Help for mature skin: Phytomer RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

Phytomer RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

Every day is a new adventure.  The older we get, the stranger our skin behaves, and once menopause hits even those of us who always had very oily and congested skin suddenly find ourselves at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Menopause causes a sudden decrease in lipids, which results in very dry, tight, and uncomfortable skin.  Phytomer has an incredible jar of loveliness that addresses this particular issue – RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream ($145.50), the perfect antidote to dehydrated skin due to aging skin.

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Phytomer RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

Phytomer RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

There are two main ingredients that plump up the skin from both the inside and the outside:

• Brown Algae Concentrate – restores substance to skin tissues thanks to essential molecules: collagen
and elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid.
• Marine-Origin Corneogel – restores substance to the stratum corneum to fill surface wrinkles with cells
from marine origin: seawater enriched with mineral NMF boosters, mico-algae concentrated in amino acid NMF
boosters, lactic acid and lipids.

Anyone who has super dry skin will love this fantastic moisturizer because it really saturates the skin with hydration without any hint of greasiness or anything that clogs pores.  Those who are going through menopause will be thrilled with the relief it gives to that suddenly parched skin and the major wrinkles that seem to appear overnight because of the lack of lipids.  There is a very slight scent – it’s clean, like oranges and ozone, but it’s barely noticeable.  I found I got immediate relief from dry, parched skin and over time the results just keep getting better and better.   Here are the results from Phytomer’s tests:
More substance deep down
Synthesis of collagen 1: +46%*
Skin is plumped up: 88%**
Skin is springier: 87%**
More comfort
Skin is immediately more comfortable: 92%**
Skin is less dry: 96%**
* In vitro tests on human dermal fiberblasts. **Satisfaction test on 24 women. Twice-daily application for 28 days.

I am beyond impressed with this elegant moisturizing cream.  If you have dry skin or are going through menopause, RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream is exactly what your skin needs!!  You can find this and other Phytomer products in select spas and at  – Lisa

Phytomer RESUBSTANCE Skin Resilience Rich Cream

Getting beach body thighs with Phytomer ResurfaSlim!

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

What is better than sitting back on the beach, gazing at the waves while sipping an ice-cold drink, watching all the cute boys as they walk past?

Doing all of those things knowing that they are watching you too because you look AMAZING.  Yes!!

Girlfriend, I may be over – ahem – 40, but I’m not dead. And neither are you. So let’s take care of our thighs, shall we? I’ve been testing Phytomer ResurfaSlim ($99) (pr sample) and it’s pretty incredible. This is a peel for your hips and thighs and tummy.  Basically, it is a 2 in 1 peel and slimming cream. It exfoliates cells, smooths out skin and resurfaces cellulite even the first time you use it, plus it diminishes stretch marks.

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

The first time I used it after an hour I noticed a definite difference in how smooth my skin was. I love immediate gratification, and this delivers! I think because I got results right away I remembered to use it regularly, every morning and every night, and I have been rewarded with slimming looking thighs and far lighter stretch marks. Mine weren’t super dark or thick to begin with, so your results may vary – but I am very happy with results I’ve gotten.

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

Phytomer ResurfaSlim

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Glycolic, lactic and citric acids plus marine AHAs (Porphyra-Conchoclis): Acid exfoliants for a resurfaced figure
  • Pepper Slimactiv (pink pepper oil): Exclusively targets adipocytes for enhanced lipolytic efficacy
  • GMR – Global Marine Reshaper: Reshapes all the tissues to tone the skin structure

The peeling part comes from the AHA’s, which smooth cellulite and prep skin to absorb the slimming ingredients. The pink pepper oil is the fat burner – remember when caffeine was all the rage for thinner thighs and less cellulite? ResurfaSlim’s combo of the AHA’s and pink pepper oil is eight times more powerful than caffeine! The GMR softens skin and leaves it feeling incredibly smooth to the touch.  There is a fragrance and it’s lovely – jasmine, iris, and fresh green notes.

