Brighten eyes with Tarte Inner Rim Brightener and Under Eye Corrector

I have a new love (besides my grandson that is). It comes from Tarte and it’s one of the best products I’ve tried in 2011. This wonder is the Tarte emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener ($18). I’ve tried other brands of pencils to lighten the inner rim and make my eyes look more awake but none can compare to this Tarte one. Why you ask? (I’m sure you did!) It lasts – and it lasts – and it lasts. No pencil has ever lasted this long on my lower rim before. I can’t quite figure out what makes this pencil last longer than all the others but this is the real deal. emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener is an automatic pencil which makes it even more convenient. There’s no way you’ll ever get a little wood shard near your eye with it. The end effect of using this on your inner rim is instantly brightened eyes that stay that way during the day.

You know because it’s Tarte that it’s loaded with all these incredible ingredients: aloe leaf extract, beeswax, vitamin a, and vitamin e. Plus it doesn’t have ingredients we don’t want near our eyes. It comes in one soft beige color that takes away the redness I usually see on my inner rim. I use just a small amount and find it there all day long. But, because I’m a little obsessive (little???), I bought one to keep in my purse too. That’s how much I like it. The second best part about this is that it looks natural on. As long as you don’t use too heavy a hand it doesn’t look like you put something on to brighten your eyes, it doesn’t look like a white slash under your eyes, it’s just 100% natural looking.

Another love from Tarte is their Dark Circle Defense Under Eye Corrector ($32). This great little pot of love is terrific for those dreaded under eye circles. Mine are mostly from my lack of sleep so I need something to camouflage the darkness. Although this is excellent for puffiness too that isn’t always my personal problem. Dark Circle Defense comes in 4 shades: Fair – Light, Light – Medium, Medium – Deep and Deep – Dark so it has every one of us covered no matter what your skin tone. I was reading the reviews on Tarte’s website and realized that people should remember that this is a CORRECTOR and not technically a concealer. There’s a difference between these two types of products. I love using a corrector as my first step. I don’t expect it to blend perfectly into my skin since I know I’ll be using my foundation over it. If it matches as a concealer that’s a bonus, but if it doesn’t don’t take that as a negative since it’s meant to correct. 

“Get your eight hours of sleep in a compact. Unlike concealers that just lay on top of the skin, this undereye corrector is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of eye puffiness in just 4 weeks. Finely milled light refracting minerals actually brighten skin to help camouflage dark circles, puffiness, refness, fine lines and wrinkles. Includes concealer brush.”

Tarte’s research has shown that 56% of users have seen a reduction in under eye puffiness after 4 weeks of use. That’s pretty impressive. I have noticed that when I use this my eyes don’t appear puffy but I’m not really the candidate they were looking for in testing out their theory. What I am a candidate for is having a corrector that works – that covers up the dark circles and lasts for the day. It comes with a great little brush that I use to apply the concealer at first but then I switch to my fingertip. I like warming it up with my finger so that the concealer/corrector melds onto my skin. I’ll often finish with the brush, especially to get this into the inner corner of my eye and to make sure it’s blended well. Then I’ll take what’s left on the brush and use it to touch up under my nose or any small spot I see on my face. Tarte is known for their use of the best “skinvigorating” ingredients. For this under eye corrector it uses soybean extract, vitamin e, honey extract, and mineral pigments. If you are looking for a product that doesn’t crease, doesn’t cake and works on dark circles and puffiness the answer is TARTE!!

Both of these marvels are available on Tarte’s website as well as Sephora and (though only has two shades).

I think my new mantra is “a Tarte a day keeps my darkness away”. — Marcia


  1. I want that inner rim brightener for sure!

  2. Science teacher says:

    I always want what you review. The inner rim brightener will be my next purchase.

  3. Bailey says:

    The color of the rim highlighters looks so natural on your eyes.


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