Get your Valentine on with Lush Neon Love

Nobody does gift sets like Lush and their Neon Love Valentine’s Day set ($39.95) doesn’t disappoint. Everything is flirty, fruity, fresh, and fun…sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day to me! This box is full of possibilities for a wild romantic night.

Lush Neon Love Set

Lush Neon Love Set

All the good stuff inside...

All the good stuff inside…

opening with excitement...

opening with excitement…

and here are the goodies!

and here are the goodies!

Lush Neon Love is a bright, festive set that you will want to share with that significant other … and trust me all of the bath, shower, and body products are meant to be shared and the collection is built for ‘getting a little’. Or maybe getting a lot!

Red Fun

Red Fun

Inside the Red Fun...

Inside the Red Fun…

Red Fun is full of possibilities. It’s bubbles for your bath, soap for your shower, shampoo for your hair … or you could just do a little interpretive clay modeling with it. Spell out flirty messages to one another or build an Eiffel Tower. Then wash one another with it. Great stuff that smells orangey and clean.

BubbleGum Lip Scrub

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

fruity exfoliation for your lips

fruity exfoliation for your lips

Get your lips free of flakes and kissably soft with the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub. This is a super fun pink sugar scrub that tastes absolutely delicious. Rub it over lips with just a touch of water and the sugar exfoliates while the jojoba oil moisturizes. You don’t even have to rinse, you can lick off the excess for a sweet treat … then get on to some even sweeter making out.

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie

a shower smoothie you will want to share

a shower smoothie you will want to share

I am not always a fan of rose scented products but I truly love the Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie. Smooth it all over your body in the shower and wonderful oils and hydrating butters cleanse and soften skin. This delightful pot of dreaminess is full of aphrodisiac jasmine and Turkish rose, smoothing almond oil, moisturizing cocoa butter and neroli. This is a really decadent product that definitely makes partnering up in the shower extremely enjoyable.

From Dusk til Dawn...get the point?

From Dusk til Dawn…get the point?

The From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Massage Bar just cracks me up. It is anything but subtle. If you are hoping to go from dusk til dawn, this pointy massage bar will keep those muscles loose and smelling great with Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oil.

The star of the set, Neon Love Soap

The star of the set, Neon Love Soap

And finally, the real star of the set, the Neon Love Soap. This is a new soap made just for Valentine’s Day and it is beautiful inside and out. Ingredients include passion fruit juice for cleansing and soya yogurt for softening the skin. It also has bergamot, rosewood, and cinnamon for a spicy but sweet scent that is gorgeous. Inside each love-inscribed soap are little white soaps that are beautiful and romantic. It was love at first sight (and smell) for me.

no one can resist the cute little hidden white hearts!

no one can resist the cute little hidden white hearts!

The Lush Neon Love set is perfect for bath and body product lovers. Get your Valentine on and check this out!  – Lisa

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Lush has a Heart of Gold

To me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about getting a gift for a significant other.  I think it’s also about appreciating yourself, and taking the time to show yourself a little bit of love.

For anyone with a heart of gold...

For anyone with a heart of gold…

 Every Valentine’s Day I remember my favorite quote from the amazing RuPaul: “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

Can I get an AMEN in here??

Can I get an AMEN in here??

If you want to show yourself – or someone else – some love, you can’t get much better than the Heart of Gold ($49.95) set at Lush.  

So pretty!!

So pretty!!

Buy this and you won’t just be giving to yourself, you will also be giving to others since every Heart of Gold set sold equals a donation to the Charity Pot fund.  

So convenient...put your own card in here!

So convenient…put your own card in here!

And if you are looking for a gift for someone else, this is perfect – check out the great gift tag that lets you insert your own card!  Plus Lush also puts extremely helpful product descriptions in each package for any Lush virgins.

inside description booklet, very helpful!

inside description booklet, very helpful!

 Here is what is inside this beautiful set:

lush heart of gold inside 3

Willow Pattern Soap

The Lush website shows this in a traditional soap shape, but mine arrived as a pretty round bar.  


Willow Pattern Soap

It has this truly beautiful shiny blue shimmer on a creamy white soap.  

Willow Pattern in the sun...gorgeous!

Willow Pattern in the sun…gorgeous!

It smells of lemons and rosewood, and it is fantastic.  Plus the fact that it’s limited edition makes me love it even more!!

Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb

 Check out the gorgeous rose petals in this bath bomb. 

pretty provocative

pretty provocative

It has a beautiful jasmine scent, and thanks to the soya milk in it your bath water becomes a soft, milky purple-pink.

From Dusk til Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn...wins the provocative contest!

From Dusk to Dawn…wins the provocative contest!

Ok, I thought Sex Bomb was sexy until I saw From Dusk to Dawn…this wins the prize as the most provocative product.  Does it look like a pencil?  Or like Madonna’s cone bra??

photo from Huffington Post

photo from Huffington Post

This massage bar is great for a rub down, and it smells of orange and lemon, both yummy scents that give you energy for anything else you feel like doing…wink wink.