If you are sensitive to iodine, this is not a product for you. However, if this isn’t a problem and you want slimmer thighs, less dimpling, and less noticeable stretch marks…my goodness, give Phytomer ResurfaSlim a shot!! It really is the bomb. Try it now and by mid July you won’t believe your results. This was one time I didn’t mind having cellulite, only because I got to try this really cool product! Now I just need to figure out a way to get a lifetime supply of ResurfaSlim…..ha!  – Lisa

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Three must-have products to exfoliate and moisturize from Phytomer

Three must-haves from Phytomer

Three must-haves from Phytomer

We all want radiant, glowy skin and in order to get it there are two basic steps:

  1.  Exfoliate!
  2. Moisturize!

Today I have three must-have products that exfoliate and moisturize and are perfect for those with very sensitive skin. They come from Phytomer, a fantastic high end line that is a favorite of mine. The products truly deliver, all while also making me feel spoiled and pampered. They are on the spendy side, but they are all worth every penny.                                                            samples

Phytomer Purifying Gommage Exfoliant

  1.  Purifying Gommage Exfoliant  ($41.50)  ‘Gommage’ means ‘eraser’ in French, and this awesome exfoliant erases dead skin and anything that might be blogging your pores and preventing your skin care from operating at full force. The tiny particles that scrub away the bad stuff include micro algae and kaolin that attach to dead skin so it can be washed away. It’s applied to clean, dry skin in a thin layer. After about five minutes, rub it in circular motions, moving those particles around and lifting off the dead skin. It sort of rolls up into little balls that fall into the sink. Once most of the exfoliator is gone, use your regular cleanser or even just warm water to wash off.  Do this a few times a week and you will be astounded at how great skin looks and feels. This really is an amazing decongestant for skin and is super gentle. Everyone raves about it for a reason – it’s incredible.  Phytomer Youth Contour Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream
  2. Youth Contour Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream ($81.50) I adore multi-tasking products, and this beautiful light cream works wonders on the delicate skin under eyes and around lips. It addresses three major skin issues: wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. It has really cool ingredients that are a superhero trio for the eyes and lips. Dilsea Carnosa red algae extract actually reinforces the skin’s support tissue from within, reducing the depth of wrinkles and fine lines. Chlorella Vulgaris green algae extract soothes skin and reduces puffiness, and Delesseria Sanguinea red algae extract increases circulation and reduces dark circles.Phytomer Decollete Parfait Neck and Decollete Renewing Care
  3. Decollete Parfait ($95.50)  The best skin care advice ever: don’t forget your neck!! I love, love, love the Phytomer Decollete Parfait. This beautiful soft cream sort of ‘irons out’ skin on the neck and chest, immediately making it smoother and softer. It has a bit of illumination in it, which evens out tone and gives a beautiful appearance. Over time, the Brightening Marine Complex lightens dark spots so this is immediate gratification with long term results.

I can’t recommend these three favorites from Phytomer highly enough. If you want to get a beautiful glow, try these for perfect exfoliation and moisturization. You won’t be disappointed.  – Lisa

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Get a bikini body with Phytomer Body Blur Shaka Shaka and Sun Radiance Self Tanning Cream

Phytomer Body Blur and Sun Radiance

Swimsuit season is here and while all those hours of exercise you sweated through last winter add up, why not give that bikini bod a little assist? Phytomer, a French 100% natural skin care and body product company, has some very interesting products that just might give you an edge on the beach (or in your undies!).                                                                                      samples
Phytomer Body Blur

Phytomer Body Blur

This past spring, Phytomer launched a fascinating contouring product called BODY BLUR SHAKA SHAKA Ultra-Smoothing Contouring Lotion ($118.50). It gives some immediate gratification as well as long-term results for evening out cellulite.

The key ingredients include:

Layered Clay – formed by volcanic sediments deposited on the ocean floor millions of years ago. Helical structure allows it to spread over a large area; just one gram of clay can cover an area of several square meters.
ADIPO-3 – obtained from the resin of the Pistacia lentiscus tree. Weakens fat cells by attacking their protective shields. Prevents potential fat cells (preadipocytes) from becoming mature fat cells (adipocytes), slowing down
the production of new fat. Strengthens support tissues by boosting collagen and fibrillin synthesis.
Contouring Algae Trio:  Halopteris scoparia (brown algae) – firming action; Palmaria palmata (red algae) – draining action; Laminaria Digitata (brown algae) – anti-lipogenic.

