My Kleraderm facial and a fantastic giveaway!!

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with a facial. The price point for facials now is pretty crazy — at least $100 and in my area upwards of $350. To really get the benefits of a facial, it’s important to go regularly – like once a month. But who has a monthly facial budget of $350? Well, if you live in the Detroit area you are in for a treat – you can get a $350 facial from Kleraderm for just $38! Not only that, but four lucky BIZ readers will win a Collagen Cleansing Milk.  Read on!!

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of Kleraderm

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of Kleraderm

I’ve often posted about Kleraderm, one of my favorite skin care lines ever. Joanne Recchia-Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm here in the states, runs the counters at both the Somerset Nordstrom and the Partridge Creek Nordstrom in Michigan. Joanne is many things to me. She is my skin care mentor; her knowledge of ingredients and treatments for the skin is astounding. She is the best facialist I have ever met. And she is a truly kind and good person, someone I am so proud to have as a friend.

Kleraderm at Nordstrom 2
What I love so much about Kleraderm is that Joanne is honestly all about finding the very best products for you. Kleraderm is a huge line that addresses many different skin conditions and Joanne works with each customer personally via samples until she allows you (I am not kidding) to buy something. If you don’t live in the Detroit area, no worries – just call Joanne (586-337-7100) or email her at [email protected] and she will work with you to figure out which products are right for your skin. She is big on samples – she insists that you try before you buy, her focus is on YOU, not your pocketbook!

Here is a quick recap of the facial I got the other day:

First, Joanne cleansed my skin with Kleraderm Pale Rose Cleansing Milk. Most of Kleraderm cleansers are a “milky” cream, which throws people off sometimes. I think we are used to clear cleansers so it’s tough to imagine that a cream can deep pore cleanse skin while keeping the hydro-lipid layer intact (also known as the natural mantel).

The very first layer of our skin is made up of a microscopic water layer (the hydro-lipid layer) and it needs to be there to help skin keep the right balance of natural oil and water, while at the same time keeping in vital energy and keeping out free radicals. Kleraderm cleansing milks do just that.Kleraderm facial
After my face was properly cleansed Joanne added glycolic acid 20% and let it sit for 6 minutes. Glycolic is the healthiest for skin when it is in its natural form. Many different types of glycolic are used in skin care products with other compounds and that’s what makes the skin turn red and peel after the treatments. Our bodies pH balance is 5.5 – anything less is water and anything more is acid. The scale goes to up to 8 and Kleraderm glycolic pH is 7.8, which makes this glycolic in its most natural form. When applied you might feel the sensation of the glycolic such as tingling, itching, and slight burning, and the skin will appear red. Once removed, the skin goes back to normal without suffering from prolonged redness and peeling.

Kleraderm Vitalize Cream Mask
Using the glycolic as the driver to help push all the active ingredients through the skin, Joanne added Vitalize Cream Mask on top of the glycolic. Vitalize has everything skin needs:  Alpha-lipoic acids and Vitamin C, the entire B group, vitamins E and D along with vitamin F which is a cell nourisher. Joanne told me that it is very important during facials to replenish topical nourishment.

Then Joanne added Native Collagen, a water-soluble bio-identical collagen. This collagen wraps around the body’s own collagen fibers and gives skin firmness and helps to bring back the skin’s own natural complexion color. Skin becomes firmer and more radiant.  All of this was done in just the first six minutes! After skin is rinsed from glycolic, usually the next step is to neutralize the skin to bring back its pH balance; Joanne did not have to do this to my skin because of the pureness of the Kleraderm glycolic.

Joanne then added a Kleraderm anti-age mask made from compressed collagen and polysaccharides.  Polysaccharides are a complex carbohydrate chain that bind together and form around collagen and elastin fibers, which helps to firm and strengthen weak collagen & elastin fibers. This mask looks like a thin sheet of paper made up of strands of fibers weaved together. She cut this fiber type paper to fit over areas of my face and held them into place with Botofit Topical Botox Alternative Serum. Once this mask was placed all around my face she activated it with warm water. The warm water turns the fiber sheets into a powerful gel.Kleraderm Anti-Age Mask

Kleraderm Botofit Serum

Kleraderm Botofit Serum

Joanne gently massaged the gel into my skin and once it seemed my skin was absorbing the gel she quickly added Ysaline topical filler mask. Then she put warm towels on my face and the heat from the towels drove the active ingredients deeper into the superficial layers of the skin.

Kleraderm Cryogenic MaskShe kept the warm towels on my skin for another 15 minutes. Once my skin had been wiped clean of any left-over anti-age mask, she re-applied the Botofit Serum and then applied Kleraderm Cryogenic Vitamin C Mask. These cryogenic masks are powerful and start off in powder form, but when mixed with water the active ingredients become alive and bursting with powerful antioxidants and vitamin C. When mixed the mask is active and Joanne only has 70 seconds to get it on my face. The mask is cold and feels like ice to me…the cold takes down any cellular inflammation that is going on deep down, plus it helps in the delivery of vitamin C. By the way, Vitamin C is good for skin but it’s not stable which means when you have a Vitamin C cream or serum every time you open the jar the vitamin C dissipates into the atmosphere. After a few months of opening the jar, you might have nothing left but the cream that the vitamin C came in.

Ok, so back to the facial – the Kleraderm Cryogenic Vitamin C Mask delivers 100% vitamin C and the colder the masks gets, the deeper it’s going into the skin. Once skin has taken in all the active ingredients from the cryogenic mask, it turns into a rubber-like substance. It’s then removed with one sweeping motion, much like a huge Biore strip. After the mask has been removed it keeps on working for up to three days.

After all my treatments and masks, Joanne then applied eye gel, which gives immediate results and lifts and firms skin above and under the eyes. She then topped that with eye cream that delivers hydration and helps to lighten and brighten skin around eye area.

With Joanne Recchia after my Kleraderm facial

With Joanne Recchia after my Kleraderm facial

Then Joanne applied Botofit Serum again all over my face and let it penetrate for few minutes. She then applied Botofit Cream, which is not as powerful as the serum but she likes to include this product after a facial because it helps the skin look very bright and gives it a healthy glow. Finally, Joanne applied Ysaline Topical Filler Cream, which is loaded with omega 3-6-9 fatty acids that rush back to skin’s surface and sort of irons skin from the inside out.

I was astounded at how incredible my skin looked afterward!  I never go ANYWHERE without makeup, but I had no problem doing so that day.

Kleraderm Collagen Cleansing Milk

Kleraderm products are superb. They actually deliver results; the brand loyalty is off charts.  This line is famous for its happy customers who are all very committed to the line and very loyal. You can win yourself one of my favorite Kleraderm products, the Collagen Cleansing Milk. In fact, four US BIZ subscribers will win this awesome prize.  Collagen Cleansing Milk is made of marine collagen, which cleanses without destroying the hydro lipidic skin layer, which is needed to help water and oil levels on the skin stay balanced. It also keeps free radicals from forming.  Cleansing with collagen milk ensures your skin is deeply clean, soft, and supple.

This giveaway is open for those in the Continental US and ends Monday March 27 at 11:59 p.m. EST. If our comment section closes please email us your comment to [email protected] and label it KLERADERM. Be sure you click “I commented” when you do this or Rafflecopter won’t recognize your entry. Good luck for some great skin!!  – Lisa

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*giveaway prizes courtesy of the amazing Joanne at Kleraderm USA


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