Bella Mari Natural Mineral Makeup

I have several items from the Bella Mari Natural Mineral Makeup line to share with you today. They kindly sent a variety of the facial items they carry. Their motto is Bella Mari All Natural Mineral Cosmetics will Help You Look Beautiful Without Chemicals. There are no synthetic ingredients in the products they have created. They don’t use dyes or preservatives or fillers that are often common in cosmetics that are called Natural.

I tested 3 types of items from them: Moisturizing Foundation, Blemish Concealer and Herbal Choice Mari Tinted Face & Body Lotion.

Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation

Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation

Moisturizing Foundation (on sale for $24.25) is available in 28 shades. The chart on the Foundation Page is a good indication of the depth and shades available but even then it’s a little hard to choose. I have sample sizes of Light Ivory and Light Honey along with a full size of Light Beige. One thing I really like about Bella Mari is that you can buy sample ($1) or travel sizes ($8.95) which I praise them for. Buying from an online swatch is difficult so this is a major plus for Bella Mari.

Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation, Light Beige

Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation, Light Beige

Bella Mari Light Ivory

Bella Mari Light Ivory

Bella Mari from top: Light Honey, Light Beige, Light Ivory

Bella Mari from top: Light Honey, Light Beige, Light Ivory

Besides being free of everything that you can think of, this is a vegan foundation and it’s gluten free. The foundation is called Moisturizing Foundation and it’s definitely moisturizing. If you have dry skin this is a brand to consider. The foundation is full coverage on me so it’s good to have on those days that my skin just won’t cooperate. I recently purchased Face Atelier’s Ultra Zero Minus ‘foundation’ which is white. This lightens up foundations that are too dark normally so it’s just right for the shades of Bella Mari I received. I apply this using a lightly dampened Beauty Blender sponge and I’ve been careful to use a light layer since I don’t want maximum coverage. I finish with Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish powder to set it perfectly. (Bella Mari has a translucent mineral veil powder in their line.)

Herbal Choice Mari tinted face & body lotion

Herbal Choice Mari tinted face & body lotion

Herbal Choice Mari tinted face & body lotion in Light Ivory

Herbal Choice Mari tinted face & body lotion in Light Ivory

Light Ivory

Light Ivory

For a much lighter finish I’d suggest their sister company, Herbal Choice Mari. They have a Tinted Face & Body Lotion ($17.95) that is lightweight and is SPF-30. It contains 21% zinc oxide which is an excellent sunscreen. This only comes in 3 shades (Light Ivory, Medium Beige and Dark Honey). The packaging is a dark glass container to protect the ingredients. The consistency of Tinted Face & Body Lotion is very thin so it’s easy to spread. Since it’s a tinted moisturizer and a sunscreen it’s one of those items that helps you get out of the house quickly. While Light Ivory is still a little dark for me it does blend easily so I can get it to appear lightly on my face.

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer in Light Beige

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer in Light Beige

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer - Light Beige swatched heavily

Bella Mari Blemish Concealer – Light Beige swatched heavily

The last item I have is their Blemish Concealer ($7.95). This comes in the same 28 shades as the Moisturizing Foundation so you can find a perfect match. Blemish Concealer is a stick concealer so it’s very easy to pop in a makeup bag to take with you. The consistency is firm but it softens up once on skin. I’d recommend this as a spot treatment for pimples, scars, freckles and spots you want to cover up. It’s also SPF-30. It’s not for under eye use (IMO) because of the consistency but it is good for extra coverage. For under eye use they have a cream concealer (Natural Under Eye Makeup Concealer with SPF-30).

from wrist: Light Beige Blemish Concealer, foundations in Light Honey, Light Beige, Light Ivory; Tinted Face & Body Lotion

from wrist: Light Beige Blemish Concealer, foundations in Light Honey, Light Beige, Light Ivory; Tinted Face & Body Lotion

Bella Mari and Herbal Choice Mari tick off all the right boxes when it comes to natural makeup. It seems to me that people with a lot of allergies would do well with the brand since they avoid using so many ingredients that you might find elsewhere. With their sample program too it’s easy to take a chance to find what products they carry that would fit your needs.

