Anniversary Kleraderm giveaway #3: $330 Anti-Age skin care basket!

The Beauty Info Zone anniversary party continues with our biggest Kleraderm giveaway basket yet!  Joanne Recchia, my wonderful friend and the owner of Kleraderm, has designed a fantastic Anti-Age Skin Care Basket for today’s anniversary giveaway. Here is what you can win:

Kleraderm AntiAge Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Anti-Age Giveaway Basket

Anti-Age Basket (Total Value $330!!)  This basket features the Anti-Age line, which was created for mature skin types. Products in this line promote the turnover of new cell growth while also firming and hydrating the skin. The Kleraderm Anti-Age line offers the tools necessary to guarantee maximum results through a high content of Hyaluronic acid and essential fatty acids. Used daily, these products help skin recover natural flexibility, elasticity, and firmness.

Kleraderm Antiage Eye Contour Gel

Kleraderm Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel

Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel is an oil free gel that is used daily. This beautiful eye gel reduces swollen areas and puffiness around the eye, while simultaneously reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Kleraderm Antiage Eye Contour Cream

Kleraderm AntiAge Eye Contour Cream

Anti-Age Eye Contour Cream is a thick, creamy eye cream with a high content of vitamins and amino acids. This eye cream  helps fight off the formulation of free radicals while also diminishing fine line and wrinkles. Used daily, it lightens dark circles and promotes a natural even skin color in the delicate eye area.

Kleraderm Antiage Essential Cream

Kleraderm AntiAge Essential Cream

Anti-Age Essential Cream is a daily treatment moisturizer with a high content of active ingredients and essential fatty acids, along with native collagen to help restore moisture and improve skin’s elasticity. With daily use, skin becomes hydrated and firm, regaining its natural youthful glow.

Is the Anti-Age basket the right one for you?  This is a perfect collection of the basics you need for hydration, firmness, and wrinkle reduction.   Just use the Rafflecopter to enter. This giveaway is open to US only through April 22nd at 11:59 p.m.

Towards the end of our giveaways the comments sometimes close early.  If that happens to you just email me your comment at and label it Kleraderm Giveaway #3 comment. Then you can click “I commented” on the Rafflecopter and keep on going. And don’t forget to enter our other Kleraderm giveaway for Omorfies and Neaderma skin care baskets – just click HERE.  – Lisa

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LATHER teaches a lesson in good salesmanship and products

LATHER Skincare has done something that I wish all skincare companies would follow. Lather has full lines of skincare with wonderful products but one thing they do that makes them stand out from the rest is that they sell skincare kits. These kits are perfect for traveling and for testing out products to see what works best for you.

Lather About Face Combination Skin Kit

Lather About Face Combination Skin Kit

For $29.00 each LATHER sells 3 kits containing 5 products for different skintypes  – oily, combination and dry. I was sent ABOUT FACE COMBINATION SKIN KIT to test and it made me realize that they are on the ball. This kit contains 5 products all packed and ready for travel. Stick this whole set in a ziploc bag and you are ready to face the airport ‘police’. Products range from 0.5 fl oz to 2 fl oz which fit regulations.

Now I don’t happen to travel all that much so this is a great way for me to test out new products to see if my skin likes them.

Lather kit products

Lather kit products

ULTRA MILD FACE WASH 2 oz. is a clear gel-like cleanser with a mild fresh fragrance. It’s foaming but not overly so. My face feels properly cleansed and refreshed with this. The kit size is 2 oz. and full size is 6 oz ($19). Since I wasn’t sure if the fragrance would be overwhelming in this or other products, this is the perfect way for me to try.



CITRUS BALANCING TONER smells delightful. I love the smell of citrus and will always choose it when available. It’s not an overwhelming fragrance but it’s so refreshing. This toner is alcohol free and is made to keep the balance in normal to oily skin. It’s to be used after cleansing to remove any excess dirt or oils plus it helps keep the pH balance of your skin. While it’s not a step that everyone takes, the ingredients in this are ones you want to use. For example linoleic acid and lemon bioflavanoids help keep your skin clean and irritation free. It contains Vitamin E for antioxidant protection. Like all Lather products, it’s paraben free. (2 oz kit size, $16 for 6 fl oz)



