Get centered with Scentered Therapy Balms Ultimate Survival Kit!


Oh, if you only knew how much I need my Scentered Therapy Balms. I need some of these mood enhancing body balms more than others, but every single one has saved me time and again. October is, by far, the most stressful month for a high school guidance counselor (my day job…I am a beauty blogger by night). The craziness of college applications, letters of recommendation, student anxiety and mental health issues…and in order to be a good counselor I need to be calm, collected, and centered. So all throughout the day I pull out the appropriate Scentered Therapy Balm to quickly get me back on track.                                                                              samples

Scentered Therapy Balms

Scentered Therapy Balms

Scentered Therapy Balms are fragranced solid balms that are applied to pulse points…or for real immediate gratification I just take a deep inhale. They go to work immediately, calming me down and restoring my mood back to center. There are five different Scentered Therapy Balms from which to choose. Each one can be purchased individually for $24, or for those of us who have stress times fifty, there is the Ultimate Survival Kit for $80.

Scentered Therapy Balm in EscapeSometimes I just need to escape from my current reality. Ok, who am I kidding….I OFTEN need to escape from my current reality. When that happens, I reach for ESCAPE, which is a combination of musky oud, woodsy frankincense, and warm sandalwood. Add in a little vanilla and some smoky birch and cinnamon and it’s an instant escape to an exotic vacation. Aaahhhhh.

Scentered Therapy Balm in LoveWhen I need a hug, I get some LOVE.  Love comforts and calms me with bright orange and clove, romantic rose and jasmine, and rich patchouli and cedarwood. This is especially good for soothing anxiety and opening your heart.

Scentered Therapy Balm in FocusI often find myself so preoccupied with problems that I can’t seem to get anything done – I’m just running around in circles. That’s when I pull out FOCUS to get my head clear and my mind laser focused. The fragrance is crisp and green, with refreshing peppermint, clary sage, spearmint and thyme.

Scentered Therapy Balm in Sleep WellDo you ever fall into bed dead tired, but then can’t sleep because you just can’t shut off your mind?? That’s when SLEEP WELL will become your best friend. There is nothing more relaxing than this magical combination of lavender, chamomile, and geranium. One whiff and you will soon be off to dreamland.

Scentered Therapy Balm in Stress LessMy favorite of the six is the one I need the most often – STRESS LESS. I am a stress puppy. I thrive on excitement and that adrenaline from deadlines and helping others in crises, but a body can only take so much. At some point pretty much every day I think, dang, this stress is going to send me right over the edge. STRESS LESS really and truly helps, with a super relaxing combination of chamomile, neroli, orange, and jasmine. It automatically resets me back into balance and peace.

I think all of the Scentered Therapy Balms are fabulous fragrance balms. If you can only afford one, there isn’t a bad choice among them. If you can afford the Ultimate Survival Kit, go for it — I can promise you there is a balm for every time you find yourself a little off-center.  – Lisa

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