Good clean fun with Skinplicity

If you haven’t discovered yet, it’s time to take a look. There are tons of amazing etailers with truly fabulous products from jewelry to clothing to bath and body. Whenever I have some time, I just go and browse through all the fantastic shops. Skinplicity is one to visit – I can’t rave enough about their beautiful vegan soaps and natural bath and body goodies!


Skinplicity goodies

Diana, the owner of Skinplicity, is an esthetician who creates all of the fantastic, quality soaps, scrubs, and lotions. The look and feel of these products is totally high-end, but the price point is wallet friendly. Diane sent a few items to try and good clean fun commenced. True story – I was talking to my mom and going on and on about how great these were, and she jumped in her car, drove to my house, and tried to take them from me!


Skinplicity Aromatherapy Body Scrub in Hawaiian Paradise


inside the jar

The Aromatherapy Body Scrub ($12) is an emulsified sugar scrub that exfoliates with sugar and moisturizes with rice bran oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. It is very gentle and rinses super clean with no oily or greasy residue. The Hawaiian Paradise scent is lovely, a floral/fruit scent with plumaria, melon, coconut, and pineapple. It leaves skin lightly fragranced and ready for a sunset at the beach.

The Aromatherapy Body Scrub is also available in Chocolate Truffle, Citrus Burst, Summer Melon, Lavender Chamomile, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass Verbena, Milk & Honey, and Garden Mint.


Skinplicity Lavender Lip Balm

The 100% Organic Lavender Lip Balm ($4) made with fresh local beeswax is a great way to keep lips soft and moisturized. It has all kinds of vitamins and fatty acids that lips just love. Ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and vitamin e oil. While the lavender essential oil treats lips, the lip balm doesn’t taste like anything in particular. It does, however, feel like heaven on my lips.

Just now I counted 11 different types of lip balm in the Skinplicity store, including Mango, Tea Tree, Honey Mint, Vanilla, Pecan Pie, Coffee, and even a lip balm for guys.


Skinplicity Rosehip and Geranium Soap


the top of the Rosehip and Geranium Soap

I can’t get over the beauty of the Rosehip and Geranium Vegan Soap ($5.50). This is a big, 4 ounce slice of soap encased in a delicate paper box that is so pretty I didn’t even want to remove the soap. The top of the soap has sparkles, ground rosehips, and rose geranium leaves. The scent is just an amazing combination of rose and geranium. It smells like a flower garden in bloom. Put this in a bathroom and it acts like a room freshener!

The soap is made from scratch in small batches. I am truly impressed with the big, thick lather that cleans and moisturizes at the same time. This particular soap has saponified oils of coconut and palm, which means the bar is not super soft so it lasts a long time and it also makes that thick bubbly lather. Rosehips have vitamin C and is a great antioxidant. Geranium is also a fantastic antioxidant for skin.

an even closer look

an even closer look

Oh yeah…did I also say that this bar of soap is GORGEOUS??  And it’s only one of many different varieties that Skinplicity offers. Diane makes soaps with essential oils as well as fragrance oils, so there is something for everyone.

If you love bath and body products, you will love Skinplicity. Head on over to and take a look…there is lots of good clean fun to be found there!  - Lisa

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Ixora Botanical Beauty – the word of the day is yummy

ixora logoWe need you to go take a look at Ixora’s site before you read this review. C’mon go do it. We’ll wait. Have you looked??? Now are we writing about cooking or beauty? You almost can’t tell when you start looking at the beautiful pictures that the owner has posted to show the products she creates. Ixora is a botanical beauty site that is fulfilling the dream of the owner. Ixora is the name of a flower grown on the island of St. Croix which is part of the US Virgin Islands. Sharing the beauty and botanical ingredients of these islands is the goal of Ixora Botanical Beauty.

Whatever you chose is handmade so everything is freshly made for you.  And many of the products on the site are sold in 2 oz. sample sizes so you can get a taste/feel of a lot for not too much money. They even have a section of Vegan products which is just so unusual. We love the idea of supporting an etailer especially when the products are as high quality as the ones that we tried.

Marcia’s Side:

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Lisa and I were each sent a product of our choice and I chose Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub. It just might be because it looked good enough to eat! Look at that gorgeous picture. It’s so delicious in my shower that I may never let it leave. I prefer a sugar scrub since I think they are gentler on your skin while still doing a great job of exfoliating. The sugar grains are fine enough that I can even use this without a washcloth or scrubby.

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Sugar Scrub

Ixora Sugar Scrub

It does a great job of exfoliating my flaky legs while also moisturizing them. In the summer I don’t like to use another lotion since I prefer “one and done”. I save my lotions and body butters for non-showering days. The peppermint in this is luscious. It’s not sweetly sick like some that I’ve gotten tired of quickly (yes Philosophy, that’s you). Instead it’s a brisk, more natural smelling peppermint. This is a great shower treat.

