Finding wellness, beauty, and inner health in the products of Abbey St. Clare

Margaret Hardy creator of Abbey St. Clare

Margaret Hardy creator of Abbey St. Clare

Beauty Info Zone is excited about introducing you to a line that is new to us – Abbey St. Clare. What appealed to us right away when we saw this line was their philosophy. They believe that beauty comes from within first and foremost. They want their products to not only nurture our skin, hair and body but our soul too. Wellness and inner health are important to them so they keep that in mind when creating products. Abbey St. Clare was founded by Margaret Hardy, a former chemist and science educator. She always had a passion for nature and after leaving her career as a teacher she chose to use her knowledge about herbs, herbal healing, aromatherapy and natural alternatives and turn it towards the cosmetic field. Margaret, via Abbey St. Clare, created a line that focuses on combining cutting edge cosmetic science with nature-based healing. She believes her line should help with beautiful skin, healthy scalp and hair, skin friendly natural cosmetics and natural based formulas that incorporate the healthiest skin actives from the laboratory. As you investigate the products you can see her philosophy shining through.

When we were invited to try the Abbey St. Clare we decided we wanted to show you different aspects of the line. Lisa chose to show you a cleansing product from the skin care side of their line while Marcia has chosen to show you a product from their cosmetic side. In addition to skin care and cosmetics Abbey St. Clare also is also an expert in the fields of hair care, healing waters and wellness. We invite you to check out her amazing website.

Marcia’s Side:

Concealer trio image from

Concealer trio image from

As someone with a lot of skin imperfections I’m always looking for the best concealers. I’ve found some I like for different parts of my face but having a product with 3 different  shades to conceal and correct is ideal, especially for travel or to keep in my cosmetic bag. I’ve been using the Cream Concealer Trio containing the shades Banana Cream, Neutral and Amber. You’ve possibly seen combinations that look like this but what’s different about Abbey St. Clare’s trio (besides the great price of $18) is that this contains botanical ingredients including skin softening shea butter, anti-aging avocado butter and Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil, and sunscreens titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It’s unusual to find sunscreen in a concealer.abby st c  packaging

abby st c backlabel

Here’s my method of operation with this trio. I first put eye cream under my eyes as I’m getting ready allowing it to melt into my skin. I like using my finger with a creamy concealer since I feel that the heat of my finger against my facial heat helps the product adhere better. Under my eyes I like to use the banana shade. Many years ago I used a shade similar to this by Benefit but I forgot all about it. As soon as I started to use the concealer trio I remembered why I like the yellow so much. It’s great for my sleep deprived eyes.

Abbey St. Clare Concealer Trio swatches

Abbey St. Clare Concealer Trio swatches

I use the neutral shade on the other areas of my face that need concealing especially to cover the redness around my nose. I don’t use the amber side that often because of my extremely fair skin tone but if I have time I like to use it in the hollows of my cheeks to do some contouring. I like using my fingers for both of these jobs but if I do the contouring then I’ll blend that with either a sponge or a flat foundation brush.

This Concealer Trio has become a great addition to my morning makeup. I prefer this before applying foundation but if I need a touch up during the day I’ll often use the neutral shade. In addition to this particular trio they make one called Cream Color Corrector which has the same banana shade for discoloration but also mint cream for redness and mauve to brighten sallow skin tones. Whichever you’d chose, you won’t be sorry.

Lisa’s Side:

Abbey St. Clare

Abbey St. Clare Rice & Olives Cleansing and Facial Serum

And after wearing the Cream Color Corrector, you can take it all off with the Rice and Olives Cleansing and Facial Serum ($26).  This cleanser has a truly elegant formula with so many great ingredients like Vitamin E tocotrienols, Coenzyme Q, plant oils, extracts, and essential oils.  How many face cleansers can also be used as an overnight treatment serum?  It’s the first one I have ever come across!


love my Rice & Olives

The cleanser is a thick liquid that really deep cleans.  It removes even the heaviest makeup with ease, and it’s especially impressive with waterproof makeup.  Normally, when a cleanser can melt away makeup like this one, I find it’s rather harsh on the skin.  But not this one – this is extremely gentle and will work for even the most sensitive and dry skins. 

 In fact, it’s perfect for those with skin conditions like psoriasis because it’s full of anti-inflammatory ingredients.  And what is exceptionally cool about this is it doubles as a face serum.  It’s perfect for combatting wrinkles and nourishing the skin.  After I cleanse my face with it, I put more on my neck and my face then hit the sheets.  In the morning, my skin looks terrific, moisturized, calm, and glowing.  It’s great stuff.

As Margaret Hardy says on her website – we hope these reviewed products help make you the “Best You” that’s possible.


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