Moving from Skip Hop to Learning Resources as we grow

As the grandmother to two very precious children I’ve found my life revolves around them. They are in my thoughts day and night. They’ve opened up a new world of love for me. Things are so different than when my sons were their age. Computers weren’t around so shopping wasn’t as easy then, especially for a working parent, as it is now. From the day I started buying for my infant grandson and for the past 5 years I’ve used Diapers. com as one of my staple shopping sites. The convenience is amazing.

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Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid's Zoo Backpack
Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid’s Zoo Backpack

Here’s our latest Skip Hop backpack for time at grandma and grandpa’s house. Unisex, big enough for diapers, sunscreen, changes of clothes for 2 children, snacks, and even room for water bottles. We totally wore out the owl Skip Hop Backpack so it’s nice to have a durable replacement.

Skip Hop
Skip Hop

Besides sticking with the huge, huge collection of Skip Hop we’re moving on with other brands from Diapers. com including Learning Resources. My granddaughter was a reluctant talker and as a former elementary educator I was getting worried. After reading many articles like this one on Child Development Guide I realized that what worked for her brother didn’t always work for her. I needed more games that fit into child development. I wanted to build her vocabulary as well as work on motor skills.

Learning Resources New Sprout Deluxe Market Set
Learning Resources New Sprout Deluxe Market Set

Since both of my munchkins are terrible eaters I looked into articles that might stimulate her food vocabulary and realized that playing tea party and having play picnics would introduce her to new foods in a non-threatening way.

Learning Resources breakfast foods
Learning Resources breakfast foods
lunch with Learning Resources
lunch with Learning Resources

She now knows the name of every piece of food in our set plus she’s pointing them out in the food aisles when we go shopping. She makes me laugh all the time with her combinations of food plus everything must be on a plate in her world and I’m required to use a knife, fork, or spoon or our meals wouldn’t be complete.diapers dot com candy landRight now we’re into games and Candy Land is the easiest to begin with. As soon as big brother goes to kindergarten she’ll get her own Minnie Mouse or princess version from diapers .com.

My next goal is working with matching and math with her. Her brother is a whiz at it but he stiffles her because “I can do it better”. The website Zero to Three has prepared me for what comes next. I hadn’t worked with patterning though we count all the time. Additionally I want to spend more time on her recognizing the numbers and letters.

Learning Resources Jumbo Magnetic Letters & Numbers Combo Pack
Learning Resources Jumbo Magnetic Letters & Numbers Combo Pack

The best job in the entire world is being a grandparent. As much as we love our kids it multiplies once you have new little ones in your life. At least for me, the stress of my job is gone so I can spend more of my time thinking about how to educationally work with them on new things while having fun. And the kisses and hugs (even when sticky) are worth all the money in the world.  —  Marcianate and talia cruise 2016

*thanks to diapers. com for facilitating this conversation


  1. Elizabeth O. | 23rd Aug 16

    That’s not bad at all! It’s nice to teach kids through play because they’re able to absorb the lessons more. I think this subscription is awesome!

  2. Cindy Ingalls | 23rd Aug 16

    Skip Hop makes the cutest products. Their designs are so recognizable. I love Candy Land. So glad to see it is still popular after all this time.

  3. Nicole Etolen | 24th Aug 16

    Wow, so cute! I will recommnend this to my friends who have toddlers.

  4. Nikki Wayne | 24th Aug 16

    I love the green bag, I saw something like that in our local bookstore. I will show this post to my son.

  5. Dhemz | 24th Aug 16

    Oh, how cute! These are awesome products. Kids would love these colorful essentials for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nicole Escat | 24th Aug 16

    I want to buy those products for my son. I think it is the best gift before he will go to school next year.

  7. Rose Pingol | 24th Aug 16

    This would be perfect for my grandson, he would love it for sure. It’s so awesome that these products makes our toddler to learn and encourage to eat healthy foods.

  8. krystal | 27th Aug 16

    Their products last forever too. Our preschoolers loves their characters and bright colors.

  9. Sheena Tatum | 27th Aug 16

    Play food was my jam back in the day! Now, I cook for a living and I love it! It definitely helps!

  10. Julie Syl Kalungi | 27th Aug 16

    Absolutely too cute, looks so good for toddlers I hope many find these resources here!

  11. Jenny | 27th Aug 16

    I love the skip hop brand. I actually have that owl backpack for my daughter.

  12. rocky | 29th Aug 16

    Skip hop is one of my favorite brands. Thanks for sharing.

  13. SimpleAcres | 30th Aug 16

    Will have to try some of these!

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