Ecocentric Mom August Subscription Box review

Of course Beauty Info Zone loves the Ecocentric logo!

Of course Beauty Info Zone loves the Ecocentric logo!

Being a mom is stressful enough, trust me I know – I have three kids ranging in age from 10 to 21.  It is definitely time-consuming to do all those mom duties and be ecoconscious as well, but help is here with The Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box.  The Ecocentric Mom is a $24 every-other-month subscription box that does all the research for busy moms and then sends the best natural and organic products to try.  Each box has 5 to 9 large sample or full size items that are healthy, sustainable, and socially responsible.  Shipping is included in the price, and retail value is anywhere from $40 to $70.  I was sent the Mom Discovery Box, but there are three options available:

The Mom-to-Be Discovery Box introduces the expecting Mom to new products that are safe for her and her unborn baby. Hand-selected with Mom-to-Be in mind, this box includes products ranging from skin care and prenatal vitamins to organic foods and spa products.

The Mom & Baby Discovery Box is for Moms and their newborns to 18-month-olds. New Moms can look forward to boxes with surprises introducing them to items like diapers and wipes, skin creams and washes, feeding products, organic ‘first foods’ and organic cotton clothes for baby.

The Mom Discovery Box is for any mother, from first-time Moms to Moms with teenagers and beyond. It features healthy, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe products, including skin care, make-up, healthy home cleaners, non-GMO foods, snacks and treats and wellness and spa pampering products.

The Ecocentric 'Mom' Subscription Box

The Ecocentric ‘Mom’ Subscription Box

oodles of goodies inside

oodles of goodies inside

In addition to products, the box has tips for fitness, nutrition, and green living.  Plus I found lots of coupons and discount codes in my subscription box.

Ecocentric Mom Tips for the Healthy Traveler

Ecocentric Mom Tips for the Healthy Traveler

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Cream Foundation travel sample ($1.40) is an all-natural full-coverage foundation that has SPF 28.  These are generous samples and I like how there are three different shades to try.

Lauren Brooks Cosmetics Cream Foundation samples

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Cream Foundation travel samples

Savannah Red Beautiful Sugar Lip Balm ($2.99) is a moisturizing balm that came unflavored in my box, but it’s available in 14 different flavors.  You can combine up to three of them for a custom flavor – I’d love to try a combo of sweet orange, vanilla, and coconut.

Savannah Red Lip Balm

Savannah Red Lip Balm

Genuinely Simple Comfrey Cream Multi-Use Healing Salve ($6.99) is a terrific natural muscle rub that soothes and reduces inflammation.  I put this on my bruised, scraped ankle that I got from a truly epic biking fall, and it really helped.

A Place of Healing Organic Goodnight Balm ($6) is a balm to rub under the nose, on temples, or on the bottoms of feet for a calm, restful sleep.  My ten year old finds it wonderfully comforting.

Comfrey Cream Multi-use Healing Salve and A Place of Healing Organic Night Balm

Genuinely Simple Comfrey Cream Multi-use Healing Salve and A Place of Healing Organic Night Balm

ArnicareGel (sample size) is a cooling gel that relieves pain, stiffness and swelling.  It’s a great natural treatment for my sore legs after riding my bike on trails.

Body Beans Dietary Supplement ($2.95 for sample pack of 2) is an intriguing combination of four different superfood supplements that come in daily packs.

ArnicareGel and 2 sample packs of Body Beans Vitamins

ArnicareGel and 2 sample packs of Body Beans Vitamins

 The Natural Suburban tea and spice sample packs – they both smell amazing.  I can’t wait to try the Summer Herb Garden Savory on some grilled chicken this weekend!

Spices and Tea from The Natural Suburban

Spices and Tea from The Natural Suburban

Yogavive Apple Chips ($4.49) are Fuji apple chips that are flavored with chocolate for a healthy sweet snack.  These are going straight into my lunch bag for Monday.

eInvite Stationary is an online source for customizable invitations, announcements, and stationary.  I got some very cute little bears on my sample.

Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance and Insect Repellent ($3.75) is such a great idea!  Smell wonderful with cedar wood, vanilla, and citrus while also keeping the bugs away.

