SOS for sensitive skin: Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

Phytoceane Dermo-Softness FluidSometimes you need to throw your sensitive skin a life jacket, especially with cold winter wind and drying indoor heat. My skin gets VERY sensitive at this time of year and a product I love for calming and comforting the irritation is Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid ($57.50).

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Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

Phytoceane is a French-based professional skin and body care line that can be found in high-end spas all over the world. It’s a natural, marine-based brand that is classically French, with an emphasis on travel, escape, and luxurious pampering. Phytocéane DERMO-SOFTNESS FLUID is their moisturizer specifically designed to soothe sensitive skin from harsh environmental factors including the sun, wind, pollution, and even your cosmetics (we often forget that our cosmetics can be irritating, especially during harsh weather).

This face moisturizer is wonderfully lightweight and soaks in quickly, leaving skin soft and calm without any stickiness. It relieves all skin complaints such as redness, itching, tingling and tightness. The ingredients include what Phytocéane calls ‘gems of the sea’ to fight the inflammatory response and soothe with hydration and minerals. Allantoin, vitamin B5 and coralline extract are the stars in the elegant formula that heals and protects sensitive skin.

Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

Phytoceane Dermo-Softness Fluid

• OcéaDiam® – known as the “soothing gem of the sea.” A 100% pure extract of laboratory-cultivated white microalgae Gephyrocapsa oceanica. Remarkable protective qualities.

• RubiMarin® – known as the “moisturizing gem of the sea.” Extracted from laboratory-cultivated red algae Jania Rubens. Moisturizing and remineralizing.

• Allantoïn – boosts cell renewal. Healing, soothing and softening properties.

• Vitamin B5 – known as the “anti-stress vitamin.” Restores the barrier function of the skin. Guards against Vitamin B5 deficiency, a factor underlying many skin conditions.

• Coralline Concentrate – vasoconstrictor action. Decreases redness and improves cell oxygenation.

Phytocéane DERMO-SOFTNESS FLUID is almost like a serum, it’s so lightweight. It really shines for relieving that tight feeling that comes from too much exposure to wind or cold. It has a very light rose/orange blossom scent that is wonderfully fresh and dissipates quickly.  It also protects skin from any future exposure to external stress – in fact, it has a +72% effect based on an evaluation by a clinician after 28 days of twice-daily application.

Phytocéane DERMO SOFTNESS FLUID may be purchased in select spas and at If your skin is crying SOS, throw your sensitive skin a life jacket and check out this beautiful moisturizer!  – Lisa

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