It’s always great to find a natural makeup company that is willing to share all the necessary information on their website. You’ll easily find everything you want to know about their philosophy and products, making it easier to choose. You’ve got to love a company that is willing to let you test with those $1 sizes too. — Marcia


More double entendres from Soap and Glory

My friends returned from a recent trip to England saying they loved it – the people were friendly, and the cosmetics were naughty.
naughty EnglandThey brought me back some Soap and Glory Cosmetics, the ones with the ‘best names’.  I reviewed the lip products yesterday.  Today is all about concealing, priming, and glowing…wink, wink!
Kick Ass Concealer

Kick Ass Concealer

Kick Ass Concealer, a Three-Piece Flaw Camouflage Kit  (RRP £10.00)
soap and glory concealer out of box
Soap and Glory says, ”Includes an amazing under eye brightening concealer with PUFFEASE-8™ technology, SUPERWEAR™ light scrambling ‘on the spot’ complexion concealer & a weightless transparent setting powder with INSTA-FIX™ polymer technology.”
three products is always better than one!

three products is always better than one!

 I picked up this one and said, “You gave me something to camouflage my ass??”  Well, nothing could do that, but in terms of under eye concealer I say this is pretty kick ass.  I like having two different shades in one compact, mine is in the shade Light.
Kick Ass Concealer in Light

Kick Ass Concealer in Light

I also really like having a setting powder.

Kick Ass Concealer setting powder

Kick Ass Concealer setting powder

This is a creamy concealer that gives medium coverage.  I wouldn’t say it covers super dark circles, but it definitely offers some coverage and brightens dark areas.  It does a great job on blemishes.

Swatched - setting powder is on the far right

Swatched – setting powder is on the far right

Now if it only actually camouflaged my ass, it would be perfect.

It's About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase

It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase

It’s About Prime Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Underbase (RRP £8.00)

Soap and Glory says, “A first base if you want crease-free, no smudge eye colour. Contains Insta-Lift™ Firming Para Cress Flower Proteins (to help give you more flat, glossy, smooth-finished lids), anti–colour crease long wear polymers, and coffee extract to fight morning puffiness. Use BRIGHT LIGHT under everyday eyeshadow, or SILVER LINING for a shimmering layer under party eyes.

soap and glory prime applicator

soap and glory prime swatch

I say, mine is Bright Light.  It definitely brightens and helps eyeshadow last longer.  The best way to use this is to smear some on a steel palette, then pick up a small amount on your finger and pat pat pat on the eyelid.  Don’t use too much or it will crease.  Used sparingly, it does a beautiful job of priming those eyelids.

soap and glory glow packaging

Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion (RRP £9.00)
Soap and Glory says, “A two-in-one moisturizing lotion and temporary self-tanner, Glow Job™ features micro Bronzeburst™ Beads that ‘pop’ when you massage them, leaving you looking, healthy, refreshed, and just ever so slightly sun-kissed. (For those in the nose… it smells like sweet orange peel oil & vanilla.)”
Glow Job

Glow Job

I say, wow, quite the double entendre!  Glow Job is an extremely intriguing tinted moisturizer.  Initially, it just looks like moisturer:

soap and glory glow swatch 1

But spread out, it reveals tiny little beads full of tint:

soap and glory glow swatch 2

The beads burst as you smooth in the lotion, leaving behind gentle color:

soap and glory glow swatch 3

The only problem I encounter is at times I don’t quite ‘pop’ all the beads, and am left with either a bead on my face/body or a bit of a splotch of color.  To remedy this, I now pop all the beads with my fingers first, then apply.  It’s wonderful for those low-key days when you want some color but not full-face makeup, and it’s terrific on the decolletage.

My friends loved England, and I loved my gifts.  They are just naughty enough to be fun.  Brilliant!  - Lisa

Ready? Set? Get On the Go by Youngblood!

Have you got any travel plans in the future? It seems that everyone I know has plans to get away this year around the holidays. I’m not going anywhere until mid January (IMATS here I come!!) but I’ve already got the perfect travel companion. Youngblood On-the-Go Beauty Set is already in my travel bag.

Youngblood On The Go image from

What is the On-the-Go Beauty Set? It’s a great cosmetic bag that should fit everything I want to take on the plane with me plus it comes complete with 6 travel size best sellers from Youngblood. I don’t have to worry about scrounging around for an eye cream, primer, or foundation with this set because it contains those plus more.

