3 in 1 mineral color that makes life easy: Susan Posnick Cosmetics ColorMe in Lilly and Peony

Susan Posnick, the gorgeous makeup artist to stars such as Cindy Crawford, Diane Lane, and Amber Valletta, found herself faced with a huge challenge: skin cancer. Instead of slowing her down, her battle with cancer inspired her to create a line of cosmetics with major skin protection that was simple and easy to use. Susan says, “My vision for Susan Posnick Cosmetics is to “Make Beauty Simple” – bringing  real life beauty and sun protection together.”

Susan Posnick - photo from thedallassocials.com

Susan Posnick – photo from thedallassocials.com

Susan Posnick Cosmetics is perfect for busy women who don’t have time for lots of fussy products.  She started with her groundbreaking COLORFLO foundation (stay tuned for a Side by Side review of the foundation soon!) and then added more skin-protecting products for lips, cheeks, and eyes in fantastic shades.

The BIZ was sent two COLORME Mineral Colors ($32) to review and I won the arm wrestling match with Marcia (yay!). These are some of the coolest multi-purpose color products I have ever reviewed.

Susan Posnick Mineral ColorMe for eyes and cheeks

Susan Posnick Mineral COLORME for eyes and cheeks

COLORME is a pot of mineral color that has a spongy puff on the top. Color comes out as you press down on the puff. There is also a mirror attached, making this very user-friendly and easy to use in the car (but not while driving, please!) or anywhere else for a quick touch-up. This is the very best blush I have found for those of you who really don’t like or have the time to mess around with makeup.

The COLORME pots - notice the mirror on top

The COLORME pots – notice the mirror on top

The mineral color is infused with vitamins A and E, so it’s good for the skin. I find the color is long-lasting; it even lasted through my hour-long fencing lesson where my head was encased in a helmet that looks like this:

Sure, it protects my eyes from being poked out...but it can be hell on my makeup!

Sure, it protects my eyes from being poked out…but it can be hell on my makeup!

The mineral color has excellent pigmentation so it’s best to apply lightly and layer until for the desired color intensity. I put this right onto my cheeks by pressing the puff against them and it makes for a perfect application that doesn’t even need further blending.

As an eyeshadow, I either use a brush or if I am in a hurry I simply use the edge of the sponge and pat on the color. It can be used as a lip color too –press a finger or a lip brush onto the sponge, pat the color on the lips then finish with a little clear lip gloss or lip conditioner.

ColorMe in Lilly

COLORME in Lilly


The sponge top – Lilly

Lilly swatched

Lilly swatched

Lilly is a rosy shade that was inspired by Natalie Portman. It is a beautifully subtle, ‘glow from within’ blush shade, and I love this as an eyeshadow.

ColorMe in Peony

COLORME in Peony


The sponge top – Peony

Peony swatched

Peony swatched

Peony is a true pink that was inspired by Zooey Deschanel. This is a brighter blush shade and makes for an awesome lip color.

Other color options include:

  • Camelia- an elegant peached pink, angelic with subtle shimmer. (Inspired by Kate Hudson)
  • Ginger- a subtle bronzed glow, like warmth from the sun after a luxurious day at the beach. (Inspired by Angie Harmon)
  • Lotus Sun- a gorgeous sun-kissed coral with glimmers of silver and gold. (Inspired by Charlize Theron)
  • Scarlett- a deep flush, fresh from a brisk walk in Central Park.(Inspired by Jennifer Hudson)
  • Orchid- a beautiful mulberry wash, giving an exotic bloom to the skin. (Inspired by Scarlett Johansson)
Lilly eyes and Peony cheeks

Lilly eyes and Peony cheeks

I definitely want to try Camelia, Scarlett, and Orchid. If you haven’t explored the Susan Posnick line yet, I encourage you to do so now!  Stay tuned for several more Susan Posnick Cosmetics reviews.

