La Bedouine Organic Argan Oil skincare and Berberian Lip Rouge – a great find

La Bedouine Argan Skin Care products

La Bedouine Organic Argan Oil Skin Care products

I hope this post isn’t too long but there’s so much to tell you about La Bedouine and their Organic Argan Oil Skin Care. This is a great line for many reasons, only one of which is that this is a woman-run enterprise that believes in only using fair trade products. The Argan oil used in La Bedouine’s line is made by women in both France and Morocco and is sold directly to La Bedouine without any middlemen.

The founder of La Bedouine, Judith  Reitman, wanted to learn more about Argan oil after falling in love with it in products she’d tried as a wedding gift. She had moved to France to write about life there, fell in love and met her husband-to-be. She went directly to Morocco to learn more about Argan oil and found that many companies were diluting theirs. She wanted to bring a true Argan product to her brand so she sought out a family that did their own hand pressing and that’s where she began. The Argan oil used in La Bedouine is as pure as she could find. This is a new line – she only launched the line in the fall of 2012.

I learned about La Bedouine from Gouldylox Reviews where there was an offer to get samples of the brand. I requested them and the owner was kind enough to send me enough for review. I was so thrilled and now I’m hoping to share the wonder of these products with my readers. There are four products. As usual I’ll save my favorite for last.

First, why is it good for you to use Argan Oil in your products? Here’s what La Bedouine tells us:

-Repairs collagen fiber

-Promotes oxygenation and moisture retention

-Neutralizes free radicals

-Improves and helps prevent acne, eczema and psoriasis

-Regulates sebum production to reduce skin oiliness

-Increases skin elasticity and tightening

-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Mousse d'Argan Facial Wash

Mousse d’Argan Facial Wash

Mousse d'Argan Facial Wash open

Mousse d’Argan Facial Wash open

MOUSSE D’ARGAN FACIAL WASH: This is a lathering gel cleanser in a jar. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a cleanser in a jar before. Since this has a fragrance I’ve been using it in my shower in the morning only. Along with the facial wash I was sent this great natural sponge.

natural sponge

natural sponge

le bedouine wash directI get that very wet and after putting the gel on the sponge I wash in a circular motion. I can add more of the cleanser if I want more lather.  It leaves my skin very smooth and not stripped of oils at all. It lathers nicely and I’m even able to use it to shave. What’s surprising about this wash is that it’s made from pulverized Argan nuts along with French lavender (that’s what gives it a fragrance). Ingredients are Sodium Arganate, Water, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil. It also contains Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help with skin softening. It’s very concentrated so I don’t need a lot of product. I’ve also just found out that this is will soon be available as a liquid in a pump and in unscented gel, you know what I’ll be getting next! ($42 for 2 oz.)

Le Bedouine Anti-Aging Argan Serum

Le Bedouine Anti-Aging Argan Night Serum

Le Bedouine Anti-Aging Argan Serum applicator

Le Bedouine Anti-Aging Argan Serum applicator

LA BEDOUINE 100% ORGANIC ARGAN OIL NIGHT SERUM:  This is the purest Argan oil that could be created. It’s made in small batches by the Berber families that Judith Reitman has been working with. It’s loaded with Vitamin E. What’s so interesting about this serum is that it’s a dry oil. Sounds like an oxymoron to me. It is so lightweight that it doesn’t feel as if you have an oil on your face. This is to be used prior to moisturizer. Massage it into your skin and follow with Creme d’Argan moisturizer.  This can also be used on hair without making it feel greasy. It imparts the magic of Argan oil into a shine and light control on your hair and skin. The reason this is suggested to be used at night only is that pure Argan oil is light/sun-sensitive; a fact I never knew before.($28 for 1 oz.)

Le Bedouine Creme d'Argan

Le Bedouine Creme d’Argan

Creme d'Argan ingredients

Creme d’Argan ingredients

CRÈME D’ARGAN: their moisturizer can be used day or night. A little goes a long way with this. It contains two key botanical ingredients – 100% organic Argan Oil and Baobab Tree Oil. It also has Hyaluronic Acid which boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and Resveratrol which helps repair the damage caused by sun exposure. This isn’t a heavy moisturizer at all, it’s quite lightweight. It contains 90% organic ingredients while being 100% botanical. While you still need to add SPF to your routine, this provides the cell rejuvenation your skin needs. I tested it before it was available unscented so now you have two choices. ($54 for 2 oz.)

Le Bedouine Berberian Lip

Le Bedouine Berberian Lip Rouge

Le Bedouine Berberian Lip Rouge

Le Bedouine Berberian Lip Rouge

BERBERIAN LIP ROUGE: this is not only my favorite product (although I’m enjoying them all) but my biggest surprise. I am not a red lip fan. When it was time for our Makeup Wars team to do a challenge for red lips I had an awful time. My expectations weren’t too high for Berberian Lip Rouge. But I love it. This is their only cosmetic product and everything about it is unique.  The one I received is in a handmade Thuya Wood Compact ($36) but you can also order it in a mini burlap sack ($17) (refills are $14). There are no dyes and no chemicals in this. Instead it’s created from pomegranate bark, Coquelicots *which is a poppy red flower) and cedar root. They crush these botanicals into a paste using a mortar and pestle and then bake it in the sun in terracotta pots.  This is a traditional Berber stain that the women would make for their daughter’s wedding day.

Berberian Lip Rouge on my finger

Berberian Lip Rouge on my finger

Berberian Lip Rouge applied with finger

Berberian Lip Rouge applied with finger


When I first opened it I thought it had dried out, it was a brownish red flat shade that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with. I moistened my finger to see what it was all about and it looked like Little Jack Horner had stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum – a red plum. My finger was bright red. Well on my lips it’s not a bright red. It’s just this natural cherry stain. The chemistry of my body doesn’t darken it too much for my taste. I have been pleasantly surprised with this. It doesn’t wear off like the lipstick stains I’ve tried and rejected. It wears off more naturally. It doesn’t last a long day but it does last a nice amount of time.  You can apply this with your finger but it’s recommended to dampen a wet lip brush and apply it that way. The stain could be anywhere from pink to red depending on your lips; mine is a light natural red. To make this product even more enticing, La Bedouine donates 5% of all sales from this product to Smile Train, a charity that helps children born with cleft palates receive the surgery they need.

Goldenseal Wellness is the only place you can purchase La Bedouine products. If you look at the La Bedouine site it will take you to Goldenseal and you can request free samples of the skincare. La Bedouine also created a 15% discount code on first your order using the code BEAUTY for Beauty Info Zone readers as well.

I’m very impressed with everything about this company. They donate to Smile Train and also to the Moroccan Primate Conservation Fund to help stop the illegal trade in primates. They support small family business. They use botanicals and organic ingredients. Products are free of petrochemicals, parabens, GMOs, sulfates, artificial fragrance, artificial color. They are cruelty free and vegan. What else could I ask for?? As my mother would say “Try it, you’ll like it”. — Marcia