Walk Hand in Hand with Farm House Fresh Organic Hand Cream

Farmhouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter Cream

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Isn’t it great? FarmHouse Fresh now has an organic line! They promise to have us ‘illuminate from without’ by crafting their organic line without GMOs, synthetic herbicides and pesticides. FarmHouse Fresh gets certification required inspections from roots to jar. That  means that their pick bins, gloves, equipment, storage containers, handling facilities and filling processes are all organic. Not only that but there is an auditing firm logo on each jar. Could you get any more organic than that?

FarmHouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter

I was lucky enough to be sent the Island Elixir Shea Butter cream. I have very dry cuticles and love the way this delicately scented (coconut and pineapple) cream keeps my hands supple and moist. I’m typing with the cream freshly applied to my hands and am having no problems hitting the right keys or slipping off the keys. There’s no slippage or inability to be flexible. Plus I smell like a delicious fruity cocktail.

FarmHouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter

The reasons why FarmHouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter cream is so effective are, of course, due to the ingredients: Organic Shea Butter and Coconut Oil containing Vitamins A, D & E, which help skin retain moisture. Those ingredients are boosted by Sweet Almond Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids.

FarmHouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter


The Island Elixir Shea Butter Cream is also excellent for soothing and beautifying cracked and dry feet; they have made a big difference to the look and texture of mine.

FarmHouse Fresh Island Elixir Shea Butter

If you can’t visit a tropical island, try Island Elixir Shea Butter cream as a scrumptious alternative. Your hands, feet and budget will thank you.  —  written by Phyllis

Lift your spirits with Farmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road Body Cream

Robert Frost
A little Robert Frost is always good for the soul. Farmhouse Fresh® takes the goodness to a new level with Rainbow Road™, a beautiful body lotion that was inspired by Frost’s quote about taking the road less traveled. In fact, this Body Shea Butter Cream with White Coconut & Bartlett Pear Fragrance is meant to be a perfect gift for anyone experiencing a tough time while traveling a rocky path. The beautiful scent was created to encourage, enlighten, and inspire.   rainbow-road-shea-butter-cream-4

Farmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road Body Lotion ($30 for an 8 oz. bottle with pump) is a 97% natural, shea-butter enriched formula that is also vegan and gluten-free. The lotion is a combination of shea and cocoa butter, jojoba seed oil, soybean oil, aloe, and vitamins A and E. Together, these ingredients make for a super hydrating lotion that feels fabulous and even treats sunburns. The scent is a heavenly concoction of Bartlett pear and toasty coconut.

Farmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road packageFarmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road bottleFarmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road swatchFarmhouse Fresh Rainbow Road on the sink

The packaging is, like all FarmHouse Fresh products, vintage-gorgeous. I keep this in my bathroom so I can slather it on after washing my hands. The English teacher in me just loves the Robert Frost inspiration and the blogger in me loves the way the moisturizer soaks in quickly and leaves a soft scent behind. I highly recommend that you lift your spirits and soothe your soul with Rainbow Road.  It is awesome.
You can visit online at www.farmhousefreshgoods.com. The products can be purchased at luxury retail boutiques as well as top destination spas and resorts including the Glen Ivy Resort & Spas, Four Seasons Chicago, The Spa at Camelback Inn, Ritz-Carltons, Hershey Hotel and Hyatt Regencys, among others.  – Lisa

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Ixora Botanical Beauty – the word of the day is yummy

ixora logoWe need you to go take a look at Ixora’s site before you read this review. C’mon go do it. We’ll wait. Have you looked??? Now are we writing about cooking or beauty? You almost can’t tell when you start looking at the beautiful pictures that the owner has posted to show the products she creates. Ixora is a botanical beauty site that is fulfilling the dream of the owner. Ixora is the name of a flower grown on the island of St. Croix which is part of the US Virgin Islands. Sharing the beauty and botanical ingredients of these islands is the goal of Ixora Botanical Beauty.

Whatever you chose is handmade so everything is freshly made for you.  And many of the products on the site are sold in 2 oz. sample sizes so you can get a taste/feel of a lot for not too much money. They even have a section of Vegan products which is just so unusual. We love the idea of supporting an etailer especially when the products are as high quality as the ones that we tried.

Marcia’s Side:

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Lisa and I were each sent a product of our choice and I chose Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub. It just might be because it looked good enough to eat! Look at that gorgeous picture. It’s so delicious in my shower that I may never let it leave. I prefer a sugar scrub since I think they are gentler on your skin while still doing a great job of exfoliating. The sugar grains are fine enough that I can even use this without a washcloth or scrubby.

