Makeup Wars chooses favorite perfumes

Today for Makeup Wars Marcia and Lisa collaborated to bring you Lisa’s 5 favorite fragrances that have the scent of coconut in them. It might just be a small part of the fragrance but it’s enough to make Lisa happy as that’s her favorite scent. (When I write collaborated, I mean I made Lisa pick and tell me about the fragrances. She did the hard part, I’m just the facilitator. — Marcia)
1.  Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder – This is a beach sunset in a bottle, a little bit of suntan oil, a lot of warm sand, and the soft scent of flowers breezing past.
2.  Viva La Juicy Gold Couture –  This is a fruity fragrance with yummy coconut and vanilla notes. This is a new addition to the Juicy Couture family and has become a favorite to wear for Lisa.
3.  LaVanila Vanilla Summer – This is a totally tropical scent with pineapple, mango, coconut milk, sugar cane, and Madagascar vanilla.  It brings me right back to sipping a pina colada on the beach in Mexico.
4.  Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Parfum – this is a combination of Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood and Gardenia.  It’s a sophisticated coconut scent, and the fragrance jewelry is to die for.
5.  Opus Oils Tropique – Opus Oils has some intriguing fragrance and Tropique really has stood out. It’s an inspired mix of chocolate, vanilla, coconut and coffee.  Delicious!
Are you a fan of coconut in your fragrance? Does it transport you to an island or a favorite vacation where you got away from the world and your worries for a little time?

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Top Ten Tuesday celebrates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you are like me then you are still trying to think of a gift for someone dear to you. Gifts don’t just have to be to mothers – they can be for daughter-in-laws, grandmothers, a dear friend or aunt, or even yourself. Here are 10 plus that I’d love to see wrapped up for me. Starting at 12:00 and going clockwise are….
1. SEPHORA SUMMERTIME FAVORITES – I don’t have this but it’s loaded with items I love or want to love. For $45 you’ll find a cosmetic bag filled with this amazing collection
- 0.049 oz Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Kitten
– 0.08 oz Nars Travel Size Laguna Bronzing Powder
– 0.095 oz Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape
– 0.27 oz Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer in Mermaid’s Dream
– 0.018 oz Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 12L
– 0.08 oz Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Gloss in New Wave with Lip Brush
– 0.23 oz Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer in Venus
– 0.5 oz Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
– 0.09 oz Marc Jacobs Mini Lash Lifter Mascara in Blacquer
2. A GIRL’S GOTTA SPA ENERGIZING CITRUS BODY LOTION AND BODY WASH – I’d love these because as much as I splurge on cosmetics, I don’t splurge on body products. A Girl’s Gotta Spa! bath and body products are free of trendy ingredients, bogus miracle solutions and product hype. They’re cruelty-free (in fact, we’re Leaping Bunny certified.) They’re also free of sulfates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, synthetic colors and fragrances. What our natural body wash and natural lotion do have, is something purely honest and simple, something effective and unpretentious. They are made in small batches to give you the highest quality product possible. It is an elucidation to your dry skin care woes and satiates your senses. I am partial to citrus fragrances in products so I just know these would make me (and you) happy.
3. PACK A HAT by Capelli Straworld – a great summer treat for anyone who loves to be outside. This is a hat that folds into a purse so you can carry it anywhere. I’ll be reviewing it soon but until then you should check these out since they’ll make walking, gardening, spending time near the water and just about everything you do outside much prettier.

4. STELLA & DOT JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES – this is my Mother’s Day present to myself. I bought a 30″ dainty ball chain with the initials of my two grandchildren. It’s not a statement piece (Stella & Dot carries some beauties) but it’s a piece that shows my love. I’ve linked to my wonderful representative, Darcy Sieber, in case you don’t have one. After ordering this I had it in 4 days!!

