Beauty starts inside – a review of NeoCell Beauty Bursts, Keratin Hair Volumizer and Eat Pretty + giveaway

Today I want to share two products with you that are award winners. Neocell’s Keratin Hair Volumizer was named the Best New Product in Delicious Living’s Beauty and Body Awards. The other product, Beauty Bursts, has won several prestigious awards, including a Best of Natural Beauty award from Better Nutrition, a Taste for Life Essentials award and the award for Best Beauty Supplement from Delicious Living. Today I’ll talk about them and at the end you’ll be able to enter a giveaway to try to win these for yourself.

I received these products from their PR company and I’ve been using them myself. I’m not a doctor (obviously) but I can tell you what I found with these and what I like about them. As with any supplement you should consult with your doctor before taking them.

Neocell Keratin Hair Volumizer

NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer


NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer

NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer are pills that you take morning and evening to help regain the shine and beauty of your hair. As I’ve aged I’ve found that the thick head of hair that was my glory isn’t quite the same. My hair has gotten thinner and takes more to make it look quite as lustrous as it used to. This supplement was created to work on your hair from the inside. It contains Vitamin C to help with collagen formation; Amla Extract, a centuries old Ayurvedic plant that is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for strong hair growth; soluble keratin; and Super Collagen. The result is stronger and brighter hair that is helping with the thinning. Just as important as what’s in it is what’s NOT in it – soy, wheat, lactose, starch, yeast, or artificial flavors. gluten free.



a dose of NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer

a dose of NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer

While I’ve finished my bottle I found it online at places like the Vitamin Shoppe, Vita Cost and for under $20.

Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews

Beauty Bursts

Beauty Bursts

The other item that I’ve been using for the last few months is Beauty Bursts Soft Chews by NeoCell. These also add collagen to my life with Vitamin C and Collagen 1 & 3. In addition to helping strengthen my hair, these strengthen my nails as well. This winter has been especially hard on us. From previous experience I know that my nails become more brittle in winter but this year I’ve been using these soft chews and haven’t had breaks (where’s the wood to go knock on!!!!). They are available in two delicious flavors. As a dedicated chocoholic I prefer the Chocolate Mint ones and they also come in Fruit Punch.  Directions say to take 2 – 4 per day. I take 2 after dinner as a little snack. A 60 count bag will last me a month for under $20.

Beauty Bursts

Beauty Bursts

beauty burst informationAdding collagen to my diet through these two products is hopefully slowing down the signs of aging.

EAT PRETTYeat pretty coverFor a change of pace I have a book that I’ve been reading and have found to be a great source of information. It’s called Eat Pretty – Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out. The author, Jolene Hart is a beauty and health coach who’s been certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Eat Pretty

Eat Pretty

The author describes the beauty nutrition of the foods we eat or the foods we should eat but maybe don’t. We know why we should have green leafy vegetables for our health but do we know what they do for our looks?

She divides foods up into the seasons that they’ll be the freshest and most prevalent in. “Spring Beauty Awakening”, “Abundant Summer Beauty”, “Restore and Recharge in Autumn”, and “Glow Through the Winter”. In addition to all the reasons to eat each kind of food she has included some recipes. The MSRP is $16.95 but you can find it for less on Amazon (book or kindle).

yummy and healthy

yummy and healthy

Now that you know some of my ‘beauty secrets’ decide for yourself if you’d like to try out the two NeoCell products and enter this giveaway. It’s US only and open through March 11, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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*products and giveaway are provided by NeoCell

Smooth hair for the New Year with Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing Treatment


Organix Brazilian line

Salon hair smoothing treatments are definitely an investment so an easy, in expensive at home treatment always interests me.  I recently tested the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing Treatment ($14.99) that was sent to the BIZ, and I got terrific results for a $15 treatment.


Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

I don’t think it’s fair to expect salon quality results from a product like this, but I have to say this treatment exceeded my expectations. My hair is not as super straight after washing as it is with a salon treatment. I still need to flat iron some areas, but really it’s not much and this treatment takes a lot of time out of my typical morning routine. Here is my hair before a treatment:

Before Organix 30 Day Smoothing

Before Organix 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

I have fine hair that tends to be frizzy. It has natural wave to it, although not enough to be attractive on its own. I like this treatment because it really smooths hair and eliminates frizz.   Here is my hair right after a treatment:

After my Organix 30 Day Smoothing

After my Organix 30 Day Smoothing Treatment

It certainly does make a difference! You need to plan for the time to do the treatment correctly, as altogether it takes about two hours.