Yogavive Apple Chips and stationary from eInvite

Yogavive Apple Chips and stationary from eInvite

Aromaflage sample

Aromaflage sample

Bioray Before the Flow Dietary Supplement ($58) is the big ticket item of the box.  The July/August box came with either this supplement or else the After the Flow one.  Before the Flow gives a woman all the support she needs to detoxify, increase the immune system, and replenish energy before her menstrual flow.

Bioray Before the Flow Dietary Supplement

Bioray Before the Flow Dietary Supplement

Overall, I found this box to be a diverse and unique combination of organic and ecoconscious beauty, nutrition, and body products.  Everything was interesting and appropriate for both moms and for women who are simply busy and on the go.

With an overall value over $70, the Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is definitely worth the $24 price tag.  It’s a great way to try new things and spoil yourself a little bit at the same time.  – Lisa

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Epic Blend Premium Lip Balms – review and giveaway

EpicBlend Premium Lip Balms

EpicBlend Premium Lip Balms

Look at that lineup of EpicBlend Premium Lip Balms that the BIZ was sent to test, review and give away! It’s a little like lip balm nirvana. As much as I’d like to keep them all (you’ll soon see why) I only have one set of lips and sharing is good karma. At the end of this review you’ll see what and how you can win. — Marcia

EpicBlend is a Canadian company that created a lip balm that is silky and natural. It was important to them to use high quality ingredients that are ecologically sound and healthy for anyone to use. EpicBlend offers gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, all natural lip balms to moisturize and nourish. epic blend no

There are 3 categories of balms that they sell, each with some unique flavors.

1) Hemp Balms – These are made with Organic Hemp Seed Oil which is an excellent anti-oxidant as well as being nourishing. The one I tried felt moisturizing and it didn’t sit on my lips, instead it felt like I had improved my lips. EpicBlend says that the hemp seed oil quickly absorbs deep into skin cells. (By the way, you won’t get high from these!! Sorry.)

EpicBlend Hemp balms

EpicBlend Hemp balms

Hemp Balms are available in Vanilla, Citrus Kick, Coconut and Mint. There is a new LE one in Banana (I love banana) and an LE Chocolate Rum now too. The one I chose to test is Citrus Kick and it’s a yummy orange that feels wonderful and smells amazingly true to life.

2) More Moisture Lip Balm – This has 7 moisturizers in it. SEVEN! These organic moisturizers give you that extra boost of hydration along with more staying power.

Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balms

Epic Blend More Moisture Lip Balms

Your choices for More Moisture are Cherry (my pick), Grape, Green Apple and Unflavored. I wavered between trying Cherry and Unflavored but after trying the luscious Citrus Kick, I needed to try out a flavor. Plus my DH loves cherry balms so when he asks for a balm I have one he’ll like to share.

3) Vegan – The Vegan lip balms are 100% plant based and more important they are free of beeswax. So many times that’s an ingredient that manufacturers think they can sneak in! EpicBlend uses an all natural food grade Candelilla wax to make sure these have a smooth texture.

EpicBlend Vegan Lip Balms

EpicBlend Vegan Lip Balms

There are just two flavors in the vegan – Wild Berry and Pineapple-Mint. I didn’t try either because of the giveaway but I understand that Pineapple-Mint has a kick to it.

These cost $3.49 each or a 4 pack for $12. If you live in Canada you’ll get free shipping at $15, if you live in the US you’ll need to spend $20 to get free shipping. In Canada there are oodles of places that carry this wonderful brand.

a luscious bundle of EpicBlend balms

a luscious bundle of EpicBlend balms

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: At last we have an international giveaway, this is open to you all if you are a Beauty Info Zone subscriber. I arbitrarily put them in 2 groups for the giveaway so I could have 2 winners of 4 lip balms each. This is open through 6/16/14 @11:59 p.m. EST. (Sometimes Rafflecopter shuts down entries before the giveaway is actually over. We have no control over that so please keep that in mind if entering late.)

