A Halloween giveaway starring KISS and Broadway Nails

What a fun giveaway we have for you. Kiss and Broadway Nails sent us a package of goodies for us to share with our readers with a giveaway. Actually it’s going to be 4 giveaways since I’ve divided these up into sets so that 4 Beauty Info Zone subscribers can win. If you are a Halloween lover or just a beauty lover there’s something for you from Kiss and Broadway Nails.

Broadway Nails Press Manicures

Broadway Nails Press Manicures

Broadway Nails has 6 fun Press-On Manicure sets ($5) with the best names –  Broomstick, Cauldron (middle top), Haunting (middle bottom), Ghostly (left, black & silver), Fright Night (middle middle), RIP (left). What makes these great for Halloween is that there’s no mess at all. You just peel off the backing, press them on and you are done. No waiting for anything to dry so you can do these at the last minute to add fun to any Halloween look.  (RIP and Friday Night are available at kmart and Walgreens.)

KISS Nail Dress and Nail Tattoos

KISS Nail Dress and Nail Tattoos

Another option is from KISS. You can use Nail Dress which are peel off strips that you apply to your own nails. For Halloween they’ve created Supernatural (red, black, silver) and Fantasy (orange, white, black). One of the most fun things about these is that they come in two styles in the same package. You can do a Full mani or a French mani using these pretty, glittery strips. These will take a little longer to apply since you have to place them on, press, and then file the ends to make them fit. These can last up to a week though and only cost $2.99.

There’s also a KISS NAIL TATTOO made especially for Halloween called Goulish. These are water decals that look fun and easy to do. Select the tattoo you want, press it on your nail with the design on your actual nail, then dip a sponge into water. Press the sponge on the tattoo so that it’s nice and wet. Hold it steady for about 30 seconds and gently remove the paper backing. Set it with top coat once the water is dry so that it lasts. You could do one nail or all 10 – the fun is up to you.

KISS Salon Secrets Nail Starter Kit

KISS Salon Secrets Nail Starter Kit

Kiss hasn’t forgotten those of you who aren’t the Halloween type. They’ve created an purpose Nail Art Starter Kit ($9.99) with everything you’d need for some fun. The kit contains Pre-Cut Nail Art, 6 Glitter pouches, Faux Rhinestones, Design Decals, Charms, Foil Tape, a Dotting Tool, 3 nail art brushes, and a Nail Art Sealer. You can apply these over your own nails or over Kiss Natural Nails Press On. If you are the winner of this group you’ll get the kit, a set of Natural Nails, and the Nail Decals.

Kiss Spooky Night False Eyelashes

Kiss Spooky Night False Eyelashes

KISS has a line of false eyelashes called LOOKS SO NATURAL and they’ve created special Spooky Night packaging for 5 different pairs. Each set ($3.99) comes with the adhesive that is needed. These are useful any time you want them. We have these in SULTRY, SHY, and PRETTY for our winner along with an extra tube of black Lash Adhesive. They’ll add drama to your Halloween look or make you more glamorous for any date night or holiday party. One person will win all of these.

Broadway Nails Press-On Manicure Halloween Limited Edition are available at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.  Kiss Nail Dress, Nail Tattoo, Natural Nails, Nail Art Stickers are available at Walgreens and Kmart. Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes are available at Kmart and Fred Meyer.

GIVEAWAY INFORMATION: 4 winners – 2 winners will receive 3 sets of Press-On Manicures and a Nail Dress; 1 winner will receive 3 pair of lashes and lash adhesive; 1 winner will receive the Nail Art Starter Kit, the Nail Tattoos and a set of Natural Nails. This is open through October 21, 2015 so I can get them mailed out before Halloween. It’s open to US only. If comments close early please email me at beautyinfozone@gmail.com with the subject Halloween and submit your comment, then continue on the Rafflecopter.
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Products provided by Kiss and Broadway Nails for this giveaway.

I’m an Influenster!

Influenster Holiday Vox Box

Influenster Holiday Vox Box

I was very excited when Influenster told me that I would receive their Holiday Vox Box 2012. These are available to bloggers who meet requirements so that we can share impressions with our readers. Companies send items to Influenster and they share to get the word out. Influenster is free to join and great for bloggers and people who love to share their opinions especially on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

I had no idea what to expect in a Holiday Vox Box and to be honest it’s not really very holidayish.  I understand that these products have been in other Influenster boxes but that’s just fine since it contains some items that I think are interesting and are fun to use.