Pre-Shampoo packet,

Pre-Shampoo packet, Smoothing Treatment, all sitting on gloves

First, you wash with the pre-shampoo packet. This lathers up nicely and rinses out easily, leaving hair feeling rough (which helps it pick up the keratin treatment).  After that, you let your hair dry to about 80% dryness, then apply the keratin treatment. There are gloves included, just put them on then smooth in the treatment to sections of your hair. A tip is to be sure not to use too much – too much results in greasy looking hair for two days. Let the treatment soak in for a half hour, then blow dry hair. After that, it’s flat ironing time. I section out my hair and flat iron each piece 7 times. This leaves my hair stick straight and it seals in the treatment. I always have about half a bottle of treatment left, so one box ends up being two treatments for me.

The hardest part is not washing hair for two days. Remember to plan for this…don’t do a treatment right before a big night out on the town. The perfect day for New Year’s Eve perfection would be December 29th.  I find that with my type of hair, the treatment lasts amost 4 weeks. Your results will vary based on your hair type.

I think this is an excellent affordable option for super smooth hair. Next time you are at Ulta or the drugstore, check it out!  – Lisa

*pr sample

AG Hair introduces Keratin Repair to show your locks some love

ag keratinIt’s always exciting to be one of the first to try out a new line of products. I’ve reviewed several products from AG Hair so when they asked if I wanted to try out their new Keratin Repair line of hair products I jumped at the chance. I had recently gotten a keratin treatment on my hair so I was excited to try out a new line that contained the proper ingredients to safely use on my hair. But this line is not just for people with a keratin treatment. It was actually created to protect everyone’s hair especially if you have color treated, chemically treated, distressed or damaged hair. All of their products are sulfate and salt-free (sodium chloride) so they protect and repair.

ag keratin allThere are 5 products in AG Hair’s Keratin Repair category: Refuel Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo; Restore Daily Strengthening Conditioner; Reconstruct Intense Anti-Breakage Mask; Repair Serum Keratin Anti-Breakage Sealant and Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray. This 5 product regimen is designed to fortify, repair and reverse the signs of damage. It will leave your hair stronger and healthier. I’ve been using these products for the last month and want to share my opinions.

my shower with Refuel and Restore

my shower with Refuel and Restore

REFUEL Sulfate-Free Strengthening Shampoo and RESTORE Daily Strengthening Conditioner: I wash my hair 3 – 4 times a week and I’ve been using REFUEL each time and RESTORE almost every time (I sometimes use the mask instead). What I’m finding is healthy shiny hair that stays clean and smooth longer. The weather has been like a roller coaster ride in my area. In the same day we’ll have drizzle, snow, winds and then sun. It’s so confusing. Yet I’m not finding that it has a big effect on my hair. Even getting caught out in the snow or rain I’m coming home to relatively straight hair. Thanks to the keratin treatment it’s not frizzy but thanks to these two products it’s also staying easy to style and easy on the eyes. I think I’ve used my flat iron 3 times in the last month and that’s usually in the morning when I notice a kink. Refuel Shampoo has a great lather while being sulfate and salt-free. It’s a gentle shampoo that doesn’t fade my color at all. Restore Conditioner is very silky and keeps my hair easy to comb after my shower. It contains keratin amino acids to restore the hair’s structure as well as shea butter to smooth and condition.

AG Hair Refuel Keratin Repair

AG Hair Refuel Keratin Repair

Refuel directions and information

Refuel directions and information

Restore conditioner

Restore conditioner

Restore information

Restore information

RECONSTRUCT Intense Anti-Breakage Mask: I’ve just used this twice and have a “date” with it coming up this weekend. This is very thick and on my shoulder length hair I find I don’t need to use a lot of it. The first time I used it was as an intense mask where I wet my hair, put this on, covered it with a shower cap, and let it stay on for 15 minutes. My hair was so soft it was unreal. About two weeks later I used it in the shower just as I would have the daily conditioner though I left it on a little longer. Again my hair was soft and easy to manage. This is especially good for hair that is quite dry or damaged from color processing. The ingredients contain keratin amino acids, Abyssinian oil, silk proteins and rich shea butter. If this doesn’t repair your hair nothing will. Since my hair isn’t damaged I find that once every other week is a good treatment. This 6 oz. jar will last me forever.

