See yourself in a new light with this MelodySusie LED Makeup Mirror giveaway

Put on your memory cap to remind yourself about the MelodySusie LED 2-in-1 Makeup Mirror or read on to see what a great mirror is in this new giveaway. melody susie

MelodySusie’s LED Makeup Mirror is what’s gracing my vanity and will be the first item unpacked in my new home (today by the way). This mirror does it all for me. It mimics daylight with its LED lighting so that I can see what I look like in different lights. The mirror is very clear though it’s not a magnifying mirror but I seem to see better in it than my previous makeup mirror. The light is bright and white.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

It comes with both a USB adaptor cord and a battery pack (4 AA’s) so it’s portable. The cool thing is that the mirror has a 180 degree movement so you can flip it and use it as a night table lamp. The mirror itself has an 8.5″ diameter and swivels 180 degrees. The stand is 10.5 inches tall.

MelodySusie Makeup Mirror tray

MelodySusie Makeup Mirror tray

The bottom tray is great for holding the cosmetics you are using especially things like liners that might roll, tweezers and eyelash combs that aren’t big and seem to hide, the mascara you are using, and more.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight

This is a giveaway that you will be thrilled if you win. I can’t say enough great things about this MelodySusie mirror. Even the price right now is better than when I reviewed it ($39.99 then, $31.99 now). It’s a bargain that you really should own. It was my favorite product for March and it has continued to be a favorite! —  Marcia

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: This is US only for the 48 contiguous states (not Hawaii or Alaska). This is open through June 30, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST. You must be an email subscriber and comment. Lots of extra entries for more chances including tweeting once per day.

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My favorite product for March: MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Makeup Mirror

I’ve reviewed a lot of products this month but there’s one in particular that is making me happy day in and day out. The MelodySusie Narcissus 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp has improved my vanity 100 fold.

press sample

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

melody susie mirror box side

The mirror has hidden talents. Besides being a wonderful makeup mirror on a stand it can be used as a reading lamp or as a nightlight. For me it’s the fact that it’s a wonderful mirror without any distortion that lights up. I’ve looked at many lighted mirrors but they all had something wrong with them for my lifestyle.

The price on most lighted makeup mirrors is out of my price range since the ones my friends rave about are around $200. MelodySusie’s 2-in-1 LED Mirror is only $39.99 on Amazon. Score!melody susie

I need a mirror on a stand at my vanity. I sit and apply makeup (I’ve even done it from a wheelchair – yuck) so something too low isn’t going to work for me. The MelodySusie mirror is just the right height for me. It’s like I custom ordered it.

This doesn’t need to be plugged in although you could use the USB charger to do so. I don’t have room for more cords and plugs so I use 4 AAA batteries and it’s lasting for 2 months so far.

The mirror itself has an 8.5″ diameter and swivels 180 degrees. The stand is 10.5 inches tall.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

In addition to all of these pluses, the light can be set on low or made brighter by turning on the backlight.

Plus there’s the tray at the bottom where I store things. If I apply makeup early I’ll often go back to touch it up so I’ll leave that day’s colors on the tray. Right now mine has my tweezers, Tweezerman eyelash comb, my thinnest eyeliner brush, and my Osmosis Brow Gel resting happily on it. I’ll put my vitamins on the tray too so I can take them slowly during my makeup process.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp

This took a minute to set up and two minutes to learn to use it. The touch buttons on the side are easy to use although I kept forgetting to turn off the backlight and needed to be reminded.

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight

MelodySusie 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp backlight

I am so thrilled with the performance of the MelodySusie Narcissus 2-in-1 LED Mirror Lamp that I had to name it my product of the month. I expect it to be the product of the month daily for a long time to come too. I’ve tried quite a few MelodySusie products and use them often but this is the star of the show.  —  Marcia

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MAC, Archie, Betty and Veronica – what a heartful team

Each year as Valentines day approaches the urge to buy something with hearts on it becomes stronger and stronger. I’ve got a beautiful collection of crystal hearts and don’t have room for more. So I turned to cosmetics, what a shock!  The last two years Stila had some beautiful blush palettes and this year MAC surprisingly came through. Their new Archie collection is loaded with hearts attracting me until I could take it no longer and I ordered MAC’s Archie Girls Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush plus a mirror.