Susan Posnick Cosmetics is sold at luxury department stores and specialty retailers and spas. You can also find Susan Posnick online at beauty.com, dermstore.com, neimanmarcus.com and SusanPosnick.com.  - Lisa

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Melanie Mills Gleam Radiant Dust review and swatches

Melanie Mills Radiant PowderMelanie Mills, the famous makeup artist known for her products that make you ‘gleam’, has a great loose powder option called Radiant Dust ($59). She sent the BIZ sample sizes of all four shades – Light Gold Dust, Rose Gold Dust, Bronze Gold Dust, and Deep Gold Dust. This powder compliments her acclaimed Gleam Body Radiance, one of my favorite self tanner/body moisturizers that I reviewed HERE.

Here are swatches of all four Radiant Dust shades:

starting from left:

starting from left: Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, Light Gold, Deep Gold

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Light Gold

Light Gold

Bronze Gold

Bronze Gold

Deep Gold

Deep Gold

There are so many things you can do with these shimmering powders. I use them for an all-over sparkle in the summer and layer them over my Gleam Body Radiance for some mega glamour. Rose Gold and Light Gold are gorgeous highlighters. Bronze Gold and Deep Gold are excellent bronzers and blushes. All of the shades are super pretty as eyeshadows and when combined with some mixing medium they transform into gorgeous cream eyeshadows. The texture of the powders is incredibly soft and silky since these are moisturizing powders. They also have a yummy vanilla scent. Almost $60 seems like a lot to pay for loose powder, although while I have sample jars the regular jars look absolutely huge. My guess is a jar will last for a very, very long time.

left to right:

left to right:  Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold, Deep Gold

What I love these for most is something that isn’t even beauty related. I use them as ‘sleeping powder’ for my youngest daughter. When she can’t sleep, I sprinkle one of the powders over her and she is magically comforted and goes right to sleep!  All the shades are beautiful. If you are a shimmer girl, you will absolutely love these.  - Lisa

*pr sample

Makeup Geek Pigments Side by Side

Lisa and Marcia have both long been fans of pigments, AKA loose eyeshadows. In fact, Marcia introduced Lisa to pigments waaaay back in 2003. She asked Lisa if she ever used them and Lisa said nope, they didn’t last on her eyes long enough to make them worth the effort. Marcia was, of course, horrified and she promptly schooled Lisa in the necessity of a good eyeshadow primer.

Pigments from Makeup Geek - hooray!

Pigments from Makeup Geek – hooray!

Makeup Geek Pigments

Makeup Geek Pigments

All these years later Lisa still regularly uses eye primer and both have a huge collection of eyeshadow pigments. Needless to say, Marcia and Lisa were pretty ecstatic when Marlena of Makeup Geek came out with her collection of pigments.

Makeup Geek Pigments ($6.99) have a truly fantastic price point. Compare the jars that come with about 2 grams of pigment for about $7 to MAC’s Pigments, which are 4.5 grams for $21. Makeup Geek currently has 10 different shades available and today Lisa and Marcia will tell you all about six of those shades.

Lisa’s Side:

It’s true, I have much to thank – or blame – Marcia for, and she is completely responsible for my pigment obsession. I adore pigments because they are fun, versatile, affordable and shareable!

I tried three of Marlena’s new pigments:  Sweet Dreams, Birthday Wish, and New Years Eve.

Sweet Dreams is a ‘light flesh toned beige pink with slight shimmer’.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams swatched

Sweet Dreams swatched

I love this shade. It’s fabulous used wet as a lid shade if you have hooded, deep-set eyes. It’s also terrific for the brow bone. It’s highly pigmented yet applies extremely smooth. This is a perfect shade for anyone’s collection and I keep it out on my vanity all the time.

Birthday Wish is a ‘shimmery light gold peach’. I find that it also has red and brown tones.