AG Hair Reconstruct

AG Hair Reconstruct

see how thick and rich Reconstruct is!

see how thick and rich Reconstruct is!

REPAIR Serum Keratin Anti-Breakage Sealant: I use this as my leave-in treatment after washing my hair. I put a little (between a nickel and quarter size) in my hands and run it through my hair and then comb my hair prior to drying. This leave-in formula continues to keep hair conditioned and smooth. AG Hair says the serum instantly mends split ends and works overtime to reduce breakage and increase elasticity. While nothing other than a trim is going to get rid of split ends, it does keep them conditioned so that you don’t look like you have split ends. Repair really makes my hair look and feel silky and glossy.

AG Hair Repair Serum

AG Hair Repair Serum

Refuel pump

Refuel pump

REVAMP Keratin Volumizing Spray: I’ve used this less than the other products mainly because I don’t find the need to spray often. It is humidity resistant though so I do reach for it occasionally, especially on 2nd day hair. Revamp has a low alcohol formula and provides a nice amount of support. I use just a little since I find it adds shine to my hair. I use a quick mist on myself but I tried it on my mom who can’t live without her hairspray and she liked the hold it gave her.

AG Hair Revamp

AG Hair Revamp

spray for Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray

spray for Revamp Keratin Volumizing Spray

I give 5 R’s to this line of AG Hair products. You can Refuel, Restore, Reconstruct, Repair and Revamp your hair in a healthy way.  — Marcia

Interesting information from AG Hair:

There are numerous reasons why hair might break including mechanical (brushing, elastic bands), chemical (colouring, bleaching, hi-lighting, chlorine, salt) and environmental causes (UVA/UVB degradation). These processes harm the outer cuticle of the hair shaft leaving hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

Since keratin is the primary building block of the hair cuticle, introducing keratin back into the hair is the only way to repair it. Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle and bonds to the brittle, broken scales helping to restore strength and moisture, and prevent further damage.

The Keratin Repair category is formulated specifically with an abundant amount of keratin to make your hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use, and can be used daily as a reparative and preventative treatment. It is not possible to overuse keratin.

To find AG Hair you can put your zip code in the box for Salons on their website.

Say Bye Bye Frizz at home with Marc Anthony

It’s been a very hot summer and which one of us doesn’t want to banish the frizz that summer humidity brings to our hair? Not everyone has the money or ability to get a professional treatment done that will help with that but if you have $11.99 then I have a tip for you:  Marc Anthony BYE.BYE.FRIZZ comes to your rescue. 30 day bye.bye.frizz is a Keratin Smoothing System to do at home. You need a few things to do this – time, a good flat iron, a blow dryer, a wide tooth comb, a paddle brush and clips. Marc Anthony provides the rest.

Inside the box you’ll find directions, a clarifying shampoo, the treatment and a plastic bag.

Here’s what you’ll do:

1)      Wash your hair well with the clarifying shampoo. If you use a lot of styling products on your hair then you’ll want to wash it twice to get it all out. Do NOT use any conditioner; only the clarifying shampoo.

2)      Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and then blow dry it until it’s 80% dry. Now your hair isn’t going to say “hey, I’m at 60% keep going” so you just have to guess.

3)      Divide your hair into 4 sections with the clips. Now this is where I got confused. Vertically? Horizontally? So I went to the Marc Anthony website and watched this video which is extremely helpful since it taught me what I should be doing.

4)      You apply the solution using your hands and comb it through each thin section. Start with the underneath and then add more hair from the top. I moved from the sides of my head around towards the back.

5)      I wrapped my head with the plastic bag and waited 30 minutes.

6)      After that time is up it’s time to blow dry your hair again making it as smooth as can be. That’s where the paddle brush comes in. I don’t have a paddle brush but I do have one that’s semi flat so that’s what I used.