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Sugar Scrub

Ixora Sugar Scrub

It does a great job of exfoliating my flaky legs while also moisturizing them. In the summer I don’t like to use another lotion since I prefer “one and done”. I save my lotions and body butters for non-showering days. The peppermint in this is luscious. It’s not sweetly sick like some that I’ve gotten tired of quickly (yes Philosophy, that’s you). Instead it’s a brisk, more natural smelling peppermint. This is a great shower treat.

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ixora Peppermint Swirl Sugar Scrub

Ingredients: Shealoe Butter, White Pure Cane Sugar, Extra Virgin Unrefined Pure Coconut Oil, Red Jojoba Beads, Beeswax pearls: white, Peppermint Fragrance

Lisa’s Side:

I was lucky enough to test the Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter ($15). It’s the same product as the Whip It Up Shea Butter ($14) with some added bling to give skin an extra gleam.

inside Ixora

inside Ixora Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter

Ixora swatch

Ixora Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter swatch

By the way, if you love body butters, Ixora is the place to go – I counted about 18 different types that are available and each one sounds better than the one before!

Whip It Up Shimmering Shea Butter is made from Shea Nilotica Butter. It’s super thick, but body heat melts it almost immediately and it sinks right into skin. This amazing moisturizer is the cure for super dry, itchy skin and it even works great on eczema and sunburns. In the swatch picture you can see how it started to melt. Check out the tiny golden shimmers in the liquid part. They are beautiful and add just the right amount of femininity to your look.

You don’t need much of this body butter to moisturize yourself from head to toe so the 8 oz. jar will last months. This is a great option from a line full of terrific body treats.

Ingredients: Shea Nilotica Certified Organic and Fair Trade, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Gold Rush Mica Powder, Fragrance Oil (s) – Optional

4 oz, 8 oz

Ixora ingredients

Ixora ingredients

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Sugar Rush – as luscious as it looks

Have you ever seen anything that delicious looking? We aren’t reviewing food even though these look good enough to eat. Instead we are going to introduce you to Sugar Rush Bath Company products so you can find out about their wonderful looking and smelling products.

Sugar Rush was developed to solve a problem. The creator, Tavia Williams, has a son with extreme eczema so she went to work making products that would soothe his skin. Her first product was a whipped shea butter, which helped him and led her on her way to other great products.

There are so many positives about this company:

– they are made using natural ingredients

– there is no alcohol in these products so skin isn’t dried out

– no water is used as filler

– they contain Vitamin E and Grape Seed oil as the ingredients to seal in moisture

– products are hand-crafted to ensure quality and integrity


Sugar Rush Body Icing

The product I received to review is Body Icing in Vanilla Almond Treat. This jar is chock full of the shea butter. It may look fluffy in the PR shot but what you’ll get is a solidly packed jar. The fragrance is quite strong so on the days you use this you might want to skip any cologne or find one that meshes well with it. It does fade throughout the day but it starts off a little heavy. What I’ve found is that I needed to use the smallest amount. I dried off after my shower and then scooped a little out for each leg. It banished the flakes and left my skin well moisturized.

Sugar Rush Body Icing

This whipped shea butter Treat is also available in three other scents: Apricot Chamomile Rush; Cravin’ Coco-Mango;  and Milk Honey Sensation. While it was created for eczema and psoriasis, it’s a great moisturizer for the rest of us too. At $20.50 per jar it may seem like a lot but a little goes extremely far. Plus the packaging is just too darn cute!

Body Icing Ingredients

(Ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacoa (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Mica Powder, wheatstarch, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, herbs and a blend of one or more: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E, may contain fragrance (parfum) and or Essential oils)


I love body oil and I use it every day.  It’s a great way to get beautifully moisturized skin with just a kiss of scent.  It’s also a multi-tasker than makes massaging out those muscle kinks much easier and more enjoyable.

Body Oil in Craving Coco Mango

The Body Oil from Sugar Rush ($17) is a huge bottle of good for your skin, good smelling wonderfulness.  The oil is perfect, it soaks right in so it doesn’t leave skin sticky, and it moisturizes beautifully.

Body Oil ingredients

I got about four back massages from the hubby as I ‘tested’ out this product before he got wise and called me an opportunist.  It’s a lovely body moisturizer and works well as a bath oil too.   The Craving Coco Mango scent is really, really nice.  It’s a mix of chocolate and mango that smells yummy but not too foody.  The scent is not overly feminine, so everyone will enjoy it.  Other scents available include Apricot Chamomile Rush, Milk Honey Sensation, and Vanilla Almond Treat.

