Kryolan Shades eyeshadow palettes bring the world to you

You’ve heard us speak about Kryolan before, it’s the theatrical line of cosmetics that is a favorite of ours on Beauty Info Zone. We’ve even taken a side trip to the Chicago store to see and learn (and purchase) the line. When they offered to send some products to review we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Kryolan Dubai eyeshadow palette

Kryolan Dubai eyeshadow palette

Kryolan Dubai

Kryolan Dubai

Today I have a palette that isn’t the norm for me. It’s called Dubai and is a palette of extremely bright shades. I began using it in the summer and now with Halloween approaching it’s on my mind again. I even went to to check out what would be a fun pairing with these colors and I’d definitely pick the fairy tale Snow White costume with all its bright shades for Dubai.fairy-tale-sexy-snow-white-costume-83616

As you can see by my picture, Kryolan Dubai contains hot shades of fuchsia, orange, yellow, teal and plum. These shades can be worn with whatever intensity you like. While it may look scary bright at first you can just as easily wear them as a soft wash of color. Because of this ability you can also create a tonal effect. Kryolan created their Shades palettes to be used as both eyeshadows and blushes.

Kryolan Dubai

Kryolan Dubai

Using these sponge tips to pick up the colors brought out the intensity of the shades if you want them that way. Using my fingers though to create my arm swatches shows you that you don’t have to wear them quite that hot.

Kryolan Dubai swatches

Kryolan Dubai swatches

The first shade is a very bright pink bordering on fuchsia. I can’t wear fuchsia on my eyes but I can wear pink so picking up the shadow with a soft brush like the MAC 217 will give it a diffused pink that is definitely pink. This makes a beautiful blush though which is how I prefer to use this shade. The second shade is orange (obviously). Most people are afraid of orange eyeshadow and I don’t blame them. It’s not an easy color to wear. I certainly wouldn’t wear it all over my eye but an accent of it (especially with the teal) is interesting. For summer teal and orange are a great combination, for other seasons I like a touch of orange with a blued purple.

Kryolan Dubai shades 1 and 2

Kryolan Dubai shades 1 and 2

The middle shade in the palette is a bright canary yellow; another shade that’s not for the meek. I’m sure you are getting the drift of why I thought of Halloween costumes. Shade 4 is teal which is fabulous. Teal was one of the hottest shades for the summer and continues into fall. It makes a wonderful eyeliner shade. Last is a shade that’s hard to describe; it appears to be a plum but when I put it on my eyes with a soft brush it’s a beautiful golden pink that makes a great base for other colors. I especially like it with gray and charcoal. It too is a great blush color that’s soft once on.

Kryolan Dubai shades 3 through 5

Kryolan Dubai shades 3 through 5

Kryolan has created 6 new palettes in the SHADES collection; there are 17 total palettes. Dubai is the most unusual and artistic of the bunch. But for those of you cringing as you see these amazing shades there’s also Florence (variations from pink to brown), Casablanca (neutrals), Cape Town (outdoor shades of browns and greens), Buenos Aires (shades of gray) and Muscat (warm neutrals).

What sets Kryolan apart is their formula. This theatrical brand is made of micronized pigments for vivid color emphasis. No matter the shade – bright like Dubai or subdued like one of the Casablanca shadows- you’ll find great pigmentation and colors that last on your face. To purchase Kryolan it’s best to call 1-800-KRYOLAN for stores. You can find some items on Amazon, Naimies Beauty Supply, or local costume and theatrical shops. We continue to find Kryolan a great brand whether it’s for everyday use or a special holiday like Halloween. — Marcia

*Dubai was provided for review consideration

Kryolan’s newest creation: Lip ‘N Cheek

Kryolan Lip n' Cheek

Kryolan Lip n’ Cheek

Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek is a great product to own, especially for summer. It gives you two products in one handy package so that you don’t have to carry too much with you. At Beauty Info Zone we especially like this because it’s easy to put in a beach bag or tote and have a multi-use product that you use with your fingers. Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek is waterproof making it an even better summer tool. It’s available in 11 shades. We’ve shown them below but the picture isn’t very accurate. Lisa and Marcia were sent two of these to try out so let’s take a look at accurate photos and learn why they are loved by them.

