Anniversary giveaway! Kleraderm Skin Care baskets for oily and dry skin with 2 winners!

logoHas it really been five whole years?? It seems like just yesterday Marcia and I were simply cosmetics-crazy friends, meeting at the mall to get makeovers, take artistry classes, and spending a month’s worth of paychecks on the latest cosmetics and skin care. Time flies when having fun and the last five years of blogging have gone by in a flash.

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of  Kleraderm

The gorgeous Joanne Recchia, owner of Kleraderm

A line that has been with the BIZ from the very beginning is the Italian skin care line Kleraderm. The truly wonderful owner, Joanne Recchia, is many things to me. She is my skin care mentor; her knowledge of ingredients and treatments for the skin is astounding. She is the best facialist I have ever met. And she is a truly kind and good person, someone I am so proud to have as a friend. Joanne put together some very thoughtful prizes with all the basics you need for a skin care regimen – just all kinds of goodies to help us celebrate! Today is the first of several Kleraderm giveaways with two fantastic baskets for readers to win.

I first met Joanne at my local Nordstrom’s in Troy, Michigan. I remember I was there to see Marcia’s sister Carol, a highly talented makeup artist who was working for MAC at the time. Carol told me that Joanne was someone I should meet and she introduced us. I was impressed with Joanne’s story and once I tried the Kleraderm skin care line I was hooked and became a ‘Kleranet’ for life.

We have two incredible Kleraderm Skin Care Baskets for today’s anniversary giveaway. Joanne designed a Purissima basket for those with oily/blemish-prone skin, and an Idroderm basket for those with dry skin.  Take a look:

Kleraderm Purrissima Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Purissima Giveaway Basket

Purissima Basket (Total Value $140!)  This basket has three great products to keep skin clear and blemish-free. Purrisima products were created for skin types that suffer from overactive oil and breakouts, helping skin regain its natural mantle and pH balance. Purissima products reduce the redness associated with breakouts while calming skin. Skin becomes clearer and oil production returns to its natural state.

purissima cleansing milk

Pale Rose Cleansing Milk is for deep pore cleansing while maintaining the proper pH balance. Pale Rose eliminates impurities and soothes skin. This cleanser is for daily use, and Joanne suggests wiping Pale Rose off with a hot towel. The heat from the towel drives the healing properties deeper while the towel acts as a mild exfoliate. Pale Rose is also an excellent makeup remover!

Purrissima Acid Cream

Acid Cream is a daily moisturizing treatment for acne-prone and oily skin types. Acid Cream helps maintain a proper pH balance while ensuring visible and lasting results. It decreases oil production and acts as drying agent against acne while balancing hydration. Acid Cream is used as daily moisturizer and is great under makeup.

Purisimma Purifying Liquid

Purifying Liquid is perfect for regulating oil production.Purifying Liquid can be used as a spot treatment for acne and is capable of dissolving blackheads. Just apply lightly to the t-zone area to slow down oil production. Purifying Liquid is applied directly to any area of concern every other night.

Kleraderm Idroderm Giveaway Basket

Kleraderm Idroderm Giveaway Basket

Idroderm Basket (Total Value $175!)  This basket has three fabulous products that hydrate, firm, and nourish dry skin. The Idroderm line features intensive moisturizing and repairing treatments for dehydrated skin that lacks the natural mantle responsible for keeping skin’s balance of water and oil. Idroderm restores the correct moisture balance and nourishes the upper layers of skin while providing UV protection. Idroderm has a high content of native collagen and hyaluronic acid promoting healthy cell life. If you have dry skin, try these products and you will find your skin becomes balanced, hydrated and radiant.

idroderm cleansing milk

Collagen Cleansing Milk is a light emulsion composed of carefully selected ingredients including collagen. It ensures a deep pore cleansing, removing all impurities and traces of makeup while preserving skin’s natural mantle and pH balance.

idro tonic lotion

Collagen Tonic is an alcohol-free toner rich in active properties to soothe and refresh skin.  This elegant toner is one of my favorites of all time.

idro collastin cream

Collastin Cream has a high concentrate of native collagen and elastin fibers that wrap around the skin’s own collagen and elastin fibers to correct wrinkles and fine lines. Skin becomes firm and youthful in appearance. This intensive hydrating treatment creates healthy, well-balanced skin.

