Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit includes the brushes you’ll appreciate

Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit brushes and cleaner

Vadae Everyday Makeup Kit brushes and cleaner

As a dedicated and devout cosmetic junkie, I need/want/desire quality tools in my life. VADAE Beauty has created several brushes and kits to solve that problem. The kit I was sent is the Everyday Makeup Kit which contains 8 brushes and the amazing VADAE pro brush cleaner. It arrives in a see through plastic pouch to store your brushes and to take them with you wherever you go. This post is going to be picture heavy so you can see for yourself just how nice the brushes in this kit are!

Vadae Face brushes

Vadae Face brushes

Vadae eye and lip brushes

Vadae eye and lip brushes

V403 – Jumbo Powder

Vadae  V403 - Jumbo Powder

Vadae V403 – Jumbo Powder

“Create a beautiful finish with this dome-shaped powder makeup brush. Ideal for applying loose powder on the face.” My assessment – this is soft and does the exact job it’s meant to do. Be sure to tap off the excess and then use the brush to buff loose powder to your face to set your makeup.

V406 – Large Angled Blush

V406 - Large Angled Blush from Vadae

V406 – Large Angled Blush from Vadae

“This angle-shaped makeup brush is ideal for contouring cheeks and cheekbones.”  My assessment – I love how soft this is and I wish I could have kept it pristine like this but I just have to use this. It’s a little larger than I like for a blush brush but it has so many uses since I can use it for powder, bronzer, highlighting powders and an all over blending brush for my cheeks.

V407 – Duo Fiber Face

VADAE V407 - Duo Fiber Face

VADAE V407 – Duo Fiber Face

“Use this makeup brush to give a nice even distribution of product. The combination of goat hair and synthetic bristles give an airbrushed finish look.” My assessment – I love a duo fiber (skunk brush) and get a lot of use out of this brush. It’s perfect for highly pigmented powders on my face. I like it to brush a light coating of a highlighting powder since it gives it a diffused look.

V408 – Deluxe Foundation

Vadae  V408 - Deluxe Foundation

Vadae V408 – Deluxe Foundation

“The layered, tapered bristles of the Deluxe Foundation makeup brush help your makeup blend into a flawless finish. The large head makes application quick and easy to apply over the entire face.”  My assessment – this is a great foundation brush. It’s soft and never scratches, it makes liquid and cream foundations look flawless.

V409 – Tapered Concealer

Vadae  V409 - Tapered Concealer

Vadae V409 – Tapered Concealer

“This small concealer makeup brush is perfect for applying and blending concealer under eyes or for small area coverage.”  My assessment – they got it right when they described this as being great for small area coverage. The best use for me with this concealer brush is to get up close to my eyelashes and to use this in the inner corner of my eye.

V307 – Eye Shader

Vadae  V307 - Eye Shader

Vadae V307 – Eye Shader

“Used for applying cream eyeshadows, this medium-sized makeup brush allows for quick application and blending on the eyelid. It can be used with creams as well as loose and pressed powders.”  My assessment – I didn’t even realize this was meant for cream shadows until I started writing the review so I instantly used it that way and it’s great. I like using this for my everyday powder shadows and it’s actually my favorite brush in the kit that way.

V310 – Angle Shadow

Vadae  V310 - Angle Shadow

Vadae V310 – Angle Shadow

“The angled tip of the Angle Shadow makeup brush easily sweeps color over your eye lid. Work color onto your brow and under the orbital bone.” My assessment – I use this angled eyeshadow brush for my browbone area. It fits in perfectly and is big enough to cover that whole area. Later I use it to blend the light brow shade with my crease color to remove harsh lines.

V101 – Lip Definer

Vadae  V101 - Lip Definer

Vadae V101 – Lip Definer

“The rounded edge of the Lip Definer makeup brush allows for controlled application along the lip line while the flat side is ideal for filling in. It features flexible fibers and may be used to blend lip pencils, lip gloss, or lipsticks with ease to create definition or modify lip shape.”  My assessment – I like a firmer and slightly larger brush for lipstick when I decide to use a brush. The way I’ve been using this a lot though is to soften the line that my lipliner makes after my lipstick is applied. It blends the liner into the lipstick without having that obvious liner look that is so passe.

Vadae  VBS200 - Pro Brush Cleaner

Vadae VBS200 – Pro Brush Cleaner

“One 40 gram professional makeup brush cleaner with brush scrubbing compact and storage bag.”  My assessment – WOW!!! Lisa reviewed this before and I was curious but until I actually started using this I didn’t know what I was missing. This works great for all brushes but it’s perfect for brushes you use with cream products especially. It gets out gunk I thought was long gone yet keeps my brushes (from any brand) in perfect shape.

• Packaging: Includes Cosmetic Storage Bag

Vadae Everyday Brush Kit in the carrying case

Vadae Everyday Brush Kit in the carrying case

This kit is a great way to either start your brush collection or add to it. There’s one brush I’d add which is the V302 – Blending Fluff 

Vadae  V302 Blending Fluff

Vadae V302 Blending Fluff

The Blending Fluff makeup brush will blend harsh lines of color into soft fading gradients. The natural goat hair bristles help apply pigment with ease for beautiful results.” I love this kind of brush and think all collections should have a blending brush like this.

For $98 ($110 if you add the Blending Fluff) you’ll be complete for your cosmetic needs. A little bit of everything and the best brush cleaner I’ve tried. What brushes are necessities for you? What brush cleaner do you use? — Marcia

Lisa’s complete Pro Brush Cleanser review which will sell you on this!!

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You want this…VADAE Beauty Professional Brush Cleaner

pro-brush-cleanerWhen was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? I know that cleaning my brushes is something I put off until I have about 15 minutes at night to do them all, giving them time to dry overnight. But the VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner ($18) has changed my routine since it is so easy and quick. It gets my brushes astoundingly clean in just seconds and is perfect for home or travel.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleanser

The VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner is a compact with a soap disc on one side and a circular washboard on the other. It comes in a handy cosmetic storage bag.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner 2This little gem is so easy to use – just get your brush wet, then swirl around on the soap disc. The soap gently but thoroughly cleans bristles. Then, use the washboard to really get the brush clean! I am astonished at what comes out of my brushes. I find that it cleans all types of bristles and both water and oil-based makeup equally well.

VADAE Professional Brush Cleaner

VADAE Beauty is known for their Professional Makeup Brush Kits, which certainly look awesome – but you want to visit their website to buy a Professional Brush Cleaner.  This is a must-have for everyone!!  – Lisa

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