Beat the heat with Clean Fragrance Rollerballs in Skin and Fresh Laundry

What is the temperature outside for you right now? Even though I live in a northern state, at this very moment it is a steaming hot 93 degrees. I swear that if I cracked an egg on the black top right now it would fry up and sprout some bacon AND toast.

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When it’s this hot I can’t do any sort of body product that feels heavy, including spray-on fragrance. What I am loving for scent are several items from the Clean Perfume Rollerball Collection I was recently sent to try, including Clean Skin and Clean Fresh Laundry.

Clean Rollerball Perfumes
Clean Rollerball Perfumes
Clean Rollerball Perfumes
Clean Rollerball Perfumes

Clean Rollerball Perfumes ($20) are long, skinny glass bottles with a rollerball applicator. It’s the same scent as the regular perfumes, but oh so convenient and just plain easier in hot weather. They are totally transportable so pop one in your beach bag to counter the ‘nice but I don’t really want to be wearing this’ scent of chlorine or lake water.

Clean Skin Rollerball Perfume
Clean Skin Rollerball Perfume

Clean Skin is fragrance, yes, but it’s subtle. It makes you just plain smell GOOD.  Top notes include SHEER HONEYDEW, LOTUS BLOSSOM & FRESH AIR ACCORD. Mid-notes are DEWY PETALS, AQUATIC NOTES & BLUE ROSE, and base notes are WHITE MUSK, AMBER WOOD and CREAMY VANILLA.  Just perfect on a super hot summer day…in fact the hotter it gets, the better this smells. It’s a mostly floral scent, but as body temps heat up, it sort of transforms and becomes more musky, soft, and clean. It is just what I want my skin to smell like when it’s hot and sticky out.

Clean Fresh Laundry Rollerball Perfume
Clean Fresh Laundry Rollerball Perfume

Talk about fresh and clean…I don’t think a fragrance gets as fresh and clean as this one does. Clean Fresh Laundry is amazing for helping me keep my cool, even after biking ten miles. Top notes include BRAZILIAN ORANGE, MEXICAN LIME & FRESH MOWN GRASS. Mid-notes are ROSE OTTO and NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE, and base notes include HELIOTROPE and WOODY MUSK. The end result is somehow cool and warm…like a cool breeze mixed with the warmth from the clothes dryer.

The rollerball packaging is terrific, and the scents are wonderful. Clean Perfume has other rollerball scents too, including Shower Fresh, Air, Cool Cotton, Warm Cotton, and a pretty neat looking one that has Cool Cotton on one end and Warm Cotton on the other. You can find them online at  – Lisa

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  1. [email protected] | 30th Jul 15

    I love rollerballs especially to keep in my purse, but I’ve never tried any of the scents from Clean. They sound lovely!

  2. Anastasia | 30th Jul 15

    I’m loving my CLEAN rollerballs, they smell so fresh and actually make me feel a little cooler during this crazy heat wave. I’m in the northern state too by the way, so I totally get what you’re saying.

  3. Lola Seicento | 30th Jul 15

    I have never tried any of the scents from Clean, but they sound wonderful!

  4. Chelsea | 30th Jul 15

    I seriously love the smell of fresh laundry, so I need to check these out!

  5. Brooke @ Blushing Noir | 30th Jul 15

    I love Clean scents! So fresh and exhilarating!

  6. Erika | 30th Jul 15

    I love the Clean line. I have a pile of samples of the Clean Cotton. Mmm…

  7. Cindy (Prime Beauty) | 30th Jul 15

    I also love Pacific Malibu Blossom rollerball for summer–so refreshing!

  8. Phyrra | 30th Jul 15

    Those sound really nice!

  9. Heather | 31st Jul 15

    Love Rollerballs, these sound nice!

  10. Miranda Mendoza | 31st Jul 15

    I LOVE THESE!!! They’re so subtle but refreshing and flirty.

  11. Kath TheFabZilla | 31st Jul 15

    OMG, over here in Hawaii it’s super hot it’s like burning me alive. I’m so over summer! I like Clean fragrance!

  12. Nidia - Lit From Within | 31st Jul 15

    Clean is a great company with amazing customer service. I contacted them once for some help identifying a sample I’d received with their name on it, and when they discovered it was a counterfeit product, they sent me some of their real stuff – Skin was one of them, and I’ve loved the scent ever since.

  13. Jamie | 31st Jul 15

    I love Clean Fresh Laundry. It’s one of my favorite scents!

  14. Honeygirlk | 31st Jul 15

    I love Roller Balls and Clean Fresh Laundry is one of my favorite scents 😀

  15. Bailey | 1st Aug 15

    It is crazy hot here too (and humid, and gross…) I love Clean scents! I have the Fresh Laundry one, but will have to check out the Skin. Clean scents are perfect for any season, but are specially great in hot weather.

  16. Kendra | 1st Aug 15

    Looks really easy to pack!

  17. Kristina | The Feminine Files | 1st Aug 15

    I always keep a rollerball of some kind in my purse. Clean Laundry sounds so fresh!

  18. Laura MyNewestAddiction | 1st Aug 15

    These fragrances sound amazing.

  19. Jess Scull | 1st Aug 15

    I am obsessed with the clean line!!! Love their scents!

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