Which basket is right for you, Purissima for oily skin or Idroderm for dry skin?  Both baskets are wonderful collections with the basics needed for proper skin care health.  You even get to choose which one you’d prefer winning. Use the Rafflecopter to enter. This giveaway is open to US only through April 1st at 11:59 p.m.

Towards the end of our giveaways the comments sometimes close early.  If that happens to you just email me your comment at and label it Kleraderm Giveaway #1 comment. Then you can click “I commented” on the Rafflecopter and keep on going. All entries will be verified so make sure you enter honestly. Thank you for reading Beauty Info Zone, we really appreciate you!!  – Lisa

Future Kleraderm baskets for our anniversary giveaways will focus on uneven skin tone, sensitive skin, mature skin, and advanced skin treatments – over $1500 worth of products, so stay tuned and enter often!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*giveaway products thanks to the one and only Joanne Recchia and Kleraderm.  My opinion of Kleraderm based on over five years of amazing results!

Parabens: what is the real story?

We hear so much about parabens…well actually what we hear is that ‘paraben-free’ is the only way to go. But is it really? Joanne Recchia, the US owner of the Italian skin care line Kleraderm, weighs in on these cosmetics preservatives.

Joanne Recchia at the Nordstrom Kleraderm display

Joanne Recchia at the Nordstrom Kleraderm display

Parabens the Natural Preservative….

 Let’s talk about parabens for a minute since parabens have been the most controversial subject for the last five years. Let me point this out first: all parabens are not created equal.

Plants naturally make parabens which helps the plant stay healthy and free from fungus and bacteria.

Man-made parabens are created from petrochemicals and synthetic substances, and they are very cost efficient for the company using these types of parabens as stabilizers in their products.


Products containing plant-based products parabens will be on the label listing since plants naturally make them.  If you have eaten blueberries, carrots, olives, cucumbers and honeysuckle then you have consumed parabens.

A source of natural parabens

A source of natural parabens

When used in products as stabilizer and anti-fungal agents, natural parabens are a safe and healthy alternative to man-made petrochemical parabens.

The European Union has done studies and they have not found any harmful links between humans and natural parabens. Less than 2% natural parabens per vat is all that is needed to secure the product from bacteria and fungus.

Kleraderm lists parabens as the last ingredients on the label listing; this is because during the process of extracting fibers and active ingredients from the plant most of the parabens are then spun out, leaving only enough parabens to keep the product safe and clean. Being that Kleraderm is packaged in the European Union it is the law to list every ingredient the product has been in contact with during the time of its development, even if the ingredient is no longer present.

Some natural and organic products that are ‘paraben-free’ many times have high volume of mold spores present that are not visible to the naked eye.

So you must ask yourself this question when viewing products that claim they are paraben-free:  What has taken the place of parabens to secure the product from mold and bacteria?

Sometimes the replacement stabilizer can be more hurtful than helpful.  – Joanne Recchia

Kleraderm Advanced Skin Care of Italy is known as “one of the best kept secrets in skin care.” Kleraderm is famous for its happy customers who are all very committed to the line and very loyal.

You can find Kleraderm on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @Kleraderm.

The latest from Kleraderm!

Last weekend I was what we call in Michigan a ‘hunting widow’ – the hubby went to Ohio, and he even took the kids with him.  That meant I was finally home alone.  So of course I spent my weekend searching for someone to hang out with since I was so lonely…I need to be careful what I wish for!  

The best part of my weekend was taking my mom to Nordstrom for a facial from Joanne Recchia, the owner of Kleraderm.  