ULTRA LIGHT FACE LOTION is a very lightweight moisturizer which works for me in warmer weather since that’s when my skin isn’t quite as dry. It’s a botanical lotion that contains special ingredients like borage oil and grapeseed oil which are great for damaged or problem skin. It absorbs quickly and wears well under foundation. I’ve never had balling up using this. My face feels moisturized without any oily finish. Unfortunately it doesn’t have SPF so I have to recommend using a separate sun protection. There’s a tiny bit of botanical fragrance but really nothing to speak of. (full size $21)



WHITE CLAY DEEP PORE CLEANSING MASK is a bonus to me in this kind of kit. I get to try it and have it around if I’m traveling. I’ve never owned a travel size mask other than packets that I never use up so I have to toss them. White clay is known for its purification and stimulation. It’s a great mask to exfoliate pores (of which I have many). It’s a gentle mask no matter what type of skin you have. Besides the white clay they use bentonite clay to draw out the oils and impurities even more. I love how my skin looks after using the mask since my pores aren’t as noticeable. (0.5 oz in kit, 4.0 oz full size $22)



BAMBOO SILK FOAMING FACE SCRUB WITH LEMONGRASS is a clear gel containing bamboo silk and small jojoba beads that are mild, natural exfoliants. I thought that the fragrance of this would bother me but it’s very mild and has an almost sweet citrus fragrance. The exfoliating powder in this makes it another good cleanser to have in your arsenal. It gently foams and washes away well if I use a wash cloth or bamboo cloth. It is both sulfate and paraben free.



All I need to add is SPF and an eye cream and I’m set to go. After trying these I’d be interested in trying out the About Face Dry Skin Kit next winter. My favorite product in the combination kit is the Citrus Balancing Toner but I also like the Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub and White Clay Pore Cleansing Mask.

LATHER About Face Combination Skin Kit

LATHER About Face Combination Skin Kit

A great way to try an excellent cruelty-free line! Nourish, cleanse, exfoliate your way to better skin with Lather. — Marcia

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Anniversary Kleraderm giveaway #2: baskets for skin lightening and sensitive skin

Marcia and I are still having a party to celebrate our five-year anniversary, and today we have another giveaway to help cement our reputations as the Giveaway Queens!  First – did you enter our Kleraderm giveaway for a Purrisima basket (worth $140) for oily skin or an Idroderm basket (worth $175) for dry skin?  No?  Well do that right now!  Click HERE to enter because today is the last day!!

We have two more incredible Kleraderm Skin Care Baskets for today’s anniversary giveaway. Joanne Recchia, the beautiful owner of our favorite Italian skin care line, has designed several giveaway baskets that feature the basics you need for your skin care routine.  The two baskets featured today include an Omorfies basket for those with hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone, and a Neaderma basket for those with sensitive skin.  Take a look:

Kleraderm Omorfies Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Omorfies Giveaway Basket

Omorfies Basket (Total Value $176!)  This basket features the Omorfies line, which is a daily clarifying and smoothing treatment regimen that corrects dark spots and uneven skin pigmentation on face, neck, and décolleté.  The origin of the dark spots is a process of overproduction and irregular distribution of pigmented cells and the accumulation of these cells on surface of the skin.

The Kleraderm Omorfies line is a cosmetic solution with fruit acids, vitamins and natural extracts to slow down the production of pigmented cells.  The Omorfies cleanser, toner, and moisturizing cream promote hydration and nourishment while restoring skin’s even complexion.

Kleraderm Omorfies Cleanser

Kleraderm Omorfies Cleanser

Cleansing Milk is a light emulsion with selected cleansing agents to help cleanse and lighten skin without the disruption of skin’s own natural balance.


Kleraderm Omorfies Tonic

Kleraderm Omorfies Tonic

Omorfies Tonic Lotion is an alcohol-free toner rich in active properties to soothe, lighten, and refresh skin.

Kleraderm Omorfies Etenia Cream

Kleraderm Omorfies Etenia Cream

Etenia Cream is an elegant daily treatment moisturizer that progressively lightens discolored skin due to aging, acne, and sun exposure. It replenishes hydration and nourishes skin back to its natural balance.  I have terrific success when I use these products, which I turn to when I’ve been out in the sun too much.