7)      Time to flat iron – this was the hardest part for me. It takes patience which I’m usually short of. The front was easy to do but the back was much more difficult because I couldn’t see what was going on. It would have been nice to have a friend (or a husband) who’d have helped with that part. When you flat iron your hair you are going to see steam. The heat of the iron (400 – 450 if possible) will seal the keratin in bye.bye.frizz into the cuticle which is how you get it straight. You want to go over each section of your hair about 5 to 6 times.

8)      Do not wash your hair for 48 hours so that the treatment can take effect. Also don’t pull back your hair if at all possible.

Here’s what I noticed during those thirty days – my hair wasn’t straight straight like it was when I had it professionally done but it was mostly frizz free and straight. The back of my head has more waves than the front does and I could still feel those waves but I didn’t really see them. I was very pleased with the results. Because of my constant hot flashes my head gets wet too and I need something like this to keep my hair from frizzing up as I cool down. It lasted for just under 4 weeks before I felt the need to straighten my hair again.

Here’s what Marc Anthony has tells us about this process: Humidity is blocked, moisture is retained, strength is restored, damage is alleviated and shine is boosted. It reduces blow drying time by laminating the hair surface. It seals in moisture and prevents additional humidity from diffusing into the cortex.

The process took me a few hours one Sunday afternoon and then I washed it out 44 hours later since I was going somewhere. I think it will take me less time the next time since it was so new that I was ultra careful. That’s why I said you need time to do this. You also have to time it if you color treat your hair. They say that you should wait two weeks before recoloring. If you color every 4 weeks that would work out since you could color, then in two weeks do the smoothing treatment, two weeks later color again, two weeks later do another smoothing treatment…

I tried the Marc Anthony bye.bye.frizz shampoo and conditioner as well as their Blow Dry Cream. There are two big no-nos with keratin smoothing – Sulfates and Sodium Chloride. The Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner ($6.99) contain neither of these. They left my hair very shiny. They are formulated with “K-Silk Complex (Hydrolyzed Silk and Keratin) and an Amino Acid Blend. The Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream ($7.99) is great for however you want to wear your hair. I wear mine straight but you can put it in your hair and scrunch and diffuse to style how you want. I find these products to work beautifully on my hair but the fragrance is stronger than I like. It’s a very sweet fragrance that I can’t quite pick out but I mostly used other sulfate free products because of the scent. Without the fragrance I’d absolutely love these since the results are great.

Marc Anthony has a lot of amazing products (see Lisa’s Dream Waves review) at amazing prices. They can be found at Rite Aid, Ulta, and others. It’s amazing to me how far we’ve come in about 10 years. When I first heard of Keratin Treatments you could only go to salons with special training and pay around $700; later new processes came out but you were still paying around $300. And now with Marc Anthony Bye.Bye.Frizz you can do it at home for the cost of a few lattes! I’m happy to say bye bye to that frizz! — Marcia


Promo for Marc Anthony bye.bye.frizz

*pr samples

Simply Smooth Xtend Magic Potion review and giveaway

Simply Smooth xtend Reparative Magic Potion

You’ve read about the Simply Smooth line previously on Beauty Info Zone when Lisa reviewed the line HERE. At the time the company offered a free (very) deluxe sample size of Simply Smooth Xtend Reparative Magic Potion to our readers. Considering I read the blog I took advantage of the freebie along with lots and lots of others.  Xtend Reparative Magic Potion is one segment of Simply Smooth’s Keratin Treatment line. The good news is that you don’t need to have a keratin treatment to get the benefits of these products. They work for anyone who wants simply smooth hair. While it won’t banish the frizz for weeks or months at a time, it will banish it for the days it’s on your hair.

When this arrived and I started using it, I totally understood why Lisa raved about Simply Smooth and Xtend Magic Potion in particular. My keratin process is almost all grown out and I’ve done some experimenting with other products. Xtend was the first one I tried and it’s going to stay in my repertoire. It is quite magical. My hair is easy to manage, has much less frizz and looks as good the day after washing as it does on the day I’ve used it. Plus I need so little on my shoulder length hair that it’s actually economical.

I decided to ask some people on a chat room called Beauty Bling what they thought of the product since quite a few people had also sent away for this when it was offered (thank you ladies for following Beauty Info Zone). Therefore I’m taking the liberty of sharing their thoughts, unedited thoughts I might add, so you can see it’s not just me. There was only one person that answered my question that wasn’t crazy about the product, of course it’s possible that others didn’t like it and didn’t answer. Check out other testimonials:

“I love the scent and it makes my hair very soft.”