Influenster Holiday Vox Box content card

Influenster Holiday Vox Box content card

It appears that everyone who got a ‘free’ box received the following: Quaker Oats Real Medleys Oatmeal, a single EBOOST packet, Kiss Nail Dress, NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine, Goody QuikStyle Brush, a $25 coupon for Sole Society. Some people, depending on demographics, received a bonus of a Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask.  I’m guessing that the NYC Lipshine and the Kiss Nail Dress are different colors/designs. The Goody QuikStyle Brush could have been either a paddle brush or a half round styler.

Contents of my Influenster Holiday box

Contents of my Influenster Holiday box

Now let’s get to the good part!

Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal is very handy to have at work or home. It’s in a cup that’s ready for you to pour hot water in and eat out of. The delicious one I received is Apple Walnut medley. My husband ate this and really liked it so this is now on our grocery list. He thought the fruit tasted fresh and the walnuts were real. ($1.79 for a single serve cup)

Quaker Real Medleys carton

Quaker Real Medleys carton

EBOOST is a packet that you put into water. I’ve tried these before since they are good to boost mood, focus and immunity. I usually pour it into a bottle of water and shake. It’s doesn’t have caffeine like those energy drinks so you won’t crash. It comes in 4 flavors (orange, pink lemonade, acai pomegranate and super berry). What’s good about these packets is that you can carry them with you and if you need that 4 p.m. wakeup this is a sugar-free way to get it. They are gluten free and soy free. ($28 for a box of 20, $39 for 30)

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine – yea for cosmetics! NYC has created this liquid lipstick in 10 shades. I received it in Nude York City. It’s like they read my mind since I prefer light shades. These have Vitamin E in them and aren’t too sticky. ($2.49)

NYC Cosmetics gloss in Nude York City

NYC Cosmetics gloss in Nude York City

Kiss Dress Nails are nail stickers. To be honest I need lots of practice with nails stickers but I think practice will make perfect. I couldn’t find a name on the package other than KDS15. I’ve seen these in the store and admired them. They are black with gold designs on them. A beautiful touch for a special night out. You can even use them on your toes. These are especially pretty. ($6.99 for a package with 28 nail strips)

Good QuikStyle brush is the item that I’m most excited about. I’ve seen these and thought they were fascinating but I didn’t know anyone who’d used one so I just wasn’t sure whether it was something I needed to try. I received the Half-Round brush which is great for my shoulder length hair. I could not wait to wash my hair the morning after this box arrived. There are absorbent micrfiber bristles in between plastic bristles. After hair is washed and combed through, I used this brush instead of my regular round brush. I loved how it absorbed the water and helped dry my hair faster. So great. Saving time is the best!
If you leave it out in an open ventilated area it dries quickly or you can also turn your hairdryer on to speed that up. Washing it is like any other brush – comb through to get the hair out, wash with warm water and shampoo, rinse and then turn it upside down and tap the back with the palm of your hand to get the microfiber bristles back in shape. I’m loving this brush. ($11.99)

Goody Quikstyle brush

Goody Quikstyle brush

influenster goody brush info

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Cleansing Mask was my bonus. Montagne Jeunesse makes a wide variety of face masks so I’m guessing that other Influensters received different ones. My particular one is Raspberry & Mango Cleansing Mask. They say these are a one time use but I’ve bought them in the past and actually gotten two uses out of a packet. These are nice masks to have at home or to travel with.

I wish that the subscription boxes that I buy had this many nice items in them. Not only are some of these terrific but it was free to me without even an obligation to blog about it. I’d like to share a few other Influenster boxes with you so you can see the variety they have. If you think you are someone who influences others, you may just be eligible too.

Pammy Blogs Beauty – Cosmo Vox Box 2012

Jenn Staz – Summer Beauty Vox Box 2012

What I found interesting when I was looking for reviews to share is that this isn’t just for beauty bloggers. Influenster has pet boxes, natural boxes, latin beauty boxes and mom boxes. I hope you enjoyed learning about Influenster’s Vox Boxes. Have you ever received one? I’d love to know. — Marcia

*received as a promo from Influenster

Making summer easier, part 2 – Clinique, Kiss Brows, Better Than Lips

This summer I’ve been finding myself reaching for a few things to make my life a little simpler. My personal schedule has changed and I don’t have as much time, especially in the mornings, to spend putting on cosmetics like I have in the past. I’ve been using a few items that make my routine quicker and easier and I’d like to share some of them with you.