Kleraderm Neaderma Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Neaderma Giveaway Basket

The Neaderma Basket (Total value $ 230!!) includes a selection of products for sensitive skin that help reduce redness and inflammation.

Kleraderm’s Neaderma line is rich in soothing properties that rebuild the skin’s natural barrier and promote microcirculation, relieving skin of irritation and dryness. The water and oil in skin become balanced and broken capillaries become less noticeable. The Neaderma cleanser, toner, and moisturizer soothe, hydrate and nourish skin back to balance.

Kleraderm Neaderma Chamomile Cleansing Milk

Kleraderm Neaderma Chamomile Cleansing Milk

Chamomile Cleansing Milk delicately cleanses skin while replacing its natural balance to help lock in water. This cleanser eliminates impurities, soothes, softens and refreshes skin.  It is also excellent as makeup remover.

Kleraderm Neaderma Chamomile Toner

Kleraderm Neaderma Chamomile Tonic Lotion

 Chamomile Tonic Lotion is an alcohol-free toner rich in active properties to soothe and refresh skin.

Kleraderm Neaderma Vitalize Cream

Kleraderm Neaderma Vitalize Cream

 Vitalize Cream is a beautiful daily treatment moisturizer enriched with vitamins and reformulated Alpha Lipoid Acids to combat redness and inflammation.  Vitalize Cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and nourishing skin back to health. Skin becomes even in color, as well as bright and youthful in appearance.  If you have any issues with redness or sensitivity, these are the basics you need for your skin care routine!

Which basket is right for you, Omorfies for uneven skin tone or Neaderma for sensitive skin?  Both baskets are wonderful collections with the basics needed for proper skin care health.  You even get to choose which one you’d prefer winning. Use the Rafflecopter to enter. This giveaway is open to US only through April 15th at 11:59 p.m.

Towards the end of our giveaways the comments sometimes close early.  If that happens to you just email me your comment at and label it Kleraderm Giveaway #2 comment. Then you can click “I commented” on the Rafflecopter and keep on going.  Thank you for reading Beauty Info Zone, we really appreciate you!!  – Lisa

Future Kleraderm baskets for our anniversary giveaways will focus on mature skin and advanced skin treatments – over $1500 worth of products all together, so stay tuned and enter often!!!

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*giveaway products thanks to the one and only Joanne Recchia and Kleraderm.  My opinion of Kleraderm based on over five years of amazing results!

Revitalize your skin with Renu28 and enter our giveaway

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel

Did you know that your skin recycles every 28 days? Your body sheds cells through a natural renewal process allowing healthy skin cells to emerge. It works to eliminate and shed any toxins and dead cells that are built up over time. As we age though this process takes longer so instead of 28 days it will become 32 days and a few years later it will take 36 days and then 40 days. We all know that our body and therefore skin doesn’t stay stagnate but did we realize how much longer it takes to refresh as we age?

The challenge of having healthy skin that we are proud of means we need to work on renewal. Renu 28 by Asea was sent so that I could try to see how it would affect my aging skin. I’ll give you a hint – it helps!

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel is a clear non-fragranced gel to be used once or twice a day. I use it each morning and it’s so refreshing. You need to shake it well before using, then squeeze out a small amount. It’s a clear gel that isn’t sticky but it is a little drying. The ingredients in Renu 28 are simple yet effective: Aqua/Water/Eu, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride. There are no preservatives and it’s hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

Renu 28

Renu 28

You want to use this for 28 days to see the change in your skin which I’ve done. After seeing the way my skin responded to this gel I’ve also started using it on my neck which I tend to neglect. Upon application you’ll feel this refreshing coolness from the gel. I let it set for just a minute and then continue with my other skincare for the day. Most days I apply Renu 28, then a serum and last a moisturizer with SPF, some days I’ll just use Renu 28 and go straight to the moisturizer. renu 28 box back

This is a new type of product for me and I can’t say I understand all the science behind it, but I’ve seen what the science has done for me.  Here’s what it’s been proven to do according to Asea’s website:

Proven Science, Proven Results

RENU 28 has received 5-star accreditation—the highest possible—by leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest. In a 28-day study, RENU 28 was shown to:

Dermatest Clinically Tested

  • Reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%
  • Improve wrinkles overall by 23%
  • Improve facial skin texture by 22%
  • Increase skin’s smoothness by 23
  • Increase skin’s elasticity by 20%
  • Increase skin’s moisture by 11%

A tube of this is $40 and will last you for months. You use such a small amount each day.

