Conjuring up a summer tan in October with TanTowel

It’s nearing the end of October and in Michigan that means yellow and orange leaves on the trees, layers of flannel shirts, and frost on the car windows in the morning. But you know where my mind is?

Do you miss this??

Do you miss this?  I do!!

At the beach. Even though it’s full-on fall, I am still dreaming of that warm sunshine and beautiful ocean. Sigh.

Since I can’t have that, I am conjuring up a summer tan so at least I can still look like I’ve been vacationing beachside! TanTowel has the perfect magic to help me out.

Tan Towels

Tan Towel Illuma Glow

For immediate gratification, I love my TanTowel Illuma Glow ($24). This is a gorgeous body lotion that bronzes you up and gives a soft, subtle glow.

Tan Towels

Illuma Glow swatch

Tan Towels

my hand after – tanned and glowy

Illuma Glow isn’t a self tanner, it’s a temporary bronzing lotion that washes off in the shower. It evens out skin tone while also deepening it and the golden shimmer is fantastic. I was surprised at how deeply this bronzes. When I want slightly less color, I just mix some of this with my current body moisturizer. It is a wonderful quick fix for that summer yearning!

When I want something a little more permanent, I reach for the Express Tan Kit ($30, a $37 value).


Express Tan Kit

The Express Tan Kit includes a 2 oz. Express Tan Mist plus five TanTowel Half Body PLUS towelettes. It’s a perfect tanning combo at a great price. You can use the products separately or together.


Express Tan Mist


Half Body PLUS towelettes

TanTowel Half Body PLUS towelettes do three things:  exfoliate, tan, and moisturize. These have a clear self-tanner in them that develops over 24 hours into a medium tan. The Express Tan Mist is a self tanner that sprays on for an instant tan. To use the products together, you just spray the Express Tan into the TanTowel towelette, then apply. This way you get instant gratification, as well as a tan that gradually develops even deeper through the hours.

Another bonus – the Illuma Glow looks fantastic over an Express Tan. It really enhances the color. I love how these products work together.

If you are longing for summer like me, I highly recommend taking that trip with TanTowel. Illuma Glow and the Express Tan Kit are wonderful for an October conjuring of that summer glow.  – Lisa

PS – right now the website is offering a free 2 oz. Express Tan Mist with all orders over $50!

*pr samples

logo_petaTan Towel products are cruelty free.

Ingredients: Express Tan Water (Aqua), Ethoxydiglycol, Dihydroxyacetone, Butylene Glycol, Caramel, Pentylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Carmine (Natural Red), Ascorbic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20, PEG-40 Castor Oil, Sodium Metabisulfite, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Extract, Fragrance (Parfum), Tocopherol (Antioxidant), Erythrulose, Red 40 (CI#16035), Red 33 (CI#17200), Citric Acid.

Lisa’s Top Ten Self Tanners

Self tanners have come a long way, baby. Years ago they were difficult to apply, smelled horrific, and turned you an unnatural looking orange. There are some truly great options out there today, options so great no one should be afraid to faux tan! I put my self tanners into two categories:  one night stands (these only last until you wash them off) and marriage material (these give you more committment – at least one week). Here are my top ten self tanners. The first five are my favorite one night stands and the next five are my favorite marriages.

1.  Gleam Body Radiance

Gleam Body Radiance

Gleam Body Radiance

Four fantastic color options, this one night stand is also the perfect remedy for any bad ‘marriages’.

2.  Red Carpet Kolour

Red Carpet Kolour

Red Carpet Kolour

Oh my this is a terrific one night stand…it makes any skin flaws disappear with beautiful tint and soft shimmer.

3.  Le Metier Bella Bronzer

Le Metier Bella Bronzer

Le Metier Bella Bronzer

The best liquid bronzer for the face and decolletage, hands down.

4.  Tarte Maracuja Rainforest Glow

Tarte Maracuja Rainforest Glow

Tarte Maracuja Rainforest Glow

A beautiful golden tan that is waterproof (hello swimming!) but not soap proof (hello one night stand!).

5.  Carlene K Shine Bronzer Body Glow

Carlene K Shine Body Glow

Carlene K Shine Body Glow

There’s a reason this is a favorite of Hollywood starlets – it’s gorgeous, easy to use, and I love the beautiful golden shimmer.

