C’mon and play with Jesse’s Girl eyeshadow palettes

It’s been fun for us at Beauty Info Zone to have some new toys from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. We’re learning so much about these amazingly reasonably priced cosmetics, especially about the quality of these. Today Marcia and Lisa have two different palettes that Jesse’s Girl has created. But before we begin we want to share a code for 20% off. What’s better than getting something wonderful for less money? At checkout from now until February 28, 2017 use the code JG2017BIZ to get your discount from their website.

Now it’s time to learn about some choices you have!


Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Natural Nudes has the typical nude shades we all like to use but this is not a boring nude palette. Oh no, these shadows have a kick to them. There are 10 office to party shadows that have great pigment to them. 5 shimmered shadows and 5 matte shadows make a perfect combination.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes Collection

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes Collection

On the top row you’ll find the lightly shimmered satiny eyeshadows along with one matte. The palette is on the warm side but not so warm that they look yellow, I actually should describe them as neutral warm. None of the shadows have glitter which is what makes it perfect for all day use.

#1 is a very light warm pink with no visible glitter; #2 is peachy pink with a light amount of shimmer, it looks lighter on than in the palette; #3 is a version of rose gold; #4 is deceptive in the palette since it looks taupe but applies with a touch of pink, it’s not often you’ll find a pinky taupe so the uniqueness is terrific; #5 is a matte chocolate; and #6 is a beautiful shimmered dark purple, this can look black but it has great purple undertones and a touch of reddish shimmer.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes top row

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes top row

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes top row; my favorites

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes top row; my favorites

On the bottom are the 4 matte shades that make for perfect base colors, browbone shades or transition color. There’s a matte shade in here to match everyone.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes bottom matte shades

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes bottom matte shades

Oops, I reversed them so excuse me!! The shades range from cream to light beige, to light tan to a light milk chocolate. These are incredibly smooth and easy to work with. I find that the light beige (second from left below) gives me a great base and brow shade.

Jesse's Girl Natural Nudes

Jesse’s Girl Natural Nudes

I’m very happy with this palette and once I see Lisa’s I will probably want to place an order myself.


I have the Sounds of the City Collection. This is a collection of neutral mattes and soft shimmers. It’s a perfect palette for those who prefer a more natural look, which is rather ironic given the name. The colors all lean cooler than the one Marcia tested and only one eyeshadow veers toward frosty.Jesses Girl Sounds of the City Collection

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City

The bottom row has the matte base shades, and the top row has the shimmery shades. The pigmentation in most of them is excellent, with only a few needed more packed on for a little more ‘oomph’ – #3 and #4.

#1 is a shimmery cream – this one has the most shimmer and is actually on the frosty side. #2 is a golden brown. #3 is a light golden brown. #4 is a light creamy tan. #5 is a shimmery taupe. #6 is a very pretty shimmery steel grey.

The bottom row has all matte shades. #7 is a matte cream. #8 is a matte medium brown. #9 is a matte dark brown. #10 is a matte blue grey.

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City top row left swatches

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City top row right swatches

#1 needs a very light hand or it becomes quite frosty – not a good look on my middle age eyelids. #3 and #4 are very light shades that make great lid colors, but I do find I have to dig my brush into the shadow to get enough product to really show up. #6 makes for a beautiful smoky eye. The shimmer is excellent – just enough to give the shades complexity yet still be tame enough for the work day.

Jesses Girl Sounds of the City bottom row swatches

The bottom row are all matte shades, and I find I use them most often. I love #7 as a base shade with some thick black liner and loads of mascara. #8 and #10 are great crease shades and #9 is beautiful with tons of pigment.

For just under $7, these eyeshadow palettes are a steal – why not pick up both of them? Jesse’s Girl continues to impress us and we know you are going to love it too.

Don’t forget that you can get 20% off your entire order on Jessesgirl.com using the code JG2017BIZ through the end of February.

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Jesse’s Girl giveaway

While you can’t enter on Beauty Info Zone I’m sharing Jesse’s Girl’s giveaway with you since we’ve been lucky enough to receive several Jesse’s Girl products and we want you to know how you can win some too.