My mom with Joanne

My mom with Joanne

Kleraderm, the Italian skin care line, is sold at Nordstrom’s in the Somerset Mall and the Partridge Creek Mall. I have been using this line for about seven years now…it is fantastic.  My mom and I each had a $150 facial that Joanne only charges $32 for – if you live in the area, you absolutely need to make an appointment to get one.  Here is a quick breakdown of the amazing facials we each got in Kleraderm’s private spa room at Nordies:

  • First, Joanne cleansed my face with Collagen Cleansing Milk topped with a Salmon Egg Mask, which she left on for 10 minutes then wiped off with hot towel.  The Salmon Egg Mask is not offered retail, it’s something special she brought from Italy and it is only used in the spa. This mask is rich in vitamins and repairs the hydro-lipid layer, boosting skin with vital energy while busting up formations of free radicals. When used with the Collagen Cleansing Milk it boosts the cleansing process, giving deep pore cleansing with no scrub, no brush, no glycolic acid.
  • Next, she applied Collagen + Elastin (Collastin) Serum all over the face and neck, paying special attention to the eye area. Collagen + Elastin Serum is a very powerful serum that can only be applied three times a week. It is one of Kleraderm’s top shelf products and is not offered at Nordstrom, although it can be purchased directly from Joanne or at any of the private salons that carry Kleraderm.  Collastin Serum is made from Kleraderm’s own native bio-identical collagen and elastin fibers.  The fibers actually wrap around the body’s own collagen, giving strength back to the skin’s collagen fibers and adding suspension to the elastin fibers.  Skin becomes smooth and lifted, fine lines disappear and wrinkles lose depth.
  • Next, Joanne applied the Anti-Age Mask. This mask is in a delicate tissue-type form made of compressed collagen fibers and compressed cholesterol fibers (the same fibers that suspend skin), it looks like a thin fabric. She adhered the mask to my face with the Collastin Serum. Once the tissue mask was in place she activated it with small amounts of warm water, which turned the mask from tissue to transparent, then into a gel-like substance. (What was so cool is I could watch the entire facial process as Joanne gave my mom her facial – I’d never seen all this stuff in action before because I keep my eyes closed and relax during my own facial!)  Joanne massaged the collagen gel gently into my skin until it was completely absorbed.
  • Then Joanne applied yet another mask, the truly amazing Kleraderm Vitamin C Peel-Off Mask. Yet another top shelf product, this mask is only offered in spa and it is the first Vitamin C product where the C is stable. Vitamin C is fantastic for skin, but it is very unstable so products that contain it can lose efficacy quickly.  The Vitamin C is treated so that it becomes a powder, and when mixed with water Joanne has about two minutes to get it applied properly.  Then my skin got 100% Vitamin C along with many other vitamins and cell nourishment, and even better the nourishment from this mask kept working on my skin for 72 hours – that’s three days of vitamin therapy and cell nourishment.  When the mask had depleted itself of all the active ingredients right into my skin, it turned into rubber…it was beyond cool.  Joanne then pulled the mask off in one sweeping motion, just like a huge Biore strip.  The mask pulled everything that had loosened up right out of my pores, but without any harshness or irritation to my skin.
  •  After the mask, Joanne applied more Collastin Serum all over my face and neck, then put eye gel around my eye area and topped it with eye cream.  She also moistened my lips with eye cream. Next she applied Ysaline Filler Cream all over my face.  She loves to use this during all of her facials because Ysaline is loaded with OMEGA 3-6-9 fatty acids and she says all skin types do very good with OMEGA.
  • Finally, she moisturized me with Collagen Moisturizer.  My skin loved the product and I think I will do very well with it this winter.

Not only did my mom and I walk out with fantastically glowing skin, we also scooped up two Kleraderm Butter Scrubs.  I hate to tell you this, but there were a limited number of these available and I think they may be gone…but they are SO GOOD I have to share.


Kleraderm Butter Scrubs

Kleraderm Caramel Butter Scrub

Kleraderm Caramel Butter Scrub

Inside the caramel goodness

Inside the caramel goodness

This is one of those reviews where I seriously wish we had ‘Smell-O-Vision’, because the scent of these babies is just to die for.  The Caramel Butter Scrub is indeed buttery smelling carameliciousness, and the Blackcurrent is tart smelling and makes my mouth water.  They both come in reusable glass Weck jars.