Flatter Me and Veronica's Blush

Flatter Me and Veronica’s Blush

I grew up with Betty and Veronica. My sister and I always loved the dark sultry looks of Veronica since we are brunettes. Neither of us fell for Archie though. Having these three items is like reliving my youth (and a good excuse to buy).

MAC Veronica's Blush

MAC Veronica’s Blush

The Pearlmatte Face Powder designed for Veronica is called Veronica’s Blush and the colors are a soft peach with coral hearts. Betty’s powder is Flatter Me and the colors are a very soft pink with scarlet hearts. The two beauty powders are beautiful and silky soft. The colored hearts are too tiny to be used as blush but they give you an option when using the compacts. You can use just the base shade for a very soft glow or you can sweep a brush over all of the colors and add more color to your face.

MAC Flatter Me

MAC Flatter Me

My big disappointment though is that I wasn’t aware that I actually had the beauty powders from before. If I’d known that I probably would have passed them up in spite of those little hearts. Veronica’s Blush is actually Play it Proper Beauty Powder with Frankly Scarlet blush while Flatter Me is Shell Pearl Beauty Powder with Foolish Me blush in the hearts. But when you run your blush or powder blush over the entire compact you’ll find that you get more color than the original Beauty Powder’s did. There’s a subtle sheen to these powders. If you notice they are called Pearlmatte, not Pearlmate, so even though they are similar to the original they aren’t exactly the same.

MAC Archie's Girls mirror

MAC Archie’s Girls mirror

The mirror is a good purse size and comes with a slightly larger pouch to carry it safely in. Of course I didn’t need it but it just was too cute to pass up. The mirror is about 3″ x 3″ and the adorable vinyl case it comes in is about 4 ½” x 4 ½”. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but it’s red with white hearts. For someone as addicted to hearts as I am, this is just the most fun to own and pull out. So far I’ve only had a few strange looks!! Now my big question is where is Reggie?  Maybe he and Jughead need to ask MAC to feature them next.archie mirrors

No surprise that this is a limited edition collection with some things selling out instantly. You can often find the products online at Nordstrom or in the stores. Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Did you get lured into Archie’s Girls? — Marcia

Check out Blushing Noir’s blog for some beautiful photos of these beauty powders.

Makeup Wars introduces our personal Holiday Wishlist items

“I want nothing for Christmas” said me NEVER! Of course I want a gift. I may not get anything beauty but I can dream can’t I?? The Makeup Wars bloggers have decided to put together our wishlists of what we’d like to see under our menorah or Christmas tree this year. My wishlist is 100% beauty related which comes as no surprise at all. The good news is that these are all pretty easy to get, the bad news is that I bought some of it while waiting to publish.

Let’s start with what I bought! After our Favorite Metallic Makeup Wars I was terribly tempted by the Laura Mercier Art Deco shadows that so many of the bloggers put on their list. They were sold out at Sephora which made it even more important for me to buy them. So and my reward certificates came in handy and now I own some of these. While they aren’t on my wishlist since they are on a UPS truck coming to me, they should be on yours!

Laura Mercier Art Deco eyeshadows

What I also bought was one (I promise only one) of the new Burberry Complete Eyeshadow Palettes. I just kept looking at this picture and had to wipe the drool off my face several times. I bought Smokey Grey No. 1 because I have been buying brown shadows galore in 2012. On my wishlist though are more of these. Luckily these are permanent ($59 each). Take a gander:

Burberry Complete Eye Palettes

  • Smokey Grey No. 01 Grays
  • Mocha No. 02 Warm neutrals
  • Pale Nude No. 03 Cool neutrals
  • Dark Spice No. 05 Smoky neutrals
  • Plum Pink No. 06 Plums
  • Pink Taupe No. 07 Pink neutrals

Next on my wishlist is more Too Faced, in particular the Too Faced Bon Bons Set. There’s something so girly and appealing about this $42 box set. Their description makes it even more appealing to me: “As enticing as a box of scrumptious sweets, Shadow Bon Bons features a delicious range of shadows from soft vanillas to rich coffee, an ultra-black LashGASM mascara, a built-in mirror, and a shimmering gold Candlelight shadow primer, making it easy to create bountiful looks. Go from sweet and sassy to subtle to dramatic with this one versatile set.”