Youngblood On the Go

Youngblood On the Go label

Let’s start with the cosmetic bag which could actually double as a clutch. It’s the season’s hot color Oxblood in a faux ostrich design. It measures 8”x 4.5” and has plenty of room inside. When you open this you’ll find a black mesh bag that has the 6 deluxe sample size products. You can order the set in three tones: Light, Medium and Dark. The kit contains Mineral Primer, Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream, Liquid Foundation, and 3 Moisture Tints (face, illuminating, and body), plus Liquid Mineral Foundation. Not only is this a great travel companion but it’s a great way to try out the products to see if you want to buy them in full size.

On the Go products

Mineral Primer: what a great way to try this out. I love the finish which is slightly matte. I never take a primer when I travel because they are too big but this deluxe sample size is perfect. It works well with the Youngblood products as well as the other foundations I’ve tried it with. A winner!!

Mineral Primer

primer droplet image from

Moisture Tints: these 3 bottles are identical so be sure you check the label. When I first got these I had a hard time getting these to pump out so be aware of that. They need to be shaken (and not stirred) to mix the ingredients inside. Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint is a lightweight tinted moisturizer with good coverage. None of the shades available are really light but since it’s a tinted moisturizer they do apply lighter than they seem.

Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint

Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint Illuminating is an illuminating product. It’s very watery at first so you really need to shake it up. Once you get past that watery stage though it’s a lovely radiance that can be used anywhere. It’s got sheen without glitter. The shade is called Golden Sun in all kits. The Mineral Illuminating Tint Body is also the same shade in all three kits. This not only illuminates your skin with a not too dark bronze but it also hydrates it. I’ll use this on my décolleté.

Youngblood Illuminating Body Tint image from

Liquid Mineral Foundation: I love the coverage of this foundation. For my skintone I’d love to try it in Pebble. It’s loaded with more than 20 ocean minerals, botanicals, and a special blend of rare Reduced Salt Deep Sea Water. Good for your skin while you look good too.

Mineral Foundation

Of course I saved my favorite for last. I can’t go without eye cream and the kit contains Youngblood Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream. This eye cream is known to instantly hydrate and de-puff. Travel, especially on an airplane, shows all the signs of fatigue and dehydration so a product like this is perfection in the kit.

Eye Impact

Eye Impact Quick Recovery full size image

Eye Impact Quick Recovery droplet from

For $25.50 I think you get a bargain – travel sizes of important products plus room for more. I already know a few other of my favorite Youngblood items that will be put in the On The Go bag: Taffeta & Tropical Glow Cream blushes, Sierra Incredible Wear Gel Liner, and Blushing Nude lipstick. I’m ready, set and will be ON THE GO!– Marcia

*pr sample


Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 Face plus Treat and Conceal

Have you entered our Miracle Skin Transformer giveaway yet?  It’s a fantastic giveaway, click HERE to enter.  In addition to the Hydroactive Cleanser and Hydroactive Microderm that Marcia reviewed, you could also win the SPF 20 Face and Treat and Conceal.

SPF 20 Face

Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 Face is perfect for those days that call for highly effective minimalism.  This is a 5-in-1 tinted moisturizer that moisturizes, primes, treats, mattifies, and protects your skin from the sun.  You just can’t beat that!

SPF 20 Face swatch

It’s a thick but creamy lotion with a slight tint.  There are seven shade to choose from, the one swatched above is Medium.  Because it’s a tinted moisturizer, the color is very forgiving.  You can smooth this on with a sponge, or I just use my fingers.  The coverage is sheer but buildable.

I love how this evens out skin tone without looking like makeup.  It gives a pretty, natural glow and makes your skin super soft.  It reduces the look of your pores, plus it minimizes those pesky fine lines.  And it’s good for your skin – Miracle Skin Transformer says that the ”unique M3 Complex delivers a rich combination of anti-oxidants and vitamins, including Saw Palmetto and Passion Fruit extracts. Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and CoEnzymeQ10 are encapsulated into tiny beads for direct delivery onto your skin.”  So it not only looks gorgeous when it’s applied, it helps keep your skin looking beautiful with regular use.

Also included in our fabulous GIVEAWAY is the Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal.

Treat and Conceal

This is a terrific concealer that also hydrates the under eye area and improves skin tone.  It’s like a more full coverage version of the SPF 20 Face.

Treat and Conceal

See how much thicker the formula is?  And you don’t need a lot, the size above is far too much product for under your eyes.  There are four shades available, the shade swatched is Medium.

Treat and Conceal

Treat and Conceal does a great job of covering dark under eye circles, redness, pigmentation problems and broken capillaries.  It doesn’t settle into fine lines, and it really brightens under the eyes.  Plus, it’s also good for your skin, containing marine collagen, white rose, and chamomile extracts.