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish swatch

Birthday Wish swatch

It’s very unique, I don’t have anything else like it in my collection. I love this as a lid shade or as a crease shade. Used wet, the golden shimmer really pops.

New Year’s Eve is a ‘light gold reflective glitter’.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

New Years Eve swatch

New Years Eve swatch

This is a very light shade – it’s really all about the glitter. I use it dry over matte shades to give them some life. Used wet, it becomes more golden with orange tones – stunning!

pigment swatches

left to right:  Sweet Dreams, Birthday Wish, New Year’s Eve

Makeup Geek pigment eyes

Makeup Geek pigment eyes

Makeup Geek

another pic – Makeup Geek pigment eyes

For this eye look, I used Sweet Dreams as a lid and brow shade, with Birthday Wish in the crease. I also used Makeup Geek Gel Eyeliner in Fame.

Makeup Geek pigments

Makeup Geek pigment FOTD!

Marcia’s side:

The 3 Makeup Geek pigments I received are all about being bright and partying! These colors are gorgeous and vibrant.

Makeup Geek pigments in Liquid Gold, Afterglow and Prince Charming

Makeup Geek pigments in Liquid Gold, Afterglow and Prince Charming

The ones I have are Liquid Gold, Afterglow and Prince Charming. I’ve been lusting after some shades that are close to antique gold so I was especially excited to be able to try out Liquid Gold.

Makeup Geek Liquid Gold pigment

Makeup Geek Liquid Gold pigment

Liquid Gold is called a true metallic gold but I see that unique undertone of green that makes it slightly different than a gold “gold”.

Makeup Geek Liquid Gold pigment

Makeup Geek Liquid Gold pigment

Afterglow is a shade that everyone should want. Makeup Geek calls it a soft shimmery champagne. I see a touch of peach to it. It is stunning on and works with just about everything I’ve tried it with.

Makeup Geek Afterglow pigment

Makeup Geek Afterglow pigment

Makeup Geek Afterglow and Liquid Gold pigment swatches

Makeup Geek Afterglow and Liquid Gold pigment swatches

Prince Charming is taking us in another direction since he’s a metallic cool silver while the other two are warmer shades.

Makeup Geek Prince Charming pigment

Makeup Geek Prince Charming pigment

Makeup Geek Prince Charming pigment

Makeup Geek Prince Charming pigment

Prince Charming looks beautiful with Twinkle Gel Liner (a metallic dark gray with blue undertones and a smooth shimmery finish). It’s gorgeous for a night out especially.

Prince Charming, Afterglow and Liquid Gold

Prince Charming, Afterglow and Liquid Gold

Not to be corny but Prince Charming has made my antique gold dream come true with Liquid Gold and now I have an Afterglow.

The secret to working with pigments is to use a slightly sticky eye primer first and let it dry a bit. You want it still slightly tacky though so that the pigments don’t fall off. I prefer a brush like the MAC 242 which is flat and stiff. Makeup Geek carries their MUG Eye Shader Brush which looks like a well priced alternative. I like to first pat pigments on and then later blend them with a softer brush especially for a light shade like Afterglow. The only thing I’d change about my three pigments is that I wish they came with a sifter top since I do make a slight mess when using them. I’ve learned though to place the jars on something I can pick up any spilled pigment like a stainless steel palette or even a piece of paper.

Makeup Geek Eye Shader brush

Makeup Geek Eye Shader brush

Makeup Geek pigments have only deepened our respect for what Marlena has done from the ground up with her company. We are very impressed with the quality, the colors and the prices.

*press samples

Pure fun with Purely You Minerals

Purely You

Purely You Minerals

I love mineral lines and recently the BIZ was sent some small samples by Purely You Minerals to check out. One of the wonderful things about mineral lines are the samples – because most of the products are crushed pigments, it’s easy to try a small amount to see if you like the color and want to invest in a full size product. Purely You Minerals will send free samples of the foundation shades, just go the website and fill out the form.