Lisa’s Side:

I have loved Kryolan forever and the new Lip N’ Cheek is just one more reason for me to continue my cosmetics crush on this brainy and beautiful line. I tested the shade Orchid, which is a pretty plummy pink.



Orchid swatch

Orchid swatch

This is terrific as a cheek stain. It really lasts and lasts, I guess because it’s waterproof. I always have problems with my blush fading fast, so this makes a perfect base blush. I also love it on my lips. It’s a great shade for me and because it’s a tint it stains the lips and lasts forever. My only complaint is that it’s too matte to stand alone on my thin lips.  I need some shimmer to at least attempt the illusion of luscious lips…so I add a touch of clear shimmery gloss to the middle of my lips.

My Kryolan Orchid Lip N' Cheek FOD

My Kryolan Orchid Lip N’ Cheek FOTD

Once I do that, I am good to go! I love the color, love the convenience and love the lasting power.  Yup, I’m still in love with Kryolan.

Marcia’s Side:

It comes as no surprise to anyone that reads Beauty Info Zone that I love cream blushes. They mesh with my easy going style and aging skin. I’m always looking for creams that don’t settle in my pores and that last through major hot flashes. Kryolan’s Lip N’ Cheek fits the bill.

The shade I received is Hibiscus. The Hibiscus flower comes in a wide range of shades so the name isn’t exactly a hint to the color of this.

Kryolan Lip N' Cheek in Hibiscus

Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek in Hibiscus

hibiscus smallMy Hibiscus (actually Kryolan’s but you know what I mean) is a soft, gentle rosy apricot shade on me. It’s wonderful to wear when I’ve picked out any of my khaki or brown eyeshadows especially. Most of my cream blushes are luminous but Lip N’ Cheek starts luminous and dries to a matte finish.

Kryolan Hibiscus drop

Kryolan Hibiscus drop

Kryolan Hibiscus swatch

Kryolan Hibiscus swatch

Hibiscus is very long wearing on me and lasts through the heat and humidity that’s been plaguing me this summer. Since Kryolan started as a theatrical brand it’s known for having excellent pigmentation that can take the bright lights of theater and filming. With the addition of Vitamin E to the formula it becomes more moisturizing than it looks.

My preference is to wear this on my cheeks but I love having the option of wearing it on my lips too. It makes for a good stain since it is matte. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t feel like a matte once on my lips. If I put a lip balm over it I especially like it.

If you want to read more about Kryolan Lip N’ Cheek I found a great blog that had 3 shades to review. We believe you will want to learn more about Kryolan’s latest product that combines convenience, easy of use and beauty to your routine.

*sent for review

Report on America’s Beauty Show and The Face and Body Expo

My golden ticket!

My golden ticket!

Recently I traveled to Chicago and attended the Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo. Right across the hall was America’s Beauty Show, which had an even bigger array of beauty-related products. Looking around, I felt like a crack addict just about to plunge head first, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style, into the biggest, fullest crack pipe ever. Oh my, it was an adrenaline rush!

Nothing but fun as far as the eyes can see...

Nothing but fun as far as the eyes can see…

This is similar to the IMATS but with even more skin care and body products. As I looked around, I saw pretty much everything was available at a super discount – tons of hair products and hair pieces…

Stilts and muscles!

Stilts and muscles!

Girls on stilts and half-naked men passing out product literature…

Cool expo hair

Super cool ‘expo’ hair for inspiration…

CND display

CND display

And the lines represented really had all of their best products on display –  so many products it was overwhelming. I met my sweet friend Jen there so I had a partner in crime as I perused the aisles of goodies.


CND Stickey

Jen highly recommended CND Stickey which she says makes her polish last longer than any other product.

China Glaze

China Glaze

Nail polish addiction? Here’s your crack house. China Glaze was selling 6 polishes for $15!


Kim Vo!

I saw a few celebrities from the beauty arena, like Kim Vo, master hairstylist and colorist.