Too Faced Bon Bons

Prime Beauty introduced me to the Eye Candy Full Face Collection from Lorac on her blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Doesn’t this sound like fun for $59??

– 4 x 0.68 oz Eye Shadow Palette in Ooh La La Vanilla (Nude Eye Shadow Palette), Caramel Love Affair (Golden Eye Shadow Palette), Tantilizing Cocoa (Bronze Eye Shadow Palette), Blackberry Truffle Seduction (Smoky Eye Shadow Palette)
– 0.17 oz Cream Eye Liner Palette in Mesmerizing Dark Chocolate
– 0.17 oz Cheek & Lip Tint Palette in Indulge in Berry Kisses

Lorac Eye Candy

Let’s move away from the eyes (which is difficult for me). When Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog reviewed the Armani Nude Lip Set ($49) I suddenly had a desire for it.   The set includes Rouge d’Armani #103 and Gloss d’Armani #103. I love my light shades of lipstick and even though I probably have dozens of similar shades there’s just something I like about this.

Armani Nude Lip Set

I have the Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter ($74) on my wishlist because it’s just so pretty. I’d probably never use it, I’d just look at it.  Read this and weep: “A kaleidoscope of colorful powders blend together beautifully to impart a sheer, flattering glow on all skin tones. Unique light-perfecting powders provide a veil of subtle radiance, while flexible polymers ensure long-lasting, comfortable wear. Innovative technology allows the soft, iridescent pigments to be evenly sprinkled throughout the entire powder.”

Chantecaille Rose Petals Highlighter

On the practical side I’d love the Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel & GLOW10ai Mask Set ($265). After seeing it work in person I’d love to have that glowy skin.

Le Metier Ready, Set, Glow

And one more for the road – I am a Swarovski crystal nut. I love those crystals so when I saw this Tweezerman Swarovski Crystal Mirror ($150) I fell in lust. “Add some glam to your beauty routine while isolating even the finest hair for precise, easy tweezing. The optically correct 1X/10X magnifying mirror is clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. This gorgeously decorated two-sided vanity mirror will be a beautiful addition to any household. *Made with Swarovski® Elements

Tweezerman Swarovski crystal mirror

Thanks for reading my very long wishlist. My address is available upon request (LOL). Let me know if any of these would be on your wishlist too. Curious minds want to know. Now I’m going to read the rest of the Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlists and probably add many more items to mine just like I did after the metallics. — Marcia

Click on the icons for all the Makeup Wars bloggers to discover their finds.

Mont Bleu mirrors make your smiles even better

Mont Bleu Pink Flowers Pocket Mirror

Is there a woman reading this that doesn’t love some extra beauty in their lives? All of my friends and the women I’ve worked with appreciate having something with a special touch that will bring a smile to their face. Mont Bleu is the place to buy something to showcase a smile with their gorgeous Compact Mirrors and Pocket Mirrors set with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals.

The quality of these mirrors is not to be believed. These are hand set with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals. I just gasped when I opened the black leatherette gift box that contained my particular mirror, Pink Flowers. Mont Bleu carries two types of mirrors in an amazing amount of styles and colors. They make both metal and plastic mirrors in a wide variety of prices. The mirror I have is a Pocket Mirror that is made of high quality plastic. I honestly didn’t know it wasn’t metal until I checked out the website to get the price for this review (10.80€=$14US). The mirror is just perfect.

