Discover the secret of silk in your skincare with Silkriller

Silkriller Silver Revitalization Set
Silkriller Silver Revitalization Set

I’ve been holding out on you. I was sent a set of the most luxurious Japanese skincare products and have been loving using them but I haven’t shared. I should know better than that but now that I’m ready you are going to need to make your holiday wishlist because Silkriller is a brand you will love using.

Silkriller Revitalization Skincare Set, Silver
Silkriller Revitalization Skincare Set, Silver

Silkriller is the only brand that contains a raw material “Silk Fibroin” which is made up of 18 kinds of amino acid. Silk is a treasured component in Japan as it is used to fight off bacteria, infectious skin disease, and reduce dark spots. I was thrilled from my first use especially since most Asian skincare is fragranced but Skillriller is non-fragranced and luxurious.

The Revitalization Set – Silver ($308) that I use contains 4 products. Each of Skillriller’s products are sold separately plus there’s a Revitalizaton Set – Gold.

Silkriller Facial Foam
Silkriller Facial Foam

Silkriller Facial Foam ($54) is especially good for combination skin but all skin types will enjoy this. Even though it’s called a foam it’s actually a creamy cleanser that barely foams up. It’s infused with natural honey, grapefruit and silk fibroin. It gives a slight firming sensation and it never feels like it’s drying out my skin. I feel like it’s made my skin a little more radiant too.

Silkriller Lotion
Silkriller Lotion

Silkriller Lotion ($76) is essentially an essence. It’s a water based beauty tonic that helps greatly if you have sensitive, weakened, or dry skin. I was surprised when I used it the first time to find that it was a clear product because of the name lotion. This absorbs so quickly so you don’t even realize that its rejuvenating and nourishing your skin. The amino acids will help those of you with acne scars. I pat this on with my hands until it’s fully absorbed. Silkriller calls this their Rejuvenating Beauty Tonic and I agree with that description.

Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel
Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel

Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel ($86) is the premier product of this set. This anti-aging serum is in a pump glass bottle that I’m able to control so that I’m not getting too much out. I massage this onto my face and try very hard to remember to do that in an upward motion. I use this 2 – 3 times per week since it’s so concentrated. On those nights I’ll skip the Lotion. The gel is a fusion of their ancient recipe and modern technology. It’s a blend of silk fibroin and beauty essences. 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel isn’t heavy at all, it’s absorbed quickly and continues to strengthen collagen formation. While it’s not an eye cream or gel, it’s safe to use around your eyes especially wherever you have fine lines. It’s a gel meant to guard your skin from the environment and aging problems.

Silkriller Moisture Cream
Silkriller Moisture Cream

Silkriller Moisture Cream ($108) is a silky soft moisturizer that is a pleasure to use. It’s very lightweight and yet it’s so hydrating. It absorbs quickly and never interferes with my makeup. It’s very highly concentrated so even though it’s lightweight you’d never know you are getting so many benefits from it.

Silkriller Moisture Cream
Silkriller Moisture Cream

While it’s busy working to improve skin elasticity and refine skin radiance, it’s also regenerating skin cells. “Our exclusive and FDA registered moisturizer deeply hydrates your skin and does not contain any surfactants.” They are the only brand that doesn’t have any surfactants in their product. I love the feel and I love that fact that there is no scent whatsoever.

Silkriller is an investment but one of the best kinds since it’s protecting your face and helping to keep you looking more youthful. No matter how beautiful your makeup is, it all starts with your skin.  — Marcia

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  1. Never Say Die Beauty | 3rd Aug 16

    What a funny name, Silkriller, for such lovely products! I need the essence/lotion since I finished up my SK-II Treatment Essence. This sounds great!

  2. Chelsea | 3rd Aug 16

    The essence sounds so nice! I’m also loving the pretty packaging for the moisture cream.

  3. Miranda Mendoza | 3rd Aug 16

    If it works, it’s a smart investment!

  4. Phyrra | 3rd Aug 16

    This sounds wonderful.

  5. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 3rd Aug 16

    Shame on your for holding out on us! These sound wonderful!

  6. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 3rd Aug 16

    OOOO This sounds awesome. I may need to try the essence.

  7. Babi | 3rd Aug 16

    I love the packaging! And that facial foam looks amazing! Which reminds me that I really need a new cleanser..

  8. Kathryne | 4th Aug 16

    These look luxe, from the packaging to formula, I sooo want to try them!

  9. Bailey | 4th Aug 16

    Everything sounds so impressive. I love the packaging of the moisturizer too.

  10. Justina | 4th Aug 16

    You have me curious about surfectants now that I know this doesn’t have any!

  11. Julie | 4th Aug 16

    Everything sounds beautiful, and I love the packaging! I love discovering new brands like this!

  12. Anastasia | 4th Aug 16

    The packaging looks beautiful!

  13. Lisa Heath | 5th Aug 16

    The packaging is really nice on these, and they sound fantastic!

  14. Polarbelle | 10th Aug 16

    Really love this brand!!!

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