He’s pretty cute!

He was very personable and looked terrific.

JouVance Paris

JouVance Paris

There were tons of amazing skin care lines like this array of face masks by JouVance Paris.



And jewelry! My goodness, there was so much cute stuff and at unbelievable prices. But the highlight of my visit was seeing Ulrike Bege from Kryolan.

Ulrike swatching Jen

Ulrike swatching Jen

Here’s Ulrike swatching Jen to find the right shade for foundation. Of course, she found a perfect match and Jen happily bought it…I think Jen outdid me in the shopping department!

Kryolan pure pigments

Kryolan pure pigments

Kryolan has these fantastic pure pigments that are gorgeous anywhere on the face and body.

Kryolan nail polish

Kryolan nail polish

They also have new nail polishes out – I bought several and will be reviewing it soon!

Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus

Another interesting makeup line was Michael Marcus Cosmetics.  There was a gorgeous display.

Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus

And I hear the nail polishes are fantastic.

I had a total blast shopping with Jen and finding out about all the latest innovations in the beauty world. I have tons of reviews coming up for all the loot I got, so all my fellow addicts stay tuned!  – Lisa

Holy Grail happiness: Kryolan Lipstick Classic and High Gloss Lip Gloss

new lipstick packaging

Sleek new Kryolan lipstick packaging

What is it about a new lipstick and lip gloss that makes me so happy? I would rather have a new lipstick and gloss than a new pair of super sexy shoes. I might wear those shoes two or three times a month, but I can wear that lipstick and gloss every single day for three months if I want. Even when I have NO makeup on at all, I still throw on some lipstick and gloss. It  just makes me happy.

A favorite cosmetics line of mine is Kryolan Cosmetics. To me, Kryolan is what MAC used to be back in the day – they have serious products for  professional make up artists that are also totally user-friendly for the casual fashionista. Everything they make is terrific and I am head over heels for their latest lipstick and lip gloss.



I attended the recent Face and Body Expo in Chicago, and afterwards I stopped by the Kryolan City Store to visit with Clara Natkin, an amazing makeup artist.  (You lucky Chicagoans.  If I lived there I would be at the Kryolan City Store at least once a week!!)  Clara recommended the new Lipstick Classic ($17.30) in shade LC334, she said it looks great on everyone.  I thought, hmmm, looks a little bright for my thin chicken lips.

LC334 swatch

LC334 swatch

But look at how gorgeous this is – it’s the perfect combination of peach/pink/red. It is one amazingly sexy color and I don’t have anything else even close in my collection. It’s just one of many shades in the Lipstick Classic range and it’s full of Vitamin E to keep lips super soft.


Wearing LC334

Those are my daughters lips modeling the LC334 – her lips are gorgeous so you get an even better idea of how beautiful it is. This matte lipstick is creamy with slight shine, and it has amazing staying power.  This is my Holy Grail lipstick.

I am also totally pumped about the new High Gloss Lip Glosses ($19.50). My friend Ulrike Bege, the District Manager for Kryolan, showed me some samples a few months ago when she was in town teaching. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these super pigmented, creamy and long-lasting glosses.

The  new shades include Pearl, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Princess, Fashionista, Vamp, Heart Breaker and Iconic.

Kryolan High Gloss swatches

Kryolan High Gloss swatches L to R:  Vamp, Gold, Pearl, Fashionista, Iconic

Pictured above are a few I swatched at the store. Left to right are:  Vamp, Gold, Pearl, Fashionista, and Iconic.

High Gloss in Pearl

High Gloss in Pearl

This gloss is quite opaque. You can sheer it out by using a small amount or build it up so it’s actually more like a lipstick in terms of coverage. It goes on smoothly, has terrific slip, and tastes vaguely and pleasantly of vanilla.

HIgh Gloss in Pearl

HIgh Gloss in Pearl applicator

The applicator is a brush that never has any issues with splaying. The High Glosses have unique pearl pigments based on Mica, which is what makes them so beautifully shiny and radiant.

