How to make your manicure easy in 1 simple lesson – hint, it’s the Tippur!

I’m a klutz, a left handed klutz, so anything that makes me less klutzy is going to be on my Wonderful List. I trip easily, I drop things, I spill things, I’m messy – a klutz. But Tippur is making my manicures much neater and easier for me and I’m sure they will for you too.

Tippur Nail Polish Bottle Holder


What is a TIPPUR? It’s a nail polish accessory that tips. Not over though. It tips the bottle of polish you are using making it easier to get too. It acts as the third hand that you need when doing your own mani or pedi.

Tippur Nail Polish Bottle Holder

What do you need to know?

  1. It’s available in 6 great colors for $14.95 and free shipping.

    Tippur Nail Polish Bottle Holder

  2. It fits all size nail polish bottles. There are removable foam inserts to make the opening bigger or small. It even fits the rectangular polish bottles.
  3. It easily adjusts to your preferred angle.

    Tippur Nail Polish Bottle Holder

  4. The bottom has a non-slip finish so it’s not moving from where you’ve placed it unless you move it yourself.
  5. It’s going to eliminate spills since you have more control.

    Tippur Nail Polish Bottle Holder in action

I took mine with me to get my nails done so that I could get a good picture of it being used. My nail tech didn’t stop using it when I had my pictures done, she continued through the entire manicure and thought it made it so much easier.

I would love to do some nail art (very simple like a dotacure) and I know that this is the way for me to do it. I won’t be bumping into my nails with the dotting tool and smearing.

Wouldn’t this make the cutest gift? Pick up a purple one, add some purple polish, and a few orange sticks. Buy a gray one and add a rainbow package of polish and a glass file. The ideas are endless and you can vary a gift for all your list. I’m super impressed with this and happy to have this for my home manicures. It’s going to be the year of The Tippur for my packages!  — Marcia