LATHER teaches a lesson in good salesmanship and products

LATHER Skincare has done something that I wish all skincare companies would follow. Lather has full lines of skincare with wonderful products but one thing they do that makes them stand out from the rest is that they sell skincare kits. These kits are perfect for traveling and for testing out products to see what works best for you.

Lather About Face Combination Skin Kit
Lather About Face Combination Skin Kit

For $29.00 each LATHER sells 3 kits containing 5 products for different skintypes¬† – oily, combination and dry. I was sent ABOUT FACE COMBINATION SKIN KIT to test and it made me realize that they are on the ball. This kit contains 5 products all packed and ready for travel. Stick this whole set in a ziploc bag and you are ready to face the airport ‘police’. Products range from 0.5 fl oz to 2 fl oz which fit regulations.

Now I don’t happen to travel all that much so this is a great way for me to test out new products to see if my skin likes them.

Lather kit products
Lather kit products

ULTRA MILD FACE WASH 2 oz. is a clear gel-like cleanser with a mild fresh fragrance. It’s foaming but not overly so. My face feels properly cleansed and refreshed with this. The kit size is 2 oz. and full size is 6 oz ($19). Since I wasn’t sure if the fragrance would be overwhelming in this or other products, this is the perfect way for me to try.


CITRUS BALANCING TONER smells delightful. I love the smell of citrus and will always choose it when available. It’s not an overwhelming fragrance but it’s so refreshing. This toner is alcohol free and is made to keep the balance in normal to oily skin. It’s to be used after cleansing to remove any excess dirt or oils plus it helps keep the pH balance of your skin. While it’s not a step that everyone takes, the ingredients in this are ones you want to use. For example linoleic acid and lemon bioflavanoids help keep your skin clean and irritation free. It contains Vitamin E for antioxidant protection. Like all Lather products, it’s paraben free. (2 oz kit size, $16 for 6 fl oz)


ULTRA LIGHT FACE LOTION is a very lightweight moisturizer which works for me in warmer weather since that’s when my skin isn’t quite as dry. It’s a botanical lotion that contains special ingredients like borage oil and grapeseed oil which are great for damaged or problem skin. It absorbs quickly and wears well under foundation. I’ve never had balling up using this. My face feels moisturized without any oily finish. Unfortunately it doesn’t have SPF so I have to recommend using a separate sun protection. There’s a tiny bit of botanical fragrance but really nothing to speak of. (full size $21)


WHITE CLAY DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASK is a bonus to me in this kind of kit. I get to try it and have it around if I’m traveling. I’ve never owned a travel size mask other than packets that I never use up so I have to toss them. White clay is known for its purification and stimulation. It’s a great mask to exfoliate pores (of which I have many). It’s a gentle mask no matter what type of skin you have. Besides the white clay they use bentonite clay to draw out the oils and impurities even more. I love how my skin looks after using the mask since my pores aren’t as noticeable. (0.5 oz in kit, 4.0 oz full size $22)


BAMBOO SILK FOAMING FACE SCRUB WITH LEMONGRASS is a clear gel containing bamboo silk and small jojoba beads that are mild, natural exfoliants. I thought that the fragrance of this would bother me but it’s very mild and has an almost sweet citrus fragrance. The exfoliating powder in this makes it another good cleanser to have in your arsenal. It gently foams and washes away well if I use a wash cloth or bamboo cloth. It is both sulfate and paraben free.


All I need to add is SPF and an eye cream and I’m set to go. After trying these I’d be interested in trying out the About Face Dry Skin Kit next winter. My favorite product in the combination kit is the Citrus Balancing Toner but I also like the Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub and White Clay Pore Cleansing Mask.

LATHER About Face Combination Skin Kit
LATHER About Face Combination Skin Kit

A great way to try an excellent cruelty-free line! Nourish, cleanse, exfoliate your way to better skin with Lather. — Marcia

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  1. Anastasia | 6th Apr 15

    Anything with lemongrass is an instant winner in my book.

  2. [email protected] | 6th Apr 15

    Anything with citrus is an instant winner for me, lol! But for moisturizer, even in summer lightweight isn’t enough for my desert-dry skin. But LATHER’s products are wonderful so I think I’d enjoy trying all of them!

  3. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 6th Apr 15

    Ohhh I love citrus smells and that mask sounds right up my alley

  4. Destany | 6th Apr 15

    This set looks like it’s got it all!

  5. Amber | 6th Apr 15

    This sounds like a really nice line! The citrus toner sounds like it’s right up my alley too!

  6. Jess Scull | 6th Apr 15

    These products sound lovely!! I definitely need to give them a try

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 6th Apr 15

    Oooh, I want to try this kit! I’m reviewing the vitamin K toning eye cream and the bamboo and lemongrass scrub on the blog later this week. What a great company!!

  8. Rosie Areola (Heather) | 6th Apr 15

    Love white clay masks – TFS!

  9. Mai | 6th Apr 15

    I think I’ll need to try that clay mask!

  10. Kath TheFabZilla | 7th Apr 15

    This is a great kit to own, whether to try or for travel!

  11. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 7th Apr 15

    this line sounds really terrific. I need to get my hands on it.

  12. Nidia - Lit From Within | 7th Apr 15

    I loved the LATHER lip trio, and a trial of a whole skincare line by them sounds great! Oily skin, please!

  13. Lisa Heath | 7th Apr 15

    These sound amazing!

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