Here are a few samples they sent us:  Purely Pink Loose Blush, Vanilla Latte Pressed Eyeshadow, Purely Bronze Bronzer.

Purely You

Purely You

They also sent Plum Loose Powder Eyeshadow, Dark Chocolate Pressed Eyeshadow, Tutti Fruity Lip Gloss, and Berry Red Lip Gloss.

Purely You

L to R:  Dark Chocolate, Purely Pink, Vanilla Latte, Purely Bronze, Plum

Pictured above are swatches of, from left to right:  Dark Chocolate Pressed Eyeshadow, Purely Pink Loose Blush, Vanilla Latte Pressed Eyeshadow, Purely Bronze Bronzer, and Plum Loose Powder Eyeshadow.

Purely You

L to R:  Dark Chocolate, Purely Pink, Vanilla Latte

A closer look at, left to right:  Dark Chocolate Pressed Eyeshadow, Purely Pink Loose Blush, Vanilla Latte Pressed Eyeshadow.

Purely You

Top to bottom:  Plum, Purely Bronze

A closer look at top to bottom:  Plum Loose Powder Eyeshadow, Purely Bronze Bronzer.

Purely You

Top to bottom:  Berry Red, Tutti Fruity

And here are swatches of the lip glosses, top to bottom:  Berry Red Lip Gloss, Tutti Fruity Lip Gloss.

The samples all look very promising – the pigments are saturated with color, super smooth, and have nice staying power. If you love mineral lines, take a look at Purely You Minerals.  - Lisa

*pr samples

Starbox by Starlooks – a true cosmetic subscription box at last


Whenever I talk about subscription boxes I hear complaints that people don’t need or want more fragrance or skincare samples. They are inundated with them and plain old tired of them. Yes if the boxes had one of those samples and included cosmetics then people would be happy. Instead they are loaded with samples that will probably never get used. But Starbox by Starlooks  is different – they are just what you have been asking for: COSMETICS!! Just about everything in the box will be cosmetic. What a dream come true.

Starlooks for October

I have the latest box from Starbox and it’s what I’ve been hoping for all along. Full size cosmetics and lots of them. Each month you’ll receive 3-4 FULL SIZED pieces of makeup, hair product, or accessories by STARLOOKS. Each month will include a different mix of product types including colors, styles, formulas, etc.

A box costs $15 a month and there is a small charge for shipping (usually $1.98). Starbox cosmetics are created by the company. They have a very complete FAQ section, much better than any I’ve seen.

Let’s get to what was in my October box and why I’m so happy. There were 3 full size cosmetics that create a beautiful look plus a fun extra.

Gold Dust eyeliner pencil

Gold Dust swatch

  1. Starlooks Eye Pencil in Gold Dust. This is one of 20 shades that Starlooks makes. The shade is perfect for holidays especially. It’s a beautiful gold that isn’t brassy or too yellow. It applies smoothly and evenly. I find if I warm up the tip with my fingers that I can even use it as an eyeshadow. You can buy the pencils at the Starlooks store for $8.

    Starlooks Posh pigment

    Pigment jar opening

    Posh pigment swatched

  2. Starlooks Pigment in Posh. If you love pigments and you love purple then this is for you. It’s a beautiful slightly iridescent shade of purple that isn’t glittery. It applies like a dream. A little goes a long way. What’s so amazing about this pigment is that it lasts so well. I like using a tacky base with a pigment (lately it’s Mally Beauty Eye Primer) and Starlooks Posh pigment is easy to blend over it and lasted me the entire day. You can buy one of the 21 shades for $12.



