Grooming Lounge is the perfect place for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day will be here in a New York minute, so why not get that shopping done now? The Grooming Lounge, an online website dedicated to manly grooming, takes all the work out of ‘dad’ shoppping for you. I count 96 different available brands from ACE for Men to Zwilling, with some pretty intriguing brands in between. Hello, Colonel Conk!  Of course I also had to take a look at Wurkinstiffs, Fresh Balls and Sasquatch Soap Bars. Don’t let the male-centric brand names scare you off – there are some seriously awesome grooming products here for bathing, shaving, and smelling good. This site is definitely worth a perusal.

Grooming Lounge The Shavior and Mug Moisturizer

Grooming Lounge sent two samples to test from their own line:  The Shavoir and Mug Moisturizer. Both are awesome gifts if the dad in your life prefers shaving to the bearded look.

Grooming Lounge The ShaviorGrooming Lounge The Shavior swatch

The Shavior ($24) gets serious props just for having a freaking fabulous name. Beyond that, pretty much everyone who shaves experiences irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs at some point. This lotion not only does triage for already existing problems, it also helps to prevent further issues. Glycolic acid prevents the buildup that leads to bumps, and the lotion is full of botanicals, antioxidants, moisturizers and even sunscreen. Paraben, oil and sulfate free.

Grooming Lounge Mug MoisturizerGrooming Lounge Mug Moisturizer swatch

The Mug Moisturizer ($25) is something even the most skin care-resistant men will want to use. Men who shave in particular are prone to itchy or flaky skin. This is a light, oil-free moisturizer than has a slight outdoorsy scent. It leaves skin moisturized but not shiny, something my hubby definitely prefers. The terrific ingredients include Apple Fruit Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Chamomile Flower Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate.  Paraben and sulfate-free.

The Grooming Lounge products get a big thumbs up from the men in my life and the website is definitely easy to use and loaded with amazing Father’s Day gift possibilities. Head on over to take a look, even if it’s just to find out who the heck Colonel Conk really is.  – Lisa

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Get it for your guy: The Men’s Glossybox

Shampoo, shave, and style – that’s what the latest Glossybox for Men promises and for $40 it delivers everything your man needs to groom himself right up.

The Men's Glossybox

The Men’s Glossybox

There are two full size hair items, one full size skin care item, one full size shave item, and two sample size items.  The full size items together are worth $78, so this is definitely a bargain box of manly products.

Redken Clean Brew

Redken Clean Brew

Redken For Men Clean Brew Shampoo (retails for $12.50):  you know those commercials where there is a screaming hot guy out in the woods, doing something really manly like chopping down a tree or riding a wild horse?  The scent of this shampoo is exactly like what I imagine that screaming hot guy smells like.  It’s woodsy and clean and fabulously macho.  My husband LOVES this, it really is a terrific shampoo for guys who like working on cars or building houses because it has anti-grit technology that will clean even the most tenacious engine oil out of hair.  And if your guy has naturally oily hair, it’s shampoo perfection.

Redken Firm Grasp

Redken Firm Grasp

Redken for Men Firm Grasp texurizing hair clay (retails for $19):  this gets a big thumbs up from the hubby.  It’s a texturizing hair clay that smells woodsy, but it’s not an overpowering scent. It is terrific for shorter hair, leaving a matte finish that looks mod yet rugged.

Nuxe Men's Eye Cream

Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream

Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream (retails for $28): it is a small bottle, but it is the full size product. The eye cream is in an airless pump, it’s really terrific packaging. The eye cream is a thin cream that smells vaguely of pine.  It is designed to soothe puffiness, decrease dark circles, and decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It sure leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. I got my husband to use it for a few days, and he liked it…but I’m betting it’s not something he will use all the time.  Eye cream is a little too much maintenance for him. So guess what? I’m stealing it for myself.

Zirh Prepare Shave Oil

Zirh Prepare Shave Oil

Zirh Pre-Shave Oil (retails for $18.50):  this is an oil that your guy smooths on before the shaving cream. It gives the shaving area more lubrication so shaving is easy and razor burn issues are things of the past. It’s a small bottle, but one drop is all my husband needs for shaving his beard, so this will last a very long time. Again, my husband liked it and said it worked great…but I am betting this is one more step he won’t do regularly, although he will reach for it when his razor is at the end of its lifetime. In the meantime, I am using it for shaving my legs.

Bulgari Man Extreme

Bulgari Man Extreme

BVLGARI Man Extreme Cologne (this is a deluxe 0.17 fl.oz. sample, a full size 3.4 oz. retails for $79):  what a nice, big sample of this deliciously manly cologne! I find a lot of men’s colognes are way too strong, but this one is subtle and masculine at the same time. Notes include pink grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, balsa wood, and Haitian vetiver.

There is also a small tube of Sisley Moisturizer that is meant for application after shaving. It’s definitely something to throw in the travel bag for soothing irritated skin.

All in all, it’s a great box. The full size items are terrific and money-wise you get a lot of bang for your buck. Anything my hubby wouldn’t use was of interest to me, so nothing is going to be wasted! I think this is a wonderful gift for the guy in your life. I give a big thumbs up to this Men’s Glossybox.  – Lisa

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