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Shealoe Butter, White Pure Cane Sugar, Extra Virgin Unrefined Pure Coconut Oil, Red Jojoba Beads, Beeswax pearls: white, Peppermint Fragrance

Lisa’s Side:

I was lucky enough to test the Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter ($15). It’s the same product as the Whip It Up Shea Butter ($14) with some added bling to give skin an extra gleam.

inside Ixora

inside Ixora Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter

Ixora swatch

Ixora Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter swatch

By the way, if you love body butters, Ixora is the place to go – I counted about 18 different types that are available and each one sounds better than the one before!

Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter is made from Shea Nilotica Butter. It’s super thick, but body heat melts it almost immediately and it sinks right into skin. This amazing moisturizer is the cure for super dry, itchy skin and it even works great on eczema and sunburns. In the swatch picture you can see how it started to melt. Check out the tiny golden shimmers in the liquid part. They are beautiful and add just the right amount of femininity to your look.

You don’t need much of this body butter to moisturize yourself from head to toe so the 8 oz. jar will last months. This is a great option from a line full of terrific body treats.

Ingredients: Shea Nilotica Certified Organic and Fair Trade, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Gold Rush Mica Powder, Fragrance Oil (s) – Optional

4 oz, 8 oz

Ixora ingredients

Ixora ingredients

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Getting clean Hawaiian style with Lanikai Bath and Body

The gorgeous Lanikai Bath and Body line, located in Kailua, Hawaii, totally feeds my addiction to bath and body products.  I may not make it to Hawaii very often…well, ok, not EVER…but I can always have that Hawaiian experience just by going to Lanikai’s online store and placing an order.


Lanikai feeds my bath and body addiction!

All of the products created by Lanikai come from the great Hawaiian outdoors.  With fresh, beautiful ingredients like papaya, awapuhi, sea kelp, kukui and macadamia nut, every item is a one-way ticket to paradise.  The BIZ received several fabulous items from their line, and here are just a few of my favorite Lanikai ways to get clean.


Lanikai Coconut Loofah Soap

One of the most intriguing items from Lanikai is their Coconut Loofah Soap ($6.50).  Since I am a total coconut fanatic, I was beyond thrilled to get this particular version.  However, there are seven other loofah options available:  Coco Lime Verbena, Gardenia, Lilikoi, Mango, Pikake, Pineapple, and Plumaria.

The Coconut Loofah Soap is one of the coolest soaps I have ever tried.  Check it out, there is a vine-grown loofah sponge inside of the soap:


the loofah looks like modern art


coconut and loofah goodness


and one more view just because it looks so cool!

The loofah soaps are all handmade by Lanikai.  In addition to the loofah, ingredients include vegetable glycerin and Hawaiian macadamia nut oil.  It smells like fabulous natural coconut, and the soap is huge and incredibly long-lasting.  It’s also fantastic exfoliation for your skin.  It lathers up like a regular soap and scrubs away dirt and dead skin.  I adore it, and am eager to try some of the other scents!


Lanikai Tahitian Gardendia Hawaiian Cane Sugar Body Scrub

Another way to scrub yourself clean is with Lanikai Tahitian Gardenia Hawaiian Cane Sugar Body Scrub ($20).  I have to admit, I not normally a big fan of body scrubs – I have sensitive skin and they are typically too rough for me (everyone say, ‘awww, poor baby!’).  However, this is a scrub that works for me, and it will work for you fellow babies out there too.


so pretty!!


the sugar scrub up close and personal

This is a non-oily scrub made with Hawaiian cane sugar.  It also has sweet almond, jojoba, coconut, and kukui nut oils.  It’s fantastically moisturizing, and it very gently exfoliates skin without any irritation.  Afterwards, my skin feels incredibly soft and smooth, but not greasy.  And the scent?  Oh my goodness, what a divine Tahitian gardenia fragrance that truly transports me to a tropical paradise.


Lanikai Tahitian Gardenia Body Wash


layer on that Tahitian Gardenia

And to keep the Tahitian Gardenia experience going, follow your exfoliating sugar scrub with the Lanikai Tahitian Gardenia Body Wash ($16).  This body wash is gentle, made with all natural ingredients, and it cleanses without stripping the skin.  It has white tea, chamomile, sunflower and kukui oils, and also has the same magical Tahitian Gardenia scent.  I stand in my shower and just take a moment to inhale the fresh scent, and am instantly transported to a Hawaiian waterfall.  It’s heavenly.