  3. Starlooks Lipstick in Masquerade. This lipstick surprised me in a few ways. First I opened it and wondered why they’d send a red brown lipstick with purple eyes. Boy was I wrong. Masquerade is a beautiful red with a slight brown undertone that doesn’t show up that way on my lips. I’ve worn it straight from the tube and also applied with a lipbrush. I prefer the lipbrush because I like a softer look if I’m going to wear red lipstick. The other way it surprised me is that it doesn’t have fragrance. Anyone who has read Beauty Info Zone knows that I’m very fussy about fragrance. When I smelled it (I always smell products, one of my idiosyncrasies) I noticed nothing. When I applied it I noticed no fragrance but lots of moisture. Starlooks has me in their lipstick corner now. The online swatch is very accurate for Masquerade so I’m sure that the others are too.

    Online swatch for Masquerade

    Starlooks carries a whooping 89 lipstick shades at $11 each.

    Gold Dust pencil, Posh pigment, Masquerade lipstick

  4. Now for the surprise in the box. It’s called Eye Rock and it’s a set of Eye Tattoos.

    Eye Rock Eye Tattoo

    To use them you start with clean skin without any makeup or creams on. Play around with them to figure the right placement and see if they need to be trimmed. Wet the paper back thoroughly and then let the water soak in for about 40 seconds before you remove the paper. Now wet the area around your eyes liberally and smooth on the tattoo. Wait about 5 minutes for them to dry and seal. Eye Rock has dozens of designs and they cost $5.99 at Beauty.com.

If you’ve been doing the math you’ll see the box would cost $36 if bought separately but it sells for $15 total, no hidden costs. As with all subscription boxes, you take a chance because you don’t know what you’ll get but I can assure you that this is an amazing box for a great price. While it will be my 18 year old niece who ends up with Eye Rock tattoos, I’m happily using all the other products.

Starbook December teaser

Starbox December special

Now here’s the best part, Starlooks sells eyeshadow palettes for $99 but if you pre-order the December Starbox subscription you’ll be getting one for $15.  If that doesn’t persuade you to pre-order the December box I don’t know what will. It would make a fabulous gift too for any cosmetic lover on your list.

I see Starboxes in my future, do you? — Marcia

*sent for an honest review

The Garden – OCC Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquers

One of my favorite booths at the IMATS show is the OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) one. It’s like a wonderland of color. As far as the eye can see are amazing pigments for eyes and cheeks, Lip Tars in the most delicious colors and oodles of nail polishes. You can’t help but stop at their booth, that is if you can cut through the crowds that feel the same way. While I can drool over the beautiful colors online, it’s not often I can see them up close and play with them. Unfortunately for me though IMATS is not in my plans this year and OCC is one of the reasons I’m so sad about that.

Luckily I have a few of the newest OCC products to console me but it isn’t enough. For spring/summer 2012 they’ve created a beautiful collection called The Garden. This garden is unlike any you’ve seen before. The ordinary, though beautiful, pastels you are used to are injected with triple doses of color to make them more vibrant and appealing than ever.

In The Garden there are 6 new Lip Tars, 5 new pigments AKA Loose Color Concentrate, a new glitter, and 6 stunning Nail Lacquers. They’ve updated their packaging on Lip Tars and Nail Lacquers for more precision in applying.

LOOSE COLOR CONCENTRATE ($12): pictured Triptych and Datura

The 5 new shades are Datura (opalescent pink lavender), Foxfire (silvery lime-green shimmer), Acacia (yellow with blue green duochrome), Triptych (sleek regal gold), and Mimosa (orange with strong gold shimmer). I’m sharing Datura and Triptych with you.

The first thing I noticed when swatching and then using these loose concentrates is the fine texture they have. They feel like silk and apply that way too. Each pot is 2.5 grams and comes with a shaker top that’s covered with sticky plastic. When I use a pigment I only peel off a small corner of the cover so that I won’t get spillage. I then either put the loose color in the top of the container or even better in my Minerals Mate for application.