Phytomer Body Blur

First, the layered clay blurs ‘orange peel skin’, making it look smooth. Then, the marine ingredients soak in and actually weaken fat cells over time. It’s important to shake-shake-shake the bottle first, which is a combination water/oil/powder lotion. It feels velvety soft on and really does ‘blur’ the texture and appearance of skin.

While your skin looks great right away, the fat-fighting Adipo-3 starts shrinking those fat cells while the marine algae promotes drainage and keeps skin firm. This does have a strong citrus fragrance so keep that in mind…and let me tell you, it definitely makes skin look great immediately!

Phytomer Sun Radiance

Phytomer Sun Radiance

Another way to help get a rocking bod on the beach is with a great self tanner. Self tanning makes skin look so much smoother…it really does hide all sorts of imperfections. Phytomer’s SUN RADIANCE SELF-TANNING CREAM Face and Body ($56) is an awesome self tanner that works for all of your cheeks, which is nice – no need for separate tanning products!
The key ingredients include:
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA self-tanning ingredient) – gives skin a lovely bronzed color.
Dimethyl Isosorbide (ingredient carrier) – ensures better absorption of ingredients and a more intense, rapid and lasting tan.
Phytomer Sun Radiance

Phytomer Sun Radiance

Another difference is the color guide is actually white, which makes it very easy to get an even application without streaks. The Sun Radiance Self Tanning Cream also dries super quick, so you can get dressed immediately after applying. The color it gives is gorgeous – a glowy caramel that is absolutely bikini-worthy.

I am loving this powerful duo because my body can use all the help it can get. Check them out for a fantastic bikini body for yourself!  You can purchase Phytomer products in select spas in the US or at  – Lisa

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Keep that beach body with Phytomer Morpho Designer and Phytoceane Bora Bora Sensory Bath

Phytomer and Phytoceane

Phytomer Morpho Designer and Phytoceane Bora-Bora Sensory Bath

Beach bumming days may be winding down but that’s no excuse to lose that beach bum experience…or your beach body!


Travel to Bora Bora with this Phytoceane Bath Oil

Travel to Bora Bora with this Phytoceane Bora Bora Sensory Bath

Phytocéane recently sent me both a message AND a bottle with their luxurious BORA-BORA SENSORY BATH ($33). If you are a bath person be sure to check out this bath oil because it is to die for. It’s a hypnotically vivid blue and the fragrance…WOW. The delicious combination of almond and vanilla waft around you like a warm Bora-Bora breeze. The oil creates a soft, milky foam in the bath that is wonderfully moisturizing. Ingredients include trace minerals and elements from seawater concentrate that rejuvenate skin while melting away muscle knots and tension. I may not be at the beach, but I end up feeling as relaxed and happy as I do seaside.

BORA-BORA SENSORY BATH is available for purchase at select spas in the United States and at

Phytomer Morpho

Phytomer Morpho

Since I am dreaming I’m on the beach with my Bora Bora Sensory Bath, I always follow it with the Phytomer MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion ($110) because when it comes to a beach body I need all the help I can get! Morpho Designer is part of the contouring collection and, let me tell you, this body lotion makes an immediate difference. The lotion sinks right in without heaviness or greasiness. It leaves my skin super soft and smooth…even in areas that are a little, ahem, bumpy.

How does it do this?  Formulated with exclusive ingredient ADIPO-3, it launches a three-pronged attack on fat cells to weaken the structure of existing fat, prevent the natural production of new fat and strengthen and redensify the skin’s support tissues. A duo of marine algaes activates micro-circulation and draining for a firm and energized body, free from excess fat. It has liquid crystals that sort of melt into the skin, not only breaking up existing fat but also preventing new fat from forming. The effectiveness is not just in my mind – take a look at the results Phytomer reports:

Perfecting Effect in 28 days: REFINED silhouette – centimeter loss Volume of the thighs: -20%* Volume of the silhouette: -11%* *Average percentage of variation in the volume of the silhouette of 22 women using BodyScan®

While Morpho Designer doesn’t take the place of good nutrition and exercise, it definitely helps out my beach body cause while leaving my skin lightly scented with the pretty lily of the valley fragrance. Used daily and consistently it really works.

MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion is available for purchase in select spas and at  – Lisa

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Phytomer MORPHO DESIGNER Contouring Crystal Emulsion is not for use on women who are pregnant or nursing. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine. Key Ingredients: • ADIPO-3 – derived from the aromatic resin of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree, this highly active oil captures the adipocyte in all its forms. • ADIPO-DIET – weakens the structure of fat, facilitating the process of lypolysis. • ADIPO-BLOCKING – blocks the expression of nine enzymes involved in fatty acid synthesis. • ADIPO-STRENGTHENING – reactivates the synthesis of collagen and fibrillin. • Halopteris scoparia – brown algae with firming and reshaping properties. • Palmaria palmata – red algae that promotes microcirculation for a draining effect.

Phytomer skin care giveaway and review!

Phytomer review and giveaway!

Phytomer review and giveaway!

Phytomer and their sister brand Phytoceane are French-based professional skin and body care lines found in high-end spas all over the world. They recently sent me some really terrific products. I fully expected them to be awesome since Phytomer is one of the few spa brands with their very own laboratory and team of scientists.

We think Phytomer is so fantastic we wanted to share it with you!  The products Phytomer sent to test include Remodele Tonic Body Gel ($73), Douceur Intemporelle Restorative Shield Cream ($125.50), and Phytoceane Youth Smoothing Cream ($76.50). They also sent us a cosmetics bag and a travel size skin care set that you can WIN!

Phytomer Remodele Tonic Body Gel

Phytomer Remodele Tonic Body Gel

I am obsessed with my Phytomer Remodele Tonic Body Gel. It has a sparkling pearly blue color that give skin a subtle sheen. When applied, it soothes and cools the skin like a dip in the ocean. This firming gel gives you noticeably firmer skin in one month. I am reminded of this every time I put it on because it feels like a ‘swim in the sea’ and firms me up so I can hit the beach! I have been slathering this on my legs, tummy, and arms and I am to the point of addiction. I can’t believe how smooth and soft it makes my skin, which shouldn’t surprise me since Phytomer says this gel hydrates skin +91% in just 15 minutes! It does have a light fragrance that is a spicy/floral with tea rose, jasmine, and white musk. The firming happens thanks to Eco-Chlorella, an extract of green algae that has tons of peptides and amino acids.  This is a real winner.

Phytomer Restorative Shield Cream

Phytomer Restorative Shield Cream

The Phytomer Douceur Intemporelle Restorative Shield Cream is a terrific product to use, especially after swimming in lakes or oceans. The active ingredient is Glyocosea, a combination of marine sugars, minerals and trace elements that neutralizes inflammation and relieves itchiness and red patches. Living in Michigan, we are surrounded by lakes which means lots of fun, but also irritated skin from that water. You won’t believe the texture and feel of this elegant cream…if I could, I would eat it with a spoon. This beautiful, lightweight moisturizer relieves inflammation and makes me feel fantastic.

Phytomer Youth Smoothing Cream

Phytomer Youth Smoothing Cream

I am also loving Phytoceane’s Youth Smoothing Cream.  Youth Smoothing Cream is a part of a new anti-aging collection and what interested me were the five key ingredients for softening and smoothing skin:

Pistacia Resin Oil: boosts the collagen production, the firmness is improved

Marine Samphire Oil: smoothing, regenerating, redensifying

Gorse Oil: stimulates cellular renewal, anti-slackening

Phormidium: protective and restorative against free radicals

Marine Spring Water: antioxidant, regenerating and skin anti-slackening

This does have a fragrance, it’s a floral scent with violet, rose, jasmine and lily of the valley. If you like fragrance in skin care, you will love this because it is a super pretty scent. You will also love what it does to your skin, because it leaves you smooth and glowing. It’s great stuff.

All of these products can be purchased at select spas and

Now you can win some of beautiful Phytomer products for yourself, along with this gorgeous cosmetics bag!

Phytomer cosmetic bag open

Phytomer cosmetic bag

Phytomer cosmetic bag closed with set of skincare

You can win this Phytomer cosmetic bag with this travel set of skincare!

Phytomer has sustainable products that truly deliver results. I can guarantee you will be extremely happy if you win this giveaway! In fact, I am anxiously awaiting your gushing thank you email right now.  :^)  Giveaway is US only and open though July 20th at 11:59 PM EST.  If the comments close early just email me at [email protected] with your comment and continue.  Good luck!!  – Lisa

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*Items reviewed and giveaway courtesy of the fine folks at @PhytomerUSA