RubisTweezers from Switzerland helps us take on the world

Rubis TweezersThe Olympics is almost here and everyone is chasing those medals – bronze, silver, or gold, they all mean excellence. Rubis Switzerland ( sent the BIZ two pair of high quality cosmetics tweezers made of surgical steel, and how could we resist, especially after we saw our names engraved on them?

The right tweezers make life so much easier, so Lisa and Marcia went for the silver and the gold.

Rubis Tweezers

Rubis Tweezers

Lisa goes for the silver tweezers:

Rubis silver tweezers

Tweezers can be hard to come by in my house…they constantly go missing, which drives me crazy. With my new stainless steel Rubis Tweezers I can at least claim them as mine, especially since they have my name on them!

Rubis Tweezers

Rubis Tweezers

I prefer tweezers with a classic slanted tip because they do such great precision tweezing. Rubis Classic Steel Tweezers give me the precision I want for eyebrows, and they are particularly awesome for removing ingrown hairs. These tweezers have this amazing ability to not only grab very short, small hairs, they won’t let go. They really make eyebrow maintenance so easy.

Rubis is famous for tweezers that last and last. These won’t lose their grip and they won’t lose their tension – in fact, Rubis has been honored internationally with many awards for their outstanding design.  There are all kinds of different designs available, from Pink Cross to Swarovski, and I love how you can search based on the use, characteristics, material…so many options! Be sure to check out the website and I know you will find the tweezers of your dreams.

Marcia goes for gold tweezers:

Rubis gold tweezers

To say I was thrilled when Rubis sent this tweezers is an understatement. The one tool that I absolutely need in my life is a precision tweezer like my Rubis Slanted Tweezers. These are worth more than their weight in gold.

Rubis slant tip tweezers

Rubis slant tip tweezers

Years ago I wrote a post about what I’d take on a desert island. My number one item was a tweezers and all these years later it’s still my number one item. I can not be without one. A Rubis Tweezer is more expensive than other brands. That’s because of the history of the brands (over 60 years old, made in Switzerland) and the mechanics of the tweezers. These are not only made by hand, involving a 45 step process, they are tested individually under a magnifying glass in order to gain the seal of quality: “Rubis. Made in Switzerland.”



Considering how many tweezer brands I’ve bought over the years, I consider myself pretty well versed in this tool. What I find with Rubis is that they have perfect balance. It picks up the tiniest hairs even the ones I can feel but not see. I’m a fanatic when it comes to facial hair and if I feel a hair on my chinny chin chin I must remove it. This Rubis tweezer has a sharp and tight closure so it can pick up every hair put to the test. Be sure you tweeze in the direction that the hair grows so that you don’t open an oil gland.

Beauty tools I need in my life

Beauty tools I need in my life

When you are looking for the top of the line beauty tools look to Rubis. With their tweezers you’ll get top-quality stainless steel, precision, quality, and balance. The tension of the “arms” gives these outstanding functionality. I’m all set for my desert island once I grab a lot of sunscreen.

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The right tools make a difference…Chella Beautiful Eyebrow Tools

Chella Beautiful Eyebrow Tool Set

Chella Beautiful Eyebrow Tool Set

What is the most neglected facial feature? Eyebrows. I see people (including celebs at red carpet events) who do full on glamour makeup but don’t even touch their eyebrows. Sheer craziness since beautiful brows make a huge difference on every face. You can’t get great brows without the right tools and Chella sent these three essentials that are also available as a set.


The Beautiful Eyebrow Tool Set currently available on the Chella website has a case to hold all the tools and the price is $45. The set I was sent to test doesn’t have a case and I don’t see it for sale on the website. You can get the set pictured above, or you can buy the tools separately.

Chella Brow Tools

Chella Brow Tools

Three essential tools for creating beautiful brows include tweezers, a brush/comb/razor, and scissors.

Chella Tweezers

Chella Tweezers

Tweezing stray hairs is the first step, and there is nothing more frustrating than a bad set of tweezers. I love the Chella Tweezers. The unique shape makes them easy to hold and maneuver to reach every hair. The tweezers hold tight to hairs, making them easy to pull out quickly and cleanly. I recommend investing in a professional brow session to get an initial perfect shape, then tweezing to maintain the look. Another tip:  always tweeze hairs in an upward motion for the cleanest results.

Chella Brush and Comb

Chella Razor with Brush and Comb

A terrific multi-tasking tool for brows is Chella’s Razor with Brush and Comb. The brush and comb pull off to reveal a razor that quickly removes peach fuzz and hairs too short to tweeze. Be sure to pull your skin tight for the best results, don’t use too much pressure, and use the razor against the grain of the hair growth. The comb and brush are the perfect size for taming unruly brows.  Always brush brow hair upward!