Kleraderm Blackcurrent Butter Scrub

Kleraderm Blackcurrent Butter Scrub good I want to eat it with a spoon

Inside…so good I want to eat it with a spoon

The Butter Scrubs are powerful exfoliators and total hydrators. The exfoliating action is blended in a body butter of cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. This smooth butter quickly sinks deep into the skin and is activated by the body’s natural temperature. The natural exfoliant in the Caramel Butter Scrub is spun sugar, while the Blackcurrent Butter Scrub has powdered blackcurrent seed.  They ever so gently remove impurities and dead cells from the outer layer of the skin.  You immerse yourself in a hot bath after applying the Butter Scrub, and you can feel the dead skin cells coming off your body while the butter leaves you baby soft and totally hydrated. The bath water becomes a cocoon of warm butter wrapped all over your body and you never want to get out of the tub.  If I am in a hurry, I rub some all over right before my shower and then spend the rest of the day marveling at how soft my skin is.

Joanne actually GAVE THESE AWAY with a previous special…I just can’t believe it.  They are so good it’s criminal.

This upcoming weekend, Nordstrom at Partridge Creek Mall is having their annual BOL/Beauty on Location event, although this year Nordstrom changed the name to “Pretty Party”.  Kleraderm is hosting skin care classes and they have outstanding gifts with purchase.  Whatever you purchase will come in this bag:

The shopping bag - it comes with a zippered makeup bag!

The shopping bag – it comes with a zippered makeup bag!

It’s always so fun to get a free gift (or several!) with a purchase, and here’s the perfect opportunity.  See below for all the details on what you will get from Kleraderm, just email Joanne to pre-order at !   Also check them out on Facebook or Instagram and Twitter @Kleraderm.   Happy shopping! – Lisa


It’s your last chance to enter the Kleraderm giveaway! Plus inside info…

This is it…today is your LAST CHANCE to enter the Kleraderm giveaway.

Kleraderm sample packets

Everyone who enters gets free Kleraderm sample packets – so why not take a chance?

Take a minute and read the comments on the Kleraderm Contest post HERE.  People are simply blown away at the fantastic customer service as well as general insight into skin care issues from Joanne at Kleraderm.  She is exceptionally generous and amazingly helpful.  I love that she insisted on doing a different, completely personalized contest.

Everyone who emails her wins because she gives great advice and sends a lot of samples to try.  Email Joanne today, comment on the ORIGINAL  POST HERE, and do it before 11:59 pm EST tonight!!  In addition to your sample packs, you could be one of the four super lucky people who wins a $200 Botofit Serum.

One of the fantastic perks of being friends with Joanne is she lets me test out products that aren’t even on the market yet in the U.S.  I want to tell you about two great products that are coming soon, I know you will want them when they are available.

Kleraderm has amazing skin products for your face and for your body.  I have been trying out the No Gravity Breast Serum and Emulsion for the past few months, and they are nothing short of fantastic.  I can’t wait for them to be available in the U.S.  It’s already available to those of you in Europe, you lucky ladies!

No Gravity Breast Serum

No Gravity Breast Serum

No Gravity Breast Serum and No Gravity Breast Emulsion were created for the delicate tissue surrounding the breast.  Breast tissue acts like  a beacon for harsh chemicals, with not much defense against such chemicals. Breast tissue has a habit of providing storage for such things.

The Kleraderm doctors did research and found that the tissue around the breasts must be handled differently than any other part of a woman’s body. No Gravity Breast products were developed and are coming soon.

No Gravity Breast Emulsion

No Gravity Breast Emulsion

Joanne tell me these new products are the first to consider the health of women’s breast and its delicate tissue. Science has proven that the breast tissue attracts and actually stores harmful chemical and atmosphere pollutants.

serum swatch

serum swatch

 No Gravity Breast Serum ($127) is a concentrated serum that restores compact firmness to breast tissue and the neckline.  This serum guarantees the correct level of hydration and supports elastin fibers, giving an  immediate lifting effect to the breasts and neckline. It fights off the effects of gravity and tightens elastin fibers, emphasizing firmness to the breast.  I put this on first every morning and every night.  Then I follow with the No Gravity Breast Emulsion.