Group 1: Vegan Wild Berry, More Moisture Green Apple, More Moisture Unflavored, Hemp Coconut

Group 2: Vegan Pineapple-Mint, More Moisture Grape, Hemp Vanilla, Hemp Mint

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*thanks to EpicBlend for providing review and giveaway products


Vapour Organic Beauty – eco beauty done right

Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty creates products that they say are good enough to eat. According to the USDA “Vapour is the only color cosmetic manufactured to the USDA’s Organic Food Standard.” vapour beauty usdaThat’s saying something but there’s a lot more to say about this company that is made entirely from certified organic plants, vitamins and minerals. They are cruelty free, sustainable and ethical. And they make great products if the 5 lovelies they sent, seen above, are any indication of what they can do.

I’ve reviewed a few other Vapour Beauty products and liked using them but the newest ones I have are even better than before. I’ve been wearing them a lot and getting a lot of pleasure from doing so.

Aura Multi-Use Blush sticks in Charisma and Intrique

Aura Multi-Use Blush sticks in Charisma and Intrique

My absolute favorites are the AURA MULTI-USE BLUSH STICKS. That’s no surprise to anyone who knows me. I’d much rather use a cream blush product than a powder one. I find creams to be much more natural looking and easier for me to control. With a powder blush I never quite know how much pressure to put on a brush and I can end up with too much. But with these AURA Multi-Use Blush Sticks I quickly learned how much to use and I find them exceptionally easy to apply and blend.

Aura Multi-Use

Aura Multi-Use

The two that I have – Charisma and Intrique – are unfortunately not available at the current time but they’ll give you an idea of what these are all about. The colors that are available are stunning (see for great swatches). These aren’t just blush sticks, they are multiple use so you can use them safely on lips and eyes as well.

There is no fragrance to these, they are silky smooth and glide on beautifully, and they last well throughout the day.

Vapour swatches: Solar Translucent Bronzer, Charisma & Intrique Aura blush sticks

Vapour swatches: Solar Translucent Bronzer, Charisma & Intrique Aura blush sticks

SOLAR TRANSLUCENT BRONZER comes in 3 shades; from lightest to darkest they are Mirage (shown), Simmer and Spicy. I personally love the translucent quality of this bronzer since I am not a bronzing queen like my dear blog partner Lisa. I like a touch of color and I’m able to achieve that with Solar Translucent Bronzer stick in Mirage. Like the Aura sticks this is a cream product and I feel that I can control the amount I use as well as the placement better than I can with a powder product. Plus if I goof, it’s easier to blend down and fix.

Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer in Mirage

Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer in Mirage

Solar is infused with sun-specific super antioxidants Pomegranate, Green Tea and Acai Berry, and nourishes with a soothing organic Calendula Flower and vitamin-rich organic Shea Butter. This isn’t orange on me even though my lousy photography makes it look that way. Instead it’s a light tan that works well on my paleness. It’s described as a “pale gold that brings a kiss of the sun to pale skin”.

SIREN is the name for Vapour’s lipsticks and some of these shades really fit that description. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find this lipstick:

Vapour Beauty Siren lipstick in Dare

Vapour Beauty Siren lipstick in Dare

DARE is a rich plummy brown that looks almost black in the tube. I’m the girl that wears light lips. So how do I review a product that is this dark and vampy? EASY PEASY LADIES!! I applied it and then applied the gorgeous POSSESS lipstick over it and the angels sang. (Well maybe they hummed a little.)

Vapour lipsticks in Dare and Possess

Vapour lipsticks in Dare and Possess

POSSESS is a color that I absolutely love. It’s called a “sexy adult pink” and on my lips it turns a perfect soft mauve. It’s the type of color I grab when I want to look my best but still natural. When it’s worn over Dare it becomes a deeper version of itself. SIREN LIPSTICKS are unscented beauties. While Dare will only get used occasionally, Possess has a permanent place in my makeup bag. They have a creamy jojoba, pomegranate and camellia oil base so they don’t feel dry.

My comeaway impression of VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY is that this is a very special brand of organic makeup. They are so sure of their products that they even sell samples of many of them. They are confident that once you try the textures and colors that you’ll come back. I’m confident of that too. Have you tried Vapour lately? — Marcia

*sent for editorial consideration

Multi-tasking with Authentic Skin Remedies Gloss

Authentic Skin Remedies 5Authentic Skin Remedies, a plant-based botanical skin care line, has a wonderfully inspiring story behind its creation. Amy Rueda, the founder of Authentic Skin Remedies, was diagnosed with a rare form of neuroendocrine system cancer of the appendix when she was just thirty-five years old. In researching potential causes she realized that up to 70% of whatever is applied to the skin goes right into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, many skin care products actually contain toxic chemicals.