The prizes are the Jesse’s Girl Highlight & Contour Kit along with three of their new Fluid Shadows.

Jesse's Girl Highlight & Contour Kit

Jesse’s Girl Highlight & Contour Kit

The three Fluid Shadows are Penny Arcade (7th one) and Destiny (9th one,my personal favorite) and Snowflake (last one).

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadows

Jesse’s Girl Fluid Shadows

This giveaway is open through 2/2/17 for US only. I hope it’s a Beauty Info Zone reader that wins!!  —  Marcia

Jesse’s Girl Matte Finish Lip Color in Angelic

Jesses Girl Angelic

I’m not much for matte lips, but I am definitely liking Jesse’s Girl Matte Finish Lip Color ($3.99) in Angelic. Angelic is a ‘caramel nude shade’, which on me is more of a muted rose.            sample
It has a doe foot applicator, applies evenly and dries quickly to a nice matte finish. I find that it wears well – it may be matte, but it isn’t super dry and uncomfortable like other matte lippies.
Jesses Girl AngelicJesses Girl Angelic swatchJesses Girl Angelic onThe Matte Finish Lip Color comes in five shades including Sultry, a classic red; Sassy, a bright fuchsia; Feisty, a vibrant violet; and Sweetie Pie, a bubblegum pink.
If you like matte lips…or even if you don’t… at this price I think you should check out Jesse’s Girl Matte Finish Lip Color. I am very interested in trying the other shades. If they are as comfortable and wear as well as Angelic, they are going to be winners.  – Lisa
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Have fun with your eyes, try Jesse’s Girl Fluid Shadows

jesses girl fluid shadows

Sometimes we take life a little too seriously and don’t let ourselves have fun with makeup. Cosmetics have a lot of purposes for example you can cover up areas you aren’t happy with, you can bring brightness to your face with the right lipstick and/or highlighters, you can make yourself look glamorous with false lashes and smokey eyes, or you can just plain have fun with bright colors and different textures. One such fun product is Jesse’s Girl Fluid Shadow. These pretties were sent for review and I’ve been having a ball with them.

There are one dozen fluid shadows from Jesse’s Girl in shades from light to midtone to dark. There’s a shade (or 12) for just about everyone.

Jesse's Girl Fluid Shadow line

Jesse’s Girl Fluid Shadow line

Rose Bronze – not a rose and not a bronze but a bronze that’s been livened with a rose shade, bit a cool as a bronze would be; this one makes a great eyeliner

Enchanted Forest  – just as the name implies, a mossy green that’s lightened by the sun

My Blue Heaven  –  on the verge of a cobalt blue; take a sky blue and add in a bright cobalt and you have My Blue Heaven

Royal Orchid  –  striking warm purple metallic

Midnight Sky  –  dark dark blue just as the most perfect night sky would be, including a small amount of silver shimmer that is reminiscent of the stars

Purple Haze  –  deep dark purple with a brown undertone, because of the depth it doesn’t have as much of the metallic aspect of lighter colors

Penny Arcade  –  rose copper, this is a standout to me

Gold Dust  –  bright yellow gold that reminds me of my wedding band gold

Destiny  –  a taupe with a touch of pewter, another one to crave (described by Jesse’s Girl as a light metallic bronze)

Twilight  –  light lavender metallic, soft and delicious

Meadow  –  a pistachio mint metallic green (described by Jesse’s Girl as Sage)

Snowflake  –  silvery metallic white

Jesse's Girl Rose Bronze, Enchanted Forest, My Blue Heaven, Purple HazeMidnight Sky, Royal Orchid

Jesse’s Girl Rose Bronze, Enchanted Forest, My Blue Heaven, Purple Haze, Midnight Sky, Royal Orchid

Jesse's Girl Penny Arcade, Gold Dust, Destiny, Twilight, Meadow, Snowflake

Jesse’s Girl Penny Arcade, Gold Dust, Destiny, Twilight, Meadow, Snowflake

You can apply these with the wand that will remind you of a lipgloss wand or you can transfer the color from there onto an eyeshadow brush. I personally feel that I can get more control with a brush. To use it as an eyeliner either use the tip of the wand or use an eyeliner brush or a brush like MAC 219 that comes to a point.