Renu 28 Skin Retexturizing Gel is quite unique. Even with as many brands of skincare that I’m able to try, this is a new type of product for me. The science behind this isn’t available in any other product on the market. After seeing these before and after pictures on Pinterest I’m ready to try this in more places than I had been. It’s been toning and tightening my facial skin and now I want more. Don’t you? — Marcia


Thanks to Renu 28 we are able to offer one tube of Skin Revitalizing Gel to a Beauty Info Zone subscriber. This is open for US only and will be sent by the company. You must be 18+ to enter. If the comments close towards the end of the giveaway you can email me at with your comment, click “I commented” and continue on with any other options to get more entries. Open through 4/11/15 at 11:59 p.m.
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to purchase see the Asea website

Sweet Bee Magic from Medicine Mama’s Apothecary

photo from

photo from

Have you ever heard of power animals or animal totems? Shamans, also known as healers, have known through the ages that power animals are spirit guides in animal form. When a power animal shows up it is communicating a message and helping you find peace and bliss on your life’s path. Lately the bumble bee has been popping up constantly for me, so when Medicine Mama’s Apothecary sent us some products to try I was not surprised to see even more bees.  The bumble bee symbolizes abundance, personal power, love and community. What a great message from the fantastic organic skin care line, Medicine Mama’s Apothecary.

sent for review

Medicine Mama logo

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary features organic skin care products made from the highest quality medicinally active raw materials. They use ingredients from around the globe and their products are made with loving care in small batches at their boutique apothecary. Two of my favorites are the Sweet Bee Magic All in One Healing Skin Cream ($19.99) and the Sweet Bee Magic Wand ($12.99).

Medicine Mama All in One Secret Skin Cream

The Sweet Bee Magic All-in-One Enhanced Healing Cream is not really a cream, it’s more like a balm that moisturizes, revitalizes, and protects the skin. You can use this everywhere – face, hands, feet, and body. It has a healing compound called Melexylem™ that is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. This is a household multi-tasker for sure – check out everything it does:

Maintain healthy, radiant, youthful-looking skin
Moisturize dry, cracked or irritated skin
Heal rashes, burns, scars & intense skin irritation
Soothe cold sores and chapped lips
Reduce inflammation
Relieve sunburns & insect bites

This is a terrific facial moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores or make me break out. I also love it for cracked and peeling hands, and it’s great for soothing rashes and burns.

Ingredients include healing Melexylem™, purifying propolis, antimicrobial honey, nourishing royal jelly, revitalizing bee pollen, moisturizing extra virgin olive oil, protective beeswax. It is also free of dyes, fragrances, artificial preservatives, parabens, soy, etc.

Medicine Mama All in One Lip and Face Balm

For some transportable bee magic, the Sweet Bee Magic Wand ($12.99) is perfection. This is a Propolis & Honey Lip & Face Balm for Healing On the Go. It comes in a tube that is about twice the size of a regular chapstick. It’s still small enough to be purse-friendly and my lips absolutely love the healing hydration that the Sweet Bee Magic Wand provides. Here is what else it can be used for:

Moisturize skin daily
Heal chapped lips
Nourish skin overnight
Repair rashes, burns & scars
Soothe cold sores
Relieve cuts, scrapes & insect bites
Gloss eyelashes

Ingredients include healing Melexylem™, purifying propolis & honey blend, protective beeswax, nourishing extra virgin avocado oil, moisturizing extra virgin olive oil. Sweet Bee Magic is certified organic by the CCOF and is free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy and petroleum.

After using my Sweet Bee Magic products for several weeks, I have to say I believe in the magic of bees. Just use the Store Locator on the website to find Medicine Mama’s Apothecary products near you.  – Lisa

*samples sent for editorial consideration

Anniversary giveaway! Kleraderm Skin Care baskets for oily and dry skin with 2 winners!

logoHas it really been five whole years?? It seems like just yesterday Marcia and I were simply cosmetics-crazy friends, meeting at the mall to get makeovers, take artistry classes, and spending a month’s worth of paychecks on the latest cosmetics and skin care. Time flies when having fun and the last five years of blogging have gone by in a flash.