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

5. and 6. SUBSCRIPTION BOXES – I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes and think there’s one for everyone and every budget. For $21 a month you can order GLOSSYBOX and get someone full size and deluxe samples of skincare and cosmetics; for $7 a month you can order COLOR ME MONTHLY which delivers a surprise nail polish shade; for $36 a month you can order one of three WANTABLE boxes (cosmetics, accessories or intimates) and for $49.95 you can order FAB FIT FUN which has a little bit of everything. A subscription box gift is perfect for those far away from you or for a last minute “oops I forgot”. You pick the number of months so you can keep it in your budget.
7. LISA HOFFMAN SCENTED JEWELRY – there are a lot of items you can order from Lisa Hoffman that make very unusual gifts. My blog partner Lisa adores this line so when I asked her to pick a favorite fragrance for me to share today this is what she chose. This particular one is the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet that you fill with the scented beads but there are others that she’s crazy about too.
8. LUSH MUM’S GIFT SET – While Lush has beautiful gifts for all occasions there is something special about this Mum’s Gift Set. The Mum Gift Set has seven different floral-scented products, including two bath bombs, three bubble bars, a body lotion and a face moisturizer. It’s everything your mom needs to smell amazing after a bit of pampering. And I bet she’ll share too.
9. CLARISONIC ARIA INDULGENCE GIFT SET – I chose this since more mom’s know about the Clarisonic than the Foreo Luna plus it’s a great set that not only contains the new Aria but also 1.7 oz Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, 0.5 oz Josie Maran Argan Oil Light, and 0.23 oz Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. You’ll get a lot for the $199 that this normally costs by itself.
10. MONT BLEU – I could have done a post just on buying Mont Bleu products for Mother’s Day but I chose just 3 of the hundreds of beautiful items. I have the heart key chain and smile every time I pick up my keys. I can distinguish between the two cars with ease plus it’s a heart!! The business card case shown is perfect if you have a working mom and the hairbrush is just to die for! You can find every price item at Mont Bleu and you absolutely won’t be disappointed. The shipping is reasonable and quick.
Out of all of these I think my own elderly mother would most enjoy the Lisa Hoffman bracelet since she’d have something different than the other ladies in her senior citizen apartment building. For me I’d love more Mont Bleu and A Girl’s Gotta Spa products.
Join the other bloggers to see what they chose. It’s always fun to see the differences. — Marcia


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Perfect for Valentine’s Day: Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

Fragrance is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Jewelry is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.  So Lisa Hoffman’s fragrance jewelry, her ingenious combination of the two, is the perfect gift. Lisa Hoffman sent the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet ($75) and it is really, truly stunning. Not only is it seriously practical (your jewelry and fragrance all in one!), it is gorgeous.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Bracelet

Lisa’s fragrance jewelry was inspired by the Victorian Era, when showing your diamonds and jewelry was considered to be in bad taste. Jewelers made ‘fronts’ that covered the jewels for elegant woman as they traveled to parties and concerts. Lisa’s earrings, pendants, and bracelets have a charm similar to those ‘fronts’ that encases small fragranced wooden beads. The wooden beads slowly release the scent as they are exposed to air for a subtle delivery of fragrance.

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The wooden beads retain their scent for a long time and have a great ‘throw’. For her Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet, Lisa redesigned the fragrance charm to hold even more beads for more fragrance power. The bracelet and beads arrive nicely packaged in a pretty mesh bag. You can also buy refill jars of the fragrance beads for $20 so you never run out of fragrance and can put different scents into the jewelry if you’d like.

Kerala Ashok Bracelet fragrance beads

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance beads

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance bead holder

Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet fragrance charm

The Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet is a striking bracelet that celebrates both the strength and the softness of femininity. The fragrance is a beautiful floral combination of Ashok blossom, Deep Violet, Ripe Pear, Velvety Apricot, and Sheer Jasmine. The silver fragrance charm perfectly complements the lovely vintage purple glass beads. The fragrance charm opens up, and you put a few of the wood beads inside then snap closed. As you move your arm, the fragrance wafts about you in a beautifully subtle way.

love the beautiful purple beads

love the beautiful purple vintage glass beads

The perfect Valentine's Day gift:  Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift: Lisa Hoffman Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet

The bracelet is so pretty, Lisa says it “acts as a constant reminder to inhale bliss and exhale peace.” What a beautiful message for a day that celebrates love!