High Gloss in Pearl swatched

High Gloss in Pearl swatched

Pearl is a shimmery pearlized silver that looks pretty on its own and really amps up the volume of any color you layer it over.

High Gloss in Pearl on

Wearing High Gloss in Pearl

This is going to be super pretty in the summer when I have a faux tan. For now, I don’t wear it alone much, I prefer it layered over my new LC334.  Oh my, what gorgeousness it creates!!!

LC334 with High Gloss in Pearl over

LC334 layered with High Gloss in Pearl

Now this is what I call the perfect color. It’s a pinky/peach with pearlized opalescence, and it is spectacular.  The High Gloss Lip Glosses are my Holy Grail of lip glosses – perfect texture, perfect pigment, perfect wear.

LC334 with High Gloss in Pearl

LC334 with High Gloss in Pearl – LOVE!!

Here’s my face of the day with my LC334 with my High Gloss Lip Gloss in Pearl layered over it.


My happy Kryolan lips FOD

The Dalai Lama said, “Happiness is not something ready-made.  It comes from your own actions.” Well, buying and wearing my Kryolan lip products is making me happy, so I guess it’s all in line with the divine!  – Lisa

* all products reviewed were purchased by me…My name is Lisa and I am a product-aholic.

The latest and greatest from Kryolan Cosmetics

 A few weeks ago, I had dinner with Ulrike Bege, District Manager for Kryolan Cosmetics, and got the scoop on all the latest and greatest new things.  Kryolan is a fantastic line that has products for both everyday use and for theatrical use.  Did you know that the majority of Illamasqua products are actually produced by Kryolan?  I am going to the Face & Body Expo in Chicago next month where I will be stocking up on the newest things, but in the meantime here is a quick glimpse of what’s to come:


Eyeshadow Primer

 This is the new, reformulated Eyeshadow Primer.  It feels super silky on, and it really brightens up the color of eyeshadows. 

Makeup Blend

Makeup Blend

Ulrike showed me her bottle of Makeup Blend - this is not the ‘official’ packaging.  I went bananas over this!  It’s a silky liquid that thins out cream and liquid foundation.  It helps foundation last, and it gives a beautiful matte finish.  So it gives old products new life (turn liquid foundation into tinted moisturizer!  Or thin out that too-thick cream foundation!)  It also saves money as you use less product when combined with Makeup Blend.  I can’t wait to get my own bottle.


HD Micro Primer

HD Micro Primer feels so amazing on, Ulrike was laughing at me because I was simply swooning over this.  WOW it feels amazing!  As all primers do, it minimizes pores and fine lines and makes skin smooth.  This has a small amount of silicone so it feels extremely silky, but not too slick.  It is to die for. 

lip gloss

High Gloss lip gloss

 The High Gloss lip glosses are spectacular.  The amount of pigmentation is fantastic, and the mouth feel is just perfect – not sticky, and not so slick as to wear off after ten minutes.  The colors?   Amazing.

  I sat at our booth swatching away as Ulrike munched on her salad, giggling at my delight.  But hey, what can I say, shimmer makes me shiver!!


a quick view of the swatches

Everything was stunning and there is so much I am looking forward to!  I plan to get a full range of these products in March and I will share everything after I try them all for a while.  Until then, I will be dreaming of Kryolan!  – Lisa

September Glossybox review

September Glossybox

Here it is, the latest Glossybox!  Each box has different products and different shades, so it’s always fun to compare and share what arrived for me.  The theme of this box is “Fall Forward.”  I found three full size products and two deluxe samples inside my Glossybox.

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel

One of the full size products is OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel.  I had never heard of this line before, so it was cool to get this.  Besides, I am a total freak about primers – I even posted about my Top Ten Favorite Primers once.  At first I was bummed I didn’t get the cleanser that was in other boxes, but after trying this out I was pretty darn happy.

primer swatch

What is exciting about this primer is the unusual ingredient ACRYSORB micro-particles.  These particles actually trap up to six times their volume in oil, keeping your skin matte for 8 hours. It’s often used by professional makeup artists on television shows and for films because it does so well even with those bright, hot lights.  This is a great primer and it gets a big, shine-free A+ from me.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB

Another full size product is the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42.