Emulsion swatch

Emulsion swatch

The No Gravity Breast Emulsion ($98) is a fresh, light emulsion that when applied daily fights against tone loss of breast tissue.  It fights off the effects of gravity and tightens elastin fibers, emphasizing breast firmness.  This goes on after the serum, and it soaks in beautifully, leaving your chest and neck smooth and firmer.  And both provide protection from atmospheric chemicals and pollutants.

Breast health is extremely important for women, and I absolutely love that Kleraderm addresses the unique issues we face.

You have until tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST to enter the Kleraderm contest!  If you haven’t entered yet, here is all you need to do:

1.  email Kleraderm (meaning Joanne) at about your skin and concerns.  Joanne will email you back.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.

2.  Joanne will then send you sample packages based on your skin concerns.  Everyone who emails Joanne will get samples!

3.  For your entry, you MUST leave a comment about your Kleraderm experience on the original contest post HERE.  You can speak of the service and / or knowledge you received.

Don’t wait for your samples to arrive,  jump right on it and comment after your first contact with Joanne from Kleraderm.

This contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on February 14, 2013.

Your comment regarding your interaction with Joanne is your giveaway entry to win your own bottle of Botofit Serum, a  $200 value.  Four people will be chosen at random to win, so what are you waiting for??  Email Joanne right now, and remember to come back and comment after you speak with her!   – Lisa

It’s finally here…the Kleraderm giveaway, enter to win a $200 Botofit Serum

I recently gave you a teaser about a Kleraderm contest – and the day has finally arrived!  Here is your chance to win a full size Botofit Serum ($200 value).  Actually, there will be four winners, so your chance of winning is even better than normal.  Plus, everyone who participates will be sent many samples packs of different products personally selected for you by Joanne Recchia, the US owner of Kleraderm, herself.

First, let me give you some info on some of the products Joanne may recommend for you, then I will explain this very different giveaway.

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

Kleraderm Advanced Skin Care of Italy is known as “one of the best kept secrets in skin care.”

Kleraderm products are superb.  They actually deliver results; the brand loyalty is off charts.   This line is famous for its happy customers who are all very committed to the line and very loyal.  

Kleraderm customers take their skin seriously.  These are people (men and women) who were very tired of not achieving results with topical solutions. Luckily, Kleraderm hit the U.S. market eight years ago with Nordstrom Michigan stores.  Owner Joanne Recchia says, “Kleraderm science has broken the code to anti-aging and many other skin concerns.”

And even better is their motto:  At Kleraderm we’re into your skin, not your pocket books.


Roxanne and Joanne

Kleraderm is a company that is family owned in Italy and the United States.  Joanne says it’s really what separates them from the brutal world of cosmetics.  While I was at the Kleraderm counter, who showed up but Joanne’s gorgeous sister Roxanne.  Now here are two ladies who love to tell people their ages – Roxanne (on the left) is 57, and Joanne (on the right) is 51.

Both sisters have been Kleraderm users for eight years and have never had a Botox injection or filler.  Instead they use Kleraderm Botofit (topical Botox alternative made from plant) and Ysaline (topical filler made from Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids).

The sisters never wear foundation or powders, they only use makeup around their eyes and some lipstick.

The same can be said for most Kleraderm users.  Every so often Joanne has informational meetings at Nordstrom where we learn more and get pampered, and her customer base has the most amazing skin ever.  In talking to them, most of the Kleraderm customers say the first thing they stopped using was foundation and powders once their skin turned around from Kleraderm.

Clima Defense

Clima Defense

Here are some of my personal favorite products:

Clima-Defense Serum:  this is a synergy complex of vegetable extracts, purposely created to prevent the production of free radicals and to increase skin’s defense system to help protect from sun damage, while promoting anti-age throughout the skin. Clima-Defense is the first UVA/UVB protection derived from pure plant that can filler out radiation from Sun rays.  So that means I get my SPF from my treatment serum – awesome!



Aromacosmesi / Synergy (Healing Oils from Plants):  Synergy is very unique type of healing oil, cold pressed from first generation plants only.  Synergy has strong healing properties to heal all skin concerns and helps to strengthen collagen and elastin fibers, while promoting fresh, healthy skin.  I probably own three or four of the different types of Aromacosmesi, some promote lymph drainage, others like the one pictured above are fantastic for blackheads.  The Propoli and Lavender actually makes the blackheads come right out, apply at night and in the morning your face looks like it’s covered in tiny hairs.  Those blackheads just pop right out, it’s crazy.