1) I’ve owned Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage for over a year but it’s only lately that I’ve started to appreciate it. I purchased it ($26) during a GWP event since that’s the only time I purchase Clinique. I used it sporadically in the mornings or during the day. Recently though it’s become something I use most mornings. The rollerball has a cooling effect while it attempts to reduce puffiness and the look of fatique. It’s a temporary outcome but it’s enough to get me going in the morning and feel better about myself. I still use my Senna Lift and Lighten eye cream when applying makeup but this starts the ball rolling (pun intended). The cool metal ball refreshes my undereyes. Here’s what Clinique has to say: This instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too. With caffeine, potent antioxidents and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating, ophthalmologist tested.

2) You’ve mostly heard us talk about the company KISS as a nail company but they have a lot more products than just nails. One of my summer favorites is their TINTED BROW MARKER & PENCIL DUO. Kiss also makes one called Tinted Brow Gel & Pencil Duo. The one I’m reviewing has a marker end, sort of like a very thin Sharpie, and a retractable pencil end. There are two reasons this makes my summer list. 1) It’s easy to find and at the same time the price is great ($6.48). It’s always fun to walk into CVS, Walgreens or Walmart and walk out with a prize. (Online it’s available at Beauty Online Supply) 2) It’s fast and easy to use.

I have this in Dark Brown which unfortunately is the only shade it comes in. For me though that’s perfect since my hair is a very dark brown. As dark as the two ends are though, they look very natural on my eyebrows. The marker end is very pointed making it easy to draw in natural looking hairs if you are missing any. It dries very fast which is another plus. The pencil end is retractable and needs no sharpening. It glides on so easily that it’s become a summer quickie staple for me.

3) I’m not known for wearing lipstick all the time. I put it on and then forget about refreshing it – not a good admission for a beauty blogger. What I do like though is to have some lip balms around my house and in my purse. The two I’ve been using a lot lately are by BETTER THAN LIPS. The company that created these is Therapy Systems and they have two different lip balms. Better than Lips ($12) is a clear lip balm that is 100% natural and over 95% organic. It does have beeswax in it so if you are vegan be aware of that. I call Better Than Lips my “babysitting” balm because I can kiss my little grandson as much as I want and I leave no evidence behind. It leaves my lips conditioned and soft so he doesn’t have to deal with any chapped or rough lips. When he’s not around I use Even Better Than Lips  ($14) the tinted version. It just comes in one shade which gives just the slightest color to my lips. It’s definitely even better than my lips. I love the moisturizing effect that these have and to top it off there’s no annoying fragrance.

While I only had room to tell you about 3 items, all three are ones I recommend to make life easier this summer and every day. I’d love to hear what makes your life easier too. — Marcia

Contest news from Kiss and Aveeno

Step into Summer with Kiss Products!

Get your feet ready for the season as you “Step into Summer with Kiss!” Starting June 21st, we will be giving away 4 beach bags* full of goodies for your feet, including Kiss Everlasting French Toenails, a Professional Pedicure Kit, Nail Artist Nail Stickers, a Kiss beach towel, and a pair of Havaianas “Slim” women sandals** courtesy of Lovemyshoes.com (total value of $125.00). All you have to do is “Like” our Facebook page and click the “Kiss Freebies” tab to enter.
     To Enter:•       Entrants must “Like” the Kiss Nails facebook page, submit name, address & email to the contest form•       Facebook fans will have 4 chances to enter on 6/21, 6/28, 7/5 & 7/12 only.  One winner will be selected from each day’s entries using a third party random draw service.
*4 chances to enter. See complete rules for drawing dates and times.
**Color of sandals may vary upon availability.


Kiss Nails has a great new giveaway

We love giveaways at Beauty Info Zone so when we hear about them we just love to share that news. Here’s a fun one from Kiss Nails.

“Want natural looking, long-lasting French nails?  Then listen up for your chance to win a Gift Bag full of new Everlasting French Pearl Nails, plus a real pearl bracelet!”

Kiss Facebook fans can enter the Everlasting Pearl Giveaway once daily between May 25th and May 31st for a chance at winning the Gift Bag & Pearl Bracelet. The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning! The winner will be announced via Facebook on June 1st.  Here’s a link –  it’s so easy and you can enter every day!

