Mont Bleu’s birthday gift for Lisa the Aquarius

Today is my birthday – happyFebruary to all of my fellow Aquarius friends!


Mont Bleu Pen with Swarovski Crystals

Like Marcia, who had a January birthday, Mont Bleu was kind enough to send me a wonderful birthday package full of gorgeous gifts.  I adore them all and couldn’t wait to share. Mont Bleu has a fabulous array of products that are available online and the shipping is incredibly fast!  Check out my gifts and hopefully it will give you some ideas for gifting someone special in your life.

I love the Pen with Swarovski Crystals.  It’s even in one of my favorite colors, deep blue.


the crystal is gorgeous

Just look at that beautiful crystal on the top of the pen! This slim pen writes beautifully and makes writing those thank you notes a pleasure.


Mont Bleu Slant Tip Tweezers

Next are the Slant Tip Tweezers.  Aren’t they magnificent? The crystals are such a wonderful touch, these are tweezers you will want to keep out on your vanity.


Mont Bleu Glass Nail File

Like Marcia, I was sent a glass nail file.  There are so many to choose from on the site, but I really think this one is particularly beautiful.



Just look at that waterfall of blue and white crystals! My heart skips a beat when I see it, it’s so pretty.



I adore the extremely thoughtful Aquarius glass nail file. Glass nail files are perfect for my gel nails and I love the astrological personalization. This is a wonderful birthday gift for any cosmetics aficionado!


my beautiful Crystal Swarovski earrings

The final item in my birthday gift was a pair of these spectacular Swarovsky earrings. Every time I wear them I get comments! They turn different colors, from blue to pink to green.  They end up matching every outfit I own!


Having a very happy birthday with my earrings and Mont Bleu birthday package

I have been super impressed with this terrific online company that offers so many gorgeous items from crystal nail files to makeup mirrors to key rings to makeup and hair brushes. Take a look at Mont Bleu, I know you will find great gifts for friends, plus a plethora of items that you need to buy for yourself!  – Lisa

Mont Bleu’s birthday gift for Marcia the Capricorn

mont bleu marcia birthday set 2

When you get to be older birthdays just aren’t that exciting. I remember the anticipation of them when I was young or when I was about to turn drinking age. I remember the dread of them turning 30 or 40 not realizing at that point in my life that it was just another day. Now I find that my birthday is just another day. I look forward to spending extra time with my family and I adored the many wishes I received especially on Facebook this year. But gifts were basically non-existent. Except for one amazing package from Mont Bleu. I was in shock that a company that I’d worked with on the blog, one that has products I totally adore, would be kind enough to send a surprise package.  I’m not showing off or bragging, but I wanted you to see these beauties and publically thank Mont Bleu for remembering this old broad.

mont bleu marcia birthday set

Let’s start with the fact that my January birthday makes me a Capricorn. This glass file is part of the Zodiac line so you can find one of these wonderful files for anyone’s birthday. I’ve raved before about Mont Bleu’s glass files and I continue to do so with this one. I love everything about this.

mont bleu marcia capricorn nail file

They also sent this beautiful glass file from their Crystal line. This particular beauty has blue and clear Swarovski Elements crystals. Picking one out could take you all day since they have 7 pages of designs, each one absolutely beautiful. You can’t go wrong with any of their glass files.

mont bleu marcia file

If I’d just opened those two in the box I’d have been jumping up and down but there was more including these beautiful Crystal Earrings. Lisa has a similar pair and they absolutely sparkle. They change color depending on the light. They are subtle yet unusual enough that they are noticeable. mont bleu marcia earrings

The next item in this surprise package is a Pen with Swarovski Crystals. I adore a beautiful pen and you can’t get prettier than this.

mont bleu marcia pen


mont bleu marcia pen top

Last but far from least is this fabulous Slant Tip Tweezers. I’m addicted to tweezers. Without realizing it I took 4 with me on my trip in January. I had them hidden everywhere because “what if” I ended up without one there? But I never had one before with Swarovski crystals on it so this is very special to me.

mont bleu marcia tweezer close up

I want to thank Mont Bleu for this amazing present (even my husband was a little embarrassed that they beat him to the punch). But more important is that I want my readers to see that this is a company they should look towards for gifts. There’s something for every woman in your life. Even my 93 year old mom was impressed and wants a glass file now. Beauty and quality all at low prices. It was worth having a birthday this year! — Marcia