Botofit...could this be what Joanne is going to give away?  Stay tuned!

Botofit Serum

Probably the product Kleraderm is most noted for – and the product Joanne is giving away to four different Beauty Info Zone readers – is the Botofit Serum.

Botofit is made from pure plant and hexapeptide 3 amino acids.  When applied, Botofit will wrap around broken ends of collagen, building bridges taking depth out of wrinkles.

With daily application Botofit travels down the derma not only repairing broken collagen fibers, but also jumping on to neurotransmitters, slowing down the nerve flash keeping the muscle from constricting.

Botofit has no moisturizing properties and must be used with moisturizer. Botofit is safe for under eyes and should be used morning and night for best results.

So here is our wonderful contest:

This is not a Rafflecopter contest.  To enter:

1.  email Kleraderm (meaning Joanne) at about your skin and concerns.  Joanne will email you back.  PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS WITH YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.

Kleraderm sample packets

Kleraderm sample packets

2.  Joanne will then send you sample packages based on your skin concerns.  Everyone who emails Joanne will get samples!

3.  For your entry, you MUST leave a comment about your Kleraderm experience on this post.  You can speak of the service and / or knowledge you received.

Don’t wait for your samples to arrive,  jump right on it and comment after your first contact with Joanne from Kleraderm.

This contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on February 14, 2013.

Your comment regarding your interaction with Joanne is your giveaway entry to win your own bottle of Botofit Serum, a  $200 value.  Four people will be chosen at random to win, so what are you waiting for??  Email Joanne right now, and remember to come back and comment after you speak with her!  Good luck, I know you will love this line as much as I do.  – Lisa

My Kleraderm facial at Nordstrom Patridge Creek, plus an upcoming giveaway!

I consider myself very, very lucky.  I happen to live in an area where I can find Kleraderm, the Italian skin care line, in person.  It’s been my go-to skin care line for the past six years.  In Michigan, you can find Kleraderm at Nordstrom Somerset in Troy Michigan, as well as at Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Township.  Kleraderm is also sold in many upscale spas in the area.

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

Kleraderm at Nordstrom

What I love so much about Kleraderm is that Joanne Recchia, the US Kleraderm distributer, is truly all about finding the very best products for you.  Kleraderm is a huge line that addresses many different skin conditions, and Joanne works with each customer personally via samples until she allows you (I am not kidding) to buy something.  Plus, if you live in the area she gives these amazing facials for only $20.  Based on the products she uses, a facial like this at any spa would cost upwards of $200!

Even the store managers use Kleradem, like  (on the left, Joanne is on the right)

Joanne (left) with Nordstrom store manager Magdalena Valentino, who also uses Kleraderm!

Very soon, Joanne is going to be sponsoring a unique giveaway for Beauty Info Zone readers.  What makes the contest unique is that in order to enter the giveaway, you will be speaking briefly with Joanne herself so she can determine the best products for you – and then she is going to send you a bunch of samples to try.  You will get some fantastic samples just for entering the contest.  She is amazing!!  In the meantime, though, let me give you an idea of what Kleraderm is all about.  Here is what I experienced with my last facial a few weeks ago:

love my Kleraderm

love my Kleraderm

Joanne cleansed my skin with Bleaching Cleanser, which contains 27 active enzymes to help brighten skin, then topped it with 25% glycolic acid and had me sit for 3 minutes. Then, she applied Drainage Synergy and lightly massaged my face for one minute.   Then she wiped off the product with hot towels and spritzed me with Chamomile Healing Water (something I now use all the time – I keep it next to my bed and spritz to heal the dryness from indoor heaters.)

Next, she applied Intensive Serum which is made up of 40% Hyaluronic acid and 40% Native collagen, aloe and rose water.  Then, she applied an anti-age mask made from pressed collagen and the same cholesterol fibers that suspend skin. She actually melted the mask into the layers of my skin, it was pretty impressive.