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of  Kleraderm

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of Kleraderm

A line that has been with the BIZ from the very beginning is the Italian skin care line Kleraderm. The truly wonderful owner, Joanne Recchia, is many things to me. She is my skin care mentor; her knowledge of ingredients and treatments for the skin is astounding. She is the best facialist I have ever met. And she is a truly kind and good person, someone I am so proud to have as a friend. Joanne put together some very thoughtful prizes with all the basics you need for a skin care regimen – just all kinds of goodies to help us celebrate! Today is the first of several Kleraderm giveaways with two fantastic baskets for readers to win.

I first met Joanne at my local Nordstrom’s in Troy, Michigan. I remember I was there to see Marcia’s sister Carol, a highly talented makeup artist who was working for MAC at the time. Carol told me that Joanne was someone I should meet and she introduced us. I was impressed with Joanne’s story and once I tried the Kleraderm skin care line I was hooked and became a ‘Kleranet’ for life.

We have two incredible Kleraderm Skin Care Baskets for today’s anniversary giveaway. Joanne designed a Purissima basket for those with oily/blemish-prone skin, and an Idroderm basket for those with dry skin.  Take a look:

Kleraderm Purrissima Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Purissima Giveaway Basket

Purissima Basket (Total Value $140!)  This basket has three great products to keep skin clear and blemish-free. Purrisima products were created for skin types that suffer from overactive oil and breakouts, helping skin regain its natural mantle and pH balance. Purissima products reduce the redness associated with breakouts while calming skin. Skin becomes clearer and oil production returns to its natural state.

purissima cleansing milk

Pale Rose Cleansing Milk is for deep pore cleansing while maintaining the proper pH balance. Pale Rose eliminates impurities and soothes skin. This cleanser is for daily use, and Joanne suggests wiping Pale Rose off with a hot towel. The heat from the towel drives the healing properties deeper while the towel acts as a mild exfoliate. Pale Rose is also an excellent makeup remover!

Purrissima Acid Cream

Acid Cream is a daily moisturizing treatment for acne-prone and oily skin types. Acid Cream helps maintain a proper pH balance while ensuring visible and lasting results. It decreases oil production and acts as drying agent against acne while balancing hydration. Acid Cream is used as daily moisturizer and is great under makeup.

Purisimma Purifying Liquid

Purifying Liquid is perfect for regulating oil production.Purifying Liquid can be used as a spot treatment for acne and is capable of dissolving blackheads. Just apply lightly to the t-zone area to slow down oil production. Purifying Liquid is applied directly to any area of concern every other night.

Kleraderm Idroderm Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Idroderm Giveaway Basket

Idroderm Basket (Total Value $175!)  This basket has three fabulous products that hydrate, firm, and nourish dry skin. The Idroderm line features intensive moisturizing and repairing treatments for dehydrated skin that lacks the natural mantle responsible for keeping skin’s balance of water and oil. Idroderm restores the correct moisture balance and nourishes the upper layers of skin while providing UV protection. Idroderm has a high content of native collagen and hyaluronic acid promoting healthy cell life. If you have dry skin, try these products and you will find your skin becomes balanced, hydrated and radiant.

idroderm cleansing milk

Collagen Cleansing Milk is a light emulsion composed of carefully selected ingredients including collagen. It ensures a deep pore cleansing, removing all impurities and traces of makeup while preserving skin’s natural mantle and pH balance.

idro tonic lotion

Collagen Tonic is an alcohol-free toner rich in active properties to soothe and refresh skin.  This elegant toner is one of my favorites of all time.

idro collastin cream

Collastin Cream has a high concentrate of native collagen and elastin fibers that wrap around the skin’s own collagen and elastin fibers to correct wrinkles and fine lines. Skin becomes firm and youthful in appearance. This intensive hydrating treatment creates healthy, well-balanced skin.

Which basket is right for you, Purissima for oily skin or Idroderm for dry skin?  Both baskets are wonderful collections with the basics needed for proper skin care health.  You even get to choose which one you’d prefer winning. Use the Rafflecopter to enter. This giveaway is open to US only through April 1st at 11:59 p.m.

