A perfect neutral nail polish? Acquarella Water Color in Kaydee

Why does it seem like wild, shimmery, in-your-face frosty nail polishes get all the blog attention?  I love a beautifully neutral manicure.  I am constantly on the lookout for the perfect feminine but neutral nail polish.  With my job, I need my hands to look neat and well-groomed and attractive but not obvious.  I save the wilder colors for my toes.

Acquarella Water Color nail polish in Kaydee is a great option for a pretty but neutral mani.  This was limited edition, but you can still find it at Nature’s Basin, who says, “Kaydee P0540: Limited edition 2011. Every girl needs a bit of pink! Kaydee is a translucent pink shimmer, beautiful with French Kiss for a perfect French manicure.”

In the bottle, it looks opalescent, but it actually goes on with a very slight shimmer.

A soft and pretty manicure

It’s just a super sweet, soft pink that looks fabulous on shorter nails.

Kaydee brush

It’s very sheer, so I put on three coats for a more opaque look.  What’s great about Acquarella nail polishes is they are water-based and non-toxic.  They are a ‘complete product’, so there is no need for a base coat or a top coat.  They dry to the touch in just three minutes, and are completely dry within 15 minutes.  They are odor-free, they keep your nails hydrated and moisturized so they are super healthy.

now it’s in my ‘favorites’ rotation

Here’s a great tip:  apply your nail polish about 20 minutes before you go to bed.  That give the polish time to dry before hitting the sheets, and the time you spend sleeping allows the polish to ‘cure’ which helps it wear longer.

Acquarella has a nice range of colors, and I am loving Kaydee for a pretty, feminine, neutral look.  – Lisa

*pr sample