Datura from occ.com

Datura swatched up close

Datura is an absolutely gorgeous pinky lavender that is very sheer. It gives just a glimmer of color but as you move your head you can see the opalescence it has. It’s beautiful as a soft shade alone on your eyes or as a highlighter. It can be used dry or wet but I prefer it dry. My favorite way to use Datura is to use it over another eyeshadow to soften the color and bring an iridescence to it. It also looks amazing mixed in with a lipgloss or Lip Tar. It was hard to get a picture of the beauty of this because it’s so delicate but on your eyes you’ll definitely see what I mean.


Triptych on the other hand is intense. There’s no getting around the color on this. It’s like a day in the sun with its strong gold pigment. It’s a gorgeous shade that will especially look beautiful on someone with a tan (hopefully a faux tan ladies!!). Besides using this on your eyes, think about mixing a little with your body lotion to bring a sparkle to your arms, chest or legs. It’s summer personified.

LIP TAR ($14):

Kava Kava Lip Tar

Ophelia Lip Tar

Lip Tars are unique to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. These one of a kind products are not for the faint of heart. I was terribly addicted to Lip Tars at one time and like a mad scientist made creations out of them that were fun but a little outré. My husband used to shake his head and wonder what I’d come up with when I’d take a little of the black (Tarred) and start mixing away. One of the most important things to remember about Lip Tars is that a little goes a long long way! Minerals Mate Mixing Tray is perfect for mixing shades and then keeping the colors ready for next time. I bought a lot of small plastic pigment jars on ebay so that when I’d mix I’d be able to take the color with me. Another way to bring those creations is to load up your covered lip brush and use that.

Kava Kava indirect light

The new Garden shades are Belladonna (ultra violet), Digitalis (pink tinged lavender), Penny Royal (roasted peach/brown), Chlorophyll (teal) and the two I have Ophelia (pure petal pink) and Kava Kava (true peach neutral). A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, OCC Lip Tar feels as good on the lips as it looks!

I love their new packaging because it dispenses the product much more slowly and I can easily put it on my lip brush for application. While the outside doesn’t look different from my previous Lip Tars, the tip is better. Both Ophelia and Kava Kava are easy colors to wear though they are intense. The texture of a lip tar is that of a thick liquid lipstick, it’s not loose though, it’s very concentrated which is why a little bit of Lip Tar goes a long way. They go on very slick but they dry to an almost matte texture. I like to be sure my lips are well moisturized before wearing Lip Tars. Kava Kava is the easier one of the two for me to wear. I prefer a light lip color and this has the perfect depth. There’s a definite peach tone but it’s not neon looking like some of my past attempts at Lip Tars. Ophelia is a beautiful, slightly darker pink shade than Kava Kava. Both wear amazingly long on me. I’m a lip biter and I find that in spite of that I still have color long after I expect it to be gone. As you can see by my pictures, these apply lighter than they swatch.


OCC Arsenic

I love the new packaging on the Nail Lacquers. The bottle is so much more sleek but the quality is still the same. The 6 new shades are Kava Kava (crème beige neutral, semi opaque shimmer), Copperhead (brilliant copper glitter, semi opaque glitter), Phantasm (pastel blue metallic, opaque metallic), Chimera (pastel mint, opaque metallic), Chlorophyll (vibrant teal/green, opaque satin) and Arsenic (brilliant silver glitter, semi-opaque metallic).


I received Arsenic to test and it’s pretty amazing. As pretty as it is for summer, it’s going to be outstanding on New Year’s Eve. It applies beautifully because the color is so saturated. I’ve found with most OCC Nail Lacquers that you can get by with one coat if you want to and Arsenic was no different. It dried quickly though so a second coat made it look even better. OCC polishes are long lasting and don’t chip on me.


All OCC products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. It’s a company that you feel good about buying from.

Even if your garden is already planted and shining in the June sun, you can still take advantage of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Garden with these beautiful new shades. — Marcia


*pr samples

March’s Treats Under Ten: Fusion of Color, Zoya and Aveeno

This month we’re thinking green. Green as in color. Green as in saving green (aka money). Green as in using green, good for the earth products.