Botofit...could this be what Joanne is going to give away?  Stay tuned!

Botofit…could this be what Joanne is going to give away? Stay tuned!

Finally, Joanne applied eye gel, eye cream, and neck firming cream.  As a finishing touch, she applied Ysaline Filler Cream and moisturized.  My skin looked nothing short of amazing afterward, and I went shopping for the rest of the day with no makeup on at all – and wasn’t the least bit self-conscious.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Kleraderm giveaway, you are going to love it.  Meanwhile, this weekend, January 25 and 26 is the Winterize Your Skin Event at Nordstrom Partridge Creek and Kleraderm is offering a gift with purchase for guests who attend:  free 20% Glycolic acid peels and free anti age eye treatments! For those who cannot attend Joanne is offering a free full size product gift with purchase for pre-sell orders.  You can contact Joanne at .  The Kleraderm motto is: we’re into your skin, not your pocket books.  – Lisa

Best of the Year 2012: Lisa’s picks



It’s the new year, so you know what that means – a bunch of people with hangovers and a ton of ‘Best of 2012′ lists!  Beauty Info Zone is jumping right into the pool with our own lists.  Here are my personal picks for Best of the Year 2012, stay tuned for Marcia’s choices tomorrow. 

Shimmer, color, extensions, scents…it’s all here!  I have much to be grateful for, much to be thankful for, and here is my big virtual hug to all the products and product lines that brought me so much joy in 2012.


Best new (to me anyway) cosmetics lines



Christina Choi lipgloss

Christina Choi – beautiful lip glosses, gorgeous eye shadows (love the duo with a coordinating cake liner), plus so much more.  I am very, very excited about this line.

in my Z Palette

My gorgeous Makeup Geek eyeshadows in my Z Palette

Makeup Geek – love the lipsticks, and the eyeshadows are truly the bomb.  If you don’t have any yet, they should be first on your list of new purchases for 2013.

Best old (to me anyway) cosmetics lines


Le Metier

Le Metier eyes

Le Metier de Beaute – 2012 was a Le Metier year for me, from fantastic makeovers to awesome facials to workhorse products that I can’t do without. 

Bye Bye Pores powder and puff

Bye Bye Pores powder and puff

It Cosmetics - I am constantly amazed by this line.  There hasn’t been ONE thing that I didn’t love.  I think I look forward to new products from It Cosmetics more than from any other line because they never, ever disappoint.

Dan Read Icy Lilac eyeshadow

Dan Read Icy Lilac eyeshadow

Dan Read Cosmetics –  another line that never lets me down.  I always have my Dan Read Silver Screen Series foundation with me – in fact, on Christmas Day I bought myself another one as a Christmas gift to myself.  I also love the eyeshadows, they are fantastic.   Dan Read is on my ‘best of’ list every single year.  He rocks – and so does his cosmetics line.

Make Up For Ever Iconic Red

Make Up For Ever Iconic Red

Make Up For Ever – did you watch Syfy’s Face Off this past season?  I think it was the best ever thanks to Make Up For Ever.  Dany Sanz is brilliant, and I love all of her creations, particularly the Aqua Rouge lip colors.

Best skin care


reviva-primerReviva Labs – I have probably tried 15 different things from this line and I love everything. I think that is amazing. My absolute favorites are the Makeup Primer, Hyalauronic Acid Serum, and the Willard Water.

cooling metal tip applicator

Love the StriVectin cooling metal tip applicator – and if you look closely, you can see my camera reflected in it!!

 StriVectin – oh boy do I love the 360 Tightening Eye Serum - it’s a great serum with the best applicator ever.

Jewelweed Topical Mist close upCreation Pharm – this is a terrific organic line with intriguing products. I still use the Jewelweed Topical Mist every day. I am probably on my 20th bottle.  If you look close, I do believe that is my photo of my fingers holding the Jewelweed bottle on their website!!!

Love my Kleraderm

Love my Kleraderm

Kleraderm – one of the very best skin care lines there is.  I have used it for years and will always be a ‘Kleranet’.  I have an appointment for a facial with Joanne Recchia-Kallabat in a few days and I am so geeked.  She gives a $200 facial for just $20, plus I will be finding out about the latest new products – and I will be sure to share!