While all of her jewelry is amazing, I think the Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet  is simply perfect for Valentine’s Day. Head on over to the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website and check it out – which one do you think is the perfect V Day gift?  – Lisa

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The perfect holiday gift: Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry

Whether you are looking to spend a good amount of money or looking for something affordable, you can please a jewelry lover and a fragrance lover with one gift:  Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry.

If money isn’t an issue, check out the beautiful fragrance cuffs and fragrance necklaces created by Tom Binns and Lisa Hoffman.  These run $250 for the necklace pendant and $300 for the fragrance cuffs, and they are gorgeous.

The little compartments are full of fragrance beads that retain their scent for a long time and have a great ‘throw’.  Put on your necklace or cuff and you have your jewelry and your perfume taken care of in one swoop.

The different fragrances available include French Clary Sage (clean watery linen), Japanese Agarwood (unique woody zest),Madagascar Orchid (exotic modern floral), Tuscan Fig (sophisticated and sweet), andTunisian Neroli (sensuous classic floral).

cute bag

Lisa Hoffman also has some less expensive options that are fantastic – she has fragrance earrings (on sale right now for only $39!!), fragrances necklaces ($65), and fragrance bracelets ($65).  I have the fragrance earrings (I reviewed them HERE) and wear them all the time.  And for this holiday, I absolutely love the bracelets.


They come in different shades and metals based on the fragrance choice.  My favorite fragrance is Tuscan Fig, which is a beautiful combination of fig, vanilla, honeysuckle and coconut.

The Tuscan Fig bracelet is described as “amber-hued resin beads intermingled with rose gold-plated brass and howlite stone beads and a rose gold-plated brass charm to evoke the rich, gourmand scent of Tuscan Fig.”

fragrance beads

The bracelet comes in a pretty mesh bag with a jar of fragrance beads.  The beads are scented, and you put them into the little charm compartment on the bracelet.

fragrance bead compartment

You can also buy refill jars of the fragrance beads for $20, so you never run out of fragrance and can put different scents into the jewelry.

so pretty, you need to get one for yourself!

The bracelets are so beautiful, I think they are a ‘one for you, one for me!’ item.  Definitely take the time to check out the great options at Lisa Hoffman Beauty.  – Lisa

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The perfect summer scent? Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig

Imagine the most relaxing, peaceful place you can.  If you could be anywhere in the world right now, what place would make you the happiest?

Here is what I picture:

A few deep breaths and I am here…

Every time I freak out and need to go to a ‘happy place’ to calm myself, I see myself at the beach.  I also picture myself about thirty pounds lighter and accompanied by Joe Manganiello, but that’s a whole other story.

A few more deep breaths and Joe is there too!!!

So…I tend to like beachy, coconutty scents.  However, many fragrances in that category smell synthetic, or too foody, or too much like sun tan lotion.  Enter Lisa Hoffman, who has created the absolute perfect summer scent – Tuscan Fig, which is now available in a 2 oz. size Eau de Parfum ($65).

I reviewed Lisa Hoffman products before here and here.  This is a super high quality line with tremendous products.  I love the iScentify feature on her website that guides you through questions to find the perfect scent for you – which is how I found Tuscan Fig.

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Parfum

Tuscan Fig has notes of Vanilla Bean, Honeysuckle, Coconut Wood, and Gardenia.   It’s a beautifully sophisticated beachy scent.  It’s not a candy coconut, or an overwhelming floral.  It smells warm and complex, and it makes people hug you even closer and take a big, huge inhale.

