Skincare 101 – my Paula’s Choice regimen

Paula's Choice Resist line - my personal regimen
Paula’s Choice Resist line – my personal regimen

Makeup Wars is always a favorite for me. If you haven’t been hanging around Beauty Info Zone then you might not know that Makeup Wars is when a group of bloggers choose a topic and we all post about the same general idea. But the articles are so varied since we are all coming from different places in our life. Skincare 101 is a most exciting post because I know that I’m going to learn so much from the other “warriors” and what they are going to share.

I’m sharing my Paula’s Choice Resist products that I received from #PRIMP, Pretty in my Pocket, after a wonderful phone consultation. I’ve loved and used Paula’s Choice products for years. But the line has gotten so big that I was at a loss as to what I really should be using. I read the descriptions and everything sounds wonderful. The phone consult which takes between 10 and 15 minutes and is free to all, is perfect. Your representative discusses your skin type, age, skin concerns, and what you want to work on and then creates your own personal regimen. You can then pick out which items you want to start with or wait for another day. I recommend that you don’t wait though. I’ve been using my PC Resist products for 4 months now and don’t intend to stop. I’ll add in other lines that I want to review but I’ve always gone back to Paula’s Choice.

For this review you need to know that I’ve got skin that used to be combination but is now on the dry side, especially in cold weather. My concerns are keeping my face looking as youthful as possible while dealing with large pores, fine lines, and firmness.


Paula's Choice Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser and Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner
Paula’s Choice Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser and Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner

I use both the Resist Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser and Advanced Replenishing Toner morning and evening. There are other cleansers in the Resist line but for my needs (and advancing age) I needed one that is gentle and hydrating. This is a lotion that cleanses my skin and removes any facial makeup without stripping my skin of essential oils. While it works for all skin types it’s especially recommended for normal to dry.

The Resist Advanced Replenishing Toner is a step that I often resist. There’s so much misinformation around about using a toner and it’s often skipped but it can be an essential step in balancing your skin and keeping it well preserved (and not pickled). This toner is one for anti-aging which can be seen in the ingredients. It helps build collagen for firmer skin, it contains anti-irritants to calm redness, and it has licorice extract & acetyl glucosamine to improve skin tone. The packaging is hard plastic so you can’t really squeeze it out, you pour it onto a cotton pad and there’s never too much that comes out. It removes all vestiges of makeup. It’s great after using a cleansing cloth if you are too tired to use a soap and water cleanser since it removes all the residue from the cloth.


Paula's Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment and Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer
Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment and Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer

After cleansing and toning I use Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment and Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer. These are daytime only for me because of the ingredients in them.

The Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA contains glycolic acid which gently exfoliates and protects your skin’s barrier. This was chosen for me because it helps fade sun damage. I’m a firm believer in SPF but that’s not how I was brought up. I apply this AHA treatment as soon as I’ve finished with the two cleansing products. I like it to sink into my skin while I’m putting on my eye makeup. This is a light yellow creamy lotion that makes my skin feel very soft. I love anything that helps me correct my uneven skintone so this is a definite rebuy for me.

Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer w/Broad Spectrum SPF 25 is the only moisturizer I took on a recent trip. I was packing light and this tube was exactly what I needed. I used it both day and night but at home I just use this during the day. Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer fits all the things I’m looking for in a daytime product: fragrance-free, broad spectrum sunscreen (mineral based), works as an anti-aging product, contains antioxidants, and my foundation never balls up when using this PC sunscreen.


Paula's Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer and Resist BHA 9
Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer and Resist BHA 9

Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer and her Resist BHA 9 are the two products I use only at night. After cleansing and toning I first apply Resist BHA 9 and let it work its magic on my skin. This thin tube is totally different than the other BHA I have from Paula’s Choice. I laughed when I got this because it’s subtitled as “for stubborn imperfections” which describes my life to a tee. This is actually a product that’s good for so many of us as it is a concentrated salicylic acid spot treatment to tackle the most stubborn imperfections for dramatic results without irritation. It’s to be used for acne breakouts, Anti-Aging, blackheads, enlarged pores, and keratosis pilaris. Being stubborn myself I use this all over my face and not as a spot treatment. My main goal with this is for my enlarged pores and anti-aging. I am seeing a difference on the pores on my cheeks, especially when I apply cream blush. During Christmas there were so many deals popping up that I bought a set containing this BHA so I wouldn’t run out. It has a slightly oily feel to it. I’ve never had any irritation with this. It’s a winner for me.