Best brushes


Domed Shadow Brush

Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush

Real Techniques (Pixie Woo) Domed Shadow Brush – this is by far the very best eyeshadow crease brush I have ever used.  I say thank you for this every day.

212 up close and personal

212 up close and personal

Hakuhodo 212 – the supreme brush for blending eyeshadow.  If you don’t have this — you need it.

Best hair care


I will never be without this hairspray

I will never be without this hairspray

Unite – the Go365 Hairspray is the primo hairspray ever. Period.

Cristopher Glossing Shampoo

Cristophe Glossing Shampoo

Cristophe  – the Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner never fail to make my hair super soft, shiny, and bouncy.

Leonor Greyl makes for a good hair day!!

Leonor Greyl makes for a good hair day!!

Leonor Greyl – gorgeous products that smell amazing.  So many of her hair products are cult favorites, and for good reason!

Biggest personal influences in 2012


soft waves

Soft waves?  No problem!

Verge One – I would say that two lines dramatically changed my daily appearance in 2012.  The first is Verge One.  Their ‘texture wands’ have completely changed the way I wear my hair.  Now pretty much every day I am curly or wavy, and I love it.  The texture wands are truly fabulous finds for which I am extremely grateful!

More lashes = love!

More lashes = love!

Novalash – the second line that dramatically changed my daily appearance in 2012 is Novalash.  I had what I thought were nicely dramatic eyelashes thanks to Latisse…and then I found Novalash.  WOW.  My lashes are huge and beautiful and easy to care for every single day.  This is a ‘get down on my knees and say THANK YOU‘ find!!

Most fun


Everything is better on a stick!

Everything is better on a stick!

Lush – Reflecting back on 2012, I remember so many awesome, entertaining products from Lush.  Seriously, everything they make is not only useful and practical, it’s also a blast. 


Who knew blue hair could be so fun?

HairUWear – another surprising super fun discovery for me this year were hair extensions.  I adore the ones I have tried from HairUWear, whether they are lively and funky bright colors or seriously hair-enhancing extensions.  Absolute enjoyment that reminded me I need to step outside my comfort zone to make new discoveries.

My top product picks


OCC Skin:  Conceal Y series

OCC Skin: Conceal Y series

OCC Airbrush Foundation and Conceal Concealer – two of the best finds of 2012.  The foundation is a fantastic water-based foundation that works with every application technique, it looks totally natural and wears like iron.  And the concealer is nothing short of amazing – it’s the perfect concealer times twenty. 


Tarte Magic blush really is magic!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushfirst-rate blushes with lots of different shades and perfect pigment.  This is a blush that will keep you blushing all day long.

Lisa Hoffman bracelet2

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry – so gorgeous, clever and unique!  One of my favorite fragrances of all time is Lisa’s Tuscan Fig, and to be able to have that inside beautiful jewelry?  Fantastic.

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara

Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara – this is the best mascara I have ever found for my lower lashes.  It’s pretty amazing.

Tarte concealer top

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Waterproof Concealer – another pick from Tarte.  This concealer is creamy long-lasting goodness that saved my eyes this fall when they were going crazy with allergies.  It’s a total winner.

My perfect tube of 3Lab Perfect BB Cream

My perfect tube of 3Lab Perfect BB Cream

3lab Perfect BB Cream – my very first BB cream and the best one out there.  Yes, it’s expensive – but it’s also worth every single penny.

CV Skinlabs bottle

CV Skinlabs – sunburns, bug bites, hives, rashes, it’s all so much easier to live through with Rescue + Relief Spray.  I have a bottle of this in my refrigerator at all times.

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer

Skin Chemists Wrinkle Killer – the snake serum is far more than a marketing ploy. This stuff works. If you want less wrinkles in 2013, get yourself some Wrinkle Killer.

If 2013 is even close to as good as 2012 was, then we have a LOT to look forward to.  2012 was chock full of great discoveries, wonderful ‘old faithfuls’, tons of joy and nothing to complain about.  Life is good!  – Lisa