Top Ten Tuesdays returns with palettes we love

Top Ten Beauty always brings a bit of anxiety. What if I leave something out? What if I put something in and then change my mind? What if when I read all the other posts I see something that makes me slap my face and wonder why I haven’t use that in so long?
I’ve picked 9 palettes that I use all the the time and rely on plus one major wishlist palette.
1. Marc Jacobs The Starlet – I’m sure this surprises absolutely no one who has read Beauty Info Zone. I’m crazy about The Starlet (and The Vamp) and think this line was a great addition to the makeup world. Marc Jacobs takes me from my typical staid and brings out the makeup artist I used to be.
2. Sephora+Pantone Universal Precious Metals Shadow Palette – this wasn’t a very popular palette but I love it and pull it out all the time. The shadows are a mix of quality but in general they are well pigmented. There are so many shades I can count on when I need a certain “something”. Unfortunately it’s discontinued but things do pop up occasionally.
3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – this is new to me and it’s so wonderful. I resisted the individual Ambient Light singles because I just couldn’t decide. Now I have three so I’m glad I waited before purchasing any.
4. Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope – this is the only blush palette that I use. I use blush every day but the only palette. I usually wear one or two shades at a time with it. It’s great for travel since I’ve got enough variety to keep me happy.
5. Kat Von D True Romance palette in Saint – If you notice I didn’t put any of my Urban Decay Naked palettes even though I have them all. When I want those types of shades I pull out the Kat Von D instead. Of the 8 shades, I wear 6 of them often.
6. TheBalm Shady Lady Volume Three – I could just as easily have picked Volume Two or Balm Jovi or Nude ‘tude since I like all of them. Watch out on Hautelook for TheBalm sales since they have outstanding prices on this brand. It’s the green shade in Volume Three that gets me going.
7.  Dior Bonne Etoile – This is almost too pretty to use. I hate that this was a limited edition because it sold out quickly. I bought both Constellation (purples) and Bonne Etoile (green and brown) but never got around to reviewing them, now it’s too late. But if you can get your hands on either, go for it. Beautifully pigmented, great combinations, stellar design and quality.
8. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes – Too Faced is an eyeshadow lover’s dream and nightmare. They keep coming out with beautiful palettes that I think I can’t live without. Boudoir Eyes is a great neutral palette that I reviewed on Blushing Beauty if you care to read about it.
9.  Bare Minerals The Scenic Route – This is technically not a palette since it just has two shadows but oh what shadows they are. This is my favorite green eyeshadow and I really needed to include it in this post. I don’t wear white shadow often but it just works with the green.
10. Serge Lutens Nude Lip Palette – My wishlist item. I labored over buying this during Barney’s last Beauty Event but the $140 price stopped me in my tracks. I’m still lusting over it but I just don’t imagine myself using it enough to justify that kind of money. Now if my husband gets me mad enough some day —- you never know!!
Thank you for reading my Top Ten Palettes. I’d recommend every one of these. I bought all of these (except Serge) and don’t regret these purchases at all. Any you like or own? — Marcia
Please read what my fellow bloggers have chosen.

The $50 blogger challenge plus a bonus giveaway

I have to thank Coupons. com for offering this great post. A group of bloggers were given $50 e-gift cards to one of three beauty emporiums. Mine was Sephora. I was let loose on with $50 to spend!!! Whoopee! I got right to work making a list of things I wanted and of course it was long. The challenge from was to create at least 2 looks using the $50. I labored over this and finally decided that I wanted to prove that can provide a bag full of goodies for that money. Sephora doesn’t carry drugstore items, they carry what is called prestige brands. We often feel like they are so expensive but look what I got with my e-certificate from coupons. com. haul: Stila, Kat VonD haul: Stila, Kat Von D

I bought two Stila travel palettes which are normally $16 each but are on sale at for $10 plus 3 Kat Von D Waterproof Eyeliner pencils $10 each). I also had a code ( shows current codes on their website) for a free YSL Shocking mascara. I’ve got everything I need for eyes, lips and cheeks with these.

The first of the two Stila palettes is Vibrant in Vancouver which is comprised of the following colors of eyeshadows: English Boy (satin light beige), Cypress (shimmery light brown), Granville (matte light chocolate), Seaplane (shimmery olive) and Coal Harbour (matte dark brown). The convertible lip and cheek cream in Tiger Lily is a shimmery rose-brown.

Stila Vibrant in Vancouver

Stila Vibrant in Vancouver

These are the typical neutral colors that I wear all the time. I picked this palette for a few reasons – 1) I’m loving olive greens at the moment, 2) I always feel good in browns and beiges and 3) I had a feeling that the convertible color would work well for me. This is a good palette for my everyday type looks plus when I start with a base like a Maybelline Tattoo I can change the looks even more.

The other palette I picked is Rockin’ in Rio which turned into a surprise favorite. I chose it to add variety but it turns out I really like this and it will stay in my rotation. The eye shadows are Copacabana (satin pale beige), Samba (satin medium beige), Bossa Nova (shimmery light greyish brown), Carnavale (shimmery greyish black) and Ipanema (shimmery midnight blue). The convertible color is called Freesia and it’s a great candy pink that I like on my lips as well as my cheeks.

Stila Rockin in Rio palette

Stila Rockin in Rio palette

The three pencils I bought are by Kat Von D and were highly recommended by a friend. They are the Waterproof Autograph Pencils which cost just $10 each – I bought 3  since I wanted to be able to change my look. The shades I have are Piaf (purplish gray with multicolor sparkle), Napolitano (bronze with gold sparkle) and Black Metal (black with silver sparkle). I guess I was in a sparkly mood. These aren’t full size pencils, they are half size which is great for someone with a collection my size and for trying out new colors.