Cupcake Bath Bomb – cute!

I also tried the Cupcake Bath Bomb ($12) in Choc-It-To-Me.  The packaging is super cute, and there are options for custom packaging for special occassions like shower gifts.

Looks yummy…

This comes in a plastic box tied with a ribbon.  The cupcake inside looks so realistic it’s pretty amazing.

Cupcake wrapped in plastic wrap

It comes encased in plastic wrap to ensure the cupcake doesn’t get all smeary during it’s journey to your bathtub.

Cupcakes – more than just a sugary dessert!

The Choc-It-To-Me scent is divine – super, deep, chocolately, and not synthetic in any way.  Delicious!!

It smells as good as it looks!

Even unwrapped this cupcake looked so real it fooled everyone in my family.


and ready for the bath!

The bottom is the fizzy part, the top is the moisturizing part.  This is really more of an ‘adult’ bath time treat.  The fizziness is slow, it’s not like the exploding volcano baking soda experience.  And the top part lasts a long time, giving you skin so soft it is absolutely unreal.   One of these cupcakes was enough for four baths, so it’s far more economical than I expected.

Be sure you check into Sugar Rush and all of their yummy products. Even if you are dieting (as usual) you can get a sweet fix and smell good at the same time.

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Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter review and a giveaway

When I first received this huge tub of pure shea butter from Cleopatra’s Choice I was a bit stymied. What do I do with it? It looked like something I should be cooking with actually. What I learned though is that it is 100% Organic Pure Shea Butter  from Africa. I’ve ordered products with shea butter before but never realized that for a low price I could use the original and skip the middleman.

Cleopatra’s Choice 100% Pure African Shea Butter

The official name is “Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter 100% Organic from Africa- Yellow Color, Grade A” and this baby is 1 solid pound. What makes this particular shea butter so wonderful is that it’s created by Fair Trade, Sustainable Farming. The more you read, the more you should know about sustainable farming and fishing. Yes it will make you feel guilty for most of the things you eat but it will also make you much more aware of how we need to treat our earth’s resources. OK, enough politics, on to the product.

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter  is imported from Ghana Africa. It contains Vitamins A, E and F. This highly concentrated product is wonderful for everyone in your family from baby to grandparents. It restores moisture to wrinkled skin, soothes sun parched skin, helps minimize scars and stretch marks and is even safe enough for diaper rash. It’s also a wonderful product for your hair. If you have dull, damaged hair apply just a little bit of this as an overnight leave in conditioner and you’ll be amazed at how restored your hair will look when you wash it the next day. To make it even better, it has antiseptic uses and can be safely used on burns and scrapes.

Solid Shea Butter when opened

a hard dab out of the package

my hand with the Shea Butter

In the winter Shea Butter moisturizes away the flakies while in the summer this same product gives your skin a softness that makes you look so touchable. It’s great to slather on right after a bath or shower when your skin is ready to absorb it. The best way to use it is to take a cosmetic spatula and scoop out a small amount, put it between your fingers and warm it up. That way it spreads better. It doesn’t absorb instantly, no real shea butter item ever does. There’s also a fragrance to it which is why I prefer to use it on my legs or feet. It’s not a super strong fragrance but it is noticeable for a while.

What’s so incredible is the price of this – 1 pound for only $9.95. You’ll be amazed at the amount of uses you’ll get out of this $10 bargain.  This cruelty free product has a long ingredient list: 100% Pure, Unprocessed Fair Trade Shea Butter. That’s it. That’s all.  — Marcia

We have a surprise for one reader. Cleopatra’s Choice has offered to send one reader the following products:
1. Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin
2. Adovia Sheer Tint Mineral Moisturizer SPF 20
3. Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask

Lisa has reviewed two different Adovia products right here so you can learn about the line. Here’s just a hint of what will be in the package:

Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin – we love Argan Oil and rave about it all the time. Cleopatra’s Choice is an organic pure argan oil that you can use anywhere!

Adovia Sheer Tint Mineral Moisturizer SPF 20

Adovia Sheer Tint Mineral Moisturizer SPF 20 A hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic tinted moisturizer – have foundation coverage, sunscreen and moisturizer all in one with this product. You will get to pick your shade if you are the winner.

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask – this mud mask is especially great for anyone with oily skin. It helps with breakouts as well as your skin’s appearance.

This giveaway sponsored by Cleopatra’s Choice is open through Saturday July 14th at 11:59 p.m. EST. The prize package will be sent by Cleopatra’s Choice and is for US only.


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