Towards the end of our giveaways the comments sometimes close early.  If that happens to you just email me your comment at and label it Kleraderm Giveaway #1 comment. Then you can click “I commented” on the Rafflecopter and keep on going. All entries will be verified so make sure you enter honestly. Thank you for reading Beauty Info Zone, we really appreciate you!!  – Lisa

Future Kleraderm baskets for our anniversary giveaways will focus on uneven skin tone, sensitive skin, mature skin, and advanced skin treatments – over $1500 worth of products, so stay tuned and enter often!!!

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*giveaway products thanks to the one and only Joanne Recchia and Kleraderm.  My opinion of Kleraderm based on over five years of amazing results!

Battling wrinkles Side by Side: Derma E Firming DMAE Eye Lift and Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer SPF 30

The more we test derma e® products, the more impressed we become. derma e® is not just a big faceless corporation, it’s a company that has been family owned for over 30 years. This skin care line focuses on products that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. derma e® features over 80 products that are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and petrolatum. They definitely walk the talk – derma e® products are cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan, plus their manufacturing and operations are offset 100 percent by wind power. All of this, plus super effective products, make derma e® a line easy to review.

In January, derma e®, launched its new Firming DMAE Eye Lift and Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer SPF 30. Doctor-developed, clinically-tested and consumer-tested, these healthy, safe, naturally advanced formulas deliver real visible results.

“derma e® is raising the bar for natural skin care performance with the launch of these two new products,” says Jennifer Norman, Vice President of Marketing for derma e®. “In pre-launch consumer testing, Firming DMAE Eye Lift and Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer SPF 30 showed significant skin firming, lifting and wrinkle smoothing results. They deliver high-end benefits without compromising the health of your body, the health of your skin or the health of the environment.”

So how did our results compare to the results of the 8 week study?  Read on to find out!

LISA’S SIDE:  derma e® Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer SPF 30 ($45)

Derma E Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer

I tested the the triple-action, daytime moisturizer that is designed to smooth and relax deep wrinkles while also protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Key ingredients include advanced peptides Argireline®, Matrixyl® synthe’6® and Clear Zinc Oxide chemical-free sunscreen.

DermaE Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer

In their study, after 8 weeks the participants saw some pretty impressive improvements. 100% reported less fine lines, 96% reported less wrinkles, and 96% reported less sagging.

DermaE Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer swatch

I used this moisturizer for two months, applying it every morning. This is a very thick cream – so thick, in fact, I had some trouble getting it out of the airless pump tube packaging. I found that I needed to squeeze the tube while also pressing the dispenser in order to get enough product. Other than that small note, my experience was terrific. Sometimes day moisturizers with sunscreen leave a white or gray cast to my skin, but this doesn’t. There is no fragrance and after two months I can say I feel that my fine lines are less noticeable and I have less redness. I am very impressed!  The Deep Wrinkle Peptide Moisturizer is a real winner.

MARCIA’S SIDE:  derma e® Firming DMAE Eye Lift ($24.95)

derma e DMAE Eye Lift

derma e DMAE Eye Lift

Lisa knows that I need to try every single eye cream on the market so she happily let me test this out when we received two products. I didn’t see the following results but….

Improvements reported by participants after eight weeks of use:

  • 95% reported less sagging
  • 95% reported less wrinkles
  • 90% reported less droopiness

Participants experienced soft, smooth, tighter skin around the eyes:

  • “Skin seems to have more elasticity”
  • “The skin around my eyes feels tighter”
  • “Skin is softer and smoother”

… what I did find is that my eyes did look firmer after use. I’ve used this both night and day and prefer it for daytime. I love seeing the results of the firming since I wake up with puffy eyes most days.

The ingredients in this helps to lift and firm the area around my eyes. It works to smoothe the crow’s feet that I am not happy seeing. The key ingredients include DMAE and advanced peptides Matrixyl® synthe’6®, Argireline® and InstaLift®Goji Berry.

derma e DMAE Firming Eye Lift

derma e DMAE Firming Eye Lift

derma e®  Firming DMAE Eye Lift is one of the most reasonably priced ($24.95) products you can find that include such great ingredients while also being 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, GMO-free.

With Earth Day/Month coming up quickly derma e® is a great resource for you to find products that you’ll be happy to use for both you and the planet. Visit, follow on Facebook at derma e® Natural Skincare or Twitter @derma_e for more information.

*products sent for editorial consideration