Amy Rueda, founder of Authentic Skin Remedies

Amy Rueda, founder of Authentic Skin Remedies

Amy changed her entire lifestyle and thankfully her cancer went into remission. Inspired by her experience and research she created a plant-based skin care line with certified organic ingredients. All of her products are cruelty free and paraben free. The Authentic Skin Remedies line is focused on anti-aging and nourishing the skin, and it gets real results.

In addition to helming her skin care line, Amy works as an educator for The Breast Cancer Fund and EWG’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, speaking at colleges and symposiums. She also works to promote legislative efforts for safety in cosmetics and skin care. And the very happy news is she also recently gave birth to a baby girl who she calls her ‘miracle baby’.

This Gloss is so much more than body oil!

This Gloss is so much more than body oil!

With such a wonderful and inspiring story behind Authentic Skin Remedies, I was very excited when we were sent the Gloss Essential Bath and Body Oil in Island Bamboo Essence ($33) to test. I love body oils in general because they are perfect hydration and are terrific for layering scents. Little did I know that this body oil could be used in so many ways. It is multi-tasking at its finest!

Gloss Essential Bath and Body Oil

Gloss Essential Bath and Body Oil

Gloss Essential Bath and Body Oil top

Gloss Essential Bath and Body Oil top

The Gloss can be used literally from head to toe.  Are you ready for all the ways I have found to use it? Here goes!

*  Use it on your hair to immediately get rid of static and flyaway hair.

*  Use it on your face before doing any hair removal (your guy can use it before shaving his beard).

*  Use it on your neck and decolletage to soften fine lines and crepey skin.

*  Use it anywhere on your body as a moisturizer, as the Gloss has avocado oil and sunflower oil which are the closest thing to the natural oils in your skin.

*  Use it on your hands to soften cuticles and prevent hangnails.

*  Use it on your feet to heal dry, cracked skin.

*  You can also use it as a bath oil, to remove makeup, and as a massage oil.  It does so many things it’s like a miracle in a bottle!

The Island Bamboo scent is fabulous, light and fresh and wonderfully clean smelling.  I really love this body oil, and it seems like every day I find a new use for it.

You can check out the Authentic Skin Remedies line on their website and at various other etailers and spas (the list of retailers is HERE). Take a few minutes to read Amy’s story and peruse her fantastic organic skin care line, you will definitely be inspired.  – Lisa

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more info for you

more info for you

Persea gratissima (Organic Avocado) Oil, Helianthus annuus (Organic Sunflower) Seed Oil, Fragrance

Nuture your inner hippie with hip E chick Organic products

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. I always seem to want to go back in time and hip E chick organic bath and body products lets me time travel to the groovy ’70’s! This is a very cool, ‘hip’ line that is all about eco-friendly living. Everything is hand crafted with organic, non-toxic ingredients. hip E chick recently sent the BIZ a few things to try and I am happy to report they are as practical as they are stylish.

hip e chick

hip E chick Maui Wowie Soy Candle


totally gift ready!

The Maui Wowie Soy Candle ($24 for an 8 oz. candle) arrives gift-ready with a cheery lime ribbon bow. The scent is totally addictive, a mix of coconut, pineapple, and cilantro. It’s yummy and sultry and clean smelling all at the same time.


Maui Wowie in the box


100% hand poured pure soy wax

This beautiful, fun, and practical candle is 100% hand poured pure soy wax. It has a cotton wick so there’s none of that nasty candle smoke and it is free of synthetic dyes and additives. This is a great candle for you or for any hippie chick you know.

The Wellness Shot Organic Hand Soap ($16 for 8 oz.) is a wonderful way to get a little boho into your day.


hip E chick Wellness Shot Organic Hand Soap


super cute packaging!

