m going to use under my eyes so when I first started using the Eye Complex that what I did. I absolutely noticed a firmness and brightening. Teamine Eye Complex also contains green tea and THD ascorbate to help with anti-aging benefits.

Teamine Concealer

Teamine Concealer

Teamine Concealer

Teamine Concealer

Robin, aka Teamine Concealer, is great alone but works even better with his partner. Teamine Concealer isn’t a heavy duty concealer. It’s better to think of this as a treatment that works to reduce dark circles and fine lines since it only lightly conceals. It’s meant for long term use and not as a spot concealer. It contains anti-aging benefits with powerful antioxidants like Troxerutin, Brazilian Ginseng, South American Marapuama and White Lily Extract all to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Other ingredients (green tea, co-q10, vitamin E, grape fruit extract and THD Ascorbate) provide the antioxidant benefits.

Teamine Concealer in Light

Teamine Concealer in Light

Teamine Concealer in Light

Teamine Concealer in Light

I use Teamine Concealer after I use the Eye Complex. I like to apply concealer in a V shape under my eyes and I do that with Teamine too. I’ll then go on to the rest of my routine. If I need more concealing I’ll try to use a concealer over my foundation and blend it carefully with my fingers. The warmth of fingers and as little manipulation as possible is what gives the most natural look.

Revision Skincare and Teamine products are sold at local medical spas and doctor’s offices. I put my zip code in the locator and found 16 locations that were available within a 25 mile radius of my home and three were actually extremely close by. My Batmobile would get me there in no time flat.

Batman and Robin from tomztoyz.blogspot.com

Batman and Robin from tomztoyz.blogspot.com

If you are looking for your own personal Batman and Robin then check out Revision Skincare’s Teamine line. — Marcia

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  1. The eye complex sounds amazing! It is so difficult to find an eye cream that addresses dark circles, dryness and fine lines.

  2. I have dark circles from hell thanks to heredity and year round allergies. I would be willing to try just about anything to lighten them up/cover them up! I doubt that I could afford this duo, tho. Med spa means expensive! LOL

  3. Hi Erika, look for Vitamin K in products. It is frustrating though to try to correct this.

  4. Renu, the eye complex from Teamine is terrific. It’s just hard to find.

  5. I don’t get dark circles often unless I’m super tired or my allergies are going crazy…. and I don’t use foundation or concealer… so I’m not too sure I would be trying this. But, it definitely sounds and seems like an awesome product line. 🙂

  6. Getting old does suck, but it’s better than the alternative! I have one eye that has darker circles than the other! Always fun trying to color-correct so that they look the same. I’d love to be able to try this product.

  7. It looks like a good concealer color. It sounds like it performs wonderfully, too.

  8. That looks like a nice concealer!

  9. I definitely need a Batman-Robin tandem in my eye care. I would love to try this brand!

  10. This was the most fun review – I LOVE your Batman and Robin analogy LOL! And it sounds like a POW! BAM! kinda product set 🙂

  11. Sounds like a product I may want to try

  12. dark circles are such a b-word, love that the product works!

  13. Good to know that this eye cream actually works, it’s always hard to find an effective one these days.

  14. I love eye creams. I am actually really addicted to them. Love that it has a dual purpose too!

  15. I need to start trying out eye creams!

  16. I need this! I have permanent dark circles no matter how long I sleep!

  17. This looks great. My dark circle need to go a.s.a.p!

  18. Very in detail review

  19. I like how you align them with superheroes. We need those in skincare at this age!!!

  20. Kimberly, I have a feeling I’m going to need superheroes from now on!

  21. Kendra, you need Batman and Robin to come to your rescue.

  22. @Miranda, sometimes the more sleep I get, the darker my circles look.

    @XO Noelle, you need to start with eye creams now. I’m so sorry I waited so long.

    @Laura, eye creams are MY newest addiction.

  23. @Beauty Judy, thanks so much for the compliment. I love when a review comes together.
    @Kath theFabZilla, my littlest nephew loves superheroes so he’s the one that made me think of them.

  24. @Honeygirlk – lucky you not needing to use concealer and foundation! I’ve always needed it.
    @Nidra – I don’t like the alternative to getting old so I have to fight to look my best.

  25. That sounds like a great duo for dark circles! I want these!

  26. I think I am addicted to eye cream. These sound amazing!

  27. This looks great! I never used to have under eye dark circles more just puffiness! But would love to give this a go 🙂

  28. This sounds like a great product!

  29. @Sheila, I wish it was easier to find but it is terrific.

  30. @Farryn, problems change as we age. Boo hoo.

  31. Nothing can work better than a concealer and a good eye makeup product to cover up dark circles.
    Good to see such a wonderful product.thanks