I have lots more to tell you about, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with so many fantastic options all at once.  I will be posting more reviews soon, but in the meantime, take a look at Lanikai’s online store and get your Hawaiian retreat started!  - Lisa

*pr samples

Have you tried the awesomeness of Artisan Naturals? Now might be your chance.

Artisan Naturals

Artisan Naturals – fabulous organic skin care!

Artisan Naturals is a fabulous organic line with skin care, body care, and candles.  I have used this line for years and it’s really terrific, I recommend it to people all the time. There are some products that I just won’t be without like the Lemon Cypress Toning and Exfoliating Mask (reviewed HERE). Lucky for us and for you, Stephanie Barron, the lovely owner of Artisan Naturals, is offering a wonderful giveaway for Beauty Info Zone readers. Keep reading, this could be the giveaway you win - and believe me, you want some of this!

AN Classic

AN Classic Rose Hydrating Mist

The Classic Rose Hydrating Mist ($25) is something I have used for years. The roses used in this toner come from the “Valley of Roses” in Bulgaria. It has organic Rose Hyrdosol in it to soothe and refresh your skin. I like to spray some onto a cotton pad to smooth on after cleansing or sometimes I spritz it on to freshen up and hydrate my skin. I use it before I put on my makeup and any time I want a little pick-me-up. It’s a beautiful product.


Verbena Blossom Hydrating Body Scrub

Verbena Blossom Hydrating Body Scrub ($28) is exfoliating deliciousness, a non-separating sugar scrub that feels like heaven as it softens and polishes your skin. It’s not the least bit greasy, it’s light and whipped into a state of perfection.


sugar scrub awesomeness

It has essential oils like Litsea Cubeba, Lemon Verbena, and Ylang Ylang that are so good for your skin, and the scent? Fantastic!! I love this scrub, it puts a smile on my face and a glow on my skin. Follow this with the Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion and your body will thank you.

Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion

Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion

The Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion ($26) is a light but creamy lotion that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It’s just perfect to use after the Verbena Blossom Hydrating Body Scrub. The elegant combination of anti-oxidants protect the skin from pollution and other environmental stressors, and the scent is gorgeous. It’s a fresh, citrusy, uplifting scent that I absolutely adore. Artisan Naturals is available at local boutiques so take a look at the website to find a store near you or you can also buy products online.

Enter our giveaway for a chance to win the Verbena Blossom Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion and the Verbena Blossom Hydrating Body Scrub. This giveaway is open in the US only (originally we said international but that was an error and we apologize). The giveaway runs through 1/10/13. If the Rafflecopter doesn’t appear please don’t enter until you see it appear, it seems to be a little fussy sometimes. You’ll be able to tweet daily to give yourself more opportunities to win too.  Good luck! – Lisa

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Super cute Halloween fun from Isle of Eden!

I really love etailers, especially for body products.  I am a fiend for coconut scents, and I find some truly delicious smelling products online.  Even better, etailers often run specials, sales, and give surprise gifts.  “Eyes are Upon You” by Isle of Eden was a little surprise in my most recent order, and while I would never have picked it myself, it has turned out to be a wonderfully fun product.

I have ordered from Isle of Eden for years, my favorite scents are Forever Summer and Vanilla Stars & Coconut Boulevards.  I find that their website is difficult to navigate, although it’s way better than it used to be.  Apparently they are still in the process of fixing and updating it.  Another big improvement is the turn around time.  I have waited up to three months for my products in the past, and this time I got my package in about 10 days.  My most recent order was for some scented Body Gloss ($10.45), which is a staple for me.

When my package arrived, I found my Body Glosses, which are so amazing for layering scent – the gloss is incredibly moisturizing, not the least bit oily, and it infuses your skin with fragrance so it’s like you naturally smell that good.
Also inside my package was this cute Halloween sugar scrub that smells divine and looks hilarious and pretty at the same time.

The scent is Chocolate & Orange, and it truly smells good enough to eat.  It reminds me of those candy chocolate oranges that have the individually wrapped slices.  There is an overspray of pretty sparkle, and in the middle – a bubble gum eyeball!

The eyeball looks just realistic enough to make it lots of fun for the Halloween season.  I love how the eyeball is even bloodshot!

The Double Whipped Body Scrubs ($11.95 – $14.95) from Isle of Eden are truly divine.  They are super fine sugar scrubs that don’t separate, and are fabulous for exfoliating.  With the addition of a some warm water, they get foamy and creamy and aren’t scratchy like sugar scrubs can be.  I can’t find “Eyes are Upon You” on the website now, but it will probably appear once they finish updating their site and adding their autumn collection.  So keep it in mind for some good clean Halloween fun!  – Lisa