I wash my hands many times each day, so I want a soap that not only sanitizes but also moisturizes. Add in totally cute packaging and I am sold! Wellness Shot Organic Hand Soap has ingredients like Kangen Living Water, Strong Acid Water, and certified pure therapeutic grade oil blends of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. It leaves a very light, clean scent on hands and skin is wonderfully  cleansed and hydrated. If you love liquid hand soap, put this on your list because it’s a real winner.

hip E chick offers lots of other products, such as a sugar body scrub that sounds delicious, body wash, body oil, and even products for pets.

hip E chick’s do not only cultivate exciting and peaceful lives for themselves; but they always reflect upon how their choices are affecting the rest of the world.”  So what do you think – are you a hip E chick?  – Lisa

*pr samples

Taking a stroll through Luxury Lane Soap

Luxury Lane Soap was created by a mom determined to develop bath and body products that wouldn’t irritate her son’s chemical allergy condition.  Her dedication and intensive research is our gain, because she has developed an organic line with a huge heart and an even bigger sense of fun.

Luxury Lane Soap's Kylee Lane

Luxury Lane Soap’s Kylee Lane

Kylee Lane’s creation, Luxury Lane Soap, is completely committed to sustainable organic agriculture, recycling, and conscious production from beginning to end.

Getting their Star Trek on!

Getting their Star Trek on!

Kylee says, “How is so much awesome even possible? Being a small community company affords me the ability to turn all of my profits back into Luxury Lane Soap for safe ingredients and practices. I have no stock holders to appease and my company is for my customers.”  I think that is the definition of ‘refreshing’.


Luxury Lane Soap Nourishing Body Lotion

I have only tried a few small sample items from Luxury Lane Soap and everything has totally piqued my interest. The website is one you can get lost in for hours, finding yourself cruising from a Soapstache to a Lilac Blossom Soy Candle to Hemp Satin Body Cream scented with Beach Daisies…not to mention all the other wonderful things in between!

I tried a sample of the Nourishing Body Lotion in Blackberry Tea, which is only one of the fifty different fragrance blends available.


Luxury Lane Nourishing Body Lotion

This lotion is fantastic for your skin, with wonderful ingredients like their “Triple-A” oil blend of argan, apricot, and avocado to hydrate and soothe skin.


Luxury Lane Whipped Up Sugar Scrub

I also tried a sample jar of the Blackberry Tea Whipped Up Sugar Scrub. This is made fresh, you have to use the scrub within 6 months after opening…not that it will be a problem since it’s pretty fantastic.


Yummy Blackberry Tea scent

This scrub is a soap that’s been whipped together with raw organic sugar crystals and avocado and argan oils.


Looks good enough to eat!

The sugar crystals are fabulous exfoliants that don’t hurt the skin and the oils are both healing and hydrating. The result is gorgeous, smooth, healthy skin.


Luxury Lane Organic Hemp Soaps

If you have younger kids like me, or grandkids like Marcia, you are going to ADORE this line. Kids can be very reluctant to embrace bath time, but every kid is going to want to get soaped up from stem to stern with the super fun soaps at Luxury Lane.


Who knew getting clean could be this much fun?

Just look at how cute these two little guys are! And they are only the tip of the soapy iceberg…you aren’t going to believe all the choices available.


Ginger Passion Dino

The Organic Hemp soap critters are small but they pack a big punch in terms of fragrance.  They both smell amazing.


Peach Freesia Rhino

What an awesome idea for the soap dish in a kid’s bathroom…or for stocking stuffers…or just to keep on hand for those days when you get some static from junior about taking a bath. One look at these fun soaps and all that passive-agressiveness will be a thing of the past.

Seriously, this is a VERY small preview of a really cool line of products. Do yourself a favor and take some time to check out Luxury Lane Soap – you will be amazed at how much fun you have just poking around the site!  – Lisa

My daughter has been asking nonstop for these 'Soapstaches'!

My daughter has been asking nonstop for these ‘Soapstaches’!

*pr samples

Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011: Skin Care, Body Care, and the rest!

A few days ago I posted my favorite color items, you can find that post here.  ‘Top picks’ posts are the ones I enjoy writing up the most, I love sharing the extra good stuff with you, and I love being able to put all this fabulousness in one review!  I was going to publish today’s post of my favorite skin care, body care, and other miscellaneous items yesterday, but boy did I get hit with the flu.  I’m all better now, so here is my list for you.

Favorite skin care:

I found several skin care items that I am constantly reaching for over and over. I love the Chella Foaming Cleanser Lavish Souffle, it the perfect cleanser and you only need a tiny bit.