6.  Jan Marini Bioglycolic Sunless Self Tanner

Jan Marini

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Sunless Self Tanner

I love this especially as a face tanner.  The color adjusts to your skin so it’s extremely natural looking.

7.  Supergoop Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse

Supergoop SPF 20 Gradual Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse

Supergoop SPF 20 Gradual Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse

This sunscreen is also a gradual self tanner, which is a great way to build up to that commitment.

8.  Tan Towels

Tan Towels take away those tan lines!

Tan Towels take away those tan lines!

See the tan lines? Tan Towels are a super convenient way to make them a thing of the past – even if you have the tan lines of a blogger.

9.  Make Me Smooth You Glow, Girl

Make Me Smooth You Glow, Girl

Make Me Smooth You Glow, Girl

I buy this self tanner over and over because it gives gorgeous color and I can get it in any scent I want. My most frequent pick is Day at the Beach, which is a “Coconut infused scent potion that will take you back to lazy days spent at the beach.”

10.  Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self-Tanning Lotion

Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self Tanning Lotion

Beautisol Summer Glow Dark Tan Body Self Tanning Lotion

This is a marriage, all right – it takes some time but it applies beautifully, gives deep dark color, and is total marriage material.

Happy faux tanning!  – Lisa

Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011: Skin Care, Body Care, and the rest!

A few days ago I posted my favorite color items, you can find that post here.  ‘Top picks’ posts are the ones I enjoy writing up the most, I love sharing the extra good stuff with you, and I love being able to put all this fabulousness in one review!  I was going to publish today’s post of my favorite skin care, body care, and other miscellaneous items yesterday, but boy did I get hit with the flu.  I’m all better now, so here is my list for you.

Favorite skin care:

I found several skin care items that I am constantly reaching for over and over. I love the Chella Foaming Cleanser Lavish Souffle, it the perfect cleanser and you only need a tiny bit.

Chella Foaming Cleanser

I really got into natural organic lines, like Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Neroli Toning Mist and Coconut Oil, beautiful products from a fantastic line with a great message.

I also loved the Artisan Naturals Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Mask, which is my favorite go-to for pesky breakouts.

To even out my skin tone, I have been absolutely loving the Omorfies Etenia Lightening Cream by Kleraderm.

Two other skin care lines that I adore are 3Lab (for their amazing Super Eye Treatment and Perfect Lips)

and YBF Skin Care (Hydrate B and Boost are flipping fabulous).

YBF Boost

Favorite primer:

This one is a tie for me.  I am completely impressed with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer,

it’s a great silicone based primer that actually goes on light.

And I am totally loving the Youngblood Mineral Primer,

Youngblood Mineral Primer

which has a wonderful texture and really helps my makeup stay put all day.

Favorite Facialist:

My favorite facialist this year was Joanne Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm.

Joanne Kallabat with her son, Michael

It’s such a treat to go to Nordstrom and get a $150 facial for only $20 – plus she gives the BEST face massage ever.  I love how she gives tons and tons of samples first.  She wants to figure out what works best for your skin before she will even let you buy anything!

Favorite Fragrances:

I have completely embraced the layering concept by Lisa Hoffman, and her Tuscan Fig fragrance is just to die for.

Lisa Hoffman Variations case with the Tuscan Fig fragrance

Plus, her iScentify scent finder is super fun to play with.

I also fell in love with the Juara Candlenut Fragrance.

This is a swoon-worthy coconut scent that makes everyone want to hug you.  And then hug you again.

Favorite storage solution:

Wow, this one was a life changer – the Zuca Pro Artist Case.

It has totally changed my organizational system, and has made makeup gigs so much easier, as well as travel.  Looks like we are going to be doing more contests with Zuca this year, so stay tuned!!

Favorite hand cream:

I am a hand cream addict, since I work at a school and need to wash my hands about twenty times a day.  I cannot do without my Votre Vu Duette Lux Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Little mirror, lip balm, and then hand cream, all in one package??  Absolute genius, and the hand cream smells truly amazing.

Favorite body products:

2011 was a Whish year for me, that’s for sure. I love this retro line, every single product is a winner.

Just this morning I was thanking the Whish Gods for making their amazing Shave Crave Shaving Cream.

Tarte Cosmetics is a line better known for its great color products, but a true unsung hero is the Tarte Celebutante.

It’s a gorgeous body shimmer spray that smells unbelievably good, like fresh coconut and vanilla.  Yummy!!