Paula's Choice Resist BHA 9
Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9

Since the Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer has retinol in it, it’s strictly for night use around here. This was chosen for me because I had said I’m concerned with fine lines and future wrinkles. It’s very lightweight so I thought that it wouldn’t be enough moisturizing for me this winter but I was mistaken. I’m testing other skincare right now but I make sure to use this Barrier Repair Moisturizer a few times a week. The retinol in this works to improve skintone and I’ve been very happy with that overall. The percentage of retinol isn’t mentioned anywhere but it’s a mild one. This is best for normal to dry skin and happily is fragrance free.


Paula's Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Oh what an uproar there was when Paula’s Choice announced they now had an eye cream. It was always her stand that we didn’t need a separate cream for eyes and many of her products are recommended to be used near your eyes. But women (especially me) want an eye cream and Paula listened. Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream was brought out after much testing since she knew she’d be scrutinized by everyone for going against her grain. This is a nicely rich eye cream that hasn’t caused me to have any milia. I used it religiously for 2 months and now alternate it with any others that I’m testing. I love the packaging of it but I often get out more than I actually need. The amount on my finger is really enough for both eyes twice. I try to squeeze lightly so that not too much comes out. I rub it between my fingers to soften it and pat it on under my eyes. While it’s a very good eye cream at a good price, I’m not sure if this is a repurchase, but then again I have a drawer full of eye creams so we’ll see down the road.

There you have my Paula’s Choice regimen. When I’m ready to add new products or I have a question about one of their products I’d have no problem calling again or using their live chat online. I also have no problem telling you that this is a line to be trusted and one I believe in. If I had a daughter, I’d gladly steer her towards Paula’s Choice to find her own routine.

What Paula’s Choice products do you have or covet?  — Marcia

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  1. Kelly | 14th Mar 16

    Paula is fantastic!

  2. Constance | 14th Mar 16

    Have been using her products for 15 years. My kids too. Current favorites are Clinical 1% retinol, Resist super light SPF 30 and Resist skin firming line minimizer

  3. Phyrra | 14th Mar 16

    That eye cream is fab. You know I love her products!

  4. Brittany | 14th Mar 16

    One of the best Cleansers I ever used came from PC. It is definitely one of my favorite skincare brands ever.

  5. Sandy P | 14th Mar 16

    Have never tried any items in this product line. Thanks for the reviews. Right now I am using Juice Beauty serum for my aging skin. Alternating between Dermalogical and L’Oreal intensive aging for skin creams. I think I need to try this line!

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 14th Mar 16

    I use some of these same products. I love that cleanser and toner. I also love how PF creates a customized plan for each customer.

  7. Christa @Perilously Pale | 15th Mar 16

    I love the Resist line. Some ones here I still need to try!

  8. Christa @Perilously Pale | 15th Mar 16

    I love that she finally came out with an eye cream. It’s the one I’m using now!

  9. Nichole C | 15th Mar 16

    paulas choice is pretty awesome

  10. Christine Wagner | 15th Mar 16

    Thank you for this post. I need to start and maintain a skin care regimen . I am going to look into this brand to see if any of their products would work for me.

  11. Michaela - The Mani Café | 15th Mar 16

    i hadn’t heard of this brand before but they sound like good products!

  12. Krystal E | 15th Mar 16

    I’ve never used the line before but it sounds super interesting! Thank you for the detailed review!

  13. Stacie @ | 15th Mar 16

    I have heard so many good things about Paula’s Choice! I have yet to use them, actually, but every glowing review I read brings me closer to taking the plunge. Great review!

  14. Nikki | 15th Mar 16

    I’ve always heard amazing things about Paula’s Choice, but I’ve never tried the products myself. I’ll definitely add it to my list of brands to try. I’m always looking for new skin care products!

  15. LacquerExpression | 15th Mar 16

    Excellent review. I haven’t used these products but they do sound like they’ll meet my skin needs.

  16. Nina | 15th Mar 16

    Wow! What a killer lineup! I really need to check Paula out.

  17. Renu | 15th Mar 16

    I love PC’s 2% BHA (best BHA ever) but want to try the 5% AHA next time. They have such great acid toners!

  18. Kristi V BeginNails | 15th Mar 16

    I havne’t heard of PC products. I guess I live under a rock. 🙂 I’m always looking for new skin care products though as I age…gotta keep the skin moisturized….especially since I live in the desert and all the moisture is sucked out of my skin! 🙂 Great review!

  19. Melissa | 15th Mar 16

    I have heard of PC but never tried any. Everyone raves about it though.

  20. Emily Draher | 16th Mar 16

    This is a great post! I am currently using Paula’s Choice and I LOVE it!

  21. gloria patterson | 17th Mar 16

    I tried Paula’s choice years ago but have not used in a while………….. I think it is time that I tried it again

  22. Ann @ Mani On The Move | 28th Mar 16

    I really need to look into this brand, everyone is raving about it

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