So what are you waiting for??  Click HERE to enter by 11:59 p.m. EST August 25, 2012 for your chance to win 4 of the best from Miracle Skin Transformer.  – Lisa

*pr samples

Good enough for the Olympics: MD Solar Sciences

MD Solar Sciences Quick Dry Body Spray

Watching the summer Olympics has been so much fun these past weeks. I love the track competitions, the beach volleyball, and the swimming.  But I watch them and I think, boy I hope they have great sunscreen!  Some of my favorites for sunscreen this summer come from MD Solar Sciences.

My family had a very sunny vacation this year at the ocean, and I was impressed with my MD Solar Sciences products.  My kids are extremely resistant to putting on sunscreen, they give me all kinds of fits as I chase them around trying to slather them up.  I was able to make my life much easier with two products for them:  the Quick Dry Body Spray and the Natural Mineral Sunscreen Stick.  I saved the Mineral Screen Tinted Gel for myself, it was a fabulous ‘secret weapon’ that you are definitely going to want to try.

The Quick Dry Body Spray ($20.95) is pictured above.  It’s a broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 40 sunscreen spray that doesn’t smell funky and dries super quick.  Besides those two great qualities, it’s very water-resistant.  My kids aren’t Olympians (yet!), but they sure did live in the pool on vacation and this kept them sunburn-free.

My kids especially liked it because it was such a dry spray.  It’s not the least bit oily, and because it’s so water-resistant I was able to get away with less applications even though they were in the pool and the ocean for hours at a time.

For noses, cheeks, and chins I absolutely loved the Natural Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 40 ($12.95).

MD Solar Sciences Natural Mineral Sunscreen Stick

This is a wonderful stick of goodness that is super portable. I kept it in my purse for theme park visits and in my beach bag for the pool.  The active ingredients are titanium dioxide 8.1% and zinc oxide 6.6%.

This is fragrance free and works great on even the most sensitive skins.  It gives just a touch of a purple tint, which my kids thought was fantastic.  It was pretty amazing at protecting those sunburn-prone areas, and was very water-resistant.

My final report is on my ‘secret weapon’ from MD Solar Sciences, the Mineral Screen Tinted Gel SPF 30+ ($23.95).

MD Solar Sciences Mineral Sunscreen Tinted Gel

This is sheer perfection.  It has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and provides UVA and UVB protection.  In addition, it gives just enough color to make your skin look terrific.  It’s extremely silky and smooths in easily, you can’t overdo this.  It’s non-comedogenic, so those with acne can use it with confidence.  It has an amazing texture, so smooth and silky.  It gives a semi-matte finish that looks glowy but not shiny.  I love this.

Tinted Gel swatch

It’s technically a gel, but it’s a creamy gel that isn’t greasy.  There is also no danger of the dreaded ‘white face’ that happens with some sunscreens.  It slightly darkens the skin and tones down freckles, and boy, that is awesome especially when it’s just too hot for foundation.

my hand after the swatch was smoothed on

This is such a wonderful thing to have in your beach bag.  Even if you are hiding out under an umbrella, you can get a quick sun-kissed look and even out your skin tone with this sunscreen.

You can find MD Solar Sciences online and in dermatologist offices, pharmacies, and boutiques.  MD Solar Sciences has some truly great products, and these three win the gold medal in my book.  You have to give this line a look, it’s a real winner.  – Lisa

*pr samples

Rae Cosmetics Surface Primer and Climate Control Mineral Tint review

Cindy told Marcia, then Marcia told me, and now I am telling you about Rae Cosmetics, a very cool makeup line that is worthy of the girlfriend grapevine!  Marcia first reviewed the eyeshadows and mascara here.  But today is all about flawless looking skin thanks to Surface Primer and Climate Control Mineral Tint.

The Surface Primer  SPF 20 ($38) is a beautiful primer that does everything you need a primer to do.  It makes your skin soft, smooth, and silky.  Pores look smaller, and this does a great job of brightening the skin so it looks younger.

swatch of the Surface Primer

I love that it’s an oil-free serum so it doesn’t clog pores or cause irritation.  It also does a great job of ‘holding onto’ my foundation, even in super warm summer weather.