Such a pretty yet sophisticated bottle – perfect for your vanity.

Tuscan Fig instantly transports you to dusk at a gorgeous sandy beach, the warmth intensifying the coconut and vanilla as the notes of sun baked honeysuckle and gardenia dance in the background.

And every time I wear it, my husband wants to fool around.

Like I said, it’s the perfect summer scent.  You really have to try this.  – Lisa

*pr sample

Mother’s Day gift ideas part two: Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry

In this year’s search for creative and unique Mother’s Day gifts, I came across the perfect marriage of two of my favorite things – fragrance and jewelry.  “Imagine a perfume as visually beautiful as a sparkling cocktail ring or a rare silk scarf – and that can be taken on and off just as easily.”  Lisa Hoffman did just that when she was gifted a pair of Victorian-Era earrings by her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman.  Lisa set out to create her vision, and a perfect Mother’s Day gift was born!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry

Back in the Victorian Era, it was considered gauche to show off your diamonds.  So jewelers created a ‘front’ to cover the jewels as the ladies traveled to and from events.  Lisa created beautiful earrings, pendants, and bracelets with a charm similar to those ‘fronts’ that encases small wooden beads that are full of fragrance.

Lisa Hoffman's fragrance your way

The wooden beads slowly release the scent as they are exposed to air, so it’s a subtle delivery, not a huge cloud of perfume.  I was lucky enough to try a pair of the earrings ($65) in the Tunisian Neroli scent.

earrings and wood beads

Tunisian Neroli is a gorgeous, warm, intoxicating scent.  It’s a combination of neroli flower, ylang ylang, and golden amber.  There are five scents in all to chose from – French Clary Sage (clean watery linen), Japanese Agarwood (unique woody zest), Madagascar Orchid (exotic modern floral), Tuscan Fig (sophisticated and sweet), and Tunisian Neroli (sensuous classic floral).  I love how the fragrance profiles are all very distinct, there is definitely something for every person’s scent preference.  If you aren’t sure which fragrance is best, check out the iScentify – it’s a lot of fun and will tell you exactly which scents will work for you.

earrings up close

The earring charms open up, and you put a few of the wood beads inside then snap closed.  As you move your head, the fragrance softly wafts about you in a beautifully subtle way.

the wood beads inside the earring

What a unique and perfect combination – your fragrance and jewelry in one!!  And when the fragrance is gone, you can get replacement beads for $20.  The Tunisian Neroli earrings are gold, but other scents come in silver, bronze, or rose gold.

They are so pretty on – somehow they manage to be both vintage and modern looking at the same time.  I love the Tunisian Neroli and I am dying to try the Tuscan Fig bracelet and necklace.  I think I am going to put this on my Mother’s Day list – as a gift for me!!  This is really one of the most unusual and genius products I have ever seen.  I cannot recommend it highly enough – get some for your mom, and get some for you!  – Lisa

* pr sample

Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011: Skin Care, Body Care, and the rest!

A few days ago I posted my favorite color items, you can find that post here.  ‘Top picks’ posts are the ones I enjoy writing up the most, I love sharing the extra good stuff with you, and I love being able to put all this fabulousness in one review!  I was going to publish today’s post of my favorite skin care, body care, and other miscellaneous items yesterday, but boy did I get hit with the flu.  I’m all better now, so here is my list for you.

Favorite skin care:

I found several skin care items that I am constantly reaching for over and over. I love the Chella Foaming Cleanser Lavish Souffle, it the perfect cleanser and you only need a tiny bit.

Chella Foaming Cleanser

I really got into natural organic lines, like Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Neroli Toning Mist and Coconut Oil, beautiful products from a fantastic line with a great message.

I also loved the Artisan Naturals Lemon Cypress Exfoliating Mask, which is my favorite go-to for pesky breakouts.

To even out my skin tone, I have been absolutely loving the Omorfies Etenia Lightening Cream by Kleraderm.

