Go Glam with Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Glam Gel Eyeliners

If you are anything like me, the first place you go in a drugstore is the cosmetic section. I don’t buy a lot there but I always like to see what’s new. Recently I was at CVS and went to the coupon kiosk to swipe my card. Out popped a $4 off any Physicians Formula product. So off I sauntered (aka ran) to the PF section and to my delight found that if you spent $10 on their items you got back $5 in CVS bucks. So that’s $9 basically free. Of course I wasn’t letting that go. Happily I found that they had a new selection in their gel liners. My purchase – Shimmer Strips Gel/Cream Liner in Glam Brown Eyes($2.49 after these discounts!!!).

Box for Physicians Formula Glam Brown Eyes

I think that Physicians Formula stands out high above all the drugstore gel liners. The others don’t come close in my book. They are the creamiest and the longest lasting of any gel liner in the mass market category as well as having the best colors. Plus they constantly are on sale in one form or another. For under $12 you get 3 shades of liner plus a decent brush and that’s if you pay full price.

Glam Brown Eyes contains three shades: gold, bronze and black. (The only complaint I have about these liners is that black is in absolutely every one of their sets. How many blacks do I need?) I did a little switcheroo though and took the brown liner from my original Brown Eye set and put it in place of the black. I now have what is close to the perfect set of “browns” available.

Physicians Formula tells me that the set I bought has three unique metallic eye colors but I didn’t notice the black to be metallic. They also say that they have an easy & precise gel formula which I totally agree with. In addition they say that these give 24 Hour Wear. Now I’m no spring chick and I don’t care about 24 hour wear but at one point in my life I might have. Unfortunately though as eyeliners these don’t give that long wear but I’ll never miss that.

The gold shade is a beautiful yellow gold. I can’t wear it alone as an eyeliner – or let’s say I don’t like to wear it alone as an eyeliner. It’s too light for my taste. But it looks beautiful on the eye paired with the bronze or brown. It also makes a nice cream eyeshadow that lasts well.


The bronze is just beautiful. It gives a softer focus than a typical brown shade. I wear this shade often. I’ll wear brown on the top with the bronze on my bottom lashline or the bronze on both lashlines. It’s not brassy. The texture isn’t quite as smooth as the black though and I do have to work a little harder to make it show up the way I like.

Swatched with my original brown

With these liners you can easily smudge them if you like since they give you enough time to play. But once they are set, they last well. I can almost always get through a day and evening without touching up.

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel/Cream Liner, Glam Collection (say that 3 times quickly!!!) also comes in Green Eyes, Hazel Eyes and Blue Eyes. Next time I find a deal on these I plan on buying the one in Green Eyes.  I love a good bargain but even more than that I love a good gel eyeliner and with Physician’s Formula I have them both. — Marcia

Might some cosmetics actually alter brain chemistry?

My son cut out an article for me from his latest issue of Psychology Today.  The title of the article?  “Mood Makeup:  Can Cosmetics Influence the Brain?” 

One of the products listed as having the potential ability of truly putting one into a happy mood via brain influencing chemicals were the Physician’s Formula Happy Booster products, one of which we are giving away this week.  This contest was inspired by Marcia’s happiness at becoming a brand new grandmother for the first time, and little baby Nate was most definitely a natural mood enhancer!! The contest ends tomorrow, so be sure to enter now!

Apparently, the Happy Boost Blend (omega-3-rich euphoryl, murumuru, and Arctic Rose derivatives) mimics endorphins, which put you in a good mood.  Does it actually work?  According to Psychology Today, well….maybe.  But the beautiful, cheery hearts make me happy just looking at them!

I think that any makeup is going to make me happy if it works and makes me feel beautiful.  I just enjoy it, so regardless of the actual chemicals involved, it’s an endorphin enhancer for me.  What do you think?  – Lisa

P.S., in case you are interested, the other products listed as possible brain influencers to enhance mood were:

Firmenich’s Smiley Perfume

Kroia Chromotherapy’s Active Foaming Moisturizer

More for the Marcia Museum – Physician’s Formula Happy Boosters

I’ve been searching all over town ever since I learned that Physician’s Formula had 3 new products with hearts on them. I had heard rumors of these but didn’t believe them. Until today that is. I had to stop at CVS for my mom and lo and behold they had a display on the shelf with the blush and powder. To top it off there were $3 coupons on them plus CVS has $7 back in CVS bucks as a rebate if you spend $10 on PF through Saturday. Well how fast do you think I grabbed these up??

The good news – just beautiful!!

The sad news – whoa are they strongly scented with violet. Here’s what they say about this:


– Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicing the effect of Endorphins and helping product the skin from environmental stress.

