Go a little crazy with Mad Hippie in your life

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser and Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser and Mad Hippie Eye Cream

It’s nice to be back to our regularly scheduled programming now that the holiday frenzy has passed. For the last few months it seemed like the products I’ve been using haven’t gotten any love on the blog but I’m ready to remedy that with these MAD HIPPIE products that I was sent and have been using. Great skin has been foremost on my mind in order to look and feel good for all the fun times of November/December.                                                                        samples


There is something so inviting about Mad Hippie products. I don’t know if it’s their colorful and enticing packaging or their wonderful stances about only using the safest and most effective ingredients there are. Maybe it’s that they want to leave the world a more beautiful place than when they started. Every time you buy from their website they donate $1 from each product to The Wildlife Conservation Network. Doing good for you and for the world we live in.

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

Of the two products that I was sent to review my favorite is the Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser. This feels so different on my skin than any other cleanser I’ve tried. It feels like I’ve wrapped my face in warmth. It just envelops my skin with a rich creamy feeling. It’s a very hydrated feeling. Mad Hippie says it’s “a gentle, balancing cream that removes free radicals & impurities while moisturizing & healing”. I say that this feels luxurious and expensive belying it’s $15.99 cost.

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser Ingredients

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser Ingredients

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

There are so many cleansers that are drying but this Cream Cleanser is soft and enveloping. It’s great for all skin types even though it’s stated on the box that it’s for normal to dry skin. The 5 actives that help rejuvenate your skin are Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Macadamia Oil, & Orchid Extract. This does have a mild fragrance to it but nothing I found to interfere with my nose’s sensitivity.

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

I’m always mad for eye cream and the MAD HIPPIE EYE CREAM ($24.99) is no different. I’m enjoying this immensely. The ingredients on this sold me even though it does have a noticeable fragrance. But I can’t argue with results and I can’t argue with these ingredients:

Matrixyl Synthe ‘6Advanced peptide works to naturally smooth the skin & reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Regu-age – Peptide complex that reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Syn-Eye Peptide designed to quickly reduce the appearance of both discoloration & wrinkles around the eyes.

Chamomile Extract – Provides thin protective shield, while naturally soothing and calming the skin.

Pomegranate – Potent antioxidant that is a high source of ellagic acid, believed to mediate the effects of ultraviolet rays & even skin tone.

Vitamin C –  Antioxidant powerhouse that aids in the synthesis of collagen, while it works to inhibit photoaging.  Helps reduce the appearance of discoloration while brightening the appearance of the skin.

Wheat Protein – Works to tighten the skin and aid in hydration.

Vitamin B3 – Energizes the skin, helps even skin tone & reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Argan Oil – Natural healing agent from Northern Africa.  High source of vitamin E, essential fatty acids & phytosterols.  Works to moisturize & soothe the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

White Tea – Strong antioxidant with natural anti-carcinogenic qualities that works to neutralize free radicals and help prevent UV damage.

Ceramide – Supports the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer by forming a thin lipid barrier that holds in moisture, while protecting & healing the skin.

Vitamin E – Contains powerful anti aging & anti carcinogenic properties.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while works to neutralize aging free radicals.

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

The packaging is exactly how you want your products to be packaged. Each time I pump it I get enough product for both eyes and it’s always fresh and uncontaminated.

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

This has been most helpful for dark circles and hydration under my eyes. With a birthday popping up very soon I don’t want my eyes to be the give away of my age. Live dangerously and add a little Mad Hippie to your life.  —  Marcia

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