Box that all Mont Bleu mirrors come in

Pink Flowers in the box

First it comes in a gift box so it’s ready to wrap for any occasion (like the upcoming winter holidays). Second you can pick out just about any color or design that you like. If you have a long list of people to gift there are so many choices that you don’t have to repeat the design for any of them. They are glitzy without being gaudy. More important though is that the mirror is such great quality. There are two mirrors inside, regular and magnifying. The size is 84x74mm (3.31×2.91 inches) so they are a good size for a cosmetic bag or purse. Design and precise hand work is made by Mont Bleu | Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS”.

Top is a regular mirror, bottom is magnifying

Pink Flowers pocket mirror by Mont Bleu

Here are a few mirrors that I’m totally lusting after:

Mont Bleu Black Sun mirror

This is the Black Sun compact matte metal mirror that sells for 19 Euros/$24.65US.

Mont Bleu Butterfly

This pretty butterfly mirror is 12 euros /$15.60US. Giving this as a gift would make me as happy as owning it.

Mont Bleu Corals IV Compact Mirror

This stunner is when you need to go all out, 55 Euros/$71.30US.

You can’t go wrong with a gift from Mont Bleu. From the nail files, foot files, and earrings that we’ve previously reviewed to the gorgeous hair brushes and key chains I could find a gift for every female on my gift list without breaking the bank.

Whenever you need to put on your lips or fix your makeup, you’ll have a smile twice as big as usual when you pull out one of these mirrors. — Marcia

OMG – I have the best news for you. While I don’t have a giveaway for Mont Bleu a blogger friend has a brand new one and gave me permission to link you to it. So now you have a chance to win a Mont Bleu gift card. I’m so jealous since I’d enter if she wasn’t a friend. Moxie from Moxie Reviews has a g.c. for $33.20 for one lucky winner to use on the Mont Bleu site. Go enter NOW on her site!! You won’t be sorry. — Marcia

*my mirror is a pr sample

Scheme for some Skeem by entering our latest contest

I don’t know about you, but I check my look…a lot.  A few weeks ago I pulled out a compact for the umpteenth time and my daughter said, “Mom, why are you always doing that?”  I responded, “Well dear, I have a huge fear of walking around with a shiny nose.  It all started in 9th grade when this gorgeous senior boy told me he could just about see his reflection in my shiny face.  Now leave mommy and her insecurities alone.”  At that moment it occurred to me – if I was going to be checking my look every fifteen minutes, then I ought to make sure I’m giving my audience a beautiful compact to look at whilst I do so!

Interestingly enough, the fabulous candle company Skeem had just what I needed.   Skeem is known for their amazing artwork and long lasting candles with packaging so beautiful it’s bought by many just to repurpose the jars.  I have loved this line forever, and I was so excited when I saw the new Compact Mirrors ($14) with their gorgeous designs.

The inspiration for the designs came from old handwritten letters and vintage wallpaper samples.  The designs are beautiful, and the mirror itself is fabulous.  At 3 inches around, it’s just big enough to provide a full view of everything.  One side is a traditional mirror, the other is a magnifier mirror.

Each mirror comes in a vinyl pouch.  The designs are so exquisite, you will not hesitate to pull this baby out to check for a shiny nose no matter where you are.  There are 12 striking designs to choose from – you have got to check them out here.

Skeem also has some beautiful new candle scents out.   Pictured above is the cover for a pillar candle in the scent Peach Velvet ($23).  The pillar candles (12 ounces, 5 1/2 inches tall) burn for over 90 hours.  The new collection is called the Photofloral Collection, whose designs were inspired by 19th century hand-tinted postcards.

The scent is fantastic – it truly does smell like a ripe, succulant peach on a warm day.  Absolutely yummy.

Check out the artwork.  As fabulous as the candle is while it burns, I am never completely sorry when it’s gone – because then I have this amazingly beautiful glass jar to use as a drinking glass, or as a pen holder, or as a Q-tip jar. 

There are two other scents and designs in the Photofloral Collection, including Anise & Clove and Night Jasmine.  Altogether, there are 27 different scents available in the pillar size.