– The sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.

With my fragrance phobias I doubt that I’ll feel joy applying but for $11.99 each (minus all the coupons) I’ll feel euphoria just looking. Take a look at my new pretties:

Opening Up

I’m a magazine junkie. I get so many magazine subscriptions that I have trouble keeping up with them all. Most of my subscriptions have to do with beauty and fashion (of course) plus I love the ones like US, In Touch, People etc. One article that always intriques me and that I wish were in the magazines more often are the ones that show what’s in someone’s purse (or pocketbook if you are my friend Phyllis). I like seeing what’s in them so I’m showing you what’s in mine right now.

My current bag is a Michael Kors tote that I picked up at an outlet mall. I love it and get a lot of compliments on it. I’m not a person that carries a ton of cosmetics with me though. I like to keep a small amount just in case I need to touch up. I usually switch around my lips but I also like to keep 2 lipsticks and glosses in there permanently just in case I haven’t brought the shade of the day. Lips live in the zippered compartment in the purse.

Here’s what you see:

My little fan – a necessity in my hot flash that’s called my life.  I bought mine as CVS and luckily bought a backup since mine recently sighed its last sigh. Here’s what I plan to purchase next though.

Cold-Flash – this is a new product for me and I’ll be reviewing it separately when I’ve had a chance to really test it out. (As you can see I’m serious about my flashes!!)

Typical things like my wallet, small package of Kleenex, keys, hairbrush, my phone etc.

Now for my small makeup bag: this was part of a gift exchange and it’s my favorite one to carry since it’s small, compact and cute.

  • Physician’s Formula Gel liners
  • Jane Iredale cream blush in Clarity
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape Blotting Tissues
  • Gerda Spillman Bio-Fond Crème foundation Weekend Petite compact
  • Covermark Coverstik Spot Concealer

The things in this bag are ones I can use without bringing along brushes – they are finger ready other than the eyeliner.

Here’s what these are all about and why I carry these—

Physician’s Formula Gel eyeliner: This takes up more space than if I chose to put in a single MAC or Bobbi Brown gel liner BUT I’ve got three colors with me and I never have to worry about what eyeshadow I’ve worn for the day. I bought mine in Brown Eyes so I’m carrying a dark brown, shimmery purple and black liner with me at all times. I had a great coupon for this when I bought it at CVS and would definitely buy more with a good sale. They wear as nicely as the department store brands and are easy to apply. While the brush isn’t terrific it’s fine for an emergency brush in my cosmetic case. If you’ve never tried gel liners these are the perfect way to start since you get a lot for the money ($11).

Hollywood Fashion Tape Blotting Tissues: I need to blot. I’m not oily like I was when I was young but with hot flashes (notice a recurring theme here?) I become wet and need a good blotting paper. What I like about these is that they absorb so well. Plus they are PINK!! I bought mine at beauty.com ($5) one time to bring myself up to free shipping when I was ordering from drugstore.com (and I got 3 beauty.com free samples). Worth every penny. There are 100 sheets in this and something I’ll be adding to my next order as well.

Jane Iredale cream blush in Clarity : If you follow this blog you know I love cream blushes and this is no exception. Jane Iredale makes the cutest little stick blushes ever. These are perfect for any size purse you carry even a small evening bag. It’s available in 5 shades. I have it in Clarity which is a perfect pink for my cool fair skin. The formula of this is terrific, it’s creamy without being greasy. It’s easy to apply, it feels good and looks good on. I can use it on my lips in a pinch. The first time I put it on I applied it too heavily and was worried but it blended down easily. Now I know that a little goes a long way for a radiant glow.

Gerda Spillman Bio Fond Crème foundation: I reviewed this here and included it in my Top Ten post, that’s how much I like this for summer. This small size is perfect to carry with me and I know this is going to last on me hot flashes and all.

Covermark Coverstick Concealer: This is a great concealer and it works so well with the Gerda Spillman foundation. I wear this in Pale Beige which is the lightest shade. Both are water resistant and creamy. I know we’ve all looked in the mirror and seen those dark circles under our eyes that weren’t there an hour before. Sometimes you can just blend them away with your finger but on those days that you need to conceal this is a great one. It’s the size of a lipstick so you know it fits perfectly in my small cosmetic bag. It’s like bringing out the big guns but in a mini size. Plus at $15 it doesn’t break the bank! (p.s. I normally don’t have the box on it, I just put it on for the picture.)

If you have a favorite mini that you keep in your purse, let me know in the comments. I might just need that too. — Marcia

Disclosure: some items were sent for review consideration others were purchased by me, please see our full disclosure for information.