Speaking of coconuts, I went pretty ‘coconutty’ for the Bodycology Island Coconut products.

The body cream, body wash, and body spray are all truly terrific, and I reach for them all the time.

Favorite sunning/self-tanner products:

I am a big fan of faux tanning, and I had some great discoveries this past year.  Hampton Sun is a go-to line for any sun products, including faux tanning.  I love the Privet Blossom products, they have a unique scent that is totally summer in a bottle.

Hampton Sun Shimmer Spray in Bronze

The spray SPF is amazing, and the faux tanning and body shimmer products are excellent.  Try this line, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great discovery that changed my faux tanning was the Beautisol Self Tanning Magic Mitt.

This $6 wonder completely changed my faux tanning experience for the better!!  No streaks, no worries, no problems.  Love it!!

I also fell in love with Tan Towels.  Such a quick, sanitary way to get a deep tan, plus the towelettes travel so well.


Favorite cleaning products:

Dusting Fragrance

I am the first to admit that housekeeping is never a priority for me, so finding things that help make cleaning joyful is huge for me.  Sweet Grass Farm has pretty awesome cleaning products that give me extra motivation, my favorites are the Dusting fragrance and Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap.

Favorite clothing line:

I am totally digging the Sprigs clothing line.  Pictured above I am wearing my Banjee while shopping.  I love these little guys, they really do make life easier.  And I wear my infinity scarves all the time too.  So many great items, it’s a fabulous line that I am so happy I discovered this year!

That’s it for all my favorites of 2011.  And now on to an amazing year of even more terrific discoveries in 2012!!  – Lisa

Tan Towel Giveaway winner plus an announcement

Hi all you lovely BIZ readers,

Beauty Info Zone is updating the blog so you will soon see a new look to our home page. We are so excited about it and hope you enjoy the new look. We’ll be hosting a giveaway starting January 1, 2012 to celebrate so come back then. (Oops, come back every day but you know what we mean!)

If by chance something goes awry in the switch, know we’ll be back.

And now for the winner of the Holiday Glow Kit by Tan Towel: KAREN MILLER.  It was her Twitter post that was the winning number. Congratulations Karen. We will email you to get your address and forward it to Tan Towels who generously donated the prize.

Thanks to all who entered and to all our followers,

Marcia and Lisa

Tan Towel bronzing powder and lip gloss review plus a new giveaway

You learn something new every day. What I learned new last month is that Tan Towel has some makeup. My reaction to Lisa when she told me that was “That’s news to me!” What else was news to me is that we had received them to review. And further news is that she told me she wanted me to review them. ME? The word TAN?? Does not compute. That is until I saw the Tan Towel Bronzer Powder and Lip Gloss. Then I was sold and agreed to review them. After all even a pale chick can try to look like a (slightly) bronzed beauty!

Tan Towel cosmetics

Tan Towel Bronzer Powder and Lip Gloss

The two cosmetic products from Tan Towel are Bronzer Powder ($26) and Lip Gloss ($15). These are both terrific add-ons to their line of self-tanning products that Lisa has reviewed. Once you get that terrific fake tan you want to be able to enhance it and that’s where these two come in. The Tan Towel Bronzer Powder is a very finely milled formula that contains Vitamin E. It goes on so smoothly. Since I’m so pale I have to use a very light hand but I do like the look. If I’m not careful I can look very anemic so adding this smooth bronzer is a nice touch.

Bronzer Powder swatched

swatched on hand

The Lip Gloss is my favorite product of the two. I love this color and can wear it whenever I want, bronzed or pale. It looks great alone and even better over a lipstick. I love the way this feels on my lips. It’s extremely moisturizing (it contains sesame oil and Vitamin E). As a bonus it’s not a sticky gloss, it feels more like a conditioning treatment than a typical gloss but it looks glossy on.  — Marcia

Tan Towel Lip Gloss

beautiful subtle shimmer

wearing Tan Towel Lip Gloss on bare lips

Now you get to learn how great Tan Towels are since they are offering a giveaway of their Holiday Glow kit to one lucky US subscriber.  Here’s the description:

This perfect holiday trio contains: exfoliators, self-tanning towelettes, and a tinted moisturizer. Start with the 3-in-1 X-Foliator, one side contains microbeads embedded into the towelette and the other smooth side for buffing, leaving your skin moisturized and healthy. The Full Body Classic Towelettes are concentrated with a self-tan formula to give you a natural sun-kissed glow. To compliment your tan, the Tinted On The Glow daily moisturizer that will illuminate your skin with a sheer hint of color. This kit contains:

  • Full Body Classic 5 Pack
  • X-Foliator 5 Pack
  • Tinted On The Glow 2 oz.

