Adding to your concealer wardrobe with Mally Beauty

Have you heard the term “concealer wardrobe”? It’s part of the new lingo that beauty buffs are using in describing beauty techniques. A concealer wardrobe is just like your clothes wardrobe but it is all about concealers and correctors. Just like you don’t usually wear the same undergarments every day, you shouldn’t necessarily wear the same products under your foundation. Part of a concealer wardrobe is knowing the best product for the job. Concealers are not a “one size fits all” type of beauty product.

Beauty Info Zone was happy when Mally Beauty shared an amazing concealer with us so that we can show you what’s been added to our concealer wardrobes and what we like about these babies.


The Dark Circle Corrector is available on QVC as a set of two for $30.  You can find it HERE.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter

The Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter is like a magic wand for me. It has an applicator that’s like a shower head, twist and the concealer/corrector squiggles out. I love that I can control the amount that I need.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter

Here’s how I cocktail this: I start with a peach cream corrector shade under my eyes similar in shade to Mally Beauty Cancellation Concealer. Once that’s blended I then apply Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter as seen below.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter application method

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter application method

Blend that with a concealer brush or a the skinny tip of a Beauty Blender and I’m concealed for the day. It’s amazing how great this combination works to cover my dark circles.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter blended

Mally Dark Circle Corrector in Lighter blended

From what I’ve read this was formulated with a special brightening pigment that helps disguise colors like red, blue, purple or darkness under your eyes. It brightens your undereye area so that nothing plagues your look. I’m thrilled to have this addition to my concealer wardrobe.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…as usual you are RIGHT!!!!!!! I love this concealer too – it is freaking amazing. In fact it has become my favorite concealer ever. I even brought it to work one day to show my coworkers.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector

Mally Dark Circle Corrector

I have very dark under eye circles so I tend to gravitate toward heavy concealers. I need lots of coverage and lots of light reflection, otherwise I look perpetually tired. I thought the Mally Dark Circle Corrector was not going to have enough coverage since it’s a very lightweight cream, but it totally surprised me.

Mally Dark Circle Corrector

Mally Dark Circle Corrector

FOD with the Mally Dark Circle Corrector

FOD with the Mally Dark Circle Corrector

I dot this on underneath my eyes, and also smooth some under my eyebrows and down the center of my nose. It blends in beautifully with the Mally Foundation Brush and really covers those dark circles! I love it with the Mally Face Defender BB Cream as my foundation (I reviewed both of these HERE).

By the way, I have skin that is just shy of MEDIUM, and I use the concealer in the shade Lighter. Right now it looks like the concealer is only available in the shade Darker. I don’t know if that’s because Lighter is sold out, but I think the colors are all pretty forgiving. We hope what is available works for you, because we’d love for you to have the same great experience we have had!

*sent for editorial consideration, worn with admiration


  1. Your blog is the only reason I discovered and tried Mally and I’m in love with her products and her as a person. I HAVE to add this to my concealer stash!

  2. Natalie Brown says

    I really like this applicator. It looks like it would be quite comfortable and it’s nice that I could control the amount I wanted to apply. The coverage looks to be quite good too. I can certainly see the difference in both before and afters. 🙂

  3. I like how nicely this conceals the darkness. I totally have a problem with that! I need to get some more Mally in my life.

  4. I’ve never really used a concealer. Bad Destany! haha

  5. Wow, that concealer did a great job! I own more than 20 concealers, but i never thought to try Mally. Next time!

  6. I love Mally and have not tried the concealer yet! I must get it now!

  7. This looks like it works well for both of you! I definitely have a “concealer wardrobe” situation going on!

  8. Looks like a good concealer. I don’t have much of a concealer wardrobe. But eyeshadows, there I have a wardrobe!

  9. Oooh I might just grab this next time I am at Ulta!

  10. I’ve only tried Mally lip products so far. This looks great on both of you!

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  12. Wow, this looks terrific. I love the applicator because I also love to control the amount I use. 🙂

  13. I need to try that Mally concealer.

  14. Yup, I need this in my sash! Looks like a great concealer.

  15. My dark circles would eat that concealer for breakfast. lol

  16. I’ll have to give this a try, I generally like Mally products.

  17. It has been a while since I have tried anything from Mally Beauty

  18. The coverage and texture look great and I love that this is yellow-toned. I’ll have to see if Darker will work for me.

  19. I agree w/ concealer wardrobing. I have tons of concealers, ready to be used depending on my needs

  20. I need to try this! I usually love Mally products, and this looks fabulous!

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  22. Mally beauty is incredible. Never been disappointed by their products

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