Love the top, wonderfully hygienic

I was really excited about this, I love BB creams so getting a new one was a total treat.  Well, it was until I swatched it…

Missha M Perfect Cover BB 13 swatch

…and found that it’s waaaay too light to be right for me.  I got Shade 13, which is their lightest shade.  I will never in my life be THAT white.  What a bummer.  Guess Marcia is going to get a nice gift from me, lol!  She is a paler shade of pale, this will probably work for her.  So am I going to rant and rave that Glossybox didn’t send me the right shade?  Nope.  It’s a subscription box.  You have to be ready for both great new discoveries AND items that won’t work for you.  If things like exact colors, shades, or even products are a concern for you – don’t do a subscription box.  I personally love surprises and if I can’t use something, I always know someone who can.

I totally love the third full size item in my box – a Glossybox lipstick that was made by Kryolan, one of my most favorite cosmetic lines ever.


I really like the tube, it ‘clicks’ shut so I know it’s not going to come apart in my purse.


The shade is a blue-based pink that will work for most people.

lipstick swatch

I find that’s it is actually rather matte on.  I like it alone, but I like it even better with some shimmery lip gloss over top for more depth.

lipstick on

The final two items are deluxe sizes of Global Keratin’s Hair Taming System shampoo and conditioner.

Global Keratin

I haven’t tried these out yet, but they certainly are the perfect size for traveling.  And who couldn’t use a little ‘hair taming’?

Overall, this is a great box that has well over $22 in product in it.  If you like surprises, especially of the cosmetics kind, Glossybox is an excellent option.  – Lisa

*pr sample

Lisa’s Top Picks of 2011 Part One

I believe it is important to celebrate and give thanks for everything that brings joy to my life.  2011 was a great year, so many things to celebrate!  Not only did Marcia and I get a beautiful new look for our website in 2011, I also discovered many beauty products that I truly love.  I already wrote about the top five cosmetics lines that were brand new for me in 2011 here.

Illuminare Beyond Black Everlasting Eyeliner

In this post, I am detailing my favorite color items for the year, as well as recognizing some of my favorite people.  I tried to be a good girl like Marcia and do a ‘top ten’…or even a ‘top eleven’ for 2011.  But I just wasn’t able to pare it down that far.  “Restraint” has rarely been a word used to describe me, in fact my reputation is a little more along the lines of ‘excess’.  So this is a long post, with lots of pictures…and tons of great recommendations.  (Geez, it was so long I had to break it into two different posts. There’s just so much to celebrate!)  My next post on Saturday will list my favorite skin care, body care, and miscellaneous items.

Here goes, let’s start with my favorite color products of 2011.

Favorite foundation:

My favorite foundation discovery of 2011 is the Dan Read Cosmetics Silver Screen Shimmer Foundation, and my favorite foundation of all time is the matte version.

dan read foundation

Dan Read Cosmetics FOD

To put it simply, nothing else makes my skin look as good.

Favorite blush:

My most favorite blushes of 2011 are the It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush Powder Blush Stains.  The colors are gorgeous and have more pigment than I have EVER encountered, even blowing Nars blush out of the water.

Favorite loose powder:

Once again, It Cosmetics stole my heart with their Bye Bye Pores loose powder.  It’s the very first jar of loose powder I have actually finished!

Favorite concealer:

Wow, I guess 2011 was an It Cosmetics year for me.  The Bye Bye Undereye Concealer continued to be a fabulous choice for covering those pesky blue shades under my very tired eyes.

And I also found that the Full Cover Concealer by Make Up For Ever was perfect for me.  Great coverage, easy to apply, and no mineral oil to dry out the delicate under eye area.

Favorite eyeshadows:

My most favorite Dan Read Cosmetics eyeshadow – Cameo

I love many things from the Dan Read Cosmetics line, and this year I really got into their eyeshadows.  These are real finds – bigger pans than MAC, with terrific pigmentation, texture, and colors.