“The first time I tried it, I wasn’t clear on what else I ‘needed’ when I read the directions (probably a no pain no headache moment), so I put a bit of AG straightener in my hair too. Loved the way my hair was super shiny and didn’t feel greasy or weighed down. My hair stayed straight for several days too. Yay!
The second time I used it, I was letting my naturally curly hair air dry. I was hoping to keep the frizzies away. Happily, my hair is wavy, not frizzy, and I don’t think I’ll have to do anything other than refresh my hair tomorrow with some water and scrunch. I really, really like this product!”

“I’m not a hair product person at all…I usually use nothing because they all make me break out and never seem to do much for my hair, but I’ve used this twice so far and I actually like it.”

“I used it today for the first time to do a partial blow-dry on my hair. My hair feels awesome. Very nice. Thanks again, Marcia. UPDATE: When I picked up my teenage daughter today, she asked me what I did different to my hair today. She said that it looks a lot better than usual, and that my bangs weren’t ‘weird’ the way they usually are, and that it made my highlights stand out more!”

Ya know, I think I may really like this stuff….My problem is knowing how much to use…I desperately neet a haircut so there isn’t much I can do with my hair right now but it is healthier feeling and shinier for sure….seems to add some volume as well….I pretty much think this is a keeper…”

“I think I seriously love this stuff…hair is soft and shiny..and I only had to use this 1 product..and it smells awesome…”

“I love the scent!!! I used it today and my hair feels so soft.”

“I tried this over the weekend, and it didn’t work for me. I have long thick hair, and this stuff made it harder to manage and straighten. It feels soft, but it just doesn’t work with my hair’s texture.”


This is how I use Magic Potion – I wash, condition and then lightly towel dry. I spritz some of the Xtend onto my hair and comb the product into my hair. Then I blow dry. Xtend Reparative Magic Potion acts not only as my styling cream but it’s also a leave in conditioner. Since it’s keratin infused it helps add shine as well as eliminates frizz. This summer my hair has known the definition of frizz first hand so using this has become essential. Plus when/if I end up with another treatment it will help extend the life of the keratin treatment. Here’s a short video if you want to see how easy it is to use.

The product is $27 for 8.5 fl. oz. which will last you forever since you need so little. Simply Smooth does what it promises to do – keeps my hair smooth and tangle free and most important frizz free. This summer hasn’t been good for people whose hair tends to frizz but Xtend Magic Potion is doing its best to change that for me. — Marcia

Now for the giveaway – Simply Smooth has generously extended the offer for the 2 oz. bottle of Xtend Magic Potion to Beauty Info Zone U.S. readers. If you think this product will work for you then you need to go to THEIR website  (Contact Us) and sign up for the website. They don’t bombard you with email. Fill in your information and in the comment box write in “I want my magic potion.” If you can tell them that Beauty Info Zone sent you, we’d appreciate that. How much better can it get? A wonderful product given to any of you who haven’t received their free bottle yet. Everyone wins!

*this offer was extended by Simply Smooth for promotional purposes

Lisa’s Pure NV BKT Keratin Treatment: review and video

I recently traveled to Creations Salon in Rochester Hills, MI, for a Pure NV BKT Botanical Keratin Treatment.  If you look at the way my hair looks without any styling products and no styling done to it, you can see why I was really looking forward to this hair smoothing treatment:

My hair before the treatment – no styling products, and obviously no styling either!!

Pure NV BKT has several different Keratin treatments available, the longevity of which range from 1 shampoo to 20 weeks.  Thanks to the great people at Pure NV BKT, I had the 16 week treatment, which makes your hair super smooth, frizz-free, extremely shiny, plus it cuts your hair drying time in half.  The treatment is a formulation of natural vitamins (the NV in the name) plus Argan Oil and extremely pure Keratin.  This treatment is free of sodium chloride, sulfate, and parabens.  And the best part of all is that this process meets Formaldehyde levels set by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review and Worldwide Standards, so there is no worry for the health of your hair – or for your own health!!

I made a video of the entire process, which you can view here:

For those of you who would rather read about it, here’s what happened.