Another size to consider is the half pint ($14) which is 7.5 ounces, 2 3/4 x 2 3/4, with a 50 hour burn time.  The candles come in a glass jar with a printed metal lid.  Some of Skeem’s clever repurposing suggestions are to house paperclips on your desk, or to store sea salt in your kitchen.

This half pint is one of the new scents, Night Jasmine.  It isn’t easy to put into words what this candle smells like…it smells like dusk on an early summer evening, when all the flowers and bushes in bloom have been warmed throughout the day.  It simply smells divine.

There are many beautiful half pint candles to choose from – 16 in all, with scents ranging from Black Current to Tea Leaf to Vintage Peony.  The designs vary from floral to modern, there is artwork to please everyone.  Do yourself a favor and just peruse the website – you will be totally enthralled by all the terrific designs.  And if you are a persistent look-checker like me, be sure to get one of the new compact mirrors to check your look in style! – Lisa

How would you like to win the half pint Skeem candle of your choosing?  It’s easy!!

Here are the rules to enter

  1. You MUST be a subscriber to Beauty Info Zone to enter.
  2. After you comment on this post you need to email us at [email protected] to give us the name you use to enter. No email = an invalid entry. Label your email SKEEM CONTEST
  3. In your comment on this post, tell us which half pint candle you will choose if you win.
  4. The contest is open to all subscribers. It is open until Tuesday, August 23rd at 11:59 p.m. EST
  5. For additional entries: ‘like’ Skeem on Facebook here.  ‘Like’ Beauty Info Zone on Facebook here.  Email us or comment on this post that you have ‘liked’ Skeem or Beauty Info Zone on Facebook for your extra entry.  For another entry, share this contest on Twitter and/or Facebook. When you comment on our posts you’ll see a “SHARE” button that helps you do that. Make sure you email us that you’ve shared on Twitter and/or Facebook so that we can use those in our drawing.
  6. Good luck!! 

Gilligan, here I come

If you could pick one thing to grab to take on that proverbial desert island, what would it be? That question must be asked on beauty boards a thousand times a year. My answer is always a tweezer. (We’re going to assume that this desert island already has sunscreen in my scenario.)  If I didn’t have a tweezer I’d look like a grumpy old man within weeks. I’d be a grumpy old woman, that’s for sure. I’m also going to grab something else though and that’s my Floxite 9x Magnifying Lighted Mirror.

For my tweezers it’s going to be Tweezerman. No contest. I can’t be without my slanted Tweezerman tweezers. I have them everywhere – purse, next to my computer, both bathrooms, travel kit. I am not going to be without a tweezers if I can help it. I see or feel a hair and it has to go! For me this brand is perfection. These tweezers grab the hair without grabbing the skin. They pull evenly without leaving half behind. They stay sharp plus Tweezerman sharpens for free (see the package for the information on where you’d send them to be resharpened.) The pictured one was a gift from my friend Rachel and it’s so me! Hearts! I love everything with hearts so to put hearts on a tweezers is close to nirvana.  I also have a Tweezerman in blue, red and black!! The prices range from $20 to $25.

I know you’ve all heard of Tweezerman but what you may not have heard about is Floxite mirrors. I’ve had my Floxite 9x Magnifying Mirror Light for Travel and Home for about 8 years and it’s still going strong. This is available at Rialto Mirrors ($50). This mirror is a tweezer lover’s dream.  I use this every single night. I can see every little thing in this mirror (which isn’t always good). But it really helps me get rid of those unwanted hairs.

Floxite has improved the mirror since I bought mine. It now has 3 levels of light: day/office, evening and soft spotlight. I’m not sure what to call mine but I’d guess soft spotlight. It’s called a home and travel mirror because you can fold this if you wanted but I think it’s on the big and heavy side for flying. The mirror itself is 8 inches in diameter and is distortion free. I can also use this mirror for putting on my makeup but I have a feeling that one of these days I’ll have to buy their 15x mirror for that. QVC carries a selection of Floxite mirrors including the 15x one.

If you are looking for a mirror so that you don’t have to be a grumpy bearded lady then this is the brand for you. — Marcia