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Yes, it’s true – facial cleansing devices are everywhere now.  They range from extremely inexpensive to super spendy, and the cleansing techniques vary widely.  FOREO has a new cleansing system they sent to the BIZ to review.  We were impressed by the unique design of the Luna, and now we are excited to tell you all about it.

Foreo Luna Box

This little pink machine does all kinds of things, and each side of the device has its own miracles to work.  It’s much, much different from a facial brush.  FOREO says:

Why LUNA is not just a facial brush:

  • Transdermal sonic pulsations, rather than standard oscillation, gently stimulate blood flow beneath the skin’s surface, cleansing from the inside out and smoothing away the signs of aging in a similar way to the Botox® effect.
T-Sonic pulsations do the cleansing
T-Sonic pulsations do the cleansing
  • Nonabrasive brush surfaces made from soft, smooth silicone – the first of their kind – making it ultra-gentle and actually pleasant to use on the skin.
  • So effective, you notice a visible difference in skin tone after just 3 days, and your face will feel softer and invigorated after just one use.
  • Organic design – 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable for 450 uses at a time, and it looks beautiful as well!

The pink version is for sensitive/normal skin. There are two other colors/options available. The white version is for ultra-sensitive skin and the blue version is for combination skin. Let’s see what Marcia and Lisa think about this pink beauty.

inside the Foreo Luna box
inside the FOREO Luna box

MARCIA and the front side of the FOREO Luna:

What a fascinating cleansing machine this is. It’s totally unique compared to other products we’ve tried and reviewed. I’m going to describe the cleansing action of the machine while Lisa will describe the anti-aging action on the back side.

Foreo Luna

As you can see this silicone machine has little nubs that do the work of cleansing. The FOREO Luna vibrates, it doesn’t rotate which is what makes it different from what you are used to seeing or using. This makes it gentler and, in my opinion, safer for sensitive skin. The Luna is so soft to the touch that you instantly know you are going to experience a gentle treatment. There’s nothing harsh about it at all.

up close
up close and personal

The first step is to remove your makeup, you don’t want to be pressing dirt into your skin, you want the machine to do super cleansing and exfoliation in its gentle fashion. This can be done with something like Dermalogica PreCleanse or one of the new cleansing oils that are available. Now this is a matter of preference so if you don’t want to take that extra step then just suds up with either a gel or cream cleanser. You can adjust the pressure of the machine with the plus and minus signs seen below.

bottom up close
bottom up close

What you want is for the Luna to do the work. You don’t have to apply pressure, just hold it without pressing. I like to use this in a circular motion along my chin, cheeks, forehead. Then I use the tip around my nose, the curve gets into the crevices there and helps me get rid of my stubborn dry patch. It can also be used around  your eye with that smaller area. I always make sure that I’ve pressed the minus sign since I want to use very light pressure under my eyes. That’s it! Turn it off, rinse and you are clean and ready for the anti-aging action that will now be described.

When you first get your FOREO Luna you’ll have to charge it up but then it stays charged for months – the company says you can get 450 uses before you’d have to recharge! That makes it perfect for travel since you don’t have to bring the charger, just put it in the silky travel pouch and you’ve got a travel buddy.

There’s more to love since you don’t have to buy anything after you’ve made your initial purchase. With a machine like a Clarisonic you need to buy new brushes every few months because of the risk of bacteria but the Luna will never anything other than cleansing.

LISA and the back side of the FOREO Luna:

back of the Foreo Luna
Anti-aging surface of the FOREO Luna

I completely agree with Marcia’s review of the front side – the FOREO Luna is fantastic for cleansing the skin. So what is the deal with the back of the device? Check out the little lines up at the top.  Here’s an even closer view for you.

Foreo Luna anti-aging side up close and personal
FOREO Luna anti-aging side up close and personal

I may be a few years younger than Marcia, but that girl has NO wrinkles. Me? I have plenty so I am happy to use the FOREO Luna both for cleansing and for anti-aging. The center button activates the lower-frequency Anti-Aging Mode, which you then press on five different points for 12 seconds each – between eyebrows, right temple, right nasolabial fold, left nasolabial fold, then the left temple. This light massage relaxes those tension points and help prevent lines and wrinkles. Plus, it increases the blood circulation to those areas which increases collagen and elastin production. All that equals firmer skin with better elasticity.

Besides, it’s just a great way to relax and pamper yourself.  I use it right after cleansing, I just flip the Luna around, press the center button, and enjoy the next minute. It feels great and after my skin definitely glows.  You can also use it with your favorite skin care creams or serums.

We love the Luna and FOREO has several other options available. Here is all the latest news from FOREO.  Enjoy!!

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  1. Samantha | 4th Aug 13

    I will definitely give it a try as I am too chicken to try Botox.

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  3. beautyin | 4th Aug 13

    Samantha, I don’t think this is a replacement for Botox since there’s no actual lifting but it’s relaxing and helpful for light lines.

  4. Carol | 5th Aug 13

    Great size by side review! Love getting 2 perspectives!

  5. StephanieLouise | 5th Aug 13

    What an interesting looking device!

  6. Lisa | 5th Aug 13

    Wow! This is interesting. I’m fascinated to see it compared with the Clarisonic.

    Super review! Now, I’m reallllllly curious!!! 🙂

  7. Eugenia | 5th Aug 13

    That device loos sooo different, not like any other! I want to try!! I love beauty gadgets so this would be fun to try!

  8. Amber | 5th Aug 13

    What a fun looking products! 🙂 Loved the way you both reviewed it as well!

  9. beautyin | 5th Aug 13

    Hi Amber, thanks so much. We enjoy doing our side by side reviews. I love my pink machine!

  10. beautyin | 5th Aug 13

    @Eugenia, I love beauty gadgets too. And this one is different than everything I own.

  11. beautyin | 5th Aug 13

    Hi Lisa, I never feel like I’m using the Clarisonic with the Luna. They feel totally different to me. Right now I’m totally stuck on the Luna and the Clarisonic is sobbing in a corner. Marcia

  12. beautyin | 5th Aug 13

    Thanks @Carol. This is a great machine and I bet you’d love it.

  13. beautyin | 5th Aug 13

    Hi StephanieLouise, I know you like gadgets and I bet you’d love this one!

  14. Jeanie Barbee | 5th Aug 13

    How much does it retail for?

  15. beautyin | 6th Aug 13

    It’s $199. I’ll update the review since I always put prices in. (Marcia)

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