Green #1 (and 2 actually) belongs to Fusion of Color. For 2012 Fusion of Color is introducing a Color of the Month. For January it was Pantone’s Color of the Year coral as in Mango Tango. In February it was a beautiful shade of bright pink as in Amour pigment and Devotion lipgloss.

image from fusion of color

Now for March you get the beauty of Lucky Charm and Shamrock. Of course greens don’t surprise anyone in March since it’s not only St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th but it’s also the color of hope that spring is truly around the corner. Lucky Charm and Shamrock are two of Fusion of Color’s amazing pigments. Not only are they perfect for March but they are great all year with their beautiful clear colors. Lucky Charm is a soft green with some yellow undertones. This is the kind of green you are going to be seeing in the clothes of the season. Shamrock isn’t a kelly green as you might expect, instead it has a blue undertone. These two shades work together or apart. Shamrock can also be used as a liner (I like using Paula Dorf Transformer when I want to use a pigment as a liner.) While they look shimmery in the site pictures they really don’t look that way on my eyes.

Lucky Charm image from fusion of color

Shamrock image from fusion of color

inside of Fusion of Color Lucky Charm


If you aren’t already a subscriber to Fusion of Color’s monthly newsletter you want to do that now. This month not only do they have 10% off the already inexpensive price of $4.75 (making them $4.28) but if you spend $25 you’ll get a full size gloss in a peach that will possibly be the April Color of the Month. (Hint the magic word is leprechaun.)

Lucky Charm


Lucky Charm and Shamrock

Instead of raving about the quality of Fusion of Color again, you can read my original review and learn why I’m crazy about the company.


Green #2:  I needed a green nail polish to wear for March. I wasn’t swayed by the bright greens I saw at Ulta because I knew I’d wear it once for St. Paddy’s Day and never again. Instead I was drawn in by Zoya’s Yara. The beautiful smoky olive green polish has tiny flecks of gold in it. I like just holding the bottle and admiring the color. This is my new favorite color in makeup and I’d love an eyeshadow this shade. With an eyeshadow though I’d have to go look in the mirror to admire the pretty shade but on my nails I can look any time I want without appearing vain! Yara is part of a fall collection called Smoke and Mirrors and is part of the Mirror side. Zoya’s polishes wear beautifully for me. I love how smoothly they apply and how long they last. All Zoya’s products are “green” since they are non-toxic. Zoya was the first polish brand that removed toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations. They are $8 each so it’s a great Treat Under Ten.

Zoya Yara

Yara outside

Zoya Yara outside blurred to see the shimmer


Green #3 is Aveeno. There are many Aveeno products that I love but I’ll concentrate on my latest favorite, Positively Nourishing Energizing Body Lotion in Pomegranate+Grapefruit. This refreshing smelling lotion is just what I need for my winter weary legs plus it’s a great inexpensive hand cream. It’s got a very light tart fragrance and is amazingly moisturizing. It’s formulated with natural grapefruit and pomegranate too.

image from aveeno.com

Aveeno Energizing Pomegranate + Grapefruit


Aveeno has two new formulas in their Positively Nourishing Collection: the above mentioned Energizing Body Lotion in Grapefruit+Pomegranate and their Calming Body Lotion in Lavender and Chamomile. The Calming Lotion was formulated with those two scents since they are soothing. To complete the line Aveeno Positively Nourishing has 5 different Body Washes. Two are infused with antioxidants (Blackberry + Vanilla; White Peach + Ginger); a hydrating wash (fig); a smoothing wash (pomegranate); and a calming wash (lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile). All of these products are between $6 and $7 and often on sale for less. Aveeno is known for using natural ingredients and being recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians.

So there you have my GREENies for March – beautiful eyes, fabulous nails and soft smooth skin made by trusted companies that care about your skin and what you use on it. – Marcia

*Zoya was purchased, the rest are PR samples.