Mensgroom: the perfect stocking stuffer for guys

Most men aren’t very easy to shop for. Either they are so uncomplicated it’s impossible to come up with ideas, or else they are interested in such ‘guy’ stuff it’s hard to get the right thing. And as someone who loves bath and body products, it’s far more enjoyable to shop in my ‘comfort zone’ area for the men in my life – much more fun than trying to figure out ice fishing equipment or car parts.

Thank goodness Mensgroom is out there. Mensgroom’s slogan is “simple products for simple creatures…men.” Their manly grooming products are excellent and very affordable. I had my husband test these out for several weeks, and he certainly milked every second of my ‘inspections’.  The final conclusion? These are fantastic stocking stuffers for the guys in your life.

Daily Wash Out Shampoo ($6.99) is a great 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

Daily Wash Out Shampoo

There is no way my husband is going to use conditioner, but it really helps give his hair some softness. At the same time, I was a little leery of the Daily Wash Out Shampoo because many 2 in 1 shampoos can be heavy and weigh hair down (something someone with slightly thinning hair does not want – don’t tell my husband I said that. He still insists it’s ‘just a colick’.) But this is an excellent 2 in 1, it has Barley Protein, Vitamin B5 and Zinc PCA to cleanse, strengthen, and condition the hair. It has a light, clean scent that is manly but far from overpowering.

Daily Shower Power ($8.99) is Mensgroom’s shower gel.

Daily Shower Power

My hubby is a die-hard soap fan, so I didn’t think he was going to like this. I was pretty amazed – he loves it. It’s more gentle on the skin than regular soap, and it foams up just as nicely. It smells like the outdoors, but again, the scent is light. The only problem with this is my husband keeps stealing my shower pouf. I need to find him a manly one so he will leave my pink pouf alone!

You will want to get Shave the Males ($7.99) for the name alone.

Shave the Males

Isn’t it the best?? This is a wonderful, lightly scented shaving cream that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s thick and creamy like a shaving cream should be, and it leaves skin soft and moisturized. It’s a winner.

Check out Mensgroom for some great holiday gift ideas that will leave your man – or men – looking great and smelling even better.  – Lisa

*pr samples

Let’s hear it for the boys – MENSGROOM Soothe the Shaven Beast and Iron Grip Hair Gel

Mensgroom – there is no better logo

If the man in your life is VERY manly, and has a good sense of humor, he is going to love MENGROOM!  Seriously, go to their website, it is absolutely hysterical.  The ‘evolution of men’s grooming’ had me rolling on the floor.

Example:  “During colonial times, men look like women.  Women look like men.  Mass confusion ensues.”

MENSGROOM was designed by manly men for the guy who just wants to get clean and smell good.  Nothing fancy, but nothing boring either.

My manly husband was saying, “Yeah, but you should have seen the one that got away!”

I had my husband Kevin, who is a very manly man, try two of the products from MENSGROOM – the after shave and the hair gel.

Soothe the Shaven Beast

First of all, the names of these are the BEST – Soothe the Shaven Beast After Shave?  Perfection!!  What is very interesting about the two products my hubby tried was that they are both completely fragrance free.  Most men’s products are absolutely saturated with scent, and we were so surprised to find that there is none at all in these.

Soothe the Shaven Beast ($5.99) is a creamy, alcohol-free lotion, so it doesn’t burn his skin.  It keeps his skin from getting itchy after shaving, and it leaves it nice and soft.  It has lots of great ingredients for skin, like aloe, Vitamin E, and barley protein.

The only thing my husband didn’t like was that it had no fragrance.  He doesn’t use many products, so he wants what he uses to be real multi-taskers.  But I thought it was fantastic – there was nothing competing with his cologne, and it’s a truly wonderful thing for those who are very sensitive to fragrance.

Iron Grip Strong Hold Hair Gel

Kevin also tested the Iron Grip Strong Hold Hair Gel ($5.99).  He loves this.  It has just enough hold to keep his hair in place, but doesn’t look or feel crunchy and stiff.

This is a lightweight gel that smooths easily in to hair, providing strong but soft hold to keep a style in place (despite a name that makes it sound like liquid concrete).  It’s even possible to change your style throughout the day without any flaking.  It’s great stuff, and again it’s fragrance-free.

My manly husband with my daughter Annie

My husband was very impressed with both products, and he thinks the Washroom Guy blog is pretty entertaining (you can check it out HERE).  For a guy who doesn’t spend much time on grooming, he was very appreciative of MENSGROOM and definitely wants to try other things from this line.  I can see lots of easy, inexpensive holiday gifts in his future…and in my son’s future…not to mention my brothers…thank you MENSGROOM!!   – Lisa

*pr samples