Chella Scissors

Chella Scissors

When you brush brow hair up, it’s easy to see what needs to be trimmed. Chella Scissors take the work out of trimming. The grippy handle ensures there is no slippage, and the rounded edges make trimming safe and easy to do on yourself.

Purchased individually, the three tools would cost $45, so you might as well get the set and enjoy the pretty tool case that comes with it. Plus, there is a handy Brow Shaping Guide with lots of great tips and tricks. Show your brows some love with these great tools!  – Lisa

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Getting Bold Brows and Beautiful Eyes with the stunning Anastasia Bold and Beautiful Kit

Anastasia Beautiful Eyes and Bold Brows

Anastasia Bold & Beautiful Kit

Anastasia, the line renowned for amazing brow products, has a truly gorgeous set available that makes for both bold brows and for beautiful eyes. This fabulous set, called the Bold & Beautiful Kit, is a real bargain at only $36 so we were thrilled they sent it to the BIZ for review. Look at all you get for that terrific price:

Vol. 1 Bold Brows

Brow Powder, Pomade, Mini Duo Brush, and Mini Tweezers allow you to sculpt, define, and beautifully layer color for perfect brows.

Vol. 2 Beautiful Eyes

Four matte and shimmering shadows in versatile neutrals are the perfect shades to finish any look. Layer them wet and dry to create anything from a subtle, sheer wash of color to an intense, nude smoky eye.

the books of beautiful

the books of beautiful eyes and brows

The packaging is fantastic. It’s put together like a vintage mini-book set. It is truly gorgeous and I think I’d buy the set just because it looks so elegantly magnificent. Anastasia really outdid themselves with this one. This is a wonderfully compact set that is fabulous for travel; this set is one to take on vacation with you.

The Beautiful Eyesbook’ has four eyeshadow shades plus a dual sided eyeshadow brush. The colors include a matte cream, a shimmery peach, a matte light tan, and a blackened-brown with shimmer – actually it’s more like glitter, the particles are larger.

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes book

First two shades

first two shades

second two shades

second two shades


eyeshadows swatched

The pigmentation is excellent and these shades can be used wet or dry. I love the first shade as a lid shade and for the brow. The middle two shades are excellent for the lid or crease. The last shade is a fantastic eyeliner, really impressive.


dual-ended brush

The Bold Brows ‘book’ includes  a medium brown brow powder, tinted brow pomade, mini tweezers, and a mini dual ended brow brush/angled brow powder brush.

Bold brows

Bold brows book

On the far left is a deep brown pomade, next to it is a taupe ash-brown brow powder.

brows up close

brows up close

You can apply the just the pomade with the spoolie end of the brush for a natural look since it gives little color to the brows or apply the brow powder first then the pomade to hold it in place.

brush and spoolie

mini dual ended brow brush/angled brow powder brush

The brush and spoolie are terrific – you will keep these in your stash forever.


mini tweezers

And hooray, the tweezer is fantastic! It should be no surprise since Anastasia is known for its brow expertise, but I am so used to slightly sub-par tools in mini sets that this was a happy revelation.


Anastasia brow and eye of the day


Another look at my Bold and Beautiful eye of the day

For the eye look above, I used the brow powder with the pomade swept through.  I then used the shimmer peach on the lid and up through the crease, the blackened-brown over on the crease and outer portion of the lid, and the cream for the brow.

Here are a few eye charts with some ideas for you.

Anastasia chart

Anastasia chart 2


This is one gorgeous set that is well worth checking out. You can find the Bold & Beautiful Set at Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nordies, and Ulta.  – Lisa

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Joey Healy Elite Sculpting Tweezer, plus Joey’s take on the brows at the Oscars

No one knows brows like Joey Healy.  Joey is an eyebrow stylist, professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician. His fabulous Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection launched in 2011, and his products are the bomb for creating perfect eyebrows.

Joey Healy

Joey Healy

I previously posted about Joey’s excellent Brow Architect Stylo HERE, which I use every single morning without fail.  Now I am totally bananas for his Elite Sculpting Tweezer ($35).

joey healy logo

I like my tweezers to grab every hair with ease.  I like them to precisely remove hair, without grabbing my skin and making an ugly situation even worse.    The Elite Sculpting Tweezer is sheer perfection – it’s made from stainless steel, and the elongated angled tips have no problem grabbing even the tiniest of hairs.

love the packaging!

love the packaging!

