I’ve joined the coconut revolution with Palmer’s (giveaway time)


Walk into any drugstore or superstore like Target and Walmart and you’ll be sure to see this logo. Palmer’s has been around helping us out for years. But they aren’t the same old Palmer’s of your youth. They are new and improved and keeping up with the times.

My blog partner Lisa is a coco-NUT. Anything that has the scent of coconut is something she’ll try so I had to sneak today’s products by her so that I could see what the fuss was all about. And now I do. Palmer’s has created two great Coconut Oil Formula products that I’m the one getting nutty about.

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Palmer’s Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balms are a great alternative to regular cleansers since they are so gentle on your skin. This one by Palmer’s uses their Coconut Oil Formula which uses only ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil that’s been infused with Tiare flower petals. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? But this is just $8 and will last for so long.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

Upon opening you’ll find a slightly solid texture that you use on dry skin. Work it onto your face with just a small amount of warm water and it will transform into a rich and creamy texture to gently remove everything from the day from dirt and impurities to  makeup. It feels wonderful while on and you’ll enjoy massaging this in. I use warm water and a wash cloth (usually a flannel cloth from The Body Shop) to remove this.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm

So why this cleansing balm as compared to some of the more expensive ones?

  • No Phthalates
  • No Parabens
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Gluten
  • No Sulfates
  • No Dyes
  • Natural Coconut Oil & Monoi

Not only is this effective but the smell is intoxicating! My skin doesn’t feel stripped and this adds just the right touch of hydration especially as the weather is flip flopping around.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hydrating Facial Mask

As a certified (or is it certifiable?) mask lover I am totally impressed with the Hydrating Facial Mask from Palmer’s. The first time I used it I was bowled over by it. This is one of the gentlest masks I’ve ever used and it’s definitely the least messy mask I’ve used. I can’t rave about this enough and for sure I’ll stop at Walmart to pick this up when I’m done with this tube.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hydrating Facial Mask

It shows up as a pure white on my skin so my pictures wouldn’t show you anything. This Coconut Oil Hydrating Facial Mask feels so light on yet when I wash it off my face my skin is totally replenished and feels soft for days. It only takes 10 minutes to use and then I massage it onto my skin before rinsing. While it makes no promises to reduce pores and make me look 10 years younger, it does tighten up my pores and makes my skin look its best. I can use this as many times a week as I want because it’s as gentle as a lamb.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hydrating Facial Mask

It’s made with pure coconut water along with a rich blend of natural oils (Coconut Oil, Monoi Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil).

  • No parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates and dyes
  • No gluten
  • Made with natural coconut oil and monoi
  • Formulated with ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients
  • With raw coconut sugar
  • Made with natural vitamin E

Not only am I happy that I’m now part of the coconut family but two of you will be able to win these products thanks to Palmer’s.  —  Marcia


Two US Beauty Info Zone subscribers will win both the Coconut Oil Hydrating Facial Mask and the Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm from Palmer’s. The giveaway is open through October 5th at 11:59 p.m. EDT. Remember I need to be able to find your email subscription to Beauty Info Zone so if you aren’t receiving emails then sign up again!
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  1. I have not ever used a cleansing balm, looks perfect for my dehydrated skin 🙂

  2. I’ve used and love Clinique, I’m excited to try this one.

  3. I have never used a cleansing balm. Looks really cool though.

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  5. I haven’t tried a cleansing balm before.

  6. These both sound great but he mask in particular piques my interest! The nice thing about Palmer’s, too, is that it’s so affordable, too!

  7. I used one similar from Eve Lom that had a very medicinal smell. The balm worked very well. The Palmers sounds better and I’m sure it’s a fraction of the price of the fancy brands.

  8. I haven’t used a Cleansing Balm before.

  9. I have never tried a cleansing balm before.

  10. I’ve never used a cleansing balm before it sounds really interesting.

  11. AShley Perez says

    No, I have never tried it before.

  12. I have never used a cleansing balm, but would love to try it.

  13. I have not used cleansing balm before but I love monoi oil so I think it would be fabulous.

  14. Vicki Wurgler says

    no, I have never used a cleansing balm

  15. Teresakoedyker says

    I have never used a cleansing balm before but I would like too!!

  16. Robin Abrams says

    I have not used a cleansing balm. This does sound like a product I would love to use

  17. Teresakoedyker says

    I commented on the hair remover!! It’s sound like it would be great for peach fuzz!!

  18. I have not tried a cleansening balm before, and would love to add hydration to my skin, it needs it

  19. I have used Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm and absolutely loved it. It came with a cloth which was very nice. I had never heard of cleansing balms before, I received a full-sized one in my Allure Beauty Box, I’m very excited about the Palmer’s as I’m sure it’s more in my price range and easily accessible at many stores around me.

  20. I have used cleansing balms before. In fact, I’m using the Nyakio Sweet Almond Cleansing Balm right now. I like it well enough but when I purchased it I was looking forward to a slight almond scent and this is unscented so I was a little disappointed.
    I am pretty impressed with Palmer’s products and use them off and on. I will definitely be trying these out because their cleansing oil is really good, except it has a Rose scent and I am really not into roses.

  21. I’ve heard of them but have never used one.

  22. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I hav never used a cleansing balm

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    The cleansing balm sounds amazing! I have basic remover but I need to try this!

  24. It sounds wonderful – I have never used a cleansing balm before.

  25. I love pretty much everything I’ve tried from Palmer’s, and now I want that cleansing balm. It is so much better value for money than the other balm cleansers out there.

  26. I really want this cleanser! Sounds good for me.

  27. I’m a regular cleansing oil user but still new to cleansing balms. I’ve only tried two – liked one and hated the other. The difference was that the lousy one didn’t break down well with water.

  28. The cleansing balm sounds interesting! I have never used that before!

  29. Doris Humber says

    I haven’t used a cleansing Balm before; this would be great to try!

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    I have NOT used a cleansing balm before …… Have never even heard this term before

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    I have never used a cleansing balm before

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    I have not used a cleansing balm before. This sounds like it works really good.

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    I have never tried a cleansing balm before, but I would love to! Just the other day I was thinking about how I use to remove my makeup with cold cream when I was a teenager and how it seems like no one does that anymore. The cold cream was so moisturizing, but I’m not sure that it got my skin clean enough. This sounds like a better option.

  36. Sharon Rooney says

    No, I have never used a cleansing balm but it sounds nice.

  37. Sharon Rooney says
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    Never tried them before. But it definitely looks interesting. I’m always up for new things if I can afford them

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    I have not ever used a cleansing balm. But I’ve always thought they look so Mousturizing.

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  43. Yes. Im currently using The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.

  44. I have never tried a cleansing balm before.

  45. I have used a k-beauty brand cleansing balm and loved it.

  46. I was in too much of a hurry and didn’t see the question you asked us to answer….but I just had to say that I love cleansing balms and oils! Cleansing balms, in particular, are great for travel! <3 And I haven't tried it from this brand yet!

  47. I haven’t tried a balm before, but I make my own soap.

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  49. gloria patterson says