Jesse's Girl applicator

Jesse’s Girl applicator

These liquid eyeshadows are recommended for your lower lid, they really won’t dry well if you put them in the crease. I also find that I can’t go back over the color because they’ll crack on me. Of course I don’t have young smooth lids like you probably do.

Where can you have this much fun for just $4.99? With colors like these you won’t be the least bit sorry. —  Marcia

Jesse's Girl Penny Arcade, Gold Dust, Destiny, Twilight, Meadow, Snowflake

Jesse’s Girl Penny Arcade, Gold Dust, Destiny, Twilight, Meadow, Snowflake

Enchanted Forest, My Blue Heaven, Purple HazeMidnight Sky, Royal Orchid

Enchanted Forest, My Blue Heaven, Purple Haze, Midnight Sky, Royal Orchid


These are available on the Jesse’s Girl website or at select Rite Aid or Long’s Stores. *sent for editorial consideration

Visit Jesse’s Girl on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @iwantjessesgirl

Don’t you wish that you had Jesse’s Girl? Check out the Glow Stix and Liquid Glass Lip Gloss

Ok, how many of you immediately thought of this guy??Rick Springfield

That’s who I thought of when I first got my hands on some gorgeous lippies from Jesse’s Girl…but now I just think about shiny, shimmery, glowing lips.                                                                                                                  samples

Recently, Marcia and I were sent quite a few products to try from Jesse’s Girl, a fashion-forward yet budget-conscious cosmetics line, and I couldn’t wait to try out these gorgeous lip glosses.

Jesse's Girl Liquid Glass and Glow Stix Lip Gloss

All of Jesse’s Girl products feature high intensity colors with a low intensity cost. They have everything from nail polish to eyeliner but the lip products are what caught my attention. I’m not going to lie…the colors are more vivid in the packaging than they are on the lips. It was not easy to take these pics and they don’t really do the products justice. The effect is subtle but definitely there and the colors are tons of fun.

Glow Stix Lip Gloss ($4.99) is an iridescent, holographic topcoat lipcoat. I took pics wearing just the lip gloss, but where these really shine (pun intended) is over other colors.  There are three colors available.Jesse's Girl Glow Stix in Red DawnRed Dawn is ‘a stunning iridescent, holographic (orange with red shift) topcoat gloss.’ This is gorgeous over a contrasting shade like a matte medium pink.

Jesse's Girl Glow Stix in WickedWicked is ‘a stunning iridescent, holographic (green with blue shift) topcoat gloss.’ This is more of a yellow/green on me at first, but after reacting with my body temperature it favors more blue. The slight blue tint really makes teeth look super white.

Jesse's Girl Glow Stix in TangerineTangerine is ‘a stunning iridescent, holographic (yellow with green shift) topcoat gloss.’ I love this one…it ends up as a tangerine tint that looks especially pretty over warm matte lip shades.

matte lipstick without Jesse's Girl Tangerine

matte lipstick without Jesse’s Girl Tangerine

matte lipstick with Jesse's Girl Tangerine

matte lipstick with Jesse’s Girl Tangerine

As you can see, if you have lips like mine that don’t naturally have much color, Glow Stix don’t do a ton on their own. However, they are all kinds of interesting when layered over different lip shades. At $5 a pop, it’s worth the small investment for so much entertainment, and they certainly give your existing lippie collection some new life.

I also tried one shade of the more traditional lip gloss, the Liquid Glass Lip Gloss ($4.99).Jesse's Girl Liquid Glass Lip Gloss in Idyllic

Idyllic is a light lavender purple with pink and silver glitter. I adore this shade! It’s girly and feminine without looking too young for my middle-aged lips. Love it, and I’d love to try the other 8 shades that are available.

Don’t you wish that you had Jesse’s Girl? I know your lips will love the Glow Stix and Liquid Glass Lip Gloss! Stay tuned for more reviews of the eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer, and contour products. – Lisa

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