Here’s how you can enter to win this fabulous kit:

1)      Be an email subscriber to Beauty Info Zone

2)      Leave a comment on this post telling us why you want to win this kit

3)      Send an email to us at [email protected] to tell us that you entered and what name you used.

4)      EXTRA entries for more chances to win-

Like Tan Towel on Facebook

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Post on your own Facebook and/or Twitter page with a link to this giveaway

THAT’S 5 POSSIBLE EXTRA ENTRIES. Be sure you let us know about these entries though either through our email or on this post.

5)      This giveaway is open until Saturday, Dec. 17th at 11:59 p.m. EST. We will announce the winner chosen through on 12/18.

Tan Towels will soon be on their way to…

Winter white won’t be bothering our Tan Towel winner that much longer. Congratulations on winning a 5 pack of the Tan Towel Classic, an 8 0z. On the Glow Moisturizer, and a 5 pack of the X-Foliators to Esther Whatley. The BIZ will be emailing you for your address so that this great package can be sent your way.

Don’t forget we have a Sedu flat iron giveaway going on right now. When you email us tell us if you are in the U.S. or Canada please. Lots more giveaways coming up too. Stay tuned!!

Win a mid-winter tan from Tan Towels

Ugh, winter.  I am not a fan.  I try to escape every chance I get – and Tan Towels is the perfect quick and easy solution.

I’ve written before about my love for this line, and recently I’ve tried another product, the On the Glow Moisturizer ($20).

This is a huge tube of body moisturizer that not only makes your skin super soft, it also develops into a gorgeous, streak-free tan.  The color is an extremely realistic, beautiful caramel color.  It’s easy to apply, the lotion goes on smooth and soaks in quickly.  I wait maybe three minutes before dressing, and have had no problems at all with color transference.  Just remember to wash your hands after!  The lotion is a creamy white color that disappears right into the skin, and the tan develops over the next few hours.  Since it doesn’t tan you right away it’s easy to forget the hands and end up with tan palms.  The lotion has a fresh, outdoor scent but it totally dissipates within minutes.  And, this really does moisturize – it has jojoba, avocado, and olive oil, plus it has retinol for anti-aging properties.

I think it’s a total winner, and I am VERY picky about my faux-tanning products.  Here is what I have found to be the perfect combination to keep me looking realistically tan – thus thinner (yay!):  At the beginning of the week, I use the X-Foliator ($24) towel in the shower to first exfoliate, concentrating on the knees and elbows, then moisturize using the back side of the towel. (You can use these dry too if you want – I just like to use them in the shower.)

Then, after I dry off, I used the full body Classic Tan Towel ($24).  I love how these are in individual, sealed packets so there is no danger of bottles leaking or of the towels drying out.  Application is quick and easy, although I do have my husband do my back for me.

That gives me a pretty, believable tan.  Then, every morning for the next week or two, I apply the On the Glow lotion.  This deepens my tan a bit, and keeps it looking absolutely perfect.   It’s a great system, and it definitely keeps my winter blahs at bay.

Tan Towels is giving away a fabulous starter kit to one super lucky Beauty Info Zone subscriber!  This is a $61 value!!  You get a 5 pack of the Tan Towel Classic, an 8 0z. On the Glow Moisturizer, and a 5 pack of the X-Foliators.  It’s a wonderful starter pack that will keep you tan and glowing for about two months.  Here are the rules:

1.  You must be a subscriber of Beauty Info Zone to win.

2.  You must leave a comment on this post telling us which Tan Towel product sounds the most intriguing to you.

3.  **You must also email us at [email protected] to identify your comment.

4.  If you want extra entries, you can ‘like’ Tan Towels on Facebook, or you can follow them on Twitter.   Either of those actions will get you yet another entry, so you can get up to three entries for this contest.  Just be sure to let us know in your email to us.

And that’s it!!  Put an end to the winter blahs and enter today.  Contest ends at midnight on Saturday, January 29th.  Winner will be chosen by .  This contest is for US subscribers only.

Good luck!!!  Lisa and Marcia

Disclosure:  Item reviewed and contest products were pr samples.