Chella Foaming Cleanser

I really got into natural organic lines, like Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Neroli Toning Mist and Coconut Oil, beautiful products from a fantastic line with a great message.

I also loved the Artisan Naturals Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Mask, which is my favorite go-to for pesky breakouts.

To even out my skin tone, I have been absolutely loving the Omorfies Etenia Lightening Cream by Kleraderm.

Two other skin care lines that I adore are 3Lab (for their amazing Super Eye Treatment and Perfect Lips)

and YBF Skin Care (Hydrate B and Boost are flipping fabulous).

YBF Boost

Favorite primer:

This one is a tie for me.  I am completely impressed with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer,

it’s a great silicone based primer that actually goes on light.

And I am totally loving the Youngblood Mineral Primer,

Youngblood Mineral Primer

which has a wonderful texture and really helps my makeup stay put all day.

Favorite Facialist:

My favorite facialist this year was Joanne Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm.

Joanne Kallabat with her son, Michael

It’s such a treat to go to Nordstrom and get a $150 facial for only $20 – plus she gives the BEST face massage ever.  I love how she gives tons and tons of samples first.  She wants to figure out what works best for your skin before she will even let you buy anything!

Favorite Fragrances:

I have completely embraced the layering concept by Lisa Hoffman, and her Tuscan Fig fragrance is just to die for.

Lisa Hoffman Variations case with the Tuscan Fig fragrance

Plus, her iScentify scent finder is super fun to play with.

I also fell in love with the Juara Candlenut Fragrance.

This is a swoon-worthy coconut scent that makes everyone want to hug you.  And then hug you again.

Favorite storage solution:

Wow, this one was a life changer – the Zuca Pro Artist Case.

It has totally changed my organizational system, and has made makeup gigs so much easier, as well as travel.  Looks like we are going to be doing more contests with Zuca this year, so stay tuned!!

Favorite hand cream:

I am a hand cream addict, since I work at a school and need to wash my hands about twenty times a day.  I cannot do without my Votre Vu Duette Lux Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Little mirror, lip balm, and then hand cream, all in one package??  Absolute genius, and the hand cream smells truly amazing.

Favorite body products:

2011 was a Whish year for me, that’s for sure. I love this retro line, every single product is a winner.

Just this morning I was thanking the Whish Gods for making their amazing Shave Crave Shaving Cream.

Tarte Cosmetics is a line better known for its great color products, but a true unsung hero is the Tarte Celebutante.

It’s a gorgeous body shimmer spray that smells unbelievably good, like fresh coconut and vanilla.  Yummy!!

Speaking of coconuts, I went pretty ‘coconutty’ for the Bodycology Island Coconut products.

The body cream, body wash, and body spray are all truly terrific, and I reach for them all the time.

Favorite sunning/self-tanner products:

I am a big fan of faux tanning, and I had some great discoveries this past year.  Hampton Sun is a go-to line for any sun products, including faux tanning.  I love the Privet Blossom products, they have a unique scent that is totally summer in a bottle.

Hampton Sun Shimmer Spray in Bronze

The spray SPF is amazing, and the faux tanning and body shimmer products are excellent.  Try this line, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great discovery that changed my faux tanning was the Beautisol Self Tanning Magic Mitt.

This $6 wonder completely changed my faux tanning experience for the better!!  No streaks, no worries, no problems.  Love it!!

I also fell in love with Tan Towels.  Such a quick, sanitary way to get a deep tan, plus the towelettes travel so well.


Favorite cleaning products:

Dusting Fragrance

I am the first to admit that housekeeping is never a priority for me, so finding things that help make cleaning joyful is huge for me.  Sweet Grass Farm has pretty awesome cleaning products that give me extra motivation, my favorites are the Dusting fragrance and Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap.

Favorite clothing line:

I am totally digging the Sprigs clothing line.  Pictured above I am wearing my Banjee while shopping.  I love these little guys, they really do make life easier.  And I wear my infinity scarves all the time too.  So many great items, it’s a fabulous line that I am so happy I discovered this year!

That’s it for all my favorites of 2011.  And now on to an amazing year of even more terrific discoveries in 2012!!  – Lisa