This is a tweezer that I can count on for both creating perfect brows and for keeping them up between major tweezing sessions.  It comes in a clear case that makes them easy to transport in case I spot any stray hairs.

joey healy tweezers

the elongated ends capture even tiny hairs easily

the elongated ends capture even tiny hairs easily

I’ve endured many tweezers that can’t grab tiny hairs, or that always seem to grab skin, so it’s just a pleasure to use these tweezers.  Joey Healy knows his stuff, his line of brow products will easily create the perfect look for you.  See below for Joey’s take on the brows at the Oscars – there are some hits and some misses.  It’s fascinating!  – Lisa

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OSCAR HITS according to Joey Healy

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway:

I dream a dream of perfect eyebrows. The Les Miserables starlet dazzled the red carpet with bold, brunette brows which worked perfectly to balance her short pixie cut.  I would have loved to see her sweep those bangs aside even more, to really showcase her flawless, bold brows.




Adele’s brows definitely made the Skyfall (in a good way)! Her brow color perfectly complimented her sandy blonde locks and her beauty look is all about the eyes.  I love this soft, yet finished brow to complete her look, it says “glamour” all the way.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron:

With Charlize Theron’s newly cropped coif, there was no hiding those brows. She set her own trend for the evening, stepping away from thick, bushy brows, and went for a streamlined, elegant arch that works flawlessly with her bone structure. The ashy, taupe tone of her brows really brings out the emerald green in her eyes.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington:

Kerry Washington wowed the crowd with her luscious, thick brows.This Django Unchainted actress looks like she just stepped off the New York Fashion Week runway. For someone with a prominent mouth, high cheek bones and large eyes, her brows harmoniously balanced the rest of her features. Her eyebrows play into her youthful appearance and enhance her fresh-faced look.


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain:

Jessica Chastain’s role in Zero Dark Thirty was all about the search, yet the search is still on for her eyebrows. To balance out her bold lip color, she needed a bold brow to keep her face in high/low proportion. She missed the mark on achieving a polished brow look and should have opted for a soft cinnamon powder.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence:

Oscar golden girl Jennifer Lawrence looked like Hollywood royalty, although her brows were not the stars of her beauty look. While her Oscar nominated role was bold and daring, her brows did not follow the Playbook. Whisper light and thin, her eyebrows are not up to my standards of perfection.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner:

Jennifer Garner showed support for hubby Ben Affleck on the red carpet, but her brows did not glam up her look. Jennifer’s eyebrows would benefit from being darker, especially with her light, airy makeup. Her shape is on-point, but the resulting brow looks patchy and sparse.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried:

Amanda Seyfried’s brows are so Miserables. The awkard,  brassy tone is too light and looks disjointed from her hair color. A triumphant start to her shape sadly fizzles to an underwhelming tail. Her beauty look was simply not red carpet worthy.

Mont Bleu’s birthday gift for Lisa the Aquarius

Today is my birthday – happyFebruary to all of my fellow Aquarius friends!


Mont Bleu Pen with Swarovski Crystals

Like Marcia, who had a January birthday, Mont Bleu was kind enough to send me a wonderful birthday package full of gorgeous gifts.  I adore them all and couldn’t wait to share. Mont Bleu has a fabulous array of products that are available online and the shipping is incredibly fast!  Check out my gifts and hopefully it will give you some ideas for gifting someone special in your life.

I love the Pen with Swarovski Crystals.  It’s even in one of my favorite colors, deep blue.


the crystal is gorgeous

Just look at that beautiful crystal on the top of the pen! This slim pen writes beautifully and makes writing those thank you notes a pleasure.


Mont Bleu Slant Tip Tweezers

Next are the Slant Tip Tweezers.  Aren’t they magnificent? The crystals are such a wonderful touch, these are tweezers you will want to keep out on your vanity.


Mont Bleu Glass Nail File

Like Marcia, I was sent a glass nail file.  There are so many to choose from on the site, but I really think this one is particularly beautiful.



Just look at that waterfall of blue and white crystals! My heart skips a beat when I see it, it’s so pretty.



I adore the extremely thoughtful Aquarius glass nail file. Glass nail files are perfect for my gel nails and I love the astrological personalization. This is a wonderful birthday gift for any cosmetics aficionado!


my beautiful Crystal Swarovski earrings

The final item in my birthday gift was a pair of these spectacular Swarovsky earrings. Every time I wear them I get comments! They turn different colors, from blue to pink to green.  They end up matching every outfit I own!


