Get rid of frizz with TextureTame – and a giveaway!

Everything else can be going great – foundation goes on smooth, lipstick shade is right, mascara looks fabulous…
Then it gets a little humid out and...FRIZZ.
Before TextureTame

Lots of frizz before TextureTame!

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Because my hair is color treated, most at-home frizz treatments aren’t even an option for me. However, TextureTame from DermStore is not only a great treatment that anyone can use, it could also be yours if you are one of the five lucky Beauty Info Zone winners in our giveaway for a three-month TextureTame System ($195)!!

TextureTame is a permanent, frizz-eliminating at-home treatment. This is a three-step system. The first time you use it, you do all three steps. After that, step 2 is done weekly and step three is done daily for continual results. You get at least three months of frizz-free hair with this system.
The only place you can find the TextureTame system is at DermStore, one of my personal favorites for skin care, hair care, and makeup.  What really impresses me about the TextureTame system is while it eliminates frizz, it doesn’t make hair flat. Hair still has lots of volume, body, and shine.  TextureTame seals each strand of hair so frizz isn’t even an option. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair you will love this, because you keep your curls while losing the roughness.

There are three steps – actually four if you have chemically treated or colored hair like I do. Plan on a good two hours or so for the initial treatment. After that, keeping up the results is pretty easy.

I did a pre-treatment with step 2, which is a deep conditioning treatment that protects hair color. Then, I went to step one, eliminate.

TextureTame Eliminate

Step One: TextureTame Eliminate

Eliminate is a thick paste that you apply once every three months for the major corrective sealing of the hair shaft. It seals each strand while keeping your natural wave or curls intact. Apply it to clean, dry hair and comb through to distribute, leaving it on for about a half hour. Rinse and shampoo, then towel-dry hair.

TextureTame Moisture Lock

Step Two:  TextureTame Moisture Lock

Moisture Lock is the second step. This is a thick conditioning treatment that is applied to damp, towel-dry hair. Then  put a plastic shower cap on and let it set for 15 minutes, rinse, shampoo, and then hair is ready for step three. In addition to the initial treatment, step two needs to be done once a week for the best results.

TextureTame Finish

Step Three:  TextureTame Finish

The final step is Finish, which is applied daily to keep the frizz-free results. This is a lightweight leave in serum that adds tons of shine and strength to hair. It further seals the hair cuticle and it also protects hair from heat styling and from UV exposure. I put this on damp hair before blow drying and I also apply it to dry hair on my non-shampooing days for more shine and a silky texture.


TextureTame Frizz Eliminating System

After TextureTame

After TextureTame – just blown dry, no other heat styling.

Pictured above is my hair after a treatment – just blown dry, no other heat styling at all! Even more impressive, my results have lasted. If you have problems with frizz, you have got to give TextureTame a try.

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