Charity Pot

Charity Pot is full of a cocoa butter based lotion that smells of chocolate and roses.  

Charity Pot

Charity Pot

This beautiful body lotion is one of the ways that Lush gives back to the world, as they donate every cent to charities around the world.  

inside Charity Pot

inside Charity Pot

Every time you spread the lotion on your skin you are spreading love around the world!

A French Kiss

French Kiss

French Kiss – check out the lavendar on the side!

Oooh la la!!!  Who doesn’t love French kisses (well, French kisses with a good kisser anyway.  I have some horrid memories of pretty bad ones back at that 8th grade dance…)  This is a spectacular bubble bar that is perfect before bed.  Nothing like soaking in beautiful purple bubbles before getting busy. 

Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner)

This massage bar smells like chocolate, but instead of leaving nasty fat deposits on your thighs, it leaves them feeling super soft and pampered. 


Soft Coeur

It is a perfect Valentine’s chocolate to share with someone you love.  If you aren’t a honeymooner, you can certainly act like one!

who doesn't want a heart of gold??

who doesn’t want a heart of gold??

So listen to me and listen to RuPaul, the guy who looks better in lipstick than anyone I know – give yourself some love so you can show everyone else in your life a whole lotta love!!  And start by loving yourself enough to get that Heart of Gold at Lush.  – Lisa

lush heart of gold inside 4

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I have a Hottie on my hands with Lush!

Oh boy, I sure do love me some Lush.  I love the bath bombs, I love the bubble bars, and I love the massage bars.  I did a happy dance of joy when the new Lush Hottie Massage Bar ($8.95) showed up on my doorstep.

This is a large massage bar, and it has these great bumps which make for a super massage.

The bumps help dissolve knots in your muscles, as well as increase circulation.  It smells really yummy, like vanilla with a touch of ginger.  When you rub this into the muscles, it melts just a little, so a terrific oil covers the skin.  I use Hottie on my hubby who works in construction, so he’s always sore.  First I rub the sore spots with the bumps to work out the knots, then I massage his aching muscles using my hands.  The melted jojoba and butter base make for a super easy, smooth massage that also smells divine.  I like how the scent is distinctly unisex – he doesn’t like to smell like flowers, and I don’t like to smell like the Old Spice guy.  The vanilla/ginger combo is a wonderful compromise that we both love. The oil sinks in after a bit, it doesn’t just sit on the skin like a greasy mess.  Hottie also has black pepper in it, so the oil generates some real warmth in the muscles.

I think the Hottie Massage Bar is really terrific, and while the bumps eventually wear down after quite a few uses, the bar itself lasts for quite a while so the price point is actually pretty good.  This is a really fun, practical bar that has a pretty sexy name – it certainly can lead to either a great nights sleep… or just a great night!!

Lush has some other really cool looking products out for Valentine’s Day.  Here are the highlights:



THE FROG PRINCE BATH BOMB Throw this cute little character in a tub of warm water and marvel as he dissolves in front of your eyes to reveal your very own Prince Charming (a sticker of one of our charming compounders from the LUSH factory)!  And as you would expect from royalty, he has his own exquisite and sultry brand new fragrance – a majestic blend of jasmine, sandalwood, rose and neroli.




IT’S RAINING MEN SHOWER GEL Hallelujah!  A divine shower gel scented with our best-selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance. Shower with this luxurious honey and tropical flower gel and your skin will be left deliciously soft, scented like crème brulée and extremely lickable.


LOVE BIRDS SOAP Something for all those lovers out there, this gorgeous new soap is scented with beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!  This sensual jasmine and vanilla fragranced soap leaves skin delicately scented while it softens and moisturizes.



EX FACTOR BATH BOMB For all the Valentine-less folks, plan a date with this little guy to cheer you up! He dissolves in the warm water in a swirl of ylang ylang and vanilla to reveal a small pink candy heart.  The delectable mix of essential oils will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to meet someone else.


MAGIC MUSHROOM BUBBLE BAR Make some magic with this charming toadstool! Crumble this frothy strawberry and cream-scented wonder under running water for masses of yummy skin softening bubbles.



BE MINE A sexy selection of six scrumptious treats that’s sure to secure the one you want this Valentine’s Day. Melt into a marshmallow bath and then seal the deal with a chocolate-scented massage. Packed up in a reusable box, they will always remember just how much you love them!

Contents: Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, It’s Raining Men shower gel, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Soft Coeur massage bar, Lust solid perfume.

The one I have my eye on is the PS I Love You Gift.

PS I LOVE YOU Tell that special someone what you’ve been meaning to say for ages.  This cute little gift contains four romantic products wrapped up with lovely paper embossed with hearts and love birds.

Contents: Magic Mushroom bubble bar, Strawberry Feels massage bar (mini), Love Birds soap, It Started With a Kiss lip tint.

I told my husband, any one of these items given to me as a Valentine’s gift would be certain to get him some attention…so guess what I’m going to be getting??  LOL!! – Lisa

Disclosure:  item reviewed was a PR sample