Two other skin care lines that I adore are 3Lab (for their amazing Super Eye Treatment and Perfect Lips)

and YBF Skin Care (Hydrate B and Boost are flipping fabulous).

YBF Boost

Favorite primer:

This one is a tie for me.  I am completely impressed with Reviva Labs Makeup Primer,

it’s a great silicone based primer that actually goes on light.

And I am totally loving the Youngblood Mineral Primer,

Youngblood Mineral Primer

which has a wonderful texture and really helps my makeup stay put all day.

Favorite Facialist:

My favorite facialist this year was Joanne Kallabat, owner of Kleraderm.

Joanne Kallabat with her son, Michael

It’s such a treat to go to Nordstrom and get a $150 facial for only $20 – plus she gives the BEST face massage ever.  I love how she gives tons and tons of samples first.  She wants to figure out what works best for your skin before she will even let you buy anything!

Favorite Fragrances:

I have completely embraced the layering concept by Lisa Hoffman, and her Tuscan Fig fragrance is just to die for.

Lisa Hoffman Variations case with the Tuscan Fig fragrance

Plus, her iScentify scent finder is super fun to play with.

I also fell in love with the Juara Candlenut Fragrance.

This is a swoon-worthy coconut scent that makes everyone want to hug you.  And then hug you again.

Favorite storage solution:

Wow, this one was a life changer – the Zuca Pro Artist Case.

It has totally changed my organizational system, and has made makeup gigs so much easier, as well as travel.  Looks like we are going to be doing more contests with Zuca this year, so stay tuned!!

Favorite hand cream:

I am a hand cream addict, since I work at a school and need to wash my hands about twenty times a day.  I cannot do without my Votre Vu Duette Lux Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Little mirror, lip balm, and then hand cream, all in one package??  Absolute genius, and the hand cream smells truly amazing.

Favorite body products:

2011 was a Whish year for me, that’s for sure. I love this retro line, every single product is a winner.

Just this morning I was thanking the Whish Gods for making their amazing Shave Crave Shaving Cream.

Tarte Cosmetics is a line better known for its great color products, but a true unsung hero is the Tarte Celebutante.

It’s a gorgeous body shimmer spray that smells unbelievably good, like fresh coconut and vanilla.  Yummy!!

Speaking of coconuts, I went pretty ‘coconutty’ for the Bodycology Island Coconut products.

The body cream, body wash, and body spray are all truly terrific, and I reach for them all the time.

Favorite sunning/self-tanner products:

I am a big fan of faux tanning, and I had some great discoveries this past year.  Hampton Sun is a go-to line for any sun products, including faux tanning.  I love the Privet Blossom products, they have a unique scent that is totally summer in a bottle.

Hampton Sun Shimmer Spray in Bronze

The spray SPF is amazing, and the faux tanning and body shimmer products are excellent.  Try this line, you won’t be disappointed.

Another great discovery that changed my faux tanning was the Beautisol Self Tanning Magic Mitt.

This $6 wonder completely changed my faux tanning experience for the better!!  No streaks, no worries, no problems.  Love it!!

I also fell in love with Tan Towels.  Such a quick, sanitary way to get a deep tan, plus the towelettes travel so well.


Favorite cleaning products:

Dusting Fragrance

I am the first to admit that housekeeping is never a priority for me, so finding things that help make cleaning joyful is huge for me.  Sweet Grass Farm has pretty awesome cleaning products that give me extra motivation, my favorites are the Dusting fragrance and Lemon Verbena Liquid Soap.

Favorite clothing line:

I am totally digging the Sprigs clothing line.  Pictured above I am wearing my Banjee while shopping.  I love these little guys, they really do make life easier.  And I wear my infinity scarves all the time too.  So many great items, it’s a fabulous line that I am so happy I discovered this year!

That’s it for all my favorites of 2011.  And now on to an amazing year of even more terrific discoveries in 2012!!  – Lisa