Having a very happy birthday with my earrings and Mont Bleu birthday package

I have been super impressed with this terrific online company that offers so many gorgeous items from crystal nail files to makeup mirrors to key rings to makeup and hair brushes. Take a look at Mont Bleu, I know you will find great gifts for friends, plus a plethora of items that you need to buy for yourself!  – Lisa

Mont Bleu’s birthday gift for Marcia the Capricorn

mont bleu marcia birthday set 2

When you get to be older birthdays just aren’t that exciting. I remember the anticipation of them when I was young or when I was about to turn drinking age. I remember the dread of them turning 30 or 40 not realizing at that point in my life that it was just another day. Now I find that my birthday is just another day. I look forward to spending extra time with my family and I adored the many wishes I received especially on Facebook this year. But gifts were basically non-existent. Except for one amazing package from Mont Bleu. I was in shock that a company that I’d worked with on the blog, one that has products I totally adore, would be kind enough to send a surprise package.  I’m not showing off or bragging, but I wanted you to see these beauties and publically thank Mont Bleu for remembering this old broad.

mont bleu marcia birthday set

Let’s start with the fact that my January birthday makes me a Capricorn. This glass file is part of the Zodiac line so you can find one of these wonderful files for anyone’s birthday. I’ve raved before about Mont Bleu’s glass files and I continue to do so with this one. I love everything about this.

mont bleu marcia capricorn nail file

They also sent this beautiful glass file from their Crystal line. This particular beauty has blue and clear Swarovski Elements crystals. Picking one out could take you all day since they have 7 pages of designs, each one absolutely beautiful. You can’t go wrong with any of their glass files.

mont bleu marcia file

If I’d just opened those two in the box I’d have been jumping up and down but there was more including these beautiful Crystal Earrings. Lisa has a similar pair and they absolutely sparkle. They change color depending on the light. They are subtle yet unusual enough that they are noticeable. mont bleu marcia earrings

The next item in this surprise package is a Pen with Swarovski Crystals. I adore a beautiful pen and you can’t get prettier than this.

mont bleu marcia pen


mont bleu marcia pen top

Last but far from least is this fabulous Slant Tip Tweezers. I’m addicted to tweezers. Without realizing it I took 4 with me on my trip in January. I had them hidden everywhere because “what if” I ended up without one there? But I never had one before with Swarovski crystals on it so this is very special to me.

mont bleu marcia tweezer close up

I want to thank Mont Bleu for this amazing present (even my husband was a little embarrassed that they beat him to the punch). But more important is that I want my readers to see that this is a company they should look towards for gifts. There’s something for every woman in your life. Even my 93 year old mom was impressed and wants a glass file now. Beauty and quality all at low prices. It was worth having a birthday this year! — Marcia

Cynthia Rowley and Tweezerman team up for quality and beauty

Tweezerman teams up with Cynthia Rowley

When was the last time you bought a tweezers? I bet it’s been a long time. I’ve talked to so many people who don’t realize that their tweezers just don’t work the same way that they used to. You drop it (or at least I do) and don’t realize that the tip isn’t quite the same. You use it over and over and don’t realize that the grip isn’t quite as powerful as it used to be. Here’s an idea. Buy yourself a present from Tweezerman. Get a new tweezers. Then send in your old Tweezerman to be sharpened for free. They have a lifetime guarantee. You can read all about it right here.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman

Now that I have your attention I want to share some of the newest Tweezerman products. Tweezerman is always chosen by magazines like Allure as the Best of Beauty because their original slant tip tweezers are so amazing. They are precise and slanted just so to grab every hair. Every year Tweezerman picks a designer to be part of their series and this year it’s Cynthia Rowley, the fashion designer. She’s created several sporty looking tweezers along with a coordinating nail file.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman – slant tip tweezers

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman – Light Blue slant tip tweezers

You have your choice of her Sporty Foulard prints in either Light Blue or Cobalt Blue for $25. There’s also a red mini-slant one for $15. My eyes would certainly light up if I got one of these for my upcoming birthday or the winter holidays.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman – mini slant tweezers

Another great Tweezerman tool with the Cynthia Rowley touch is the Filemate in the same sporty design. This is only $5 and comes in a slim case so you can carry it with you without destroying the integrity of it. Tweezerman is as expert in nail tools as they are in eyebrow and eye tools.

Cynthia Rowley for Tweezerman Filemate in the case


All of these fun yet important items are exclusive to They are the perfect extra for the beauty lover in your life and they are pretty great for your own life. It’s time to refresh your tweezers – your brows will thank you!!

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