Rae Cosmetics Climate Control Mineral Tint

Speaking of warmer weather, a fantastic foundation for hot sweaty days is Rae Cosmetics Climate Control Mineral Tint SPF 20 ($39).  You know how much I love multi-taskers, and this is a great three-in-one product that stays put in all types of weather conditions.  It’s a water-based foundation, it gives light to medium coverage and to me seems more like a tinted moisturizer than a foundation.  It has a beautiful texture, light and airy, and is fabulously hygienic with that perfect pump.

Love the hygienic top!

It comes in 8 different shades, mine is shade 35.

Shade #35

It smooths on beautifully, and really brightens the complexion with a semi-matte finish.  It’s a gorgeous product that is a real winner, and it works extremely well with the primer.  Oh, and did I mention it’s also a non-chemical sunscreen?  And it’s an antioxidant moisturizer??  Totally worthy of telling two friends…who tell two friends…and so on, and so on, and so on….(C’mon, how many of you remember that hair commercial??)  Go to Rae Cosmetics online to find some great new things for yourself.    – Lisa
*pr sample

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge – review and upcoming gwp

There are two phrases that are synonmous with Le Metier de Beaute for me: kaleidoscope and Peau Vierge. Le Metier de Beaute has built their amazing reputation on these two products and they continue to grow based on what they’ve so wonderfully created. I’ve often written about my beloved eyeshadow kaleidoscopes but today my focus is on Peau Vierge. This tinted moisturizer is so unique that the ingredients in it are what became the basis for their new skincare line.

Peau Vierge officially is called Peau Vierge Tinted Anti -Aging Complexe. Even though it’s considered a tinted moisturizer it’s much more than that. It’s a foundation, a skincare treatment and your sun protection. At the same time it gives you a luminous glow.

image of Peau Vierge from

Foundation: Peau Vierge is available in three shades, up from the two it originally came in. I bought Peau Vierge when I had my first makeup application with Le Metier de Beaute. The shade, which is now number 2, was darker than I needed so I’d mix it with my lighter Le Metier de Beaute foundation. Now though with the new lighter shade # 1 I can get the full benefits of the product. While this is considered a sheer wash of color I find it gives me good coverage, especially when I use concealer where necessary.

drops of Peau Vierge #1 and #2

Peau Vierge #1 and #2 heavily applied and blended

Sunscreen:  this gives an SPF of 20 so my sun protection is taken care of.

Anti-aging treatment: this is what makes Peau Vierge stand out from the crowd. Peau Vierge contains retinol, one ingredient that has been proven to deliver into the deeper layers of skin where it’s really needed. The technology Le Metier de Beaute uses is their exclusive Syntoc Actif®. It’s been clinically proven to be 20X more effective in delivering anti -aging ingredients to help preserve skin’s youth. Within 7 days you will notice fine lines reduced, hyper- pigmentation and discoloration fading, pores looking minimized and the texture of your skin looking smoother and more radiant.

Those are a lot of promises that Le Metier has made. I’ve found that when I regularly use Peau Vierge I do notice the differences. If I need more coverage than this gives me I either mix it with my foundation or layer it under one.

If you’ve ever considered buying Peau Vierge this is the time. This Saturday, Dec 3rd Nordstrom in Troy, Michigan has their Beauty Trend Show. For Beauty Info Zone readers they are giving not one but two great gift with purchases with the purchase of Peau Vierge. If you just went to the counter you’d receive the adorable lip gloss palette with 3 shades with your purchase. As a bonus though they’ve arranged for you to also receive the Marchessa palette that was sold for $68. Call (or go to Troy Nordstrom) and ask for Danielle at 248-816-5100 at extension 1064. Shipping is free at Nordstrom so if you purchase Peau Vierge you’ll end up with that and two great GWPs. It’s always quite busy on Trend Show day but I’ve spoken with Danielle and she knows that there will be Beauty Info Zone readers calling in.

Lip Gloss gwp for Le Metier Nordstrom Trend Show

Karen Craig designed palette for Marchesa (gwp for event)

The Marchesa La Soleil palette contains a bronzer, concealer, gloss in Le Caramel, creme blush exclusive to this palette called Le Rougeur and eyeshadow shade exclusive to the palette called Le Fauve. (Beauty Look Book has an excellent photo of this palette HERE).

I’ve done all that I can to tempt you. I receive no compensation or the gifts for your purchase. I just know what I love and Le Metier de Beaute along with Peau Vierge and gifts with purchase grab my heart! — Marcia