Sublime Beauty Advanced Eye Gel, the Aging Younger one

Sublime Beauty®


I love this tagline for Sublime Beauty. Yes I’d love to age younger and I’m sure that most of you above a certain number (ahem 40, 45, 50??) must be loving on that tagline too.

Sublime Beauty Advanced Eye Gel (site)

Sublime Beauty Advanced Eye Gel (site)

I also love the name of the Sublime Beauty eye gel that was sent for review: Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel. This is just one product in their Face Whisperer line and is their newest product. The others are a Day Cream, Night Cream and Neck & Decollete Cream. All products that are Face Whisperer are meant to

1) Reduce Wrinkles
2) Boost Collagen
3) Moisturize & Hydrate
4) Soothe & Heal (including dark circles & bags under eyes)

Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel

Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel

The Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel contains select ingredients like Matrixyl®, Eyeliss® and Haloxyl®. According to Sublime Beauty these wonder ingredients were created in France and are clinically tested.

The eye gel is recommended to be used twice a day to help with dark circles, bags and wrinkles. Here’s one of their before and after pictures:



What I like best about Sublime Beauty’s Advanced Eye Gel is the soothing coolness I get from this gel. When you first pump it out it looks watery. Don’t be fooled by that, it’s just that it’s lightweight. It uses these high powered ingredients to take away the negative and emphasize the positive. We all want younger looking eyes, we all want any discoloration under our eyes GONE, and we all want to reduce bags and wrinkles. Since Sublime Beauty’s Face Whisperer Advanced Eye Gel does all that then we all want this eye gel. Read more about it on Sublime Beauty’s website, then go to Amazon where they sell this for $42.99.

You too can Age Younger – I sure want that and this eye gel helps! — Marcia

*sent for review consideration


Matrixyl® and Matrixyl 3000®, peptides that boost collagen production Haloyxl® developed in France to reduce dark circles and inflammation under eyes. Eyeliss® also developed in France, has four ingredients to reduce bags and puffiness under eyes.

Key ingredients: Matrixyl, Haloxyl and Eyeliss. Aqua, dimethicone, palmitoyl pentapetide-4 (Matrixyl), palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 (Haloxyl), hesperidin methyl chalcone and dipeptide-2 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 (Eyeliss), acrylates copolymer, iodoproprynl butylcarbmate, phenoxy-ethanol, caprylyl glycol.