Kat Von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils

Kat Von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils

Kat Von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils: Black Magic, Napolitano, Piaf

Kat Von D Waterproof Autograph Pencils: Black Magic, Napolitano, Piaf

While the challenge was for two looks I was able to create much more than that depending on the placement of the eyeshadow or the eyeliner I chose. Each eyeliner worked with two palettes plus I was able to dampen shadows in the palettes for eyeliners too. The bonus YSL mascara is not one that worked for me. I didn’t get shocking lashes, I felt that my lashes stuck together too much and I didn’t see anything other than some definition. But what a great way to know since it was a bonus code.

Now for some looks:

1) StilaVibrant in Vancouver with olive lid, shimmery light brown in the crease and shimmery light beige on browbone. Lined with Kat Von D Napolitano.

Stila Vibrant in Vancouver

Stila Vibrant in Vancouver

sephora stila vancouver1 62. Stila Rockin in Rio with light shimmery gray on lid, charcoal in the crease, pale beige on the browbone and Kat Von D Black Magic eyeliner.

Stila Rockin in Rio palette

Stila Rockin in Rio palette

3. Stila Rockin in Rio with the light gray on the lid, blue in the crease and pale beige above with Kat Von D Black Magic eyeliner. You can also see my cheeks with the Freesia convertible color.

Stila Rockin in Rio

Stila Rockin in Rio

4. Stila Rockin in Rio using Ipanema eyeshadow wet as an eyeliner – I wanted you to see how vibrant it can be.

Stila Rockin in Rio

Stila Rockin in Rio

Now for the giveaway news…. this giveaway is open for one week only and will close on June 21, 2013. It is open for US only. The giveaway and the products that we each received are from Coupons. com (there was no other compensation for this post). There are a lot of chances to win so the more you follow on Rafflecopter’s widget, the more likely it is for you to be the big winner.

I hope you’ll click on our links to see how everyone spent their $50. We have all chosen totally different routes so you’ve got some fun in store. Let me know in the comments if you have any of these Stila Travel palettes and if there are others I should be looking for. — Marcia

summer giveaway coupons dot com

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Is there True Romance with Kat Von D’s Saint eyeshadow palette?

Kat Von D True Romance in Saint

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette. Just prior to the introduction of the UD though I was attracted to Kat Von D’s True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Saint. This $35 palette has 8 shades all in the neutral and brown family. I’ve had mixed results with Kat Von D palettes in the past but when they are good they are very very good. Saint called to me since they are colors that I can easily wear all the time and I felt the price was good plus it came with an eyeliner pencil that has gotten raves. There’s always room in my life for more neutrals and taupes so it went into my basket at There are some similarities in this palette to the Urban Decay Naked ones but I think the biggest difference is the lack of glitter and the abundance of lighter eyeshadows in the Kat Von D Saint True Romance Eyeshadow Palette.

The actual case happens to be very nice and unusual in my collection. It’s a heavy metal with beautiful designs on it. This is a new kind of palette for the line and it’s a welcome change. It opens to a full size mirror. It’s heavy but it’s extremely sturdy. Kat Von D is known for her sultry type palettes.

Kat Von D Saint shadow names

Here are the shadows and descriptions from

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Saint:

Heavens – pearlized vanilla

Enjoy the Silence – pearlized butter cream

<3 – soft pink with sparkle

Downtown – pearlized champagne

Sunny – pearlized gold

Pray for Me – pearlized TAUPE

Bookworm – pearlized brown

Carvaggio – dark matte brown

Plus there’s a mini Puro Amor Black Autograph pencil eyeliner

What I’ve found over and over with palettes is that people will complain because there are many crease and lid shades but very little for the browbone. That‘s not a problem with Saint. There are quite a few shades that can be used on either your lid or browbone and for me personally only two I like in the crease.

Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, <3, Downtown

Heavens, Enjoy the Silence

<3, Downtown


My favorite shades in the palette are Pray for Me (pearlized taupe) and Bookworm (pearlized brown). I like most of the other shades too, especially Enjoy the Silence (pearlized buttercream) and Sunny (penalized gold).

Pray for Me is a cool brown taupe that applies very lightly, most taupes I have are darker than this is. Bookworm is the one shade that works best in the crease, it can be used lightly or intensely. I also enjoy mixing it with Pray for Me to create a lid shade. Both Enjoy the Silence and Sunny work well for me as crease shades.

Sunny, Pray for me, Bookworm, Caravaggio

Sunny, Pray for me

Bookworm, Caravaggio

What I’m not crazy about though are Carvaggio (dark matte brown) and <3 (soft pink with sparkles). I’m not really a matte person so it’s not the fault of Carvaggio, when I mix it with Bookworm though I get a shade I like.  The same can’t be said of <3 since I find the sparkles to be too much. The glitter got all over my face the few times I decided to try <3 so that’s one shade that won’t get used by me again.

The shadows are well pigmented and last nicely throughout the day with an eyeshadow primer. (I think there was a packet of Kat Von D’s primer in the box but I can’t seem to find it.)

I took the palette on a trip with me and it was a pleasure to use the variety of shades in it. There was a minor mishap when one shadow came loose but it didn’t break, a little Crazy Glue put it back in place.

There’s not a lot of talk about Kat Von D (other than personal issues that is) but the line has improved in many ways. My very first palette from this line was returned since I found the pigment lacking but Saint has found its way into my heart and gets a good amount of use. If you are a fan of neutrals Saint is one for you to check out. True Romance? No but we do have a good relationship!– Marcia