5 favorite summer fragrances – a Makeup Wars post

Another Makeup Wars, another way to entice you into spending money. This time we’re tempting your senses with a variety of fragrance that are loved by the bloggers involved. Normally Marcia writes the Makeup Wars post but for this she’s turned to her blog partner Lisa for advice. Lisa has a love of fragrance so she’s sharing 5 of the scents she’s tried this year that’s she’s crazy about. On the original list Lisa sent me she included ones from last year like Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig, Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, and LaVanila Vanilla Coconut BUT being the stern taskmaster that I am, I made her chose 5 different ones and promised that I’d show you her choices from last year’s Makeup Wars. Now unto her 2015 Summer Favorites in no particular order.
Clean Summer Sun

Clean Summer Sun

1. CLEAN SUMMER SUN ($59*) is her most expensive choice but one she is loving this summer. “Clean Summer Sun is a fruity, woody scent in truly beautiful packaging. The bottle itself looks like a summer sunset. At First I was thinking that with the somewhat tropical appearance perhaps this was a beachy scent, but it isn’t. It’s more of an outdoorsy fresh-cut lawns, lush green woods, watching the fireflies come out kind of scent.”soap and paper2.  SOAP & PAPER FACTORY SOLID PERFUME IN ORANGE BLOSSOM ($18*) is a great choice if you are traveling or like to take a scent with you. “The Orange Blossom scent is beyond gorgeous. This smells just like orange blossom with a woodsy note once it dries down. If you love orange blossoms, this is for you. And solid perfumes are perfect for summer.”1437349850_island_coconut_065eaff8-aae1-46f2-808f-9b373fa67460_large.jpg_v_1430874783

3. SunyIsland Blu ISLAND COCONUT ($12) “Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to wear perfume so instead I go for fragranced body sprays. My favorite Etsy Shop (also website) for summer sprays is SunyIslandBlu. This summer I am constantly reaching for two body sprays in particular – Island Coconut which is a mix of tropical coconut and sweet vanilla and Summer Crush which is a light creamy coconut.”  Note from Marcia: Lisa is a coconut fiend. I couldn’t find Summer Crush on Etsy or their website which is going to make Lisa sad. I hope she stocked up.1437349774_Skeem-Sweet-Pea-and-Vanilla-next-to-packaging-172x3004. SKEEM PURE PERFUME IN SWEET PEA AND VANILLA ($15*) Lisa has always loved Skeem and seems to have a stash of their beautiful candles at her home. Now she’s learned about their Pure Perfume and she’s enchanted. “These perfumes have only 3 natural ingredients: denatured alcohol, filtered water and Skeem’s exclusive fragrances. The took the scents from their Pur Piller Candle Collection and made them into cute roller balls. Just like with their candles, the packaging for each scent is a work of art itself. Check out the beautiful butterflies that adorn the Sweet Pea and Vanilla scent. This scent is a great combination of deep, rich vanilla and the beautiful floral of Sweet Pea. The scent on these is strong at first but then it dries down to a gorgeous subtleness that lasts throughout the entire day.”lush vanillary5.  LUSH VANILLARY PERFUME ($15.95) Actually Lisa had two Lush fragrances but only this one is on their website but if you go to a Lush store see if they have the Gorilla scents and look for Furze, a cookies and coconut scent. “The Lush Vanillary scent is a fantastic option for vanilla lovers. It combines deep vanilla with soft caramel notes, a pairing that adds up to a wonderfully rich scent that isn’t too sweet or too foody.”

Thanks for reading our combination post. Lisa is making Marcia think twice about her fragrance phobia. Did she do that to you too?

*items marked with * are pr samples, rest are purchases