My Creations Salon team: Sandy, Christie, and Jeri

When I arrived at Creations Salon, I was immediately greeted by Jeri, the super sweet manager.  She took me over to Sandy, a fabulous stylist who really knows her stuff.  Sandy explained the process to me, and I was blown away by the intricacy of it.

First, Sandy washed my hair seven times with a clarifying shampoo.  The Pure NV BKT Clarifying Shampoo is great stuff – even after seven washings, my hair still felt pretty soft when it was dried.  After thoroughly drying my hair (I mean not one speck of dampness left!), Sandy then applied the Pure NV BKT Botanical Keratin Treatment to my hair, a tiny 1/8 inch section at a time.  She used what almost looked like a paint brush and smoothed the treatment on, soaking my hair in the solution.  This took quite a while because she did such tiny sections at a time.  I was shocked that this part didn’t smell.  For some reason I thought it would smell strong, like perm solution, but it didn’t really smell like anything.

Pure NV BKT Botanical Keratin Treatment

The difference in the Pure NK BKT treatment and other treatments out there is the amount of Formaldehyde.  We have all heard horror stories about the levels in smoothing treatments being high enough to seriously compromise your hair and your health.  Pure NV BKT found a way to make a very safe, effective treatment with a natural process that completely complies with industry standards (a maximum level of %.20 and .075ppm for aldehydes or formaldehyde residue), so there’s no way you are going to see an expose of Pure NV BKT on 20/20 or 60 Minutes.

Once my hair was completely covered in the solution, Sandy put a cap on my hair and I sat for 20 minutes, happily reading about all the trouble various celebrities had gotten themselves into.

Then, Sandy dried my hair completely again.  This time, my hair definitely felt coated and was difficult to brush through.  Once it was totally dry, she flat ironed the heck out of it – each tiny section was flat ironed five to seven times so it was completely flat.  This cures the keratin into the hair shaft and seals it.  The whole process took about three hours.  The cost for this treatment varies based on how much hair you have, because what took three hours for me could take an hour and a half for someone with shorter or thinner hair.  For my hair, the cost of the treatment would run about $430.  This includes the treatment, plus the shampoo and style once the treatment is over, as well as starter products.

Products to use after the treatment: Ker-Argan Oil, Color Seal Cleanser, Color Seal Moisturizer, and 1 for All

Which brings me to the little slice of hell that goes along with this treatment – the waiting between the treatment and the washing it out.  You have to wait at least three days before washing it out, which means no washing your hair, no getting it wet in any way, no sweating, NOTHING.  You can’t put your hair up in a clip or a ponytail, or do anything to it that might bend the hair shaft.  And your hair feels strangely thick and coated, although you can use dry shampoo to liven it up after a few days if you want.

My hair right after the treatment

My hair looked pretty good right after, and honestly it didn’t look that bad after four days.  It felt strange, sort of heavy and like my hair was coated with something.  But really the waiting period in between was more psychologically difficult than visually awful.  Typically you go three days before washing, but because of the weekend, I went four days before getting a shampoo and blow dry.  I could not WAIT to get in there for that shampoo!!  It wasn’t too difficult to shower without getting my hair wet, but in this hot weather and with all the family activities I had going on, trying not to sweat was basically impossible.  I definitely got my hair wet at the nape of my neck, so it will be interesting to see how that affected the treatment in that area.

And so, after four long days I traveled back to Creations Salon and had a wonderful shampoo and blow out by Christie.  She used Pure NV BKT Color Seal Cleanser ($20) to wash my hair, then Pure NV BKT Color Seal Moisturizer ($20) to condition it.  She also put in a little of this flipping fantastic styling product of theirs called 1 for All ($30).  I LOVE this, it’s a fantastic styling product that is great for after the treatment but also great on its own.  It’s a leave in conditioner that makes your hair look fantastic without weighing it down.

Pure NV BKT 1 for All swatch

Then she blew it out, and didn’t even need to flat-iron it because my hair was….smooth!!  Silky!!!  Straight but with tons of body!!!!  Oh yes oh yes, color me HAPPY.

My hair feels so silky it’s amazing.

This picture was taken with a flash.

This process is so gentle, you can have it right after getting color and highlights.