Ellis Faas eyes

I also loved my Ellis Faas eyeshadows.  The different textures are so much fun to play with, and the colors are amazing.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Eyeshadow eyes

The new Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Eyeshadows impressed the heck out me – finally, cream eyeshadows that don’t fade or crease on my oily eyelids!!

Vasanti eyes

My favorite loose pigment eyeshadow was by far the Vasanti Shimmer Powder, pictured above in Moon Dust.  Isn’t it a gorgeous color??  I never even put the jar away, it’s always front and center on my vanity because I use it so often.

Inglot eyeshadow look

I can’t neglect to mention Inglot eyeshadows.  Super affordable, amazing array of colors, fabulous pigmentation…what more could a girl ask for, except for maybe even more Inglot eyeshadows for my stash???

Favorite eyeshadow palettes

I definitely found some fantastic eyeshadow palettes this past year, but the one I reach for most is my Kryolan Variety 3 Compact Eyeshadow Palette.  It has everything I need to create a perfect neutral eye look.

Favorite eye liners:

Liquid eyeliners can be tricky, but this past year I discovered Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners and now I use them all the time.  The sturdy brush makes them so easy to apply, and the color is extremely rich and complex.  I love #6 (iridescent navy blue) the most.

My favorite pencils liners are the Tarte emphasEYES aqua gel eyeliner pencils.  They need no sharpening, and they have wonderful color and staying power, even on the waterline.

My favorite cake eyeliner was by far the Face Stockholm Cake Eyeliner in Navy.

Eyes with Face Stockholm Navy Cake Eyeliner

Cake eyeliner is fantastic for tightlining, and the Face Stockholm Navy is a true navy blue that works equally well on the waterline.

Favorite mascara:

I tried lots of great mascaras last year, but the winner was Dior Extase.

Dior Extase Mascara applied

It makes my lashes super long, super thick, and doesn’t smudge.  Plus you gotta love a mascara wand that looks like a medieval torture device.

Favorite lips:

Kryolan Sunrise lip gloss swatch

My favorite lip gloss was the Kryolan High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine in Sunrise.  It’s just the perfect color for me, and I love the texture and feel of it.

Favorite Brows:

Youngblood Cosmetics Brow Artiste has everything I need for beautifully groomed brows in just seconds.

Youngblood Cosmetics Brow Artiste

I love this set.

Favorite Brush:

My favorite brush this past year was Cargo’s Magic Brush.

Cargo Magic Brush

I felt just like Goldilocks when I realized this brush was not too big, and not too small, but JUST RIGHT.  If I had to choose just one brush, this would be it.

Favorite makeup artist:

It was such a treat to meet Ulrike Bege at the Kryolan City Store in Chicago, and even more of a treat to get a mini-makeover and color advice from her.

She knows her stuff and is just the nicest, sweetest person ever.

Favorite web designer:

As I am sure you have noticed, Beauty Info Zone has a gorgeous new look.  It’s totally thanks to the amazing custom blog design by Cynthia, owner of NW Designs.  Marcia and I saw Cynthia’s designs when we were in Chicago and knew immediately she was the one for us.

She designed our new logo, redid our blog, vastly improved our Facebook and Twitter pages, and put up with a million questions and our general helplessness regarding computer matters.  If you are looking for a website design or redesign, or need a logo or business cards, trust me you want Cynthia!!!

Favorite writing partner:

Why, Marcia of course!  I wish I had the words to really describe Marcia and give you the full picture of just how amazing she is.  Whatever I write seems to fall short, but I am going to give it a shot anyway.

Marcia has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  She always thinks of everyone else, her kindness and thoughtfulness is pretty amazing.  She quietly and bravely suffered through me driving in Chicago, even when I stopped dead in the middle of a five-way intersection and yelled, ‘What the &*%#@!!!!”  She is extremely patient with me and my bazillion activities that leave me way overextended.  She has the best sense of humor, just about every day she says something that has me doubled over with laughter.  Marcia truly defines the word ‘friend’.  Thank you Marcia for yet another year of fabulous fun, I love being your blogging partner and I love you dearly!!!   – Lisa