Not just for horses: Mane ‘n Tail Hair Strengthener and Hoofmaker

I have long been intrigued with Mane ‘n Tail products.  I thought they were products for horses, just somehow placed in the wrong aisle at the supermarket.  Surprise –  Mane ‘n Tail really was originally made for horses!


The Mane ‘n Tail horses

Equestrians loved what the original shampoo and conditioner did for their show horses (the kinds with beautifully long manes and tails that are often decorated or braided), so people started to try them for themselves.  The results were awesome, and you know how it goes – they told two friends, who told two friends, who told two friends, and the next thing you know Mane ‘n Tail had a cult-like following. 

Hair Strengthener

Hair Strengthener

 Mane ‘n Tail has the reputation of high quality, affordable products that really work.  Today there are many products in this line besides the iconic shampoo and conditioner.  Here are a few to check out:

The Hair Strengthener ($5.99) is a spray-on leave-in hair treatment that can be used daily to make your hair strong and healthy.  I really like this – it’s very nourishing for hair and it definitely helps reduce split ends.  It’s also great protection from heat styling, like blow drying and flat ironing.  Plus it’s super affordable and easy to find in supermarkets and drug stores.

hand and nail

Hoofmaker Hand and Nail

 Another really cool product is the Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Therapy ($3.49).  This really was first developed to moisturize horse hooves!  When owners applied it to their horses, they realizes how fabulous it was for their own hands and nails.  It also works great on dry elbows and feet. 

up close

For horse hooves and for your hooves too!

 It’s a thick, creamy lotion that has a light, clean perfumed scent.  It soaks in quickly and it really moisturizes dry spots and keep cuticles looking great.


light, creamy lotion

I was very surprised at how light this was, I was expecting something heavy and greasy.  But this is light enough to use anytime without having to wait for it to dry.  It also absolutely helps with calluses. Hey, if it works on dry, brittle horse hooves, just imagine what it can do for you!

Next time you are in the grocery store or drug store, pick up some Mane ‘n Tail.  It’s great stuff for a great price.  – Lisa

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