So far, my hair looks and feels amazing.  I definitely feel like it was worth the time and the cost.  I want to thank the great people at Creations Salon again, as well as the wonderful people at Pure NV BKT.  And I will definitely check back in after four months is up to let you all know how the treatment held up for me.  If you are interested in a Pure NV BKT Keratin treatment or their products, head to the website which lists salons that carry the line.  And let us know what you think!  – Lisa

*pr samples, treatment provided courtesy of Pure NV BKT and Creations Salon


Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment Line by American Culture

I get pretty excited about really good hair care.  I have found that with my hair, products make a HUGE difference.  My hair has multiple personalities:  I either have limp, dull, frizzy hair, or I have thick, smooth and shiny hair with tons of body.  And it’s all completely dependent on my shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, so when I find a line that works wonders for me, I can’t wait to share.  Simply Smooth by American Culture Hair has fantastic products, and I am officially a customer for life.  Today’s review is of the basics in the Simply Smooth line, which is based on keratin.  In fact, they say Simply Smooth products are ‘texture management though the art of keratin.”
What is keratin and why is it so important?  Keratin naturally occurs in hair, but it can be depleted from chemical treatments and the environment, leaving your hair dull and lifeless with split ends and frizz.  Keratin gives hair fibers new health, leaving them vibrant and super shiny.  Simply Smooth uses the highest quality keratin and botanicals, and are sodium chloride free.  All of these products help to extend the life of a spa keratin treatment, although they are also really terrific just on their own.

Simply Smooth Xtend Shampoo

xtend keratin replenishing shampoo ($25):  I find this to be a fabulous shampoo with a light lather and a beautiful fresh scent.  It would work for all hair textures, and it seals the hair cuticle for amazing shine.  The scent is so pretty, it smells of citrus and vanilla.  Another bonus:  it’s sodium chloride free.

Simply Smooth Conditioner

 xtend keratin replenishing conditioner ($25): This is a wonderful light conditioner that works great on my oily scalp/dry ends.  It has a hydrating formula that works for all hair types, plus that same gorgeous fragrance that smells so clean and fresh.   The formula has the highest quality keratin that goes into hair fibers to seal the cuticle, hydrate, and give massive shine.

If you need more serious help with dry hair, try the deep conditioner:

Simply Smooth Xtend Deep Conditioner

 xtend keratin replenishing deep conditioner ($25):  This is a deeply penetrating yet lightweight conditioner.  It’s especially great for fine, limp hair, or chemically treated hair.  It also really helps to prolong keratin treatments.

For some real magic, you have to try the Magic Potion:

Simply Smooth xtend Reparative Magic Potion

 xtend keratin reparative magic potion ($25):  This is an absolute must have styling product.  It’s a styling cream and leave in conditioner that magically fixes every single thing – for real.  I am not kidding.  Like all the other products in this line, it works overtime to extend keratin treatments.  It works great alone or ‘cocktailed’ with other products.  Just apply it to damp hair and watch the magic happen – it repairs elasticity, smooths split ends, and provides thermal protection.  Plus it detangles, gets rid of frizz, and gives major shine.  My mom actually called me to tell me about this product – a friend of hers was using it, and my mom said it was so great it practically made her friend’s hair sparkle! 

And for an at-home salon smoothing treatment, just wait until you try the Touch of Keratin:

Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin

 Touch of Keratin ($50):  This special treatment product reduces texture and frizz, smoothing hair like crazy.  It’s great for travel or touching up a salon keratin treatment, or for special occasions.  You just spray on damp hair, blow dry, then flat-iron.  It’s a keratin filler that restores hair’s natural keratin without leaving your hair limp.  Depending on how often you shampoo, your results can last up to 30 days. 

Here’s my hair a few days after doing this treatment:

Simply Smooth Touch of Keratin hair treatment

 My hair was super soft, incredibly shiny, and smoother than smooth.  It looked like I had just gotten a salon treatment, although it didn’t last as long as the salon version does.  I wash my hair every other day, and I had noticeable results for three weeks.

I love this line.  The products work amazingly well together, and they also play well with other lines.  Every day I use these I am happy with my hair, and I am just as happy with my second day hair.  You can’t ask for anything more from your hair products.  There are quick product tip videos on the website, and you can also find a salon near you that sells the product line via the site.  It is absolutely worth checking out!!  – Lisa

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