This contest is not affiliated with Beauty Info Zone, we just want to pass on the fun.

Fun even a klutz can have – Kiss and Broadway Nail Arts

I’m a girly girl when it comes to my nails. I love a beautifully manicured hand and I get a little fussy about how my nails look. In previous reviews you’ve seen some of my favorite colors (mostly red, purple and blue) but every once in a while I like to go off the deep end and try something fun. I usually wait a day or two before my next scheduled manicure before trying things myself because I AM LEFT HANDED.  I am very left handed and I do a horrible job doing my own nails but I can tolerate a day or two of my own work for fun’s sake. That said I’d still like to show you the messy fun I had with KISS Nail Arts products.

The Nail Artist Paint Set ($6.99) has 3 polishes with ultra thin brushes for creating designs or painting the tips of your nails. The brush can be used very precisely for your artistic expression. The set I have comes with toys!! It has two sheets of tip guides, a funky > shape and a classic ) shape. It also comes with a sheet of sweet little rhinestones. I have a few warnings when using the kit:  1) the brush can drip from the top so I’m very careful now to wait until the color drips down the brush, holding it over the bottle rim, before attempting to be artistic. (When you see my pictures you’ll know why I use the word “attempt”.) 2) When removing the tip guides make sure your polish is totally dry first. You certainly get your money’s worth out of these kits. You can use them with other stencils and over the terrific Kiss fake nails we’ve previously reviewed. 

If you are artistic then you’ll want to get your hands on one of the two Nail Artist Fine Art Pen sets ($5.99). There are two shades in each (pink & silver or black & white). The tips are very fine to make sure you can draw with them easily. I found it awkward to draw on my nails but I’m not the least bit artistic that way. Instead I think using plain tips from their Glue On nails would be more my style. Paint a few and attach them and let creativity fly.  

The next product I’ve been playing with is Broadway Nail Dress (sister company of Kiss). These are stick-on wraps in the most interesting designs ($5.49). I have polka dots and a red leopard look, currently there are 5 looks available. These aren’t polish and there’s no dry time so they can be done at the last minute though I do warn you to practice first. Directions say to start with your pinkie and work towards your thumb. Find the right size for your nails (there are 2 sheets with 14 sizes on each sheet) and pull up by the tab. Position it lightly on your nail and then smooth the sides. Since they will be much too long for your fingertips a two sided file comes with it. Fold the excess down over your fingertip and then use the black side of the file in a downward motion to remove the excess. Next use the pink side to smooth the tip. These last for several days on their own but you can add a top coat if you wanted an even longer wear. There’s a great “how to video” to help you see the right technique (I wish I’d watched it before trying it the first time!).

My absolute favorite product from Kiss are their sets of little Nail Artist Flat Stickers. These are something that even a klutz with a capital K can use to dress up and change their nail looks. I have their Abstract set ($2.99 for 120 stickers) and they have 10 sets total (these can have up to 200 stickers). The Abstract set comes with a sheet of gold flowers, a sheet of black floral designs and (my favorite) a sheet of colorful mixed designs of flowers and butterflies with little rhinestones. I like to put just one on my ring finger or pinkie to give a little hint of color and an airbrush quality. If you hold your mouse over one of the packages online you can see the adorable designs in each package. I’ve got my eye on Catwalk especially.

Kiss and Broadway Nails can be found at CVS, Walgreen, Walmart and beautyonlinesupply.com. They are so reasonably priced and provide hours of fun and days of beauty. — Marcia

Get your glam on with great contests from Kiss Nails

This is not our contest, but it sure is a good one, so we wanted to pass it along!!  Lisa and Marcia

Get Your Glam on this March with Kiss Products Kiss Facebook Fans – Enter to win the March Glamness Sweepstake

Kiss Facebook fans, get ready for the opportunity to win a Kiss product every day during the month of March, by entering the March Glamness sweepstakes.   Fans can enter to win a different Kiss product each day during March and can also enter to win the grand prize a gift basket of all products included in the Glamness giveaway, on March 31st.

Become a fan of Kiss Nails on Facebook and enter to win. Good Luck! www.facebook.com/KissNails

Rules: Entry forms must be completed each day for each individual product and will reset at midnight every night of March.  Facebook fans must return daily to re-enter for each giveaway.  Once a participant wins a product from March 1st to March 30th (3/1 – 3/30) they will be excluded